Rune troopers


Hiroyaki Kuze, part of the Ground JDSF, was assigned to the fleet of JDSF ships being sent as reinforcements to a UN mission. The flagship of the fleet is the Aegis class Destroyer Ibuki. However on their way a girl with wings transported their fleet to another world. A fantasy world of Swords and Magic. Kuze’s platoon was sent out scouting to see where they were. His platoon found and landed in the capital of the United Kingdom. Kuze’s platoon attempted to withdraw when there was an attack by the Firuborugu(Fir Bolg?) Empire on the capital. However when children were in danger they protected them. The Empire regards them as reinforcements for the Kingdom!

On land and sea the power of the JDSF in the arena of warfare explodes! The alternate world JDSF fantasy that was popular on the net has made it’s long awaited novel debut!

Note: sorry about the mistake of not adding speech marks. My editors will take care of it after their xmas and new year’s eve holiday.

Volume 1 

Chapter 1

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