Rune Troopers Volume 1 part 4 of chapter 2

Hey guys, guess you guys never expected a quick release, although this is short.

Translators: Kondeemag+ Dannyskratch

Editor: Dannyskratch + Crywolf641 (For possible re edited version)

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Here’s the link here and enjoy: Chapter 2. Part 4 

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Here it is. Be sure to thank Earth for his hard work on the chapter, not me or Kondee. If it was us, then we would’ve done this long ago. Translations for other projects are going quite smoothly for now, take a bit time, but will be complete., along with the editing as well. And be sure to support us on patreon, should help us translate faster. Sohere’s the link below or the chapter. Be sure to enjoy if you guys really can

Translator: Earth2543

Editor: KaguneAstra + Greyknight+Crywolf641


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I request if anyone knows where i can find a rune troopers volume 2 for free online. Maybe it would be best if you guy could send it to my brother by email, in case we may tl it in the future please.

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Rune Troopers Volume 1 part 3 of chapter 2

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For the record I’m going to try and finish posting the edited versions of the Rune troopers of each part of each chapter. Nanana is still in translation progress. But I’m going to have our new editor crywolf edit them and I’ll be posting them here for you guys to read. Enjoy!

Rune Troopers Volume 1 part 3 of chapter 2

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Rune troopers Volume 1 part 2 of chapter 2

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Really glad to see the majority of you really love the similar novel to GATE jsdf

My team and I are officially really back to our releasing of new chapters, but we don’t have a tight ‘schedule.’ yet. To be honest, I just wish my team and I are able to find one, but if all of us are motivated with keeping this site alive, we’d be able to keep releasing new chapters every month. Maybe perhaps each week I hope. Anyway. We’re going to try and put chuuko on hold and release some nanana’s buried treasure chapters. Kondee and I feel pretty bad that we have been neglecting that other second project of ours. Anyhow. I hope you guys enjoy another part of the second chapter of volume 1 on one of our side projects of ours.

Rune troopers Volume 1 part 2 of chapter 2

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Earth2543 new personal project

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This is just a sudden announcement of one of our Translator’s new projects. I was not expecting him to do it for himself out of personal interest like I am. Well, Go to the link below this post and you will see it for yourself. Try and be supportive of him. This does not mean he will abandon our other current 2 projects we already have on our hands as of now. He will still translate either Chuuko or Nanana alongside with me and kondee. Those of you who already know about the series. Do not expect him to give you fans a daily release of every single chapter, since this isn’t part of our official project list, he’s just doing this in his hobby sparetime whenever he feels like it.

New title projects series (Unofficial): Sakyubasu ni tensei shitanode miruku o shiborimasu

Chapter 2

Translator: Earth2543

Editor: Kagune Astra

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New projects (Self personal): Rune troopers

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I’m sure you’re wondering what this post exactly means. This new series I mentioned in my last post was called: Rune troopers. The story is pretty similar to GATE JSDF, but the main difference is that the soldiers of JSDF travel to another world, whilst the troops in Rune troopers get transported unwillingly when they were on an expedition. Please be sure to support us on Patreon if you guys could, since our dad is now retired and we sincerely wish to ease our familys’ financial problems. We will translate more as much as you guys wants. Got that?

RUNE TROOPERS Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1.

This is only the first part. I’ll be uploading the second one after I make some edits to the next one.


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