Apologies for not translating for so long

Dear our readers,

we apologize very sincerely for not telling you all before hand. one of us was busy with IB (International baccalaureate) exams, and was final as well. He also had to take university entrance exams so that he doesn’t make his parents sad. Also, a few of us had university exams and had a thesis presentation to show. So our apologies, that a lot of us were busy with IRL stuff in High School and University altogether. IB is pretty painful and horrible, if you know what it’s like, then we’re sure you understand about it. Anyhow, one of our readers requested us to translate this series (Youthful Lariat), so we managed to finish it, but we’ll give you the prologue in a short amount of time.


Yours sincerely,

Kondee translations team


My first time opening up a translations page

Heya everyone, as you’re wondering, this is officially my first time opening up a translation website page. I don’t know much about creating a website, but I’m doing this because no other translation website is doing any single s**t in helping out with translating other light novel projects that already have been adapted into animes, so I will do what I can to make all of you anime fans out there happy by providing you translated pages of light novels, since the Japs ain’t doing anything about giving a license to the americans. Don’t worry, even if they want me to shut down my website I’ll move my projects to someplace else.

Yours truly,

Kondee translations