Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure! Volume 2 Chapter 7



Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!:Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Tomorrow, I will have my summer vacations started. The last day of the first semester is over, I’m going to the bike parking, taking my bike and started to ride listening to my iPod. I’m listening to the Shinsei Kamattechan – “Summer vacation at 23 years”. Recently, I hear this song frequently.

I was listening to this song the previous summer too. I can’t help but want to listen to it, once summer comes, and this year I’ll listen to it as well. I like this song, I have a strong feeling of affinity with it. However, there will be no “I have no plans, I go nowhere” from this song. It was true for the previous year, but this year I have a plan to go to Odaiba with Hasegawa! I’m so happy I want to scream aloud!

I’ve dropped to a local bookshop to read there something about Odaiba (I have no such money to buy that) to find recommendations where to go on a date. Joypolis, VenusFort, Daikanransha… that would be too much for the first time. She said she wants to go to a park with an outlet to the sea, so I guess Odaiba Seaside Park will be good. I visited Odaiba only along with Komiket at the Big Sight and at Fuji TV excursion in grade school.

Oh, by the way, Koigasaki will go too, so I’d talk to her. She must had been played in Odaiba. I thought, and sent her an email with no hesitation.

[I’ve asked Hasegawa where she wants to go, and she pointed Odaiba. Where should I go with her in Odaiba?]

She replied quickly.

[Well… Joypolis, I gue-ess? I hadn’t beeen there so much. I don’t know either. To choose a place to go is important, bu-ut… Apart from tha-at, should not you buy some clothes first? Are not you going to wear that big brother-ish clo-othes, are you?

Clothes? She’s right. I didn’t buy single clothes since then. Despite the fact I’m aiming to be the reals. I had no money before, but I’ll have my salary tomorrow. I have been on a shift only twice, so I guess I’ll have a little more than 10,000 yen. However I’m grateful for this. I’ll have to spend that money to buy clothes, which I’ll wear when we go to Odaiba.

I returned magazines with articles about dates in Odaiba, and took men fashion magazines. What men cosplay magazines are doing here? Let’s take a look. It’s sewed so I can’t look inside. Oh, I have to buy a cosplay outfit as well… The event where I plan to go with Suzuki is at the end of this month, so I have no time. I have to buy it while I have time to.

Okay! Once I get my salary, I will have to buy clothes for the date and a cosplay outfit. There is one problem. I don’t want to fail like I did last time. I understood that there is a high possibility that the clothes I find to be pretty good are actually awful from a girl’s point of view. I guess it would be the best if I let fashion chief (for me) Koigasaki to judge my clothes.

[Koigasaki, do you have plans for tomo-orrow?]

Crap, I’ve infected with her writing style. What a nasty, I won’t use it anymore.

[I doooo not want to go tomorrow, buut… I am on my shift from afternoon till evening.]

Her email was super-negative. Does she hate her job that much? Well, I hate the karaoke too. If Koigasaki is busy tomorrow, then I will change the day to go shopping. However, the day after tomorrow is my shift in the karaoke. I put my phone into the pocket, left the bookshop, and rode home.

When I arrived home, my sister watched the TV alone in the living room.

“Hello, I’m home.”


“Hey, I’ve greeted you.”

“Shut up Naoki, your barking corrupts the beautiful voice of Ta-sama!”


I noticed that she watched not a TV, but a live show by DVD. Oh, this is the handsome voice actor that my sister likes, Mizukami Takuma (fan call him Ta-sama). And this is one DVD of the live series with handsome voice actors. My sister is an otaku like me. Moreover, she is a fujoshi.

“Did you bought it?”

“My friend lent to me. Naoki, you should follow his example! Isn’t he cool?”

I have no interest in handsome actors, but I looked on the screen. A handsome guy that you could mistake him for an idol danced and sang there. … He is cool for sure. I assent with Akari. His face is cool, but his hairstyle and fashion are impeccable. Akari especially fainted seeing a red streak amid his black hair. His original tones of pink red and black make him a stand out character.

“He’s cool…”

“I told you!”

“I wonder where are this clothes sold?”

“Ta-sama makes his outfit by himself! He loves to dress up! There is a brand shop for punks in Harajuku, the only place to get that outfit.”

Akari told me about his outfit and even told me shop’s name and the brand.

“Thanks, Akari.”

“But, why would you ask about the brand name? Don’t you thinking to wear this, do you? Naoki, don’t do it, these clothes will never ever suit you!”

I thanked Akari and run quickly to my PC. I made researches on the net. Look likes Akari said something when I left the room, but I didn’t hear that. I found an official website of that brand. Looking at the catalog page, I found many original yet cool clothes.  Also, its location is very clear, it is the straight road from Harajuku station. Prices are bit high, but in Arouse where I was with Koigasaki, or in 10812, prices are even higher.

“That is it!” Tomorrow I’ll take my salary and buy clothes in this shop! I can do this by myself, even without Koigasaki!

The next I went to a bank and withdrew my salary. It was about 14,000 yen, which makes around 15,000 in total. Right after this, I headed to Harajuku. Then I found the building “La Foret” using phone maps, and reached it within five minutes. I took the elevator to the floor where the shop located, and when the doors opened, I saw the shop in front of me.

“Mister, what are you looking for today?” – a shop assistant spoke to me once I’ve entered the shop I started to look on clothes. I won’t make the same mistake twice! I should not decide quickly. I have to try on different suits. With the assistant’s help, I found three suits that I like, and decided to try on one of them. I passed my arm into the sleeve and look in the mirror in the dressing room.

Well… The suit itself might be nice, but I in the mirror is as lame as always.

“How did you like it, mister?” – asked the assistant and I opened the curtains.

“This size perfectly fits you! And it suits you very good!” I’m not used to praise, but it makes me feel good. I’ve tried on three clothes, and bought one that I felt would fit me. I have to buy a cosplay outfit as well, so I bought a T-shirt only. The T-shirt has a big skull printed on it, and its hem looks like it’s broken. I have boots at home, so I guess that is fine.

I managed to spend only about 4,000 yen in this shop. I left the shop with the feeling of satisfaction and headed straight to the station. I have to evade from looking to other shops because I want to save my money.

“I’m sorry…” – someone spoke to me. That person was a young woman with bright hair and somehow unusual hairstyle. She’s dressed well, a pretty woman I’d say. It is the first time a woman speaks to me on the street, so I stopped. What is it? Would she make me her lover and then blackmail me with her husband? Or maybe she’d ask me to show my lines of the palm or sold me somewhere? Or she’d sell me a pot for a high price?

“I’m working as a beautician in the beauty salon nearby.” – she said and gave me her visit card with the salon’s name, map, and her name. That’s true she looks like a beautician. Is she looking for a client?

“I’m looking for a man who would like to be our coloring model. We are ready to listen to his preferences, and we set the special price of 1,000 yen. What do you think of it?”

Coloring for only 1,000 yen? If I remember correctly, the cheapest coloring was no less than 1,000 yen. Isn’t it a loss for them rather than profit?

“One thousand?”

“Yes. However, we will show you to a few people, if you don’t mind of it.”

It’s a testing work, apparently. That’s where such a low price comes from.

“Can I choose any color?”

The previous time, it was a big failure to color hair fair, so I decided to stay away from hair dye for a time being, but things are different if a pro would do this for me.

“However we’d like you to constraint from pure black, so any other color would do.”

“What about black with red streaks?”  – I remembered an image of actor “Ta-sama”.

“That would be completely fine.”

“I see. I’m ready, then!”

It took around five minutes to come to the beauty salon. Then she said she has to talk with a superior and asked me to wait, and after a while, she came along with a sempai-like man beautician. He was playing with my hair and spoke with me. He asked me which color I’d like to dye my hair, brought dye samples and make me choose, so I selected bright red color. After that, he asked what part I want to dye, and I explained it to be the similar forelock with the handsome voice actor “Ta-sama” I saw on the DVD yesterday. At last, the beautician put the dye on, waited for a while, and washed the dye off.

While he’s drying my hair, I’m looking in the mirror. Only a part of my forelock hair is dyed in red. This red is very close to that of Ta-sama. The impression is severely changed, despite all I did is dyed my hair is a new color. I’m feeling like I’ve been born again.

That is perfect. I think if I wear the T-shirt of the Ta-sama’s brand that I bought recently, I’ll become another human being.

“What do you think about it?” – asked the beautician.

“This is awesome! Thank you very much!” – I replied with expression. Upon paying the 1,000 yen I returned home in the high mood.

Standing in front the threshold, I thought. What, if this outrageous hair doesn’t suit usually plain me? I’m sure if my family see this look, they’ll make fun of me. I passed the threshold with a feeling of running to the inevitable.

I took of my plain brown shirt and put on the new branded Ta-sama’s T-shirt. I put down my current clothes in the branded bag and opened door to the living room with an anticipation on my face.

“I’m home.”

“Hel..lo…” –said my sister who sat on the sofa playing with her phone. Did she freeze because of the sudden change in her brother?


My sister’s face stunned.

“What happened to you?”

“I was in Harajuku, the favorite shop of the voice actor you like, and bought it there! I was tough…”

In that moment, something bumped in my head. It seems Akari threw a stuffed toy that was in her hands.

“It hurts, you know!”

“It unbelievable!!! Why on the Earth would choose the Ta-sama’s outfit out?! That wrong! The likes of you could never look like Ta-sama! The material itself is different on 120%!”

My sister was on edge when she completely rejected me.  

“Why? I’m the other human, but it looks similar, isn’t it?”

“Don’t you dare to violate my Ta-sama! You stupid Naoki! This outfit is cool as long as Ta-sama wears it! I thought you asked me to put it on yourself! And I did tell you that it will not suit you! And I was completely right! Mom! Naoki again…”

“Why do you complain to mom for every single thing.”

Our mom heard Akari’s voice and walked down.

“Naoki, you… You bought eccentric clothes again…” – she said trying to hold laughter.

“But this is cool, isn’t it? Both clothes and hairstyle?”

“It is not suited for you, Naoki, neither it’s cool on you. Could you please turn it back?” – screamed Akari punching my chest with both hands.

“Are you… kidding…” – I was shocked and returned to my room.

I looked in the mirror once again. … At least, this is better than before, I guess… I still couldn’t believe what my mother and Akari said. Oh, I have to ask her! It would be the worst to make a bad impression to Hasegawa over a wrong choice of clothes. I took out my phone make a full-length shot of me in the mirror.

[To: Koigasaki Momo]

[Subject: What do you think about these clothes?]

[Text: none; Attached image]

I’ve attached the photo and sent the mail to her. The reply came within a couple of minutes.

[… What is this? Won’t you say you bought it, I hope?]

[I did it today.] – I humbly replied to Koigasaki, anticipating she would get angry.

[Why did you choose that outfit? Well, that’s fine until you’re home, but don’t go outside like this. Especially, it’s a death flag if you would go in this with a girl.]

A “death flag”? Koigasaki knows such an otaku-ish term? I don’t know whether she found it on the net or heard from Sakurai-san. Yet, despite becoming more otaku-ish, she used this term wrong.

Oh, it’s not a time to admire her. The most important part is wearing this is a death flag. Oh, I got it. In other words, girls would react badly if I’d wear these clothes. I got it.

[But why? Isn’t it super cool? It’s a branded skirt from a handsome voice actor!]

[I don’t know your handsome voice actor. I don’t know what an otaku would think about it either. However, most of the girls will hate it. Hey, what is happened with your head? Whose hair is that?]

She rejected me, and asked about my hair.

[Are you serious?.. I had a beautician to add some red streaks.]

[What?! Why would you do such a nonsense? It is not the first time, though. Even in mere chance of this hair suit you, a rare girl will say she likes it.]

I fell on all fours. This pattern is happening again. I bought it, changed my hairstyle, and was said it’s awful. Why on the earth a fashion that girls would like is so different from what I think it suits me? Well, I guess I should be happy I came to know that girls would think this is a lame outfit before I went to Odaiba with Hasegawa. I fixed my hair in upper position, run to a supermarket in tears, bought a black dye there and restored my hair that very day.

Next day, I had my shift. I slowly got myself ready and headed to the station where my work situated, in two stations from mine. I decided to overcome myself for money, but I can’t get used to this so far. I guess that creepy-flashy guy would teach me again, and I will not be able to speak with anybody else.

I arrived to work, changed my clothes, and they said me to go to the front. This creepy-flashy guy is in charge of me. I used to job itself, but it’s too harsh to be with him alone.

“Kato, do you go to the next barbecue?” – asked him a woman from the kitchen (they doing the most of the meals by nuking it). They used to talk often if there are no customers. Of course, I never participated in.

“Sure, I’m coming!”

“Did Aya-chan said she can come too? It means almost all of us will be coming.”

“Yes, she did.”

A barbecue? Which means, the staff is going to barbecue? I wasn’t invited, and it’s not an atmosphere I could be invited. I certainly don’t want to go, but it’s so hard when they don’t invite me I would cry.

“Oh, Kato, carry this one to room 302, I have to carry this one.”


“Then, Kashiwagi-kun, right? The front is yours.”


I’m Kashiwada, but it doesn’t matter. Takayama-san (the woman in the kitchen) and Kato (the creepy-flashy guy) went to deliver meals, so I’m alone. I remembered the duties at the front, so it’s easier to be alone now. I’m not hurt that much.

But now another employee returned. I have met him once, Yamamoto-san.

“Oh, the newcomer-kun, you can work at the front alone already?” –asked Yamamoto-san with a friendly smile.

He is a tall bright man, probably a university student. I like the impression he left.


“By the way, are you invited to a barbecue? It seems this time they go with all of the staff.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, it will be the next Sunday at the Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa. Will you come?”

“Oh, I already have plans for that day. I’m sorry.” – I lied.

“I see. What a shame.”

Yamamoto-san is the only person among the staff I can easily approach to. Other staff members like him as well. I wish I will be like him.

“By the way, are you a senior high student, Kashiwada-kun? What is your grade?”

“Yes, the first grade.”

“Really? My little sister is the first grade too.”

Until a customer came, we had a trivial talk with Yamamoto-san. This is the only good time at work.

After I finished the work and returned home, I’ve checked the website of the used cosplay outfit shop. I tried to find a way to buy cheap clothes by the net after visiting Akiba cosplay shop that day, and online auctions were great, but registration is closed for those under 18 years old. After that, I found a bulletin board with cosplay outfit trading, where people sell outfits that don’t wear anymore directly, with no mediators. Therefore, I can buy it there for a cheap price.

Few days in a row I’ve been checked the board for an outfit of the character I’m going to cosplay. I’ve found about three interesting advertisements. One of them had no buyer, and the price was only 3,000 yen, however the seller said it’s a work of an inexperienced crafter so no claims or return. I do not actually want a high-quality suit, because all I going to do is to follow Koigasaki and Suzuki wearing it. Therefore, I sent an email from PC to the seller.

A few hours later, I received an answer with the photo of the outfit, and I found no visible problems with it. Also the seller said that there are other interested parties and he will sell to the first who decide to buy. There is no other place where I could buy it for 3,000 yen. After I thoroughly searched the net, the lowest price was more than 10,000 yen. I quickly replied that I’ve decided to buy, and I’ve bought it.

To prevent fraud, I decided to go by the cash on delivery service, where you pay money only when goods received. Now I don’t have to worry about a cosplay outfit anymore. I have less than 10,000 yen for now, and I will have less than 7,000 yen after the cosplay outfit bought. That is more than I expected to have due to the cheap suit.

Okay, I made my decision! I’ll spend the remains for a good clothes to go with Hasegawa! Overall, I all I have now are a plain ugly outfit from my junior high school, the brother-like outfit I bought recently, which was ridiculed by Koigasaki, and the punk T-shirt that was ridiculed by my family and Koigasaki. Crap, I have nothing to wear.

If I would find something by myself again and buy it, there is a high possibility of something bad happens. I thought to ask Suzuki about clothes that would suit me, however a lot of clothes that would suit handsome man Suzuki will not suit me. I might waste all my money if I fail this time, to begin with.

I gathered my resolution and created a mail.

[To: Koigasaki Momo]

[I don’t know what clothes I should buy to go with Hasegawa to Odaiba. And I don’t want to fail again, so can you to go shopping with me?]

She replied quickly as always.

[You surely may fail again. I have no choice, I guess. But you’ll help me on the cosplay event in return!]

Can I think that she’s okay? I didn’t expect her to agree so easy. It was a right choice to tell her about a cosplay that Suzuki would like. After this, we confirmed that we both are free tomorrow, and agreed to meet tomorrow at the afternoon on 1 PM in Harajuku, and our conversation ended for today.

When I arrived at the JR Harajuku station, the exit to Takeshita Street, Koigasaki has already waited for me.

“I’m sorry…”

“Let’s go already!” – she said and started to go.

“By the way, it seems you had no shifts today.” – I asked and Koigasaki faltered.

“Yes, well… I’ve been working two days in a row, yesterday, and the day before.”- she replied with a sullen face. I got it, you don’t want to talk about your work anymore.

“You know, I have to say a thing beforehand…”

“Eh? What is it?”

“I’d like to ask you to consider my low-budget situation…” – I demanded.

“Eh? I thought to go to Arouse… Can’t you afford it?”

“Arouse? No-no, there is no way I can…”

She had dragged me to the Arouse. There are many nice clothes, but I was so poor I could afford any of clothes there.

“That’s because you bought that strange shirt and got a strange hairstyle. Why would waste your money this way always? Apart from that, you did buy that brother-ish suit earlier.”

“I completely agree with you.”

I have a feeling I should not buy clothes without her for good.

“Let’s see… Let’s go to Hanjiro, then. It’s cheap, and they are selling menswear.”


Walking along Takeshita Street, I saw the signboard “Hanjiro” in a neighboring street. They sell clothes for both men and women. I looked on a random label and calmed down by its low price.

“Why it’s so cheap here?”

“Because it’s a used clothes shop.”

Used clothes… I see.

Excited by those prices, I’ve run around in the shop, forgetting about Koigasaki. I took nice clothes in my hand and felt the presence behind my back.

“You’re looking at the strange clothes again. I can’t believe! Would you have bought that one if I haven’t stop you?”

“E? Isn’t it strange? Is it a bad one?”

Koigasaki dramatically sighed out.

“It seems you have not only a sense of fashion, but even a sense of clothes. Nice cloth will not necessarily suit you, you know?”


This means when I had bought the clothes previous time and before the previous, I was sure it suits me, despite it wasn’t.

“I have to say you one more thing. If you want to be popular among usual girls, you should stay by the safe side. I think you should choose that outfit only in the case a girl you want to go out with likes Urahara alleys fashion, or punks, or gothic lolis. However, those are extremely rare fashions and you should restrain yourself from that if you don’t have enough self-confidence in own apprehending of a particular fashion. I don’t know much about those fashions, but at least that outfit is hard to match with other fashions.

“I… I see.”

I didn’t know that, so I’ve reached my hand to highly specialized fashion clothes.   

“I think you know that, but Hasegawa-san is not that kind of a girl. A casual neat type. I saw her in her casual wear. She was dressed simply yet smartly, so I guess she pays attention to guy’s clothes.”

Really? Summary, she saw me when I had been wearing that fail in karaoke and now she might think just about anything in her mind.

“Finally, you’re the novice in dressing, besides, you are not going to wear personal fashion style clothes, thus you may barely mistake is you choose a casual “safe” clothes that suit you.”

“What kind of casual safe clothes will suit me? I don’t understand that.” – I said and a moment later, I was given clothes by Koigasaki.

“I’ve chosen this closes right now. Try it on. Every time you try clothes on, you will have to open curtains and show yourself to me. I’ll decide then.”


I did as Koigasaki said and I had been trying on five clothes in total. When I tried the first one and obediently opened the curtains…

“Hm… Your legs are surprisingly short, so this one won’t suit you. Next.”

Shut up.

“I guess we can cover that up with this… Next.”

Cover up what?!

“Oh, so this is how it came… Next.”

What came?!

“Well… isn’t it fine?”

After the fifth clothes have been tried, Koigasaki decided a check light blue shirt with short sleeves and beige chinos pants, so I bought them. I spent 2,000 yen and 4,000 yen, fair price I guess, and I’m inside the budget. By the way, the clothes I bought by her advice are pretty, however I think of them to be plain, and I’m not sure this would be good.

“We finished with shopping! Thanks a lot!”

“You’re above the passing mark with these clothes. Now we have only your untidy eyebrows and hair left.” – sighed Koigasaki upon looking at me.

“How many days passed since you touched them for the last time? I mean your eyebrows.”

“Eh? I fixed them up yesterday.”

Koigasaki was shocked.

“Yesterday? But your eyebrows are as shaggy and thick as ever! How did you fix them up?”

“Well, I have trimmed excessive hairs around…”

“That is not what you call fixing up!” – Koigasaki sighed out with expression.

“You should go to a beautician and have him to fix your eyebrows up, so you could get an idea what it is.”

“A beautician? I won’t have such money until the next salary!”

“…” – Koigasaki is thinking with a tough face.

“Are you busy after this?’

“Eh?” – I could not hide my surprise.

“I’m free all the day.”

“I don’t mind teach you how to trim eyebrows…”


“You are so-o hopeless!” – said Koigasaki with disappointment on her face. It annoyed me, but I decided to keep silent because Koigasaki can cancel this proposition.

“Well, you did tell me about a cosplay that Suzuki-kun would like…”


Does she imply that it’s a gratitude? What a noble action.

“So what? Do you come or not?”

“Come? To where?”

“To my home, where else can I do it? I have to go home to get scissors anyway.”

Her home?! Will we get into her home?

“So what?”

“Eh? Yes, I’m going!” – I replied quickly.

During the next thirty minutes, we had been jolting in a coach, and at least we arrived at the station where Koigasaki lives. This is the nearest station from our school as well. After walking for ten minutes, we came to Koigasaki’s house. This is the second time I’m coming here, yet trembling in front of this gorgeous mansion is not gone.  

“Today, my mother and grandma are not home.”

This fact intensified my excitement.

As Koigasaki said, there was nobody at home, so we passed the living room and came upstairs to her room. Koigasaki stopped in front of the door.

“I have to change my clothes, wait here.” – said Koigasaki so I have to wait here.

“Come in.” – she said, and I entered the room. Seeing Koigasaki, I’ve lost my words.

“What is this princess’s clothes on you?”

“Huh? It’s a roomwear. Where does a princess come from? I don’t want to crush my school suit.”

This roomwear is a pink one-piece dress below the knees length. Does she wear a dress in home? I wear a jersey or even pants only at home.

“Okay, try this on.” – said Koigasaki and gave me the bag with the clothes that we have brought from Harajuku.

“But I have tried these…”

“Do it quick.”

“I have no choice, then…”

I don’t understand her. Well, anyway. I started to unbutton my clothes.

“W-wait you!!! Why do you undress right here? You pervert!” – suddenly, Koigasaki called me a pervert and threw a heart-shaped cushion in me. Her face is red now…

“You did say to change clothes here!”

“But how can you do that in front of a girl? It’s unbelievable. …Tell me when you got your clothes changed.” – said Koigasaki on the run out of the room and rapidly closed the door.

“I’m ready.” – I have Koigasaki back to the room. She looked at me and said no word, and silently pointed to a chair in front of a dresser. Then she took out small scissors from the dresser’s drawer.

“It would be best to pull them out, but I cannot do that. The only choice left is to cut them. What are you doing, turn to me!”


I obediently turned to Koigasaki, and then she bent forward and started to cut my eyebrows.

“You’re so lame fixing your eyebrows! That’s awful!”

“What can I do? I don’t know the method!”

Koigasaki’s face is close to me, and her hair is waving exhaling a palatable scent. In addition, the upper part of her dress stooped and the décolletage has got wider so that I barely see her underwear on her modest breast. I can feel my heart is pounding much faster. I thought to point this to her, she would get angry either way. However, her face was so serious I decided not to bother her.

“It’s ready.”


My face in the mirror was somehow different from usual. It was a surprise to me that to have the eyebrows fixed up like this influences the impression so much.

“Also, here. This is straightening wax for hair I bought by mistake. Guys are straightening their hair, right? I don’t use is, so you can have it.”

“A..are you sure?” – Koigasaki gave me the wax. I’ve opened the lid and surprised.

“This one is completely different from what I have bought earlier.”

I surprised even more when I took some by my finger. It’s very dense. No match to the soft wax I’ve bought.

“I think hair will not stay straight if wax is not as dense as this.”

“Really? That means, my hair was not straightened because my wax was too soft!”

I tried to put the wax on my finger to hair. I was surprised when my hair hardened.

“The dense wax is awesome!”

“You’re… really lamentable.” – Koigasaki gave a pitying look on excited me.

“I think you become better this way.”


“There is a full-length mirror.”

I stood in front of that mirror.


I lost my words seeing the reflection.

“Is this… me?”

There was a nice man.

“I’m beautiful!”

Straightened by the wax hair, the eyebrows are not either too narrow or too thick, and the clothes look like from a magazine.

“I have to warn you that it’s not a handsome at all. This is what a usual man looks like.” – proudly said Koigasaki, implying that this is completely her achievement. Yet, this is her sole achievement in fact.

“Thank you very much!”

I gazed in the own reflection for a while. I couldn’t believe that it’s my reflection.

“Don’t be so naïve. This is the look you have to maintain on your own all the time if you want to become a riajuu.” – said Koigasaki, but I didn’t listen to her now.

“Also, this is the look of you when you will be going to Odaiba with Hasegawa-san, this is out of the question. You have to be able to make yourself this way alone!”

“Oh, yes! I understood! I’ll give my best!”

If Koigasaki is able to do this, I should be able as well after some time of training.

“The eyebrows won’t grow long quickly, but they will in three days, so you’ll have to fix them.” – Koigasaki started a lecture looking at me in the mirror.

“First, the hairs that are far from your eyebrows. You have to either pull them out with tweezers or shave with a razor. Then, you cut the hairs that run over the line of the eyebrows using scissors, and you should never shave the inner part of the eyebrows.”

“I wonder, why are you able to fix man’s eyebrows?”

“This is the first time I tried it, and I was surprised I succeed. On other words, men’s and women’s eyebrows are almost the same.”

After that, I was so excited by myself I had been looking in the mirror, taking photos of myself. (Koigasaki told me that I’m creepy few times)

“By the way, did you buy a cosplay outfit? It’s next week, you know?”

“Yes, I’m waiting to have it delivered now. And you? Is your outfit ready?”

“Yes, we completed in at Azuki-chan’s home yesterday! Want to see?” – asked Koigasaki and opened her closet without waiting for my reply. There was an outfit of Hibine Ruru itself.

“Wow! Did you really do this?”

“Of course! Actually, I have only followed Azuki-chan’s orders, and she did the most of the work…”

Sakurai-san, you’re great. I don’t think this is a work of a novice. I was about to have a close look on the outfit, but Koigasaki stopped me because I could break something. Hey, it was you who insisted on showing it to me!

“Then, look here! Here!” – Koigasaki took out something from the desk.

“This is my visit card Azuki-chan made for me! Isn’t it cool?”

She shows me a photo of her cosplaying Hibine Ruru, her name “MOMO” and her email address.

“That “MOMO” is my cosplay name! Azuki-chan said it would be better to have some, so I came up with this.”

“You came up, you said? Isn’t it your real name? And what is with this image?”

“Oh, this… Azuki-chan said I must have the photo on my visit card, so I took the photo she shot when she was in my home recently.”

Recently? You are visiting each other frequently, aren’t you? I never knew… It doesn’t matter, though.

“Is it okay to put your email here? That’s your private data.”

“That is because I have no PC. I won’t give it to boys, only to girls-cosplayers.”

I see. Cosplayers usually have visit cards…

“Oh, crap! My mama will come soon!” – said Koigasaki looking at her phone and panicked.

“She knows you so she won’t be angry, but she would definitely pick on me. She asked me a ton of questions after you left that time.”


I quickly started to clear my clothes and things.

“Oh, my clothes! I have to change it!”

I’m wearing the clothes I bought today.

“You can go home like this, I think. Besides, there is no time for this.”

“Really? Huh, whatever.”

I thought it wouldn’t matter if I go home like this, so I packed my things and left Koigasaki’s house.

“Do you remember where the station is?” – asked Koigasaki who still went out to see me off to the entrance.

“Yes, it was simple, I guess.”

“I won’t see you off to the station, then.”

I see. Well, that’s fine too.

“One more thing.”

“What again?”

Koigasaki complained that her mother might be annoying.

“I emailed to Hasegawa-san that I can’t go to Odaiba anymore.”

“Oh, I see. Eeeeeh?!” – at first I though it’s a trivial thing, but that’s actually an unbelievable fact.

“I knew her address since when we exchanged them in karaoke. I said, like, I’m going to a trip with my family that day, I’m sorry and that I’ll return that debt in another way.”


“You should be grateful.”

T-this means, I’ll go to Odaiba with Hasegawa alone. Would it be a date?

“Are you kidding… me..?”

“Am I a sensible person? In return, at the cosplay event, you will have to arrange things so I could have a talk with Suzuki-kun. I’m sure I had helped you a lot, so you have to help me as well! Oh, the mother’s coming!”

Koigasaki pushed me out and closed the door.

A date…

A date with Hasegawa alone…

Actually, right now the feeling of “what I fail” is far stronger than “I can’t wait”. If I’ll do something bad, there is a big chance her flag will fall. Koigasaki, what a bothersome thing you did to me! I went from Koigasaki house to the station in a haze.

If Koigasaki won’t come, I have to take this all in my hands that day. For now, I sent an email to Hasegawa to get an affirmation. I spent all the time in the cabin to make this email.

[Subject: This is Kashiwada Text: Hello! It has been three days since the summer vacation started. How do you do? Recently, I’m going to work and relaxing at home. (smile) I am sure you have a lot of plans for the vacation. (smile)

By the way, did you receive an email from Koigasaki regarding visiting Odaiba at August 3rd? She said she is unable to go with us. Can you go with me alone, then? I’m sorry for that.]

I didn’t use the stickers as Koigasaki said earlier, only emotions, and made my writing style refined. But one thing bothers me is this email might be too long. It’s not a good thing to write long letters, so I abridged the text and cut off unnecessary things.

[Subject: This is Kashiwada Text: How do you do on the vacation? Regarding visiting Odaiba at August 3rd, Koigasaki said she is unable to go with us. I’m sorry. Can you go with me alone, then?]

I said all that I want to, despite the message is appreciably shorter. That is good. I read it again and sent. There is no quick reply, like Koigasaki. Wait, what is she would never reply? She might not want to go with only me alone. During the walk from the station to home, I’ve taken out my phone few times and checked emails, but there was no any. I worried that I’ve sent the email to a wrong person, and few times I checked the Sent folder and read out the email again, but it looks fine as for me.

I went into my house immersed in these thoughts.

“I’m home.”


As always, Akari was lying on the sofa in the living room and played games in a T-shirt only, but now she dropped out the controller.

“What is it?’

“Na-N-Naoki? What are these clothes?” – Akari looked on me in agitation. Oh, I forgot I’ wearing the clothes I bought today. I guess she’ll make fun of me again.

“I bought this today.”

“Why would you wear such clothes all of the sudden? It… doesn’t suit you at all!”

“Get off.” – I was rejected as the previous time and distressed a bit. She’s rejecting me, yet she’s somehow excited. It could be my imagination, though.

“What did you with your hair? Are you stupid? Don’t get cocky! It’s ugly!”

Koigasaki spoke well about this look, but Akari is different. Probably, anything I’d wear is ugly.

“Oh, welcome back, Naoki. What are these clothes?” – my mother left the toilet and saw me. Will she make fun of me too?

“It’s good! You bought the strange clothes earlier, but this one is fancy! Your hairstyle is well, too. Like, a modern style, fresh one.”


“Say, Akari, isn’t your brother cool?”

“Ha… Huh?! Not at all!”

“Oh, Akari is blushing… You don’t like your brother is cool?”

“It…n-n-not like this…”

What kind of reaction is this? Don’t tell me this outfit is actually good?

“Did you buy it alone?”

“No, I had a girl from my class to select for me.”

“Oh, it makes things clear. You have no taste.”

She said that much… In other words, Koigasaki’s taste seems to be really great.

“By the way, to go to a shopping with a girl… isn’t it a progress for you? It’s a date, isn’t it? I never heard you have played with a girl during your junior high school. Right, Akari? Akari?”

Akari was so loud, but now she’s silent.

“You’re so stupid! What is with shopping with a classmate? A date? Don’t get cocky, Naoki! I’m sure she will make fun of you, play around with you, and get rid of you, and that will be the end!”

I was wrong, she has abused me again with great effort.

“What is it, Akari? Could it be that you are not interested your brother is befriending with a girl?”

“Haaaa?! There is n-n-no way! I don’t care anymore!” – said Akari and ran away in her room, forgetting about the game.

“Children is negativistic age lose their temper easily… I don’t understand them.”

“I have a feeling recently she loses it more frequent.”     

Akari always could get angry easily, but recently it got worse. Maybe the mother is right, she is her negativistic age since her junior high school.”

I returned to my room to change the clothes, and took out the phone. There was one new message. At first, I thought it’s a spam mail, but when I opened it…

[From: Hasegawa Midori

Hello! Koigasaki-san did tell me about this. I don’t mind. Kashiwada-kun, can you come along with only me? I can change the date, if you’d need that.]


I didn’t read it yet, but I’m happy to receive the first email from Hasegawa. As opposite to Koigasaki’s emails, her one is written with flawless Japanese. I read it out few times and saved.

However, even if Hasegawa proposed to select another day… Koigasaki is not actually busy that day, she lied to make us alone. What should I do if Hasegawa would ask to change the day to go three of us with Koigasaki? Well, I’ll think about it when she asks it.

My thought process ended up with…

[Thank you for the reply. I don’t mind to go by two of us, with the same schedule. What do you think about it?]

Whoa… Won’t she find out that I want to go with her alone? I have worried, and I had nothing to do but wait for her reply. After ten long minutes, the reply had come.

[Okay, where will we go that day, and at what time?]

This is a businesslike message, but I was happy she decided to go with me only. I saved this message. After that, I did some researches of the place of Odaiba and selected the time and place.

[Let’s meet at the Odaiba Seaside Park Station, at the one o’clock.]

This time, her reply had come within five minutes.


A plain email, but I saved this one too.

[Uh, agreed], I replied, and after that no reply had come.

Two next days I had been on the shifts, and two days I was there Yamamoto-san was absent, so my work was sad. Besides him, there is no single person I had not befriended with. What a lame of me. At the second day when I came home, my mother said that she received a mail for me. Receiving the package, I understood this is the cosplay outfit I’ve ordered on the trading website.  

“They took money from me, so be sure to pay your debts.”

“Oh, thanks.” – I took out 3,000 yen from my wallet.

“How much was it in total?”

“Few hundreds of yen, maybe. This is nothing, keep that at yourself.”

I can’t show her what is inside, so I opened the box in my room. Well, this is the cosplay outfit so I wasn’t cheated. This is the good news.


This is the bad news. Is looks way cruder than it was in the pictures. Now I understand why it was cheap. I have to wear this to the event anyway. I feel sad about it, however I’m but an attendant at the event, so this would be fine.

*End of Chapter 7*

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