Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!:Volume 2 Chapter 6



Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!:Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6

[We have a job in another café. Do you know “My Home”?]

I received such e-mail from Koigasaki early on Saturday morning. I hoped it was from Hasegawa, yet she didn’t write anything since that exchange, and I was upset by this.  I read the email from Koigasaki again. They passed into My Home, that maid café? How could I don’t know it, if I actually was there once? When I was in Akihabara with Suzuki, he dragged me into the most popular maid café. And they passed there?.. Well, both Koigasaki and Sakurai are pretty girls, so they should pass any criteria of acceptance based on appearance.

[He~. I was there. Did you start working there?] – I replied,

[We have to undergo an induction course today. They don’t let us work without it.] – prompt reply arrived.

However, if I remember correctly, amongst the duties of the maids of that café, maids should be able to talk with male customers, and even dance and sing on stage. Here is the question – can Koigasaki do any of this? Also, did she get that job knowing it? I was about to worry about her, but I am no better.

Yesterday, I started to work at a karaoke. I have to go there today as well to work from 1 PM and until 10 PM, but, frankly speaking, I don’t like there, despite I’ve never been there. There is a senpai of 3rd year high school, the type of my aversion – Riajuu. He did explain me once, and if I would ask to repeat he make an awful face. He thinks of me as a nuisance, indeed.

When I was there, there were three people; overall, there are two men and two women besides me, they are all either high school or university students. Of course, all them are great Riajuu, and I stand out among them. No wonder they don’t want to befriend with me.

I made my preparations to the job sadly, hoping there will be other members today. My hopes were never got to come true. There is the same creepy-flashy senpai who guided me recently. By the way, his name is Kato.

“If you’re free, read this.” – he said and gave me a manual-like something. Whoa, what a slapdash. That day he guided me how to carry drinks and clean tables after customers left. Today I can feel the same negligent and no-questions-allowed aura, hence there are few things I didn’t understand. I thought to ask another senpai, however it was Saturday, and considering a number of customers even a newbie like me would have to carry drinks and food all the time. I made mistakes and warned by Kato and other senpais. When my shift ended, both body and mind tired, and I returned home.

Arriving home, I found my little sister Akari playing a game, and my mother slept. I noticed that Akari wears only her t-shirt, with no pants down there.

For now, she is wearing mother’s or somebody’s t-shirt as a home dress, yet she was stylish in last year. Years ago, she used to wear panties only while she’s home, but since mother said “what a shameless girl!”, my sister wears something stylish in summer. Yet I was scolded when I was wondering in my bare panties, “what a dirty thing you’re showing to us!”.

“By the way, where is my meal?” – I was surprised there was nothing edible on the table. The other should know that workplace provides no meal.

“Heat the curry for yourself. Also, there should be rice in the rice cooker.” – said Akari to me without turning her face.

“Really? Oh, I’ve so tired.” – I’m hungry and I’d like to eat some curry, but I’m too tired to serve it. I jump on my sofa with the feeling I’ll fall asleep in few minutes.

“Naoki, are so tired you can’t heat up own meal?! What level of laziness did you achieve? You should not have played this much in the first place!”

“Didn’t mother tell you? I have been working in the karaoke.”

“Working?! You?!” – Akari turned her face to me and I can see her surprised face.

“Why would exert yourself? Work is just something beyond your power! You should be the creepy dump otaku Naoki!”

Is she making fun of me? Whatever, I have no willpower left to fight back.

“Just why do you going to sleep? It’s obliviously your fault to exert yourself going to work!”

Oh, shut up already…

I was already half-asleep when I got to the sofa, so I could not listen what Akari said.

“Naoki you idiot!”

“Ouch!” – Akari sat on me, bumping with her butts.

“What are you doing?!” – I woke up and was about to get angry on Akari. But… Curry with rice and some drink is on the table.

“What is this? Did you make it?”

“Naoki, you should not sleep with empty stomach. Also, don’t you feel sorry for the mother who made this meal?”

“It this for real? Thank you, Akari.”

Akari did not look on me, so I just started to ride of the curry. Then, Akari finished her game and went to bed with some kind of resentment. I thought at first that she is being nice to me… I don’t understand this puberty age sister.

The next day, Sunday, I went out into the Electric Town, Akihabara, to find a use of money I got from the work. I’m wandering around by Tora no Ana and Animate. The money itself is yet to receive, and I have many plans for them, so I decided not to buy anything until I had a strong desire of it. Means, I have a bit more than 5,000 yen in my wallet. I’m looking at the shop windows without buying anything. Honestly, it’s not that fun to look without buying.

Then I noticed that it’s too hot and I’m very thirsty. I guess I visit some café. At first, I was about to enter McD, but seeing that long line I give up. Next, I remembered that there is Mos Burger on the other side, so I head to Mos by a crosswalk. However, there is a huge of a crowd here as well. How long it will take to buy something, then, it is unknown whether there will be a free seat when I finally buy it.

I could buy a drink in a vending machine, but I wanted to give my legs a rest. Therefore, I remembered the café where Koigasaki got a job. She didn’t tell me when she will start to work, but she should have practical training till she would fit the position, so I guess she is not on shift today yet. That café is comparatively close to where I am now, and I feel if I’d go to a usual café of restaurant I found a crowd. It could be true to a maid café likewise, but it might be not that much of customer, so I head on to the My Home.

I go to the higher floor by an escalator, and it is crowded, yet a maid quickly leads me to a table. It’s out of the question that is the first time I’m in this café alone, I’m a bit nervous.

“Master, what would you like to order today?” – said a cute maid with brown hair and flashy make-up, and I ordered the cheapest orange juice. All of the maids here wear short skirts with laces, all of them are cute and young. It seems they hire maids by their appearance.

Until my menu is ready, I’m looking around. Some maids are speaking with customers, some play games on a black beard hair’s breadth, some take photos with customers.

Now I have the menu, I can see that games and photos are noted there. Well, that was expected.

“Please serve.” – said a staff-like man in a suit to maids. It seems a meal is ready and a maid has to carry it. In fact, a maid comes to the counter and picks up an order. It’s surely crowded today: maids run around with no break. At least, my order got ready.

I was surprised when I see the maid. It was Sakurai.

“Kashiwada-kun? Why are you here?..”

Sakurai leaves a novice impression to me. Her outfit seems to be fixed to fit her huge breast. It attracts my gaze, but I overcame it. Also, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s the first time she called me by my surname.

“So today is your shift, Sakurai. It just happened I have business in Akiba, so I came here at the same time.

“So you came to see how is Momo-chan’s doings…” – said Sakurai keeping her guard on.

“N-no! Also, I thought they won’t let you work until training end, so I didn’t expect to see you.”

“Both I and Momo-chan passed all test yesterday, so we work from today.”

“From the first time? That’s great.”

“No, that was pretty simple, so whole training tool about an hour. Momo-chan is there.”

“Eh? Koigasaki is working now?”

Sakurai pointed to the kitchen, and I saw the familiar face there. Maid outfit fits Koigasaki the best among other maids. It seems she’s being instructed by a senior maid.

“Azuki-sa-an! Please serve!”  – a staff called Sakurai’s name. Hey, are you working here by the real name?

“I’m going! Okay, I have to go.” – roughly said Sakurai and left. Drinking my orange juice, I’m watching Koigasaki. Then, senior maid tells her something, I guess it’s about work. Then, she takes a tray and carries to a customer; he asked her something, and as usual, Koigasaki is nervous so much I can tell it from this much apart. She nodded to the customer and left him. After that, a maid called her, and they disappeared in the staff room. She turned for a moment and that was enough for our eyes had met.

Koigasaki left the room alone, and she was depressed. I thought she would carry another tray, but she started to help at the kitchen. When the 30-minutes limit approached, I headed to the register, to avoid paying for protraction. Casting a glance to the kitchen again, our eyes met for the second time. We don’t say anything to each other. I paid my bill and left the café.

I would not buy anything in Akiba anymore, so I headed home, and I was at the Akiba station already when I got an email.

[From: Koigasaki Momo Text: Where are you now? If you still in Akiba, could you please wait for me?] – it seems she’s on her break now, since she is able to write messages.

[I’m at the Akiba station now], – I replied, and right after that another email has come.

[I’ve just exit my shift. Can you come to the used outerwear shop, Cosplay Shop Mitsubado in three and half hours? ]

Is it three hours? That’s a good amount of time to wander around in Akiba. In addition, I have to buy a cosplay outfit, so this is a good thing for me. I didn’t plan where to buy it anyway. Also, it’s a shop of used things, so prices there must be lower. I can find what I need today and buy it when I got my salary.   

Of course, I never visited that Cosplay Shop Mitsubado, so I don’t know where it is.

[Where is it? Can’t we just meet in front of the My Home?]

[Absolutely not! If I would walk with a man in Akiba, they forbid me to work!]

That’s tough! Wait, would not they forbid it if you go to that cosplay shop with me? Well, fine. Using my phone I found that Mitsubado shop is comparatively close to My Home.

I have been waiting in a place from where I could reach Mitsubado within five minutes, when Koigasaki came… however, she has Sakurai-san behind her, so I sighed out.       

“Here we are! Let’s go to see cosplay clothes!”

“Ah, sure.”

I guess it’s a bit late, but I feel something out of place. Why did Koigasaki invite me to go to a cosplay shop? She could do kya-kya looking for clothes with Sakurai only.

“Azuki-chan said this shop allows to try clothes on! Isn’t that great?”

“Ah, sure.” – I nodded and we came into the shop.

“Momo-chan, cosplay would suit you well! This game is very interesting too, so I lend it to you later.”

Sakurai-san advised to Koigasaki a cosplay of the main heroin of a love simulator. Surely, its setting is Western fantasy, and the heroine’s clothes is a tenuous one-piece, it would suit Koigasaki for sure.

“Wow, such nice!”

“Hey, here is the clothes of Prince of Dance!” – said Sakurai loudly and run towards the clothes. Oh, that’s from that popular among women anime…

“Kashiwada, is here something from an anime Suzuki-kun like?”- asked Koigasaki with a serious face. Oh, I understood now, that’s why she called me. That’s because she wants to wear a cosplay of a character that Suzuki would like. That’s good use of our agreement for you. I’m using her to help me with Hasegawa a lot as well, though. We’re even, then.

“From the fresh ones, let’s see… Here, Bishojo Squadron Cuties – 5.” – I instantly found the cosplay of Suzuki favorite anime and took it. It is an anime broadcasted by Sunday mornings; the story is about five-grade school girls who transform and fight an enemy. Suzuki is into lolis, so this anime is definitely of his favorites.

“Mm-hmm.” – Koigasaki looks on it, knitting her brows. Probably, she’s confused by this outfit:  the skirt is considerably short, the belly is fully opened.

“By the way, Suzuki’s favorite character…” – I found an image on my phone and showed to Koigasaki. There are five girl colors: red, pink, white, blue, black. The one Suzuki likes is that wears pink clothes, the youngest among other warriors, little sister-ish character, natural fourth-grader, the Cutie Pink Momozono Ririna. By the way, each character’s name affects the color after transformation.

“He~. I…I’ll try on this one.” – said Koigasaki to a shop staff. She could wear such open clothes, if this is for Suzuki…

“Eh? Momo-chan, you really want to try that one?” – surprised Sakurai.


“Well, it will suit you, but…” – said Sakurai with dissent on her face. Koigasaki entered the changing room. Sakurai felt discomfort being left with me.

“Kashiwada-kun, did you recommend that clothes to Momo-chan?” – asked Sakurai with accusing tone in her voice.

“Well, I did, but on the other hand, I did not…”

Hey, isn’t it looks like I made Koigasaki to wear that flasher’s suit? At that moment, Koigasaki opened curtains.

“How it is? Not too rigid?”

Momozono’s clothes look surprisingly great on Koigasaki. Probably it’s because her casual dress is tenuous as well. Koigasaki made the same hairstyle as Cutie Pink, and transformed from Gyaru to something that would make an otaku would jump with joy.

“Momo-chan, you’re beautiful!” – said Sakurai-san and stuck to her.

“If Momo-chan will cosplay Cuties -5, I’ll do this with her! But it may be too harsh to me, though.”

“Why do you think so? Let’s do it together!”

If Sakurai would cosplay a character from Cuties – 5, it must be Black Cutie Kurose Reika for sure. She is six-grader with a good style for a grade school, and the only sexy character among the Cuties.

“However, that outfit maybe too expensive…” – said Koigasaki seeing the price label on the skirt. It’s used, but still it has the value of 10,000 yen. I guess, it was a tedious work, and I can imagine how much did new one cost.

“Kashiwada, is here anything else?”


I’m looking through the shop for an outfit of a character that Suzuki likes.  Sakurai-san watches me with a heavy look. She might not understand why I’m looking for a cosplay costume for Koigasaki. Yet, it’s a mystery for me whether Koigasaki told Sakurai-san regarding Suzuki, so I can’t say anything here.

“Wow, even this is sold as a cosplay outfit!”

The next thing I’ve noticed was outfits from “Don’t you prefer kindergarteners?”. The plot is about kindergarten girls that suddenly grew up to 16-year-old girls, hence they can easily undress in front of the main hero, or to bath with him, very lewd love(?)comedy. Suzuki likes lolis, but this anime attracts with unbalanced loli mind and grown-up body of the heroines.

By the way, originally, the scene was a kindergarten, therefore 16-year-old heroines wear a kindergarten outfit, and I didn’t think that there could be a cosplay of those.

“W-what is that?..” – Koigasaki is stunned seeing the kindergarten’s outfit. Well, of course, from what side you’d try to look on it, it is the kindergarten’s outfit, despite an adult size.

“Well, he does like this too, but you don’t push yourself…”

“I guess it might look good on you after try it on… Um.” – mumbled Koigasaki to herself with a pale face, and disappeared into the dressing room along the cosplay. What a brave girl.

“How was it, Momo-chan? Did you manage to wear that?”

“Yes, I did, however… This is too harsh… No, impossible!”

“Eh? I’ll open if you’re ready…” – said Sakurai-san and opened the curtains before Koigasaki could reply.

“…..” – ashamed Koigasaki looks down on the floor, standing in front of us wearing that kindergarten’s outfit. Well, I suppose it’s good too. She’s pretty in this. It seems Koigasaki looks pretty in any suit.

“This is impossible! I should not have worn this!”

“Don’t say that, it suits you so good I’d want to lick you over!” – said Sakurai-san when the curtain was quickly closed. Hey, that comment was obviously out. Is she okay, that girl?

“However, I don’t have enough of courage to go to the event wearing this. Kashiwada, it there anything else?”

“Else? Well, uhr…” – I grabbed one more outfit.

“What about this one?” – I said and awkwardly gave that outfit to Koigasaki. Why “awkwardly”, you ask? Of course, this outfit is more shameless that the kindergarten’s one. This outfit is from “Variant Princess”, a battle game. However all of the characters are women, and what is the most important, all of them wear highly revealing suits. The loli character that Suzuki likes wears a nurse suit, an erotic pure-white suit which upper part is cut off is an unexpected place, making the lower half of the breast visible. The lower part of the suit comprised of extremely short mini-skirt and white knee-socks. Fans’ love has no bounds.

Koigasaki took the outfit from me and her face became deadly white.

“T-t-t-t-t-t-t-this… This..! There is no way I could wear this! W-w-w-w-what do you think you are?!” – said Koigasaki with a red face and gave me that outfit.

“That was you who asked me, wasn’t you?”

I noticed that Koigasaki looks at me with disdain in her eyes. No! It was not me who wanted to make Koigasaki wear this! Why did it happen?

“Is there anything else?”

“We saw most of the outfits here!”

Koigasaki became upset hearing this. Waiting Koigasaki to change the kindergarten’s outfit to her casual dress, I felt Sakurai’s gaze.

“K-Kashiwada-kun, you’re helping Momo-chan to find an outfit that would suit her… Did she ask you to?”

“She didn’t, but you see… she wants to become an otaku, but she barely knows any characters, so I have to teach her.” I’m tired already and honestly think that I should tell about Suzuki, but if that passionate towards cosplay Sakurai-san hears that Koigasaki’s interest in the cosplay is but the impure will to befriend with a boy, I doubt her impression would remain that good. Thus, I decided to not reveal about Suzuki.

“I see…” – said Sakurai-san with dissatisfied face and stares at the dressing room. After a while, Koigasaki left the room.

“Here I am! I’m sorry for making you wait, Azuki-chan. If there is a suit you’d like to try…”

“No, today I’m full only seeing your cosplay, Momo-chan.” Where did that dissatisfied face you made when you had talked to me gone?

“We have tried on this and that, and nothing selected in the end…” – sadly murmured Koigasaki.

“By the way, I have one more advice for you. There is a new vocaloid character Hibine Ruru, the most popular character for now. (Among Suzuki). Yet this is a very new character, so there might be no cosplay outfits of her.”

Hibine Ruru is a 12-years old vocaloid, her young voice is her distinction. Illustrations are cute as well, many call them “just for lolicons”.

“Momo-chan, if you’re going to cosplay Hibine Ruru, I have her older sister Rika’s suit, so we will be matching.”

“Really? Well, what kind of a character is that Hibine Ruru?”

I explained all I know about Hibine Ruru and currently searching for images on the web.

“She is the cutest among them!”

Surely, mini-skirt of Hibine Ruru is not that revealing, and girls might see her suit attractive.

“But if it’s not on sale yet, there would be no meaning of this.” – sadly said Koigasaki.

“If there is no such suit yet, we can just make it by ourselves! I think this one is comparatively easy to make! Also, suit’s size will be exactly what we need! Momo-chan, why don’t we make it? I’ll help you, of course!”

“Hah? By ourselves? Sounds fun! I always wanted to make an outfit from the scratch!”

By yourselves? Are you sure you are able to do such a laborious thing?

“But, isn’t it too complicated?” – Koigasaki though the same.

“Not at all, if you have used to it. I’ll help you.”

“Really? Azuki-chan, did you make an outfit?”

“Yes, almost all of mine are hand-made. Shop’s outfits often don’t fit me at all. Also, it’s getting interesting if you continue to make it.”

Don’t fit you? Do you mean your breast? Is that because your breast is not a match for other slim parts?

“Which means, was that military outfit your hand-made?” – I couldn’t contain myself.

“Eh? Ah… Yeah… But I’d like you to forget that…” – steadily said Sakurai-san and awkwardly averted her eyes. Also, her voice was as half loud as when she talks to Koigasaki. I was hurt by such attitude, but it may be that she remembered I saw her panties. I remembered that fact too and shyly averted my eyes.

“That’s awesome! Then, I’ll make mine too!”

“Really? Next time, come to my home, we’ll do those together!”

Oh, the girls having a good time. In the end, Koigasaki decided to make Hibine Ruru’s outfit, and Sakurai-san will cosplay Megurine Rika. I decided to cosplay the main hero of Phi Kickers, but there was not sold any, so I’ll search another place.

“Okay, let’s buy wigs and cloth right now!” – suggested Sakurai-san once we left the cosplay shop. She’s apparently in very good mood.

“Where is it sold?”

“We can buy wigs here in Akiba, but I’m buying these in a shop in Nippori, I like their wigs. Let’s go to Nippori together?”

“Sure! Is it close to Akiba?”

Eh, so they go to Nippori after this… I thought, when Koigasaki suddenly turned back to me.

“Kashiwada-kun, go to the station by another path. They would get angry to me if they see us together.”


Oh, I see. The maids of that café are prohibited to walk with men in Akihabara. Anyway, why would you follow that so strictly?

“Also, what are you going to do after this?” – asked Koigasaki. I’ve begun to think about it and got sad. I see, I’ve told her about the characters Suzuki would like, so I’m free now. She uses me as she wants.

“I guess I’m going home.”

I’m a bother anyways, and Sakurai-san obviously doesn’t want me to come.

“Did you buy a wig? Maybe it would be better to get one today?”

“I guess so…”

It’s sad to go shopping for just a wig, and it’s more useful to have somebody to show me a shop. I feel out of place going there by three of us, but there is no choice.

“I’m going too.”

“We’re going to Nippori station first!” – Koigasaki and Sakurai-san left me. When I could see them, I head to that station too. Nippori station located in the fourth station from Akiba on the Yamanote line. We’ve agreed to meet at the South exit, so I go there. Sakurai-san and Koigasaki have waited for me.

“Okay! Where we go to, Azuki-chan?”

“Well… Let’s start from the closest, the Maple shop.”

Thus we decided to go that Maple thing. Walking for a while, we found the signboard and entered there.

“Wah, that great!” – slipped out from Koigasaki who was looked over the shop. Wigs are set out along the wall. There are wigs with short hair and long hair, hairs are strong and colors are rich. Moreover, it’s a really big variety of wigs.

“I would like to wear this with my casual suit.” – said Koigasaki taking a brown bob wig.

“I want to try a bob ever once, but I like my long hairs… I guess, a wig will be fine for me.”

“Momo-chan, a bob cut will suit you!”

“Really? Oh, by the way, it will suit you as well! Won’t you try this on?”

They plunged into the world for the two again.

“Hey, wasn’t we supposed to find a wig that would suit the characters?”

I tried to say something.

“Oh, you’re right!”

“If you show an image of the character or tell the name to shop staff, they will find something that would fit!”

“Are you looking for something?”

An assistant called us in the right timing, and Koigasaki showed him an image with Hibine Ruru on. With this, the assistant promptly took out a wig from another side of the shop.

“We have different colors like this and this; also, this color is a little brighter than on the image, but it would fit well in my opinion.”

Koigasaki’s character has a watery hair color, such color is hard to describe by a single word, and hence the assistant brought three different wigs.

“What a beautiful color!”

“Yeah, this one is the closest to that character.”

She took out a wig from her bag, then the girls examined it, and in the end, they chose the same wig, which Koigasaki bought.

“Kashiwada, won’t you buy some too?”

“Eh? Kashiwada, will you cosplay too?” – asked Sakurai-san with tension on her face. Isn’t she trying to say that she wants to cosplay with Koigasaki alone and leave us already?

“Well, I’m going to cosplay with a friend.” If I’d say that I’m going to go to the same cosplay event with Koigasaki and Sakurai-san, things would get complicated, so I decided to omit it.

“Oh, I see.” – said Sakurai-san with an obviously relaxed face. I can read your face clearly, hey. So you relaxed when get to know that I won’t cosplay with Koigasaki?

“What kind of a wig are you looking for?” – the assistant asked.

“Well, with brown hairs, back hairs should be longer, with curly on sides…”

“Do you know the character name?”

“The main hero of Phi Kickers, his name is…”

“Oh, Masuaki! What do you think about this one?” – the assistant brought me two wigs which fit my specific conditions.

“Thank you very much! This would be 3,800 yen.”

What an expense before I got my salary. Looking inside my pocket after the payment, I found there less than 2,000 yen. That’s sad conditions. Only four days left, once the 21st day of this month came, I’ll get my salary, – said I to myself.

Exiting the wig shop, Sakurai-san declared that we should go to “the Tomato”.

“Tomato? What’s that?”

“The shop of cheap cloth! I often buy cloth for my suits from there!”

Under the second Sakurai-san’s advice, we headed towards the “Tomato” and reached it in only five minutes. Inside the shop, we found an incredibly wide variety of different cloths.

“I guess, this cloth would be good for Hibine Ruru’s cosplay, Momo-chan. Look at this, only 200 yen per meter!”

“He… Is it cheap? Or high?”

“It’s cheap, of course! How much we would need, I wonder… No sleeves, mini-skirt, I guess we won’t need too much, but I don’t want to too little that it turned out to be not enough.” – said Sakurai-san with a glitter in her eyes.

“But this cloth is more lustrous, it’s similar to the image.” She seems to be happy just watching cloths. Also, she talks too much now, and have a lot of conversations with Koigasaki. I’ve impressed how much passion do she have to a cosplay. I’m looking at the cloths too, thinking how they would make that solid outfits from such a soft fabric?

“Kashiwada, I’ve chosen my cloth, and what about you?” – Koigasaki came to me with a tubular package with her cloth in both hands.

“I don’t have a slightest intention to make an outfit by my own, and I don’t like housecraft. I won’t make it from the scratch.”

Moreover, Koigasaki has a veteran of cosplay handcrafting Sakurai-san to help her, but I’m sure that Sakurai-san will never help me. Which makes handcrafting an outfit by myself impossible. I’ll have to buy a suit, whatever it will cost for me.

“Okay. I’ll go to buy it, then.”

Sakurai-san has chosen her cloth as well, and hold it in her hands.

“Wait, Momo-chan, you have to buy laces and ribbon for sleeves!”

“Oh, sure!” – and they disappeared inside the shop. I was left alone. I pretended I’m looking the cloth wandering the shop. The thoughts of me buying a freaking expensive outfit made me depressed.

After a while, Koigasaki finished her shopping and we left the shop.

“Today we have bought almost everything! The only left is colored contact lenses.”

“Where are they sold?”

“You should better go to an ophthalmology and get a prescription. It’s no joke, you see. We can buy it together next time!”

“Okay, take me there then!”

My character has black eyes, so there is no need for me to buy lenses. Both my outfit and the wig are expensive, and I would got dismals if I would have to buy lenses on top of everything.  

“Oh, look at the time!” – surprised Sakurai seeing her wristwatch.  

“Azuki-chan, is your curfew that early?”

“Nope, Thunder Nine will start soon!”

Thunder Nine, huh… Basically, it’s a baseball anime for children and is loved by big women… To put it simply, this anime is popular among the Fujoshi. So it’s broadcasting in Sunday evenings… Which means, Sakurai-san is a fujoshi too?

“That’s bad! I have to hurry! I never missed an episode before!”

“No worries, feel free to return home.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Good bye, then!”

Sakurai-san said “See you tomorrow” to Koigasaki (and only to her) and run to the station.

“You’re so nice towards Sakurai-san.” – I complained after she disappeared from our sight. I have a strange feeling that her way of acting towards me is completely different.

“Eh? I always act like this to women friends.”

“So you’re being unjust against only me?”

“Huh? Are you sure I’m unjust to you?”

“Of course! You always are!” Why she’s denying it?

“Well… Maybe I’m forgetting to be nice to you in comparison with other people.” –said Koigasaki after she had been thinking a while, I hope, about her attitude.

“I saw a term “tsundere” in the manga you lent me recently, where a girl acts rude to strangers and nice to a man of her heart.”

What does she trying to say all of sudden? It’s not a correct definition for a tsundere, first of all.

“I think I’m the contrary of a tsundere… eh… a deretsun? Like, I’m being nice to strangers.”

“What was that? It’s pain to eyes when somebody tries to explain own personality.”

Hey, wait a minute. According to her definition, she’s nice to strangers and… rude to a person she is in love with…

“Yes, I’m timid and nice in front of strangers, and I… Oh, wait! Stop! Forget it! I was wrong from the start.”

Yes, exactly. If Koigasaki were a deretsun that is nice to everyone but unjust to only me, then it would mean she is in love with me. This is absolutely impossible, and Koigasaki noticed this fact just now.

“Don’t worry, your talk is almost always is a half nonsense.”

“Huh?! How can I not worry about that? Why you’re such a rude? Why do you so mean to me only? You were trying to be nice to Azuki-chan!”

“That’s because she obviously hates me now.”

And I reaffirmed this fact today.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier, that there is no way she would hate you?”

Is she trying to console me?

“What a heat! I’m thirsty! Can we drop somewhere?”

“Uh, I thought about the same.”

There was McD nearby, so we headed there. My true intent was to go to a cheap café, though.

We made an order and took a seat, face-to-face position. This is the second time I’m in a café with Koigasaki, and I am not that nervous as I was before.

“By the way, what is the Thunder something that Azuki-chan mentioned? She had hurried so I couldn’t ask.”

“Thunder Nine? It’s a baseball anime for children.”

“For children? And Azuki-chan likes it?”

“That anime is also popular among the fujoshi.” – I said, unsure whether Koigasaki knows this word, but she faltered on hearing it.

“Fujoshi? Isn’t it about the girls who like love among boys?”

“Yeah. So you do know.”

I didn’t explain that term to Koigasaki.

“I’ve borrowed a manga from Azuki-cha, and she said that manga is popular among the fujoshi. It was interesting, but there was nothing similar to homosexual intercourse, and fujoshi means the women who like homosexual things? I don’t really understand.”

She is definitely a commoner! She uses “fujoshi” and “homosexual” with no hesitation. I thought a heroine will be with the main hero when I started reading that manga, but fujoshi-fans wish that the main hero and his male rival will be together in the end. I don’t understand it at all.”

“By the way, what manga did Sakurai-san lend to you?”

Sakurai mentioned three titles, and all of them are fujoshi manga.

“I think it’s not kind of manga that Suzuki-kun would like.”

“I said it from the start.”

Once Koigasaki said the wants otaku friends, I did warn her that women’s advice wouldn’t match with Suzuki’s preferences, just in case. However, it’s obvious that she didn’t listen to me.

It seems I took a roundabout way, huh… Any case, I befriended with Azuki-chan, so this is a good thing in the end.” – said Koigasaki with disappointment on her face. Suddenly she seems to remember something.

Oh, by the way, why did you come to the café today? I was frightened!”

It just happened I had a business in Akiba, and it’s a Sunday hence no other cafés were free. Also, I didn’t know that you will be on shift today. Did you finish your training too quick?”

Our training… Well, that was easy, because there is no need to serve customers. The kitchen work is something I’d call “a kitchen fairy”, there is other stuff actually doing the work. Our job is to get orders and carry meals to tables, and calculate them. Both I and Azuki-chan remembered all necessary from a senpai within an hour.”

I see. But it was more look like you have been taught all the day.” – I said and regretted because it might be something that I should not have asked, but it was too late. Koigasaki has a dark face.

So you did see that, after all…”

It’s not that I’ve been watching you purposely. It’s just happened that I’ve noticed it.” I don’t want she know that she was in my scope all the time.

Yes, you’re right! They have been warned me many times, and then I was scolded in the back. After that, I was removed from my shift and worked in the kitchen. They say it’s the first time a maid is moved to the kitchen.”

That means, that maid-like woman that took Koigasaki into the staff room, scolded her…

But why? Did not you remember the training? What they were angry for?”

Because I’m not talkative with customers.”


I noticed Koigasaki is going to cry.

I accepted that job without knowing I would have to talk with customers that much. Azuki-chan and I found a job posting for maids, and we accepted that job just because they give a good salary and suits are cute, we never visited that café before. I thought it would be a waitress-type job like in that café we were with you earlier.”

And this one was completely different.”

Exactly. The senpai and café manager said that to speak with customers and provide them a good time is one of the maid’s duties. I was told to approach to a customer, but I could not do that; and even when one of the customers begun to speak, I was so nervous I replied nothing to him. That is awful.”

I doubted that Koigasaki who is on bad terms with men is able to work as a maid, and I was right. I was about to say that she had to think more, but I’m no better. I started to work in the karaoke thinking I would have a chance to talk with some girls, and now the karaoke is the saddest place for me now. It seems both Koigasaki and me in the same situation.

And this is not all! As for now, I’ve never been selected so I’m fine for a while, I’ll have to play games with a customer or take instant photos with him. I have a real feeling that it’s impossible for me.”

And this is your mood on the first day… Can you continue this job?”

I’ll continue to do what I can, that was me who decided to work there after all. Azuki-chan helps me, too.” – said Koigasaki with a deadly pale face. I can praise that spirit of your, though.

By the way, there is one thing I have to tell you.” – I suddenly remembered and changed the topic.

Eh? What is it?”

Did you tell Sakurai-san that you’re going to do that cosplay to befriend with Suzuki? Or that you’re aiming to be an otaku for him?”

Eh? I didn’t tell about Suzuki in the first place.”

I think you should not tell her at all. Especially that you’re striving for cosplay to befriend with Suzuki.”


Why, did you ask? Sakurai-san is passionate to a cosplay itself. She won’t be happy hearing your reasons.”

“…” – Koigasaki started to think about something.

There is one thing I thought when you cosplayed the Love Minus. Those who cosplay a character they not just don’t like, but don’t really know about, are not valued by the people who truly love to cosplay.  Therefore, if you would have to talk with another cosplayer at an event, you shouldn’t admit that you don’t know your character. It would be the best if you study at least your character in good time. Cosplay is a way to enjoy a character or a work that you like, to begin with. And you will be able a common topic with Suzuki when you meet him there.”

Koigasaki started to think about something again. She may talk back to my sermon, so I have to prepare myself. However…

That’s true.” – unexpectedly answered Koigasaki with a serious face.

What character I’m going to cosplay? From a game?”

No! Did not I explained you earlier?”

Oh! An android!”

No! A vocaloid! A PC software that dancing and singing. Go find at least its name and description on the net, at least! Also, if you would have some time, watch your vocaloid on the Nico, so you’ll get a grasp of what kind of character it is and hear its voice.”

What is the Nico?”

Nico Nico Douga, a video streaming website. Search for it on google once came home!”

I guess she knows nothing about her character.

By the way, I have something to ask you, too. Have you decided where to go with Hasegawa-san?”

No, I haven’t.”

She remembered me the fact I was trying to forget. Today will be the week since I gave my mail address to Hasegawa, and I have not received a single email from her. Therefore, I cannot decide anything. Moreover, it may mean that we don’t go anywhere; she does not want to go with me.

It’s an unrelated question, but…”

What is it?”

Let’s say a guy shared his email with you, and asked you to write him another day. Why would you not mail him?”

Because I don’t want to, naturally. Either I’m not interested in him, or I don’t like him.”

As I thought!!!” – I overreacted, embracing my head.

So there is no mail from Hasegawa-san? It has been about a week since then…”

It’s not connected, I said…”

I think it’s a mistake to just give a girl your address. What kind of a plant would wait for an email from a girl?”

A plant? Isn’t she trying to say I’m a plant-eating type of man?

Listen to me. In the day after tomorrow, you have to ask her email after school.”

How can I ask it from a girl that hates me so much she won’t email me?”

It’s not like you’re hatred for sure. She might just have forgotten about you.”

That is none better! Also, she would think of me as a bother, if I had her have my address and now I’m asking for her address.”

That is just fine. That what do a meat-eating guy who pretends to be a plant-eating guy! A rolled cabbage guy is a popular type nowadays!”

What again? A rolled cabbage is a meat inside leaves. Oh, I see.

Okay, I got it. The day after tomorrow, I’ll ask her whether she decided where she wants to go, and at the same time I’ll ask her address if I could.”

Get rid of that “could” thing. You’ll ask her.”

Hey, I would be unable to speak to her if she declined me there! We managed to speak for a little recently. It seems Koigasaki’s curfew is close, so we left the café and headed home.

Tomorrow is the Marine Day, a day off in the school. I had no job so I’ve played games all the day. The next day, Tuesday, I was going to talk to Hasegawa, as Koigasaki instructed me. However, that day ended while I was struggling. Then I started thinking, if I told her to email me when she would decide where to go, and there is no answer till now, she might not have decided yet. Which means, if I ask her about her decision now, it might look like a demand. The day ended while I was thinking in this way.

Today I made up my mind to ask her today, but Kiritani talked to me instead, and when I looked again at her seat Hasegawa was gone. That’s sad, but there is nothing I can do. Kiritani went to his baseball club activities, and I changed my shoes and headed to the exit.

This happened on the road from the school to a station. I saw the back of a familiar person. It’s Hasegawa. What an incredible coincidence to see her it this place. She is squatting at a stray cat.

Hasegawa?” – I gathered all my courage and approached to her. Hasegawa turned to me with no word.

A cat? What a cutie.”

A little black cat is sitting still while Hasegawa flatters it. Well, the cat is cute, but Hasegawa is way more cutie doing this. Is it mean that Hasegawa likes cats? That is not a fit for her cold image. However, the cat has run away as soon as I approached.

Oh, I’m sorry.”

It’s nothing.”

Hasegawa replied steadily. Usually, in this situation, she could get angry, but this is her usual way of speaking. I conclude that Hasegawa is not angry.

Would you mind if we go the station together?” – I thought it would be unnatural to go apart, so I suggested it.


I sighed out when she agreed. This is the second time I’m coming from the school along with Hasegawa (it’s only to the station, though). To come from the school along with a girl I like was one of my dreams when I was a junior high school student, so I can say one of them come true. Yet, I cannot be happy with this alone. My ultimate goal is to go out with Hasegawa. And this is my battle.

Hey, did you come up with an idea where to go? Well, it’s okay if you’re still thinking…” – I asked the question that bothered me the most, using the momentum of inviting her to come together.

Regarding that… Is it really fine for me to choose any place to go?”

Yes, of course!”

But Koigasaki-san will come with us, right? Maybe it would be reasonable to ask her opinion?”

Not at all. This time, I and Koigasaki are expressing our gratitude, so it is up to you, really!”- I was so nervous I said it too loud.

Are you sure?”

Yes, we’ll go anywhere.”

Then… Odaiba.”

Yes, there is a park with an outlet to the sea… I don’t remember its name, unfortunately…”

A park with an outlet to the sea? I got it!”

I’ll look up for it on the net when I got home. Hasegawa wants to visit Odaiba… It was unexpected. Hearing this name, I can’t imagine either the Comiket or a place where the reals would come to.

I always thought about one strange thing…”

Eh?!” – I was surprised Hasegawa to start talking to me.

Kashiwada-kun, why did you speak to me?”

Eh?” – asked Hasegawa with a serious face, with her eyes fixed on me. Her black hair was blown by the wind. I’m confused by the unexpected question. How could expect she would ask me its reason? I have no skills the reals possess to say just that I want to befriend with her, because the fact I’m in love with Hasegawa will be almost revealed.

You did it because I’m always alone?” – said Hasegawa with an ephemeral feeling on her face. That surprised me as well. Does she think I spoke to her out of compassion, or I did it in mercy?

N-not at all!” – I denied it loudly, and Hasegawa startled by my scream. If I’m denying it, so I have to tell her the true reason. Should I say my true feelings now? Well, it’s fully clear what would happen if I confess right here.

You know, I…” – I gathered my courage.

I saw you before the entrance ceremony.”

The entrance ceremony?”

Yes. You were walking in front of me. Then, a little elementary school girl had fallen near you, and you did rouse her, didn’t you? Your beautiful smile is engraved in my memory… However, an atmosphere around in the school is cool and cold; it severely differs from when I saw you for the first time. So it was interesting for me, what kind of person are you? And such…”

Wow-wow, hey, stop! Didn’t I say too much? Can she realize my feelings from this? Wasn’t I too close to a confession? I’ve intended to say truth, but not confess my feelings!

“…I see.” – said Hasegawa with her casual face. And, that’s all? I’ve said so much I feel ashamed, and yet her answer is as plain as usually.

I’ve been thinking this earlier, but… You’re a strange guy, Kashiwada-kun.”

Eh?” Strange, you say? Did you think I said something strange? Casting a glance on Hasegawa, I see her quiet smile. My heart skipped a beat.

Yes, that is a strange way to take an interest in me. All the people who speak to me are strange, in the first place. I’m not a skillful speaker, and my company is always in trouble talking with me. That is the reason I thought it strange for you to speak to me.”

I don’t think so! I’m sure there are plenty of people who would want to speak with you.”

In fact, many of classmates talking about Hasegawa, everybody is interested in her and I guess they would like to have a talk with her. Nevertheless, they see Hasegawa as a high flower, which you can’t approach to, and they don’t have enough of courage.

Hasegawa’s eyes are opened wide, she seems to be surprised by my words.

May I ask you a question, then?”


Why did you become a class representative?” I always couldn’t understand it. She is not a type of a person who would want to stand out, neither she wants to add a string to school recommendations. Then, why would she undertake such a bothersome duty? Nobody forced her to, in fact.

“… Because a class representative has to do many things during breaks and after school lessons.”

Huh?” It is not a reason.

So what?”

Normal students talk with their friends and have their clubs after school and at breaks, but I have no intent to enter a club, and usually I’m free at breaks.”

Eh? You’re free at breaks?”

Yes, I was free at breaks from long ago, and I thought nothing will change in a high school.”

Is it means she never had friends? This is too sad to say it loud.

That is why I thought it would be better if I’ll do that duty. Nobody wanted to be a class representative anyways, and I had been a class representative in junior high school too so I used to it.”

That means you have become a class representative for classmates’ sake?”

I would not say that much.”

As I thought, she is a kind person. No, she’s even kinder than I thought. I was right about her. She’s kind, however due to her coolness the classmates probably misunderstanding her. It would be great if there were no such misunderstandings. I wish I had enough power to dispel it.

Oh, I remembered.” – suddenly said Hasegawa and took something from her pocket. What it this dirty and torn piece of paper? It seems somehow familiar…

This is the email address you gave to me. I’ve tried to send an email to you, but it returned an error.”


Yes. This is the piece of paper from a student’s notebook with my email address written by my hand.

Let me see…” I took the piece of paper and trying to check my own address.

What is going on, one letter is missing. Hasegawa has tried to send me an email, but she could not because of my mistake. I’m feeling very happy inside.

I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake here!”

I’ve taken a ball pen out from my chest pocket and corrected the address.

By the way… Would you mind if… if… if… if we exchange… email addresses? W-well, it would be bad to make you send me an email…” – I was stunned and relied upon my body to ask Hasegawa’s address.


Upon receiving her consent, we’ve started the exchange to obtain the long-awaited Hasegawa’s email address. I was so happy I believe I’ve emitted infrared light.

Goodbye then, I’m heading to a subway.”

I’ve just noticed we’ve come to the station.

Oh, uh! See you tomorrow!”

Sure, see you tomorrow.” – replied Hasegawa and took her route. I watched Hasegawa’s back until she disappeared from my sight, and then took my mobile phone again. I open the phonebook, and watch the sign, “Hasegawa Midori”. It’s hard to believe even now. I managed to get her email address! My hand is trembling.

I always remember with pleasure today’s conversation with Hasegawa.

*End of Volume 2 Chapter 6*



Next Part (Vol 2) (CH 7)

Next Part (Vol 2) (CH 7)


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