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Queen of the Kingdom of Southern Mariisua Sea Union. Despite being young, she has what is needed to be a ruler.


Kaburagi Norio

He is the Major General of the Maritime Self-Defence Force, the most important position. Nowadays, due to his questionable actions, his position has been put in check.


Kuze Hiroyuki

He is in the 3rd class Armed Self-Defence Force, and leads the exploring unit to Mariisua. He recently had a broken heart.


Ichinose Ryuuji

Kuze’s subordinate, he is in the 2nd class Army Self-Defense Force. He is known in the platoon for his crazy doings. He is young and lively.



An apprentice in Mariisua’s light flying fighters team. Giant bird Teeru is her partner.



She is the general of Firuborugu Empire’s Army. She is in charge of the invasion of Mariisua.



Commander of Mariisua’s light flying fighters team. She has lost her fiancée.



The encharged magician of the Empire’s Army .


Prologue: Yorimashi


In the falling temple, a heavy sound of the front door being destroyed was heard.

It was so strong that even in the deepest circular plaza inside it, the strong sound could be heard.

The wounded and exhausted knights showed a clear expression of resignation. They couldn’t change their fate anymore. What they could do was just to prolong it a bit more.

The capital of the Empire has fallen in the enemy’s hands. It has been 6 days since the remaining defense army left in the temple at the mountain feet had been resisting the attacks, but now the front gate has been destroyed.

Soon the enemies will enter the temple like an avalanche.

The Purominia Empire has had 500 prosper years, but now it faces this terrible fate.

The God Emperor lost his throne and the Elite Sacred Protectors Knights were all eaten by the magical creatures (Mamono). If they leave the circular plaza, they would see the empire capital turned into a flash of red.

  • Is this a matter of time until this place falls too?
  • In this case, we need to put our plan in action.

The plaza was illuminated by a dim light in a magical lamp, where men and women of all ages were talking, with a quiet hopelessness and madness expressions.

They escaped and took refuge in the temple before the knights. They were all Shinto priests who served the moon god, well experienced magicians in the magic academy, and the ones whose magic control were the best.


They were already ready for death.

But they wouldn’t go this easy. They didn’t have this resolute disdain.

A man with an emotionless voice, spoke to the altar standing in the center of the plaza:

  • Is this good for you, Hyumuna?

The husky voice had a spontaneous power.

  • Yes…

In the top of the altair, Yorimashi was quietly sitting.

She was just a girl in the end of childhood.

Wrapped in a white, thin robe of feathers, her line body could be vaguely seen. When spoken to, she stayed with her hands together, while praying.

She had a pair of wings, a mark that she was a descendant of the winged people, being so beautiful that she just looked like a doll.

What the people in the plaza was trying to do was heretic.

But, for them, whom were going to perish, that was nothing but a last hope act.

The battlefield and the slaughterfest were coming closer as time went by.

The magicians, wearing a dark robe and a hood covering their faces, gathered and surrounded the altar.

Then, in unison, they chanted.

Their voice got together, turning into one sound and meandered and reverberated through the whole dungeon:

  • Fluttering light from the void space.

Afterward, fresh blood spread out from the engraved marks on Yorimashi’s body.

  • Connect this world and the world of the dead removing the barriers between us.

The girl had a really anguished expression.

  • Consider the blood of the winged people as an offering.

Right under the girl, a magic mark absorbed her blood.

  • Bring us a gift from an alternate sky!

As soon as the enchantment finished, the enemies rushed into the plaza.

What happened after this was just a one-sided battle.

No, it would be better to call it a massacre.

The knights had lost their willpower, and the robed people had no weapon. They were defeated one after the other by the enemies forces. There was no resistance.

But, in their faces, there was an expression other than despair. The enemies didn’t notice it.

The corpses lying in the floor were smiling, under their hoods.  They were staring at the empty altar in the middle of the plaza.



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