Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 3 prologue

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Hope you guys did not forget the fact that our main Admin is on leave for a while about 2-3 months to focus on studying to raise his GPA up. Also, our tl for Nanana is a bit slow, but he’s doing what he can. And I’m doing what I can for the fourth chapter of Chuuko. But I think we can get them done before the end of this month. Honestly, School has been a pain the ass for me and kondee a lot. But we’re trying to fight our sleepiness and laziness to make you guys happy okay? Try not to complain about our tl speed, we are doing what we can, since some of our tls are on hiatus for a while, due to a few of them studying in uni or for uni entrance. Oh by the way, you guys might want to check out our latest updates from our patreon home page. We’re giving out a special reward for a certain pledge you guys can pick. I’m sure you guys might like the idea. Well, that depends on you guys though.

So speaking of Chuuko, we did not mean to officially start the Vol 3 of chuuko. This was actually a test we gave out to our newest Thai translator who recently  joined us a few days ago. So we decided to just post this online. So why not? We’ll start it soon in the future anyway.  So anyhow, here you guys go: Chuuko vol 3 prologue.

Translator: Earth2543

Dannyskr of Kondee translations

Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 3!

Hello our readers! Sorry for our delay, we had exams and we were enjoying our Songkhran festival. But our tl for Nanana might be able to get the third chapter up. Anyhow, our editor Nibih should be able to get the drama cd finished soon, as soon as he gets his laptop fixed first. Anyhow, here is the link right here for the third chapter of the second volume of Chuuko. HAPPY SONGKHRAN 2017 (Thai New Year) . The chapter is still unrefined, but will be fixed by our super editors real good.!

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Thank the translator who put most of the work in more than I did:

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Nanana’s buried treasure Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Sorry for the bit of lateness, had to crack what some of the words in my country’s language meant for TLC, but one of our Translators (Kaiman) was able to get it done before February 23,  but left some thai words for me to crack on. Anyway, give some time for one of our editors to complete the drama cd of Chuuko for the whole first act, he’s redoing it for perfect quality. Anyway, take this and enjoy: Nanana’s Volume 1 Chapter 2!


Translator: Kaiman

Editors: Dannyskratch

Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 2

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We managed to get this chapter of the second volume finished for Chuuko. But for Nanana, one of our Translators will definitely get it finished before the 23 of this month (Hopefully so). Our midterms for this semester got in our way a bit. So please understand. Kondee’s leadership will be restored once his midterms are finished. I personally made edits. The chapter isn’t perfect yet, so we welcome any help from outside the time for some extra suggestions and edits

Here is the chapter here, enjoy! Chuuko vol 2 Chapter 2



1.) Last Aeon

2.) Kondeemag

3.) Dannyskr

4.) Vidh


1.) Dannyskr

Dannyskratch of Kondee Translations.

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Okay guys, I know you are all waiting for either a new chapter of any new series coming up, or want a pdf file for the first volume of chuuko, but one of our editors dropped put because he failed his midterms and wants to focus getting his grades up. We would appreciate it anyone could please come and help us edit in his place until this semester is over. That would be helpful.

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Nanana’s buried treasure volume 1 chapter 1

Ok guys. I know you all have been waiting for this for a very long time. But we finally got this chapter finished. Sorry if our tl speed was slow, but we had other chapters to deal with and edit for chuuko. So you all can stop complaining about our progress. We did get chapter 3 finished, but needs editing and chapter 2 isn’t finished yet. So we decided to release this unedited. So please enjoy!

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Translation volume 1 chapter 1

Kondee translations team