Rune Troopers Volume 1 Complete!

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My apologies for using my little brother’s account. He’s still studying right now to pass his final exams. I can’t log into my account cuz i forgot my password, but i need my phone to access my email account, cuz my phone is in the shop for the day. So forgive me. Since xmas eve will be arriving soon, we will remind you all that my team deserve a break from this fan tling and editing. Especially my editors, a lot of my editors are still on exam periods, plus a lot of them couldn’t make time to help edit all of the chapters. I might be able to finish translate the rest of Chuuko vol 3 or maybe not, since my few currently available editors have a lot of tasks going on now and it’s very hard for them

But not to worry, I will upload the 2nd chapter of chuuko volume 3 tonight in bangkok time with my edits. My edits are not as good as Arocks141 or nibih’s, but i will do my best nonetheless. So here is the rest of the rune troopers volume 1 as promised. We’ll think about the next volume after our Christmas break.

Translators: Kondeemag + Dannyskratch

Editors: Yuki_chaos, Arocks141, Nibih and Pratmoastan

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Chapter 6

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


Part 1

Part 2

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Sakyubasu Ni Tensei Shianode Miruku O Shiborimasu Chapters 12-14

Hey everyone.

I know I know, we haven’t updated for some time in like 3-4 weeks? My editors have their exams, and so do I. Earth2543 is doing his best to help out with the Chuuko translations. Last Aeon is prepping for his exams. Nibih is super tired from his High School exams, my brother is having orientation periods, but he’s doing his best too. And I’m on my bloody exam period, but I’m posting this for the main administrator. So updates:

Chuuko volume 3 chapter 2: Finished but needs editing

Chuuko Volume 3 chapter 3: Translating, handled by Kondeemag

Chuuko Volume 3 Chapter 4: Translating, handled by Earth2543

Chuuko Volume 3 Epilogue: Translating, Handled by Kondeemag

Rune Troopers Volume 1 chapter 6 plus Epilogue: Finished but needs editing

Madan no ou Vanadis Volume 14 chapter 2: Needs editing

Omae o Otaku Volume 10: All chapters need Editing

Nanana’s buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 5: Still translating, but now handled by Nibih

So after we get these both translated and edited together, we’ll be taking our well deserved Christmas break. So please, do not bother us to continue translating or editing. We’ll do that after January the 8th. Our real life situations have seriously literally destroyed us.

Anywho, here are the web novel chapters that Earth 2543 is working on and in charge of it. But Kondee and I helped him out.

Chapter 12 (Translated by Earth2543)

Chapter 13 (Translated by Dannyskratch)

Chapter 14 (Translated by Kondeemag)

Editors who edited these chapters:

1.) Arocks141

2.) Yuuki-chan (Yuuki-Chaos)

3.) Nibih

TLC (Translations Checker): Earth2543

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Thank you, Dannyskratch and the Kondee Translations team

A fun fanfiction story made up by Arocks141

Hello everyone,

those of you that were following this site. You guys thought a new chapter of a series is out. Turns out, NOT! It’s a fanfiction story one of my Editors decided to do for fun. Personally, I think it’s really amusing to read. This is a story based on a squad within the discord server. Don’t worry you all, we’ll be done with the Chuuko volume 3 2nd chapter by tomorrow, although we’ll need to edit it first before that happens, but the unedited version will be up on Patreon, probably tomorrow for those who are already supporting the team.

Anyhow, please check out the story below our super rookie editor, Arocks141, has cooked up for us.

Author: Arocks141

Editor: Arocks141

Military Otaku Firing Squad

Thank you,

Kondee Translations team


New Patreon supported project revival! Madan No Ou To Vanadis


Gueeees whaaat?! Someone decided to have us revive a project so badly that they donated to us. We gave that person on Patreon what he wanted that allowed us to find someone who can tl very fast for us. Check the title or the post title. It’s Madan No Ou To Vanadis! Surprised huh? To be honest, we wanted to keep it a secret for you guys until Christmas eve, especially from the rest of my team, but our Patreon supporter couldn’t wait and gave us the green light to post the first chapter for it.

On the other hand, sorry we couldn’t get the rest of the chapters from the 13th volume, but we’ll see what we can do about it, if we can translate them by ourselves.

Message for Setsuna: I hope you forgive us for taking this project without giving you a heads up about it, but feel free to drop us a message if you want to talk about this.

Click on the series below to enter into the series main page, chapter 1 is already upliaded since we posted this post.

Madan No Ou To Vanadis

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Translators: Mercenary Translator

TLC: Dannyskratch and Kondeemag

Editors: Arocks141

Name of Patreon supporter: Daniel Wydlock

Thank You, Kondee Translations team

Rune Troopers Chapter 6 Parts 1-4

Hey everyone,

University has been pretty hectic for me (Dannyskratch) nowadays, but Kondeemag has the time. We’re sorry we are not able to get Chuuko chapter 2 of the 3rd volume finished, we are trying to since I’ve got class projects and assignments to do. Also, around next month, we’d like to have a break for about 3-4 weeks during Christmas break,  so we are going to give you guys some Christmas presents before we go offline for a while, but not right now. Anyway, here are the first parts of the 6th chapter. We’ll definitely try and complete the whole first volume of Rune Troopers before xmas eve arrives.

Translators: Kondeemag + Dannyskratch

Editors: Yuki_chaos, Arocks141, Pratmoastan and Crywolf641

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Volume 1 Chapter 6

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thank you, Kondee Translations team!

Winner of the Gift card giveaway contest!

Our winner for this contest is: Pietro40. Pietro, if you are online now, please respond on here, or discord or email, that will be fine, and I will send you your gift card very soon.  Those of you who did enter it, better luck next time on the next round. The next round’s prize will be a $50 dollar gift card this time. Hope you all have much better luck by then.

See ya in the next Round!

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Sakyubasu ni Tensei Shitanode Miruku o Shiborimasu Chapters 9-11

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Usually Earth2543 would always upload a new chapter of his personal project each week. But however, due to his laziness, Kondeemag decided to give Earth a hand with two more extra chapters, so that he can have time to help him with Chuuko demo koi ga shitai.  If you like the series, support the author online!

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Chapter 9 (Translated by Earth2543)

Chapter 10 (Translated by Kondeemag)

Chapter 11 (Translated by Kondeemag)

Editors: Nibih, Arocks141, Pratmoastan, Dannyskr

TLC: Earth2543

Also everyone, as of in Bangkok GMT+7:00 time, the time for the gift card giveaway contest event entry application period will be closing at around midnight. So now is your last chance to enter it right now, before it’s too late for you to earn a free gift card. Also, the results of the winner will be posted in the morning at around lunch time. I hope you all are prepared to cross your fingers and get your free gift card, so you can spend it on whatever you want on black Friday online in this Friday the 24th of November.

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