Outbreack Company! Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Outbreak Company Index

Outbreak Company Vol 2 

Chapter 3 – To plot deeply and silently

The Causes and Effects,

Usually, these two things are complement and directly related to each other. No matter who, once they think about the causes and effects, everybody would think that they must always be paired with each other. For example, if you press a switch for a machine to work is the cause, then the effect would result in something as an output.

But the truth is it is not necessarily always like that.

The changing of everything starts from something very small that we cannot see by our naked eyes.  

For example, the growth of a plant…it can be grown from a seed or pollen. But that is looking from an overview. In fact, we do not actually know it is just a small cell that is able to produce a massive change. But the way we all feel about the growth of the plant usually happens at a time that the change can be seen clearly. And we think by ourselves that it is a growth which is very swift and able to change massively.

But actually, the causes of evolution do have millions of reasons.

Due to that, it is just only a small living thing. Hence, the change as mentioned will not be in anyone’s sight until there is a significant change been occurred.

The thing that I want to convey is…

“What the hell was that?”

That yelling noise violently came into my face.

It is a feeling like every day whenever I come to school and open the classroom door.

“You are such an ill-mannered person!”

“Yes you are!”

Those yelling don’t seem to end easily but there are still many responses left.

Everybody in the classroom started to yell against each other. The atmosphere inside the classroom has been packed with rebukes. Oh no, even if I don’t know what is happening, but this is very atrocious. I step passed through the feeling and sense of danger into the classroom.

“What is this?”

Now the school has been open for five months already. Each class subject is progressing by following each step. In fact, it progresses successively too much until it looks pretty scary. Those students do have the ability and enthusiasm in studies than they were initially already.  

Moreover, the fact that I let the students use the computers in the classroom independently for self-studying has enabled the students to study Japanese language and Otaku culture quicker than before.  

Apart from that, Mr. Matoba also has the duty to find hard disks that can store files up to a very large capacity. Inside the disks are filled with Anime videos, cartoon images including scans of light novels. These things can be accessed by the students as much as they wanted.

And at the corner of the classroom, there are many various cartoon figures placed in order. Most of them are goods that were obtained from capsule vending machines. This is why the goods are quite small so that the students can go and have a look around and feel them freely.

Although this place does not have Internet signals, the environmental conditions around are still in abundance which is not surprising why the students can learn many things very quickly.

In addition to that, it may be because we can hear the responses the first generation students have said about how good the cartoons were written and how great the games and animes are, which made the noblemen want their children to study at the school, doubling the size. Until now, we must have made a decision to accept the students. This is why I’m expecting that the number of students will increase over the next year. And that is why the number of students in this school has become doubled. The remark is that there are more than a hundred students already which still do not include the newcomers of this school. There are still another hundred people waiting in the queue.


“From there to here I can still be patient! But right now I cannot be patient!”

“That’s supposed to be our speech!”

The atmosphere in the classroom is filled with stress that could suddenly explode.

At the center of the classroom, there are around ten students arranging the chairs into a circle with half of them elves and the other half with dwarfs. Apart from that, there are at least over a half that contains humans surrounding the tribes from the outside of the circle.

In fact, I have seen this scene for countless number of times already when elves and dwarfs are antagonistic. So if I let both of them stare at each other, they are likely to have at it against each other for sure. Before this, myself and Ms. Minori have constantly warned these students with feeling annoyed which recently the fighting and argument have reduced until I feel more relieved. But at the end, it is still horrific like always.

It’s like if we don’t remove some air, the balloon will expand continuously until it will explode.


I quickly interfere inside the circle.

At that second…

“I told you already!”

One of the elves stood up from the chair and pushed it out of the way together with yelling at a high-pitched voice.

“‘Protect Me Please…Sister! 4’ is the final series that is the most spectacular already! Not just only the clean and clear illustrations, but the kissing scene grabs our attention compared to other elements. There are no other things that can beat flirting girl games! They are incomparable!”

I don’t know where I got it from…but the elf, who’s the center of shouting, wears sparkling glasses which is as thick as a bottom of the bottle glass.

“ What was that image that we saw!?”

From the other side,

“It’s just a drawing, at last it’s just a 2D figure only!”

A pair of dwarfs shouted back with anger until their faces were painted with blood.

“Let’s look at the Figure* that was given with a game, ‘Sister’s Sword’ limited edition of GS3 label! Brazia that is made of pearls! And also the details of the metal weapon can be pulled out. No, not that, the most spectacular thing is the precise beauty skin of that figure is such a genuine art!”

“2D thing only exists in your dreams! ‘Crowned’ does exists in real life you know!!”

Another elf shouted with some support with its own side.

“She is a person that actually exists in the real world! I have learnt several things from that game!”

“Huh!? Your vulnerable lives are more suitable for 2D characters anyway!”

“Sheesh! Those dirty people from mud like you guys are never going to

understand the details of the scene!”


“You really want?”

Hey, you guys?

I felt nervous once that incident has happened.

“Enough you guys!”

Suddenly, another dwarf then shouted interferingly.  The age of that dwarf seems to be around 10 years old, but face has been covered with thick beards making him look like an uncle.  

But about that face, don’t worry about it for now. It seems someone who has finally able to talk with reasons has now appeared already. I feel very relieved.

Girl-flirting game? Figure? Do you guys know that your passions are very terrible until it’s shocking!”

That dwarf yelled out arrogantly.

Wait. Aren’t you thinking of helping the negotiation at all?

“No matter who says what, we still feel enjoyable with something that is passionate towards us. For example, all the stories that is similar to our lives.”

Another dwarf claimed with full of confidence.

In fact, he looks like he’s trying to bend down to stare at his friends together with laughing confidently. But unfortunately, dwarfs are tribes of short people and hence, it turns out that dwarfs have to look up at elves instead of staring down. He could only smile stupidly instead of laughing.

“Yes, it’s like ‘my association will protect the chief of the dwarfs’ something like that!”

“You are just a person who grants the children don’t you!”

An elf roared loudly.

“What on earth are you saying! Those female dwarfs do look young already and have a body size as small as a child even though they may be around adult age. This is a girl who’s truly Loli…she’s a little angel that appears on the Earth! And the protection of those girls from the devils must be the gentlemen’s duties anyway!”

“Very noisy! You HENTAI in the group of gentlemen!”

“Hahahaha! It is such an honor to call you that!”

The story is like this,


I stared at the group of HENTAI where the gentlemen are welcomed to handle that name together with the highest honor showing warmth in their eyes before they stepped back and exit that room quietly.

Umm, actually, I do know that other Otakus may not say something like this. I know that thing familiarly!

But the Elves and Dwarfs sitting down arguing about the porno game, is there anything in particular?!

All of you guys please go and apologize to teacher Tolkien and teacher Mizuno right now!

No, actually the person who let those kids play and touch cartoons, anime and other games freely is me! The person who thinks that ‘the original is always the best maybe?’ and ready to share 18+ media instead of without age restriction is actually myself too.

Are you guys adapting too fast?

“This is absolutely great…”

Or is this thing like that, like trying to bring healing drugs to cure the part where there is no immunity at all would make the medicine have too much efficiency.

It seems each drug will have ‘a suitable quantity for intake’ as well. The claim is if we don’t take enough of the drugs than the suitable quantity by half, it won’t reduce the efficiency of medicine by half as well. In fact, if it has not been consumed at a suitable quantity, those drugs will not have any effects.

On the other hand, if the drugs have been taken up to the optimal point, the effects will be shown very instantly.  

Yes, similar to drug allergy symptoms.


I quickly skipped the following pathway until I stopped at one spot of a room. Here is a self-studying library.

This room has computers that store various amounts of information for self-studying. There are cartoons and anime DVDs packed everywhere like at my mansion. Apart from that, I decided to bring a stack of light novels from the library to my classroom for my students to learn and read and write Japanese as well.  

In the present, there are many stories created from light novels that help those students to understand anime much more easily and enable them to become more familiar with Japanese.

It seems I’m thinking too shallow.


At the center of the library, I saw a student sketching something on a piece of parcel. In front of them has dictionary books piled up everywhere.

I remember there’s a student with curled blonde hair. He is a noble guy with skills in learning Japanese very fast even in the same group of students. Right now, he can read and write Japanese at the lower secondary school level already.


There seems to be no response.

That kid looks like he got knocked already. No, actually he is motivated to work with something that gives me frustration and he doesn’t even know I have already walked to this spot.  


I deliberately stared at that kid to get a clearer image. In his right hand is a piece of parcel and on his left hand is a small novel book that has a wooden frame and still opened.

It is actually a light novel.

“…This is”

It looks like this kid…is trying to translate that light novel at this moment.

Generally, I see it only as a faint image with lines. Nevertheless, there are many people that view realistic images as quality and others who will see these pieces as low grade work. The truth is, paintings that are symbolic already tell us that they have a clear meaning which everyone agrees on, but the hard part is to make it different from normal paintings.

As for myself, who’s mom is a retired painter will understand this. She always says “If you desire realistic images, this art would have been long gone ever since the discovery of photography.”

I feel worried that Elbia who normally paints realistic images, might refuse to paint anime or cartoons. I always think that she will say something like “then why do i need to paint easy things?”..

Maybe I am thinking too much. 

“It’s good that you atleast tried your best”, as I look over to the laundry basket.

As I look closer, I see that not only her shirt, but also her pants have marks on them. 

“Sorry, increase your work from Myucel”

“Oh…it’s ok”

Myucel shakes her head rapidly and then says, “Really? Normally doesn’t Myucel normally have lots of work to do?”

Even though Minori will help Myucel, but it doesn’t mean that she will help every day. I would like to ask someone else to help her too..but every time that I think about this, I will feel that I am the one that’s wrong.


“You are the one that delegates work for Elbia to do directly, yes?”

“Hm? That is true, but right now I am just beginning to plan lots of things”. I nod

The reason why I’m pushing Elbia to draw otaku style pictures quickly is that I want her to be the best writer in the future.  Things in the media have a lot of selling points that are fun, which makes you sometimes want to be a part of it, or to go close to the media more, like “I want to be a part of the story too!”Moreover, if it becomes mainstream, it is just a story that is spread through the kingdom of Eldant only,if  we do not find skilled painters to support it.

Suddenly, I saw another way to make this more famous.

“So what?”

“I am not that skilled in this much,” Myucel says while she avoided eye contact. 

“Because other than housekeeping and cooking, I might not be of use to you at all. So, I thought that I would let the kingdom of Eldant work with freedom and I will only be a housekeeper, if that is good for you.”


That is cute!  She is very commendable! Right now the power gauge of moe is at its maximum. I think it will not be long before I can use the skill. But..the way she avoided eye contact like that..was really awesome, Myucel. If you stepped forward one step, it will seem as you are pretending ..but as I said that, there is nothing about her that looks natural and I see that she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

“No no no”

I shake my head.

“The thing you said.. housekeeping etc. is really the basics of normal life..

..Even though you cannot draw, it doesn’t mean that you make life bad. But it is me who makes life skip. Also, Myucel tried her best already. I myself need to try as hard as you too.


“Yes, I really like it”


Myucel looks excited and happy as she looks towards me. Don’t look at me with your eyes like that..otherwise Shinichi will burst! I try to calm my heart down, as it’s beating fast before I grab the basket that Myucel is carrying.

“Let me help you with that”

“No, it’s ok”

“No need to be considerate. If you fall and hurt yourself, it will be worse”

“Sorry sir”

I take the laundry basket and walk to the back with Myucel

“Even though you say you cannot draw, you still can use your magic, right?”

“Yes..er..but only two or three spells” Myucel says as she looks at the floor with shyness.

That day when I got kidnapped from yesterday’s events, I saw Myucel use her spells to fight the members of terrorist group the other night . I think that spell she used was called “Teefmurose.” The effect of that spell is to summon wind to attack the enemy. In this kingdom of Eldant,  the human tribes need to pass several laws before they can become normal humans. 

The easiest way is to become a soldier. 

Myucel also was a soldier for two years. In that time, she was an elf that was good in using spells for fighting opponents. The truth is that someone told me that she was already a soldier before that. Everyone would think that that is a joke, but believe me. Every time you call a soldier, there needs to be a rank and job for them. 

“As for me, I think that for you to be able to cast spells is really awesome.”

“But you can also use spells?”

“Hm? In here?”

I ask her back as I pick my smart phone.

“This thing is like a sword. Like a pot or kettle. If you know how to use it, everyone will be able to use it.. it looks like magic but it’s just a normal gadget/device”.

“..? So magic is just a tool?”

Myucel tilts her head.

“What? That thing is not something magical, special skills like this?”

“The way you use something.. you need a special skill to use it too?”

“Yeah.. it needs you to know how to use it”

It’s true. For example, to use a computer, you need to be tested to see if you have the skills to use it. But to use a smartphone, there is no such thing. For Myucel and everyone else, in this world, magic is the thing that normal people can see and find. If people from other non-magic worlds view us, they might look at us weird. But in the opposite sense, from Myucel’s point of view and the people of this world that do not know about electronics, they will view that as strange as well.

But wait.. that means that…

“Do you think i’m using magic right now?”


I look at the magical ring that I am currently wearing on my finger.

“Yes, that’s it.. even though it’s small.”

“Yeah.. that is true.”

She meant that I was wearing the object and using its powers, that is why she believed that I was also using some kind of magic. From Myucel’s words, the magic that I used was for the magical ring.

It didn’t come from the fact that I’m wearing it, but from the power that comes from the wearer like me. Therefore, the fact that I just shouted when I wear it, even though it is an easy thing, it also means that it’s a magical power.

“So if I learn from it, I will be able to use the magic like you Myucel..?”

“That can happen.. because you are also a human too”, nods Myucel. 

Even though I am from the tribe with no magic, like the tribe of the lizard people, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have magical powers..

In this world, magic seems to be indifferent from any tools and skills.

“Pretty interesting,”

I walked to the back of the mansion and then walked to the large wooden barrel that is used for washing clothes.

Myucel seems to be really familiar with this kind of work because she could put all the clothes into the washing machine and able to wash them confidently. I stared at her washing the clothes for a while before I started asking her.



“Can you teach me magic?”

“Yes, I understand”

And then the girl suddenly goes quiet.After that,

“M…M…Me? Teaching you, master!?”

Myucel turned back and stared at me with her eyes glowing showing astonishment.  

“I cannot handle it, I cannot do it!”

“Come on you can do it”

I smiled shortly together with a reply.

“Or is there a law that tells that teaching magic to someone else is prohibited?”

“There actually is,”

Due to that, magic is a ‘Tool,’which means it doesn’t matter who could use it and also be able to use it as a weapon as well.  Therefore, the empire must have a restriction otherwise if they let them use it freely, the control of carrying weapons would not be taken seriously. Also, the chance of leading to crimes and riots would increase significantly as well.

The Holy Eldant Empire also has imposed a law for people who are trained for attacking magic only. It is not allowable to teach to anyone else freely which the empire exempts for only trainees that have a higher position than the knights such as the nobles. Basically, it is only allowable for administrative class.

“Oh, my position seems to be in between.”

Although I have been assigned for some work from a person in the empire whose position is at nobility, I am just an ordinary guy from a different dimension.  Teaching magic to me may or may not be a wrongdoing action. If it’s still not advised by Petrarca, Garius or Pasha Sahal clearly, we cannot conclude yet.

“The thing that I know is that and able to teach to you, master, is only the very basic magical skill. Apart from that, I resigned from the military officials before I get to study them,”claimed Myucel.

I remember that basic magic that will be trained during the military training is categorized into three groups.  One is fire-releasing magic.Two is wind-creating magic. Three is healing magic.

In order to work as a military more efficiently, those military groups must study the three basic categories of magic. The magic used for killing is only preserved for military that has been promoted to higher ranks. Once it’s like that, ‘Teev Muroch’ isn’t a skill used for one-hit kill. Sparkling magic may sound awesome, but it actually doesn’t do any harm to life. At most, it can only create a fire camp or just a burn wound to the enemy. The healing magic can at most heal a wound, but does not have enough power to heal severely burn wounds or saving someone’s life from continual bleeding because if someone loses too much blood, it seems there are no longer any benefits at all.

But just accept it, if we suddenly have to go for military service, they wouldn’t bring heavy weapons for lieutenant students to use. Only the individuals who work in military service for ages and have received honors and trusts can be provided with offensive magical skills at high level.

“Umm, it doesn’t seem to look true,”

If I get to study magic, everything would seem to look more enjoyable.

“To say something,”

I just thought about something related to ‘the teaching’ so I asked,

“And how’s your study on Japanese? I feel that I haven’t been teaching anyone recently.”

Since I have devoted myself with the work in school quite much, I don’t have much time to look after the Japanese studies of Myucel at all.

But right now, Myucel is able to read and write Japanese basics by herself . Even if I let her self-study, it would equally be effective as having me as her assistant.  

“Right now”

Myucel smiled with a bit of shyness.

“Right now I am able to listen to your master’s words without wearing the magic ring.”

“Wow you are brilliant!”

I replied, I am actually like her.

Actually, I was never effortful to remember even a single word. Maybe it’s because I am in the condition to bringing two different languages across two different worlds or maybe due to the automatic translation power from the ring itself. The magic ring can send the translation words of different languages into our brains directly while my ears could still hear the Eldant language. It managed to make me become much more familiar with the Eldant language recently.  If I stay in the Holy Eldant Empire and listen to the Eldant language for at least half a year, I think I could be able to speak their language soon like a child that has yet to enter school but already has lots of general knowledge to polish itself.

But I’ve obviously never studied the alphabets of this empire seriously so I am still unable to read and write this language.


Myucel spoke out loud as if she just came up with something.

“One day you have to return to your home country right?”

“Well it is still like that,”

I answered like I wanted to go before I realized myself.

To be honest, I never thought that I would have been hired by the company ‘Amu Tech’ for working like this for my entire life. There must be one day I get to return to Japan for sure which if once that time has arrived, having the opportunity to visit the different dimensional world may be very unlikely since there is a wall called ‘The Official’s Secrets’ blocking the way.

Basically, one day, I have to leave Myucel and others.  Before this Myucel said to me that ‘one day your master has to return to his home country, I also want you to bring me along as well.’ At that moment, I assumed that she may want to travel or explore with the feeling as if ‘wanting to see the images of a different dimensional world’ for once.

But once I have seen and learnt about the possibility of the Holy Eldant Empire, I have now understood what Myucel have said doesn’t have just a brief meaning.

“I also have thought like that all the time.”

I answered like that. In fact, I don’t really want to think about that and I won’t be allowed to just return to Japan temporarily. Right now Mr. Matoba is very busy with the work and having to travel between two worlds regularly until he could find a way to avoid my question of asking where is the gate that links between the two worlds.  

Sometimes, he’s trying to do this to prevent me from escaping from this world because I am still unable to return to Japan by myself.

“Myucel, if I am able to leave this job and return to Japan, by that time…”

I feel strangely at my back due to shyness. After I was fighting with the hesitation for a while, I continued.

“You will leave the Holy Eldant Empire and come to live with me in Japan?”

“Yes,” she answered immediately.



She still confirms her words but right now, Myucel’s voice is filled with a little bit of shyness.

“If I am permitted, then.”

Those words have hidden some deeper meanings.  It is official that she has received permission from me and from both two sides, the Eldant Empire and Japan.

The first permission has no problem. But the last permission…so much trouble.

Half a year has passed, but just half a year. For me, living with Bruk and Myucel for a long period of time feels like they are my ‘family’ for a half already. I could say I lived with them more closely than living with my parents and my younger sister when I was being the guard room, especially with Myucel who has been fighting many terrorists. I feel very close to her.

Obviously, Ms. Minori has been living in the same eaves and fighting against terrorists as well like Myucel. But both Ms. Minori and Mr. Matoba have Japanese government working behind the scenes and that thought is holding me tightly. Even if it is just a thin piece of paper, it can stick onto my mind not easy to let go of it.


Do they actually want me to leave Japan? Or do they want me to live in the Holy Eldant Empire eternally? These insanities keep running around my head and sticking very tightly.

But Otakus that enter this region like me to live here forever is something that is impossible because one day I will become hot-tempered since I do not have anime, cartoons, novels and games for ages until I want to shout out loud fully ‘please bring me back to Japan!’ I think I probably would become like that even if it sounds quite pathetic.

Apart from that… Do I actually have the ability to live in this Holy Eldant Empire? If what Alraccio have said is true, I am actually an intruder. Actually, that isn’t something I was planning to be and there is no real evidence to confirm. But there is nothing that can be used to oppose. Mr. Matoba answered this question with avoidance,

So it is actually like this…


I don’t know when I showed this stressful face while bending down my head while Myucel is staring at me with anxiety.

“Is there anything, master?”

“No, nothing, there’s nothing”

I answered together with pulling a bit of my smile.  After dinner, I headed to Elbia’s room.

I gave one of the ten rooms for guests on the second floor of the mansion to her. In fact, that room is the room right next to Ms. Minori’s room and I want Ms. Minori to install closed-circuit television and sound recorder to spy on Elbia’s actions. Although it is just an action to protect her first, the fact that she’s a spy is should not be wrong for sure. And right now there’s no evidence to contradict that statement too.  But that thing, let’s not talk about it for now.

Actually, the fact that I went to that room to visit Elbia is because she doesn’t even want to go have dinner.  In fact, once I took her back to the mansion as my private artist and brought her to look at the drawing equipment and many different documents, she hardly got out of the room at all.

Actually, I commanded her already that she should come and have breakfast and dinner together with everybody, but I still don’t see her appearing in the dining room even once. It seems I seriously need to teach her how to act appropriately for living here.  

Well but the truth is Bruk is also one of the heavy sleepers. If I don’t go call him, he wouldn’t come and have breakfast at the dining table for sure. The fact that I have to force him every morning doesn’t make me feel great at all. In addition, I am a Hikikomori for a year which I am not a great person who’s able to force Elbia or anyone.

But the fact that she’s very introverted in that room is something very concerning.

For now we can check from the closed-circuit camera to see what Elbia is doing. Ms. Minori rejected me from from seeing the images from the camera together with saying that ‘Shinichi-kun doesn’t have the right to see’. Anyways, even if it’s a spy but looking at a girl from a room personally won’t change. And she even declined me that even me looking at these things are inappropriate.  

Therefore, I decided to examine the room with my own eyes in her room.  


I stood in front of the room and tried to call her name.

“Elbia? Are you awake?”

There is no response.

I slowly reached my hand to grab the doorknob and pull it quietly. The door opened, it seems it isn’t locked.

“Umm, may I enter?”

I murmured for permission before I entered Elbia’s room. And my whole body is stunned and my eyes are open wide with astonishment.


Inside the room are books lying on the floor blocking the pathway for walking. Those books are comic books and illustration books mixed together. In those groups of books, there are many books that are left open and bookmarked with some candles and other things from this room. And if we notice carefully, I could see opened pages containing character drawing tutorials such as ‘How to Draw Cool Guys’, ‘How to Draw Cute Girls’, or ‘Drawing and Coloring Clothes and Hairs’.

And…the person who’s standing in the center of messed up books is Elbia.She’s sitting down meditating in a half-naked condition.   Well talking about the truth, her breasts and bottoms are covered with black clothes but are not sufficient enough to cover all as if she’s showing her breasts and wearing a single cloth at the moment. This is because what she’s wearing cannot be spoken out loud as it is actually a bra.  

We could say that those particular parts of her body are exposed fully but actually, her skin is tarnished with charcoal stick and candle wax everywhere until her genuine skin could not be seen clearly. I feel quite pity when looking at it, but I could probably guess from the pile of ‘to-be-washed’ clothes that she’s trying to wipe out the unwanted remains of candle wax including everything of her for sure. I must thank that her condition doesn’t bother me to think about something dirty or anything. That’s why I am still calm.


But like this, please don’t tell me that she has been drawing all this time?

“Well to say, these are…”

I turned my head to look at the edge of the wall and found empty dishes piled up everywhere. Myucel is probably the person who sent the food to her for sure. I felt like I get to see the conditions of the room of  when I was a Hikikomori in front of me. The only difference is empty noodles cups and food-container foams instead of empty dishes.  

…But this is, please don’t tell me that she hasn’t taken a bath at all?  Even if she’s a lycanthrope, she’s a first generation girl and girls who do not take a bath at all won’t be called dirty girls!?  During the time when I was a Hikikomori, it’s very rare having to waste time reassuring the mind for sure, but I still took a bath anyway if I’m not wrong. I also take a bath as well.

“Elbia, Elbia!”

I attempted to get closer to Elbia by stepping over the free spaces in between messed up piles of books as if trying to walk on the air. In fact, I tried to act almost like I can actually fly.

Elbia is surrounded by the pictures that she drew piled up everywhere. And once I examined those images,

“This is…”

They are really surprising.All the images are anime styles…all of them.  The model in that picture from what I saw should be Myucel since many images contain a maid that looks very cheerful. Even though those pictures have not been colored yet, however, they are images of perfect typical Otaku-types drawings. They are images with the structures of cartoons or anime version that are different from realistic drawings significantly.

From what I have said earlier, these drawings are not realistic. Therefore, this method of drawing is quite simple. You could say it is a drawing that anyone could draw. Initially, no matter how realistic the drawings are, there is nothing as realistic as photographs and those realistic drawings wouldn’t have the identity of each individual artist.

But if it is a cartoon drawing, each individual artist is able to include his or her own style of drawing. They can ‘delete something out and leave something behind’ as a personal symbol to ‘adding a structure that isn’t realistic into it’ until there is no more originality left behind.

This means all those pieces of artwork piling over here are ‘Elbia’s Moe styled drawings’.

She tried to draw an image of a female maid named Myucel by removing some unnecessary details leaving only some parts that refer to Myucel in terms of Elbia’s understanding. Apart from that, she minimizes the head and body to bring out the cuteness that is the outstanding parts of Myucel as much as possible.

“Awesome, Elbia in just a short moment, only this…”

I tried to praise Elbia but she is still stuck with sitting down using a charcoal stick for sketching the image on a paper.

“Uh, Elbia, hey! Yoohoo Elbia?”

It didn’t work, she didn’t respond at all. I tried to look over her shoulder to look for and found out that the picture that she’s trying to draw is a drawing that is imitating someone’s face from one of the pages in a comic book which is in the process of shading background. The person who’s sitting and smiling next to the window could possibly be Myucel. But the drawing of Myucel is very adorable even if there’s no coloring at all. But just only this is Moe enough.

This is,

“…But I could say…”

I could feel it. I could feel the anxiety of something without a clear explanation which makes me stun for a while.  What is it? I felt like I’m losing something and unable to return it back anymore.

Even I myself cannot explain correctly, but I know that it is very terrible.

I felt quite thankful with Elbia for putting effort into drawing and remembering the methods of drawing in a Moe style very much. And the person who has changed until now is me.

But…  The drawing style of Elbia has changed very swiftly.  The fact that I don’t feel really well with the change that happens much faster than expected, am I thinking too much? The fear that drawing doesn’t turn out to become a figure has spread across my brain.  After that…


In a short moment, I grabbed her arm in order to stop her from moving her hand.

“Whoa! This is shocking!”

And it made the whole body of Elbia shaking like she has got attacked by a demon immediately.

“Mr. Shinichi, when you want to enter the room please knock the door.”

“I knocked for over ten times already!”

“Oh really? Oh I’m sorry. I am a person who once starts drawing will not pay attention to anyone around.”

Elbia smiled shortly.Oh, that’s why when she came into the area outside the mansion for drawing, she got Ms. Minori caught easily.But that thing, let’s not think about it for now.

“But Mr. Shinichi?”


“At the doorknob,”

“Eh? Why?”

I quickly let go my hand that was grabbing Elbia’s breasts and swiftly back off.


“Doesn’t matter, I never think too much.”

Elbia replied together with smiling.

“Actually, I should be happier than sad,” claimed Elbia together with scratching her cheeks softly at the same time.

Eh, her cheeks are stuck with candle waxes everywhere, from where?

“Huh? What are you happy for?”

Please don’t tell me that she’s happy that she got sexually abused?

“Like me, I am a lycanthrope you know?”

“Of course I know”

Right now, she’s exposing her animal ears, tails clearly, and her wearing just a bra makes those parts much clearer.

“But Mr. Shinichi is a human right?”


“Don’t you feel disgusted at all?”


“For example, the ears and tails,”

I knew it Elbia must wiggle her own animal ears together with lifting her tails that were hidden under her bra that looks similar to a loincloth.

“Disgusted? I never but in fact I feel that it is a part that looks Moe instead.”

When I saw those animal ears and tails at the start, they were something that looked very shocking.  But now I don’t feel anything about them anymore. For Otakus, animal ears and tails are the main features that make it look more Moe. There’s no way that they are terrible parts.

“Or this world, no actually, in the Eldant Empire or Bahailm Kingdom, animal ears and tails are something that been looked as disgusting?”

“Yes,” Elbia smiled a little.

“If it’s something between lycanthropes like me, there’s nothing wrong. But no matter Bahailm Kingdom, Eldant Empire or anywhere, humans are the noble groups with values that human bodies are the most beautiful things in the world. Those half-animals like lycanthropes, just having animal ears and tails already look disgusting until they should be cut and removed.”


Oh like this…the story is actually like this.  In the aspect of human beauty, it differs from each place and generation.  As long as there’s an Otaku who sees the two dimensional image as a magnificent image, there must be people thinking that ‘we don’t understand at all what these people are thinking of just staring at these cute drawings’ as well. During the Edo era, there were some nude-styled drawings which were drawn for people during that era to praise. But those things for Otakus during the present like me, they turn out to not being Moe even a little bit.

For lycanthropes, if they are in a pack of lycanthropes, they would see the beauty of their group mates as a normal thing. But those groups have been under the rule of humans for a long period of time, which makes their values got lead to the way humans needed.

“It’s like that, once they got molested by male humans, they would feel much better,”

“Umm…I think that I didn’t intend to assault you or anything,”

Wait, the more I say something like that, the more she’ll think that I was actually assaulting her. These are different stories. And please calm yourself down my boy, it is not like that, no need to stand up for it!

“Oh really, that’s a shame,” Elbia smiled without any worries.

Ah, but like that, that’s nice.

The precise cuteness that looks like Myucel and Petrarca may not look bright, but it is charming which looks simplistic.  

The manners may look quite dull sometimes, but that feature is something that lacks decoration. This lycanthrope is a living thing which I feel that everything that was claimed initially was twice as more than an ordinary cuteness.  

“In addition, Mr. Shinichi is also a person with favor who saved my life. If it’s Mr. Shinichi, I will let you pin anything you want.” Elbia claimed together with laughing cheerfully.

Uh, it’s a bit of shame that it’s nothing related to obscenities at all, but…

“Th…Thank you,” I replied like that.

“Oh by the way, Elbia, your commitment is actually great but how long have you been drawing?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl mumbled while staring at the piles of dishes near the wall.

“One two three four, umm, about five days already,”


That long is something too extraordinary. I could say that I have seen news from one country or something I don’t know talking about people dying due to sitting down playing games for 3-4 days consecutively without any rests.

“Before that I think you should go get some rests for a while.”

I commanded her like that but Elbia shook her head a little.

“Doesn’t matter, just a little bit more and I’m finished.”

Elbia reached out to grab the scoop that she used for placing different necessary things before she grabbed another charcoal stick.

Does she still have the emotion to continue on with the drawing? I felt that her feelings right now have something that is different from drawing needs.

“Why do you have to put so much amount of effort into the work?”

My concern inside my mind is startling again.But…

“Why?” Elbia looked up to me with confusion before shaking her head together with saying out loud,

“Umm, sometimes it may because of that thing,”

“That thing?”

“It is probably called pleasure but it is actually not, then what is it called?” said Elbia with lowering her shoulder.

“Lycanthropes have the hunting instincts and strong fighting instincts. But those instincts cannot be used with everyone in the country. If they do anything inappropriately, humans would punish them severely.”

“Oh really?”

It is a world that separates the class levels. Even if they do the same fault, the upper class people would receive a softer punishment anyway. This is a concept that already has become a normal thing for the people now.

“Yes, therefore, normally we will receive training and lessons from different things in order to avoid triggering the hunting instincts and battle instincts. In the case of me myself also received drawing lessons. When I stare at anything and draw something, it helps erasing the emotion of wanting to hunt down many things.”

“It is compensation,” I mumbled.

In fact, humans tried to change their hunting instincts that come from great five senses of lycanthrope race that are tend to be used for ‘hunting’ so that they can be used for working instead.  


I managed to decode her secret already.

While Elbia is drawing, she doesn’t want her drawing to look real but she attempts to make the smell, temperature and others that are the targets to appear in the picture. She turns on all of the five senses and uses them confidently like when she’s hunting down victims…but only changing from hunting to drawing.  Therefore, all of her drawings can change the format of drawing very easily depending on all the things she perceived.

But there you go…

“It seems too cruel,”

“Cruel?” claimed Elbia confusingly.

“It’s like humans use their instincts, which are supposed to be used for hunting to become distorted, for the humans’ pleasures instead.”

“Oh, if I say like that then it’s not wrong. In fact, some of my friends would be disgusted with this action very much until they have to live in the forests on the mountain.”

Elbia scratched her cheeks and smiled shortly.

“But for me, I think like this is also great. Drawing pictures is something quite enjoyable and those who live like big fish eat small fish tend to have a shorter life span.”

“Oh right.”

If you’re still stubborn to live in the nature, then that means they have to live like wild animals. This also means that they have to live under the law of big fish eating small fish. It is like going back to live with the original lifestyle of lycanthropes genuinely. Those individuals with weaker instincts including old men without energy are likely to end their lives before they have reached their potential lifespan. Doesn’t this mean letting the humans to oppress like this isn’t actually a terrible story at all?

“Alright, just one more piece of paper left!”

Inside my mind is full of distress while Elbia is shouting out loud with joy and continues sketching the paper with charcoal stick crazily.

The work in school continues to move forward smoothly.  No actually, I have to say it moves forward too smoothly instead. Right now my ‘Otaku Training Center’ at the Eldant Empire is also moving forward smoothly until it is unbelievable that there was a terrorist attack incident happened before. Apart from the usual students that came to study as limited numbers, there are many nobles’ children came for a ‘field trip’ additionally as well. And this creates much more cumbersome once some adults showed their commitment by saying ‘I want to study too’ with an increasing number.

Myself and Ms. Minori, who serve the position as the assistants, tried to find much more various Otaku products from Japan for students to see and study more.  Some students start to have the skills for live language interpretation at an acceptable level like me and Myucel already. It may because they are still teenagers or they have the charisma already than expected. But they can develop their knowledge and heading towards Otaku pathways much more.  No actually, I must say they have already reached the path of this would be correct.All the children are able to learn things much quicker than I was expecting.

“Hello everybody,”

I stepped into the room and said like what I usually say.  And there’s a situation that occurs as usual.  But the students’ opponents are different from the previous days or they may be people that I have never noticed before like that day.

That idea may just be my harbinger. Yes, the change is not necessary to have to appear in order like always. When the small change progresses up to one point, it will show the result very immediately.It is like an allergy. We can conclude that…


At first I thought that there’s someone insulting me.That loud yelling sounds like putting an intense emotion and soul into my face fully until it makes me stepped back one step without realizing.Before another second has passed, the students then came close towards me in front of the door.Right now I’m getting surrounded by about fifteen students. Everybody tried to shout swiftly without breathing at all.

“When will ‘Bob Dragon’ Volume 13 be released!”


I swore out loud with confusion.  But none of the students pay attention to me. They fired questions at me insanely until it becomes a disaster that looks like a ‘group of protests.’ If not, then ‘Comic Market Third Day at Higashidate station’ or like ‘Otokotsunami’. My brain right now is thinking about these different words.

“Wait a moment, before that may I ask about the flirting game! This is the remake version of ‘Heaven Ambassador from Hell Rumiel’!”

“Teacher from what you said about the anime ‘Samurai 7’ episode twelve, has it really been removed!?”

“And I saw the remark from the writer of ‘Asobi Ni Kita Yo’ book latest version has been written on it too that there’s a special edition for deputy ship commander be the female protagonist. Right now has that special edition arrived in the bookstore yet!?”

Blah, Blah, Blah,Right now, I feel like I am surrounded by news reporters from many different editions and having to answer their questions for them to write scoop news. Even if I have to sit down and shout out answers to each individual in order, the main point that the children want to know is ‘when will they get to read new books.’

“W, w, wait, please can you all keep quiet for now!”

I decided to raise both my hands as a way to forbid everyone together with yelling out loud.

It seems right now everybody is hungry and thirsty about cartoons and anime until they want to ‘ask for another plate’ already.

“But first please keep quiet!!”

After my yelling,The whole classroom suddenly got quieter as if someone has pressed the mute button. All of them got quiet from my command as if they are taught to strictly listen to the orders from other places. The distinctive system is pretty scary.No actually here right now that thing isn’t the scariest thing.


I looked around together with trying to open my mouth talking.

“I understand the feeling of you guys but right…nothing.”

If you want me to say in detailed, when I said ‘there are no new things” means that I haven’t brought those things into my room. But there’s a meaning of ‘nothing’ directly. It may be because the revealed body of the story as episodes are not enough to be combined into an edition book or maybe in the process of renovation of the original. That’s why it’s not for sale at the moment yet. It doesn’t mean that they have not been taken from a different dimension. But in Japan, the source of original edition, haven’t even been sold too as well.

After that,

“Uh oh”

All the students are making their faces look as if they are about to be sentenced to death.

“Please your highness professor, please bring more Moe stuffs to us.”

Am I actually being worshipped?  Those students are pleading me with tears that are increasing in amount, from one to two, two to three, and gradually increasing more.

Additionally, those groups of students consist of elves and dwarfs, both male and female mixed up.  What is this? It is an image that is one of the weirdest images I have ever seen.

“Bring us more pictures of cute girls!”

“Bring us more pictures of handsome guys!”

“Oh god, please show your possessive power through the words of wisdom again!!”

Wait, you guys.This is like you guys have eaten something really poisonous.

Right now, the classroom has turned out to be a place for worshipping Otaku culture for those faithful people.

And the prophet of the doctrine is me myself!? Don’t be kidding!



“Professor, professor”


Isn’t this studying and teaching already?In front of the students that are reaching out their hands like zombies and trying to grab my face, I could only step back each time swiftly. I myself right now couldn’t do anything much apart from just setting my collage neatly.

“Alright, today let’s go sit down and read books!!”

The person who shouted out loud with powerful voice and shutting the door loudly is Ms. Minori.The noise that passes through the door opening sounds like those suffering dead people packed together in the land of hell. We tried as much as we can by pretending not being able to hear before stepping back out of that room.

“Huh, huh”

Where am I running to? I decelerated myself and took a deep breath into my lungs and found that I’m standing somewhere in the corner of the corridor. I bent myself down and breathed in deeply at the same time. I feel very exhausted so I decided to stand leaning against the wall.


Ms. Minori who’s standing next to me spoke out loud with pity.It seems worthy being part of the self-defence army. I think I have equipped the dog gear until I ran as fast as I could but she still managed to catch me up easily without showing signs of sighing at all.

“It’s like I understand how you’re feeling.”

“What? That condition is…”

I asked like that but I could guess what actually had happened. It seems I accelerated too much I have managed to sort out studying Japanese and Otaku culture outside of the boundary quicker than expected. If I have managed to cross over one particular point from the speed of learning to the speed of burning resources would increase more significantly. Whilst the children develop the idea of being Otakus continuously, they would be able to take in Otaku products much more as well.

And now…


I just felt that there’s someone trying to call me from the back. Ms.Minori and I turned back to where the sound came from and found out that a teenage girl is standing right there.

“Are you Mr. Shinichi Kanou?”

“Yes I am”

The blonde hairs are tied up like a Chinese-looking girl. She’s wearing a dark brown dress that looks very neat and polite. Although she may not wear any diamonds on her fingers, it seems she’s likely to be the wife of one of the noblemen. Her attitude seems like she wants to start an argument or something.


“I am the wife of Balderaysa Theodore Pertini who has been reassigned as a high class nobleman of the Empress of Eldant named Loretta. In fact, I have something to discuss about my son that I have sent to study here.”

Loretta claimed with serious and anxious facial expressions.

“To discuss?”

“Yes, please, please with…” claimed Loretta succinctly.

What? This dismal atmosphere is about to approach soon. To be honest,I can’t be bothered to give advice to anyone right now, but to refuse a lady in front of me with a stark voice that ‘Right now I’m busy! Later!’ is not the right time to do it.

“My son Edward, have you been looking after him?”

Loretta asked while I was walking through the corridor.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“I could say he’s a genius, who can remember the writings very fast.”

Edward Theodore Pertini. He was the boy who previously translated light novels in the library. His age has not reached ten years old and he has prominent point on his curly blonde hair.

And the most important thing is that he can learn things very quickly from alphabets until basic Kanjis. He can learn everything significantly quick and able to remember things very fast. Sometimes it may be because he so desperately wants to study or he’s a person with a very good concentration. Basically, he already has the feature of an Otaku.If we talk about another aspect, apart from the aspect of Otaku School, he himself is the genius above anyone else in this school.


“He’s my son that I am really proud of, but…”

Loretta’s facial expression seems to become distorted without any explanation.

“Right now it has already become a past.”

Loretta stopped walking and I stopped too. She pointed at one room. The door of that room is in a condition of being left open and able to see the word ‘library’ written in a legible style on that wall.


Loretta glared into the inside of there without any signs of movement and I tried stretching up my neck to see. Normally, the library is a place that should be kept quiet. Therefore, this place is usually quiet most of the time especially during class periods that half the students of the school would already be in the classrooms.



At this moment, I heard a noise that sounds like stroking a brush crazily. And now I have seen figure of that boy who’s sitting down at the front of the desk inside the library.

It is a picture that I have seen previously. The only difference is the stuff placed on the desk.

On the left of the boy are dictionaries piling high like a tower while the boy’s hand is sketching something onto a parcel with high speed and craziness like a machine. And for sure that boy is Edward.


The eye expression of the truth shines on the face of the young boy, under the lower dark eyelashes. The boy right now looks like a comic writer or novel composer who’s at the final step of the work before the upcoming deadline. Even though the truth isn’t like that, looking from the surroundings for ten times, they don’t make him look like the child of noble family who’s been expected for the future.  

“It’s like something has haunted him to only write books all the time.”

Loretta claimed with a shaky voice. Her eyes are flowing with tears.

“Every time he picks up a book, he’ll run out from the mansion and then I meet him at the school all the time. And once I tried to bring a manner teacher and a dance teacher to teach him, he always argues them without stopping that ‘I want to go study translation!’ until he won’t ever listen to me when I forbid him.”

Even if she has said this much, she cannot refuse the Otaku culture that’s in front of her son at all.That’s because it is a thing that the empress is fond of.


I could only stand stunningly.Those students right now have already become addicted to Otaku products. If they lack of those things, they would show signs of anger right away.

Edward, who threw everything away, now has become dedicated with light novel translation work.

This picture…I think I have seen it before somewhere. I wanted  to share some pleasure and excitement of being able to see cartoons, anime, novels and games that I like with everybody to know.  

I truly think like that.And since I could only think shallowly, I tend to ignore the important parts.For the Eldants, no actually for this world, the entertainment that comes from my world is a motivation that has a strong power. It can’t be helped that those things have received admiration with spreading and speed. And normally, anything that occurs too fast tends to result in dangers later.

I forgot about that thing completely. It doesn’t matter if it is an anime, cartoon, light novel or game, everything must have some good things. I think anything that including different stories or anything that is impossible in the real world. They have already been scrutinized out of the imagination of the authors until many different stories don’t just have only the benefits of reducing tiredness from daily routine, but also able to open a new world and new aspects. They make our lives become more colorful and fulfil our lives as well. Here are the packed ideas of mine even though right it still hasn’t changed.

But everything must have its boundary and must have a suitable amount in order to use it.

And those things that I have introduced to this world without regarding to suitable amount have turned into harmful effects to this world. This is why everything must have its own boundary.

I, who have been an introvert for a year, may not look appropriate to say about this thing.  But it is something I need to say clearly that I know him very well. If it’s Japan, then it’s a different story. But within the Eldant Empire I may not be able to talk about this story with anyone else and will never ever talk about it.

This is because in the Eldant Empire, there’s no leader. The future of the children who are mad about Otaku culture that fills their brains is something that nobody knows. Between those who are enjoying with it may possibly have an ‘evil end’ occurring without any expectation which by the time they have realized, it is already too late.

I could actually hear the blood inside the body being sucked up crazily.

“Everything that we did so far until now…”

I felt like the area I am standing right now gradually splits out and my body is about to fall down. I returned to the mansion…providing this whole class period to be a reading period.

Even if it’s not a small issue, it’s not a big problem either until we have to bring a podium in order to make it stand out more for debating.

Edward may be an outstanding person, but the issue is there are many students standing near him and those students do not even realize that they have entered the danger zone by themselves. I do realize that I am an Otaku and used to be a Hikikomori before too.  Since I used to be like that, I now know how difficult it is to get out of those  positions.  It is not a drug that has any side effects or anything that is illegal. But the Otaku culture is a type of addictive drug or at least has a similar effect.

But if the addictive drugs are brought to be used in good medical purposes, then there’ll be benefits.  The made up story is something that is different from a passage or a dictionary generally because each story is filled with knowledge.It also creates a better intelligence too. This includes that no matter who it is, they can enjoy his or her own story they like. Even if they are adults that don’t talk a lot,  they are able to talk with anyone within the boundary that they are interested as well which isn’t strange at all. Therefore, it is something that keeps providing for the society in the present days already.

However, those things also have their own ‘limit’ too.That is ‘please read the label carefully before taking the drugs’.And I failed to read the label clearly before bringing this ‘drug’ into this Eldant Empire. he result is those people who have become violent slaves have exceeded the limit and started to receive the side effects of drugs overdose. This is clearly an addictive drug.

Ms.Minori and I were about to walk to the mansion and suddenly, we met Mr. Matoba standing around the front door.  The blackish suit that he’s wearing fits perfectly making him look charming among the atmosphere around him. Apart from the present Japanese styled suit among the atmosphere of Europe during the Middle Age, for me, I tend to think that ‘the official wearing a suit’ is a symbol for a person who has a value different from normal people like us.

The politicians have the duty that the lower class people understood that they must work at a time and place that are exclusive. Therefore, the people in those areas will have the values that are their personal characteristics which look different from other people.

“What happened?”

Mr. Matoba stopped in front me together with asking smilingly.

“Isn’t this during class period?”

“Oh, yes,” I nodded together and answering with a facial expression that looks stiff at the same time.

Mr. Matoba smiled tenderly. It seems he’s trying to say that ‘I am friendly with everyone’ in an indirect way. But once I think about it again, people who are trying to tell others that they are not in danger mostly would truly become endangered.

“Hmm? What happened?”

Mr. Matoba frowned once he has seen my face.

“Mr. Matoba,”

I took off the magic ring and claimed out at the same time. There’s a little chance that Myucel and Bruk may be somewhere near and heard this conversation which the resulting effect seems to be quite scary. But right now, Myucel has studied Japanese for at least half a year already. Even if I remove my magic ring, I’m afraid she could still be able to understand anyway.

“We are actually…invaders right?”

Mr. Matoba blinked and stared at Ms. Minori as if he has anything to ask her.Ms. Minori nodded emotionlessly.

“It seems we cannot continue to conceal the secrets, can’t help,” said Mr. Matoba with an emotionless face.

‘The hidden secrets that have been kept for long, finally have been revealed which make the grandfather become oppressed’ is his atmosphere right now.It seems that there’s no chance that the related people with this national top secret plan that their plan is about to be revealed soon.

“Before that, I don’t want you to misunderstand when I’m telling this story.”

Mr. Matoba tried to convince us.For me, that smile is no different with wearing a mask at all.

“This is something that we have seen to be the best and the most reasonable choice already.”

That thing I know.However, the choice that was mentioned doesn’t occur from mercy, but it’s because it is a choice that has the most efficiency and easiest to be concealed.  And apart from the invasion by the military troops would have less efficiency, it may make some large countries like United States of America and many other countries realize about this national top secret.  

And if one in a ten thousandth chance that this secret actually leaks out, using the army forces to invade other countries is against the ninth law of constitution. And anyone who’s related to all of the plans will be sentenced to death both regional and non-regional without any doubts.

And the invasion in terms of economic way, the economic system of each country is different and there’s still nothing that can adjust the exchange rate system between countries at appropriately stable rates. Therefore, it is quite a difficult task. Apart from the exchange rate system of the Eldant Empire, it is not always certain like the world of my people that there’s a median that is stable with fixed value. Hence, intervention can be difficult to carry out.

Therefore, they have to use invasion in terms of the culture instead and the Otaku culture has been used in this case.

“When I think about it again,”

I stared at Mr. Matoba pointedly before starting to speak.

“If we let the Eldants who they usually are unfamiliar with language learn Japanese first, they would only read those writings and their popularities are likely to become gradually distorted. As a result, it is a type of brainwashing.”

“It seems like that.”

Mr. Matoba nodded and his eye expression lacks of guilt totally.

“And what is the problem?”

“The problem!?” I swore.

This is something that we cannot talk for fun.

I’m thinking about the picture of Elbia was the person who drew.That is also a type of brainwashing as well. Elbia herself is also studying and practicing drawing Moe characters crazily until we could say that just only one step away,she’ll become successful in this skill if we bring her to Japan. At that place, she’ll probably have the birth of the status of being a new cartoon artist without any doubts.

However,in that case, how will the drawing methods which look real of hers that she trained for at least a year be like?  The drawing skills that are the unique characteristics on this planet that she has would be changed into the Otaku-styled drawing skills instead. She would be gradually swallowed by the beautiful side of the culture until she loses her standing point and she’ll have to continually find the shelter which is something that occurs very often too.

“That is actually an invader”

The speech that the terrorists in the behalf of “nationalist forces” that has ever been spoken to me flies into my head again.


“There’s no one in this world that has never been brainwashed, Shinichi-kun,” said Mr. Matoba emotionlessly.

“Both you and me have been brainwashed by the popularity in Japan during the present as well. This includes from TVs, schools, magazines or Internet.”

“But that’s because I’m Japanese,”

“Of course, do you really think on this planet will have the cultures that are virtuous and individual for themselves?”


The minor cultures of this world tend to receive the effects from the political regime all the time.  It may be true from what Mr. Matoba has said.

During the Edo era, in order to manage the chaotic rules, the Bakufus have to forbid the women from dancing Kabuki on the stage ever. Therefore, the Kabuki culture is only for men even though the origin of skills of Kabuki dancing were invented by Izumo no Okuni. Basically, it was invented by a female and therefore, this performance should be for females. But in order to solve the problems with the chaotic cultures that include prostitutes performing in the Kabuki soap opera or child actors that perform on male Kabuki stage, Bakufu has imposed a law that only middle-aged males are allowed to go up onto this stage.

It is like Moe stuff.The countries that have a main concept of doing any secret obscene actions in the public such as USA tend to be quite exposed.

But there are standing points that are indefinite at many points. They are not people that do not know what ‘loving fully’ means, but they are also not up to doing anything perverted with smile and laughter exposing out at the same time like playing sports. They might still have some embarrassment in doing these obscene things, which from the facial expressions that they showed. I think of those Japanese “Moe” things and the embarrassment that we have until the way we show our different facial expressions that we continue doing called ‘Moe’ has now turned into the commandment of Japanese culture.

Sometimes inside, there also has a development in a way that’s quite dangerous. It’s true that some types of cultures happen under the pressure of some conditions before they spread across to the next era. But that means it isn’t a culture that is its own ‘individual’. To conclude, any cultures that happen without receiving any effects from the politics or the surrounding environment do not exist.

Yes it is, it is true.

“Mr. Matoba”

I stared at the official wearing a suit in front pointedly.

“Actually I don’t it’s true, but…”


“About the terrorists before…”

“Oh, about that story,”

Mr. Matoba shook his head.

“There’s nothing, just act like nothing had happened should be enough.”

“What did you say?”

I cannot bear to listen to it any longer.My whole body suddenly becomes steep. The group of terrorists that called themselves ‘Nationalist Army Forces’ after that day, the Holy Eldant Empire then started to have an analysis of my people that have brought the Otaku culture into this place. That includes opening my school in a negative way. Although the side that caused this incident would be Alraccio and his allies, the way he results in movements is by using violence. This must be because they want to refuse the ‘Japanese culture’ that has made the atmosphere of rejection in my people increase.

It seems like the terrorists that use barbaric violence are starting to form in the Eldant Empire.  I have to thank the heaven that my school is still safe. But when I think about it again, it’s like the rhythm occurs at the right moment.Since I think like that, that’s why I tried asking out loud ‘Really?.’

“Please don’t be angry with each other. It is not certain that it’ll actually be like that. At least from what we have gone out to examine for information, there’s nothing like that yet, but it can be anticipated that those rebels against cultural invasions in the past world did exist a lot.”

Then we need to warn the Eldant Empire first,”

“In that case, the empire will handle all the issues by themselves.”

Mr. Matoba smiled dryly as if he wanted to say that ‘what on earth are you talking about’ really.

“We wanted to go and intervene the inside of the Eldant Empire by using this case to create a ‘portfolio’ anyway, and with this basis will make the boundary of using possession of Japanese Self Defence Forces increase from the start too.”


This is, I have never thought about this thing at all.

“In this country, there are some strong army forces, but it isn’t an organization that has a strict detailed plan like polices in our country. In fact, if we plead those army forces, they will help us find the criminal or hunt down wrongdoers for us as well. But since they are militaries, if once warfare has happened, they won’t have the time to help the lower class people that much. Both violence and plundering within the city must increase for sure.”

Even if I say this war is starting to begin, doesn’t mean the Eldant Empire has been in the state of war between bordering countries for a long time already?

So it means…

“By that time, we will send a spy into the Eldant Empire like a gift that the god has given to us, and once the empire has authorized the position for us officially, they would listen to our Japanese government’s opinions for sure.”


That’s why I couldn’t say anything.These people are waiting for the other side to weaken, no actually, trying to weaken the other side instead.

“Hey you, in terms of your human status, don’t you feel ashamed at all?”

“You could say like that but I’m actually weak.”

Mr. Matoba smiled at the edge of the mouth, his eyebrows fall down like he was feeling depressed.

“This is an order from the upper hands,”

“From the upper hands, well because of this, the officials have to…”

“Well it can’t be helped,” Mr. Matoba’s shoulders fell.

“But you could say even if you know up to this point, but you still won’t know the genuine part of it.”


What? I could feel the signs of paleness appearing on Mr. Matoba’s relaxing face which makes me feel stunning. It doesn’t look like he’s about to raise his voice. Shouting even a bit makes it look pretty scary. The normal voice, which he uses for telling stories isn’t something that normal people would do, makes it look the scariest.

“You do actually know that this story is a national top secret right? I have told you this before.”


“Therefore, in order to keep the secret, those who are involved in plan obstruction are likely to be ‘eliminated’.”



“Myself, Koganuma and all the first group of army forces including you as well, you are in the position where you are judged from upper hands that you are the ‘unsuitable’ person to be working at the front position. You may be also have to be eliminated as well, don’t you realize at all?”

Mr. Matoba spoke tolerantly before looking back at me once again.

“Do you ever think why we dragged a person like you who’s neither a threat nor a healer to know this national top secret?”

Mr. Matoba stared at me with an eye expression that you could say looking pity. The representative of Otaku, an ordinary guy, who has a supercilious possession among the smaller groups of people.

“Is it because you have the knowledge of Otaku from other people? Is it because you showed your talent from a religion teacher who’s a veteran? Not at all. Like what I said initially, the invasion in terms of culture using two-dimensions like this won’t make those with possessions go far beyond from the ‘experimentation’ even a bit. But it’s because those people still cannot find other ways that are more efficient than this.”

It’s true that I have heard about those stories.


“The reason why I have chosen you is because you have the properties that are ready to be ‘eradicated from this world easily without letting anyone know and able to destroy the evidence relating to that thing whenever we want’ you know.”

Mr. Matoba claimed like that while I feel shocked as if I’m being punched in the stomach seriously.

*End of chapter 3*

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Previous Chapter (Vol 2) (CH 2)

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Outbreak Company Index


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