Long time no see on here, sorry, I got caught up with all the studying and I let my little bro take care of things in my stead, so I thought I just make a post for this month of the time being. I also wanna say HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2017 to those who celebrate it in their international Schools, Unis in america or local american Schools. I kinda miss those things back in my High school youth.

Anyhow, I got a surprise for all of you fans out there: I’m doing a free gift card giveaway for the very first time hosted by myself!

This is to make up for the fact I tried to monetize my links on the website here. The details of how you can enter will be posted after I finish my entrance exam, or maybe I oughta do it next week once I got it all planned out with my little bro. I got two more weeks to prepare for my exam. The gift card is just worth 20$, but the next round will be bigger, like around 50$ next time.  All fans and staff are eligible to participate. But don’t worry, I’ll be using a program that’s like a some kind of random name picker that chooses a random name from a virtual box online, so I’m not gonna cheat this one. The gift card could be any type; Amazon, PayPal, Steam, Origin, even Thai True money gift cards for those who are living in my country. I’ll be posting the registration form online before black Friday on the 24th of November

Also, here’s a little surprise in the two Jack O lanterns, so enjoy a little Trick or Treat gift for Halloween. Don’t worry about Rune Troopers. Chuuko demo koi ga shitai and Succubus, those three are still in translation progress like right now, but IRL is a pain in the butt for all of us. As for Kaiman’s Nanana’s buried treasure, I’m not exactly sure what to do with him, but I’ll try and motivate him even more to do his job more satisfyingly.

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Announcement + New patreon goals + Rune troopers Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1-2

Hi hi,

I know I’m still on midterm exam period. I’ll be off of it soon, but my big brother took the liberty of translating at least 2 parts of this. This also to make it up to the fact we monetized our links. Also take a look at our new patreon goals to make you all feel better or accept our apologies. We will also continue our progress on Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 3 and finish off the rest of the volume then continue to the fourth volume. Please support all the authors in any way you guys can according to all of our both main and side projects. Our new patreon goals are right here:downloads_wordmark_white_on_coral@2x

Oh don’t forget: 125$ pledge is for a guaranteed new series to pick up for each volume each month.

Kondeemag will have something to say in our next post like an apology letter in our next post.

Translators: Kondeemag

Editors: Pratmoastan + Crywolf641

Rune troopers volume 1 chapter 5

Part 1 

Part 2

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Rune Troopers Volume 1 chapter 4 finished

Hiya our light novel reading fans.

The whole 4th chapter is finished for the first volume. Truth be told. The parts are broken down on purpose because of different scenes and views taking place in other locations in the story differently, so we kinda did not wanna confuse the readers with that sorta thing. Anyhow, apologies for monetizing the links of rune troopers, as they are all gone now, since we didn’t take consideration that it would annoy the crap out of all of you. Anyhow, kondeemag will be having his entrance exams again, while I’m still on my midterm period with only 2 subjects less. So the translation speed for rune troopers might slow down a bit again. The same can be said for Omae o otaku of course. On the other note. Do not forget to support the author on this series, and of course support the Translations team on patreon if you wish for us to really get onto the second volume right away.

Translators: Dannyskratch + Kondeemag

Editors: Crywolf641 +Pratmoastan

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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A teaser of our mascots of the translations team

I know the last picture posted on the main page here was kind of cheap. So we got to find someone to do it for a small fee used from all the donations we gathered from our patreon supporters. So we kinda wanted to show you guys the first draft we did on the mascots we decided. They aren’t named yet, but main admin is going to think of something. I just hope he does not give them crappy names. Do not worry we’ll get them digitalized and a good background scene. So rest assured we’ll get some real decent mascots for our web. Also, please do not forget to support us on patreon if you can.

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First Patreon Teaser Rune Troopers chapter release.

Alright folks.

Kondee and I and most of our editors are in exam mode. So those of you who support us on patreon can have an early access to this chapter. Just thought I should post something to really let you all know that I won’t really be online for a while. Our editors aren’t finished with the rest of the chapter 4. We really care about our quality of the context for our projects. So, all of you please, wait for us to come back. Kaiman and Last Aeon are on the job for Nanana’s buried treasure. They are slow, but are trying to get the best quality translated. Earth2543 is on a break but he’ll be back on track once he goes back to his home province in Lamphang.  Like we mentioned. We will still translate Rune Troopers evene if we do not get all of the required patrons we need. Please support the author of this series and the translations team on patreon. Okay?

Rune Troopers Volume 2 prologue (Patreon patrons only)

Translators: Dannyskratch


Hey hey what’s up,

Sorry for the delays. Our editors were quite busy with their internships and projects in college. Same goes for me with my midterms. So I don’t get much time online for this month. Anyhow, the whole fourth chapter of rune troopers volume 1 will be up soon. We just need the chief editor to give the approval first then we’re good to go for it. Also, support us on patreon if you want faster translations for thus project. So thank you all very much

Chapter 6
Translator: Earth2543 

Editors: Greyknight, Pratmoastan and Kaguneastra

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Chuuko demo koi ga shitai drama cd 1 act 2

Hi everyone.

Instead of not working on the 3rd volume of chuuko demo koi ga shitai for a while, we decided to make it up to all of you with a drama cd next act. We’ll definitely get back to the third volume after we finish off the volume 1 of rune troopers. Also, sorry for monetizing the links. The main administrator will make up his final decision whether we should keep the monetized links up or not. We’ll finish of a few more parts of chapter 4 of rune troopers before i have to go offline for a while. Also, do not forget to support us on patreon if you also support the chuuko project.

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai drama cd 1 act 2

Translator: Unnamed tlc

Editor: kaguneastra

Video maker: Patreon supporter: Impero seth.

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