Staff Recruitment

Head of translation team: Kondeemag

In need of Assistance now!

Current staff number of people

Translators: 6 (including kondee himself)

Translators                                 Status

. Kondeemag(Main admin)    Study leave

. Dannyskr (Vice admin)        Active

. Vidh                                            Study leave

. Kaiman                                      Job Hunting

. Last Aeon                                  Active

. Earth_2543                                Active    

Translation checker: 1

. (Name not revealed for privacy reasons)

Editors/Proofreaders: 6             Status

. Kagune astra                            Active

. Jassu                                           On vacation travel

. Greyknight                               Active

. Yanagida                                   Study leave

. Nibih                                          Study leave

. Moff                                           (On hiatus/Possible conversion to TL)

What could we use now more? Translation checkers + editors/proofreaders + Japanese/Thai translators

Contact the person who’s in charge of the translation project and he’ll interview you online:

-For translation catetgorized positions, each applicant will receive a test to prove his/her legitimate skills. The same can be said for editors/proofreaders too.

Note: please make sure your irl (in real life business) will not always interfere with your work in this community group.

Answer these interview questions then send them to the head of the group, then we’ll decide whether we’ll give you a test or not to join.

#1. Tell me about yourself and your background.

#2. How did you find out about us?

#3. Nationality?

#4. Time zone?

#5. Do you have a schedule on your daily routine?

#6. Why do you wish to join us?

Translators (OPEN)

A person who could translate from Thai translated thai light novels to English. The person must have a good grasped of Thai language. Also we now accept people who can translate from Japanese to English as well, since a few of us have decided to learn Japanese. It’s still imperfect, but most of us are trying our best. So anyone who knows Japanese must have a good grasp of that amount of knowledge as well.

Editors/Proofreaders (OPEN)

A person that could examine the text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. The person must have a good grasp in English language, when translating from Thai to English. Also we are happy to have someone for Japanese to English as well.

Translations checker (OPEN)

To help clarify and clear up the mistranslations, so that our readers (you readers) don’t get the misunderstandings when reading our translations, by re-translating sentences, words and paragraphs. Nothing that difficult. Just translating, but to correct the translations.


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