Neechan wa Chuunibyou Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

There’s more oddities to what you see

Sayshin high school is where Yuichi will be attending for the rest of his highschool life.

Yuichi took 10 mins for him to walk to school.

The reason why he chose to attend this school is because it is the closest tohome.

And because this is not a fancy high school that needed very high grades, hepassed the test with ease.

Yuichi wears a brand new navy blue jacket and tie, and a Scottish patterntrousers. While girls wears skirts and bows instead of trousers and ties (please use the2nd photo from the cover as a reference).

Yuichi walks to school alone because he don’t want to hear Mutsuko mumblesabout his demon eye.

This is the first time he came outside since the incidence. What are the consequences? Yuichi receives his answer to that question.

‘Worker’ ‘Officials’ ‘Office lady’ ‘High school student’ ‘Junior high student’. That is what he sees.

Even though people who passes him have different feels to them but the wordsabove their heads doesn’t conflict with the way they feel in any way. But some peoplewho looks similar to each other is hard to tell who is an official and who is not (everyonewears suits). But luckily for Yuichi, he doesn’t have to talk to them to know that.

When he got near to the entrance Yuichi realized a new word.

‘Year group’

Those who have this on top of their heads are people who is in the same yeargroup as him. Is this necessary?

If i am not bothered by this then i might get used to it in no time Yuichi optimistically thought.

At long last he reached the school gate.

Yuichi followed signs that leads him to the conference room (?) and then registered his name to go into the main building.

Rows of chairs filled the conference room. Yuichi looked for row 1C which is his class year.

Above student in the same rows, 1C, have the word ‘Classmate’ and above others who are in first year but not his class says ‘Yearmate’.

It seems like every year, a group will have different words (where’s the kouhai!!! XD).

There wasn’t a specific seating arrangement, so Yuichi sat next to someone

which have ‘friend’ on their head. Yuichi is used to all these oddities so he isn’t bothered by this.

“I haven’t seen you since the end of year Yuukun.”

“Uh huh. Haven’t seen you in a while Takkun.”

Oda Takuro, Yuichi best friend since junior high. Takuro have small body and he is not that confident with himself but he can still smile all the time.

While they talk about things that happen over the holiday, ‘Headmaster’ stood up from his sofa and gave a speech that welcome the first year.

When the speech ended Yuichi and those who aren’t in the school committees came out of the hall and then to their respective rooms.

The room is filled with noise. This is to be expected because the teacher is late since the first day. In a short amount of time, everyone starts to form groups of their own.

Yuichi’s seat is in the second column near to the window.


The boy in the seat in front of him greeted.

This boy seems tall and bulky giving off the athletic feel. He is probably doesn’t care about the relationships between him and the person he talks to because he just greeted Yuichi like he known Yuichi for years.

“Saeki Shota! Nice to meet you!”

“Me too. Sakaki Yuichi… ‘Ace striker’?”

The words on top of Shota was ‘Ace striker’ though a while ago it used to be ‘classmate’.

“Do you play football? Have I seen you before?”


I just thought that you play football by looking at your physique.”

“Hmm… I heard that multiple of times.”


Just from looking?!

“Anyways do you have any sisters?”

Shota asked while staring at Yuichi.

“Hmm? Why?”

“Ahh. Its nothing much. I just thought that they must be beauties.”

“My older sister is in the year above us.”

“Introduce me to her!”


Seems like Shota is being too straightforward about these things.

“*sigh* I’m telling you, you should never interact with her. She can be called as those regretful type.”


“Yup. She’s a beauty but her interests/hobbies are just too twisted.”

“You mean she’s a fujoshi? There loads of them so i don’t get what you mean.”

Some girls on the tables beside us shook, they probably think that we are talking about them. Above their heads shows the word ‘Fujoshi’.

I’m not hallucinating. The words can change.

Yuichi sweep around to see if any changes were made to the words. Examples of what he saw are: ‘Lolicon’ ‘Siscon’ ‘Train Maniac’ ‘Bookworm’

Yuichi felt pain on his temple. It felt like he strained his eyes for hours, but after a moment, it felt better.

“You ok?”

Shota asked with a worried face.

“Ah… no it’s ok now.”

Yuichi thought it will affect his daily life a long term if he overthink this situation all the time.

“Umm… You want to know about my sister right? My sister are those who have the ‘8th grade syndrome’.”

“Syndrome? Is she sick?”

“it’s not a medical syndrome. It’s what some people call ‘Chuunibyou’. So to speak its like she came out of anime or something along those line.”

Due to that he is lazy to explain further, he just told Shota the shortest way to explain it.

“Do you have a picture of her?”

“Why would I have a picture of her! Who on earth would…”

He may have said that but Yuichi remembered that he has a sticker that he took with Mutsuko. Even when he keep on denying to take it with hime but in the end he was forcefully to take it along with him.

“Oh so you do have one. Let me see it.”

“I know…”

Yuichi put his bag on the table and searched for the sticker.

“What is that?”

Shota pointed at an equipment in the bag.

“Oh that? It’s called ‘Captain OffGripper

No. 4’. It’s to enhance on your hand muscles.”

“Hmm? Let me have at it.”

Yuichi picked up the gripper form the bag and hand it to Shota. ‘Captain OffGripper’

is a series of equipment made from by ‘Ionman’. It is categorised into No.1 to No.4, where No. 4 need 160kg to move the gripper which is utterly impossible for a highschooler to make.

Shota tried with all his might to press down the gripper while Yuichi casually search for the sticker.

“OI! are you trying to cause trouble on the first day of school? Sitting down quietly

isn’t an option anymore? Go back to you assigned seats now. My name is Nodayama

Hanako. From now on I will be your homeroom teacher.”

Yuichi stopped searching for the sticker. He took a look at the women who

walked through the door. There’s something in her voice which gives out an


tone. Above her head are the words ‘Class teacher’.

For once the suit doesn’t fit the mature woman’s look. Her hair is halfly dyed


No matter how you look at it, it will always make Hanako seems like a


teacher who doesn’t care how people look at her.

“The first thing i want to say is that please don’t cause any troubles for me to

worry about. Clear? Alright get one of these information sheet and pass it onto the back.

The sheet explains about the rule of being a student here. Burn all the words into your

skull, i’m not explaining and don’t even put your hand up to ask me anything.


Hanako put down the information sheet on the front tables. The laziness of this

teacher holds too much shocking information that all the students just sat there.

The sheets have been sent to everyone just like what Hanako commanded.

“Hmm? Seems like there’s not enough?”

Shota whom sat in front of Yuichi inquired. The sheets that have been set on the

front table had magically ran out on Shota’s desk therefore there’s none left for Yuichi

who sat furthest from the board.

Yuichi looked around incase there’s any leftovers from any rows.

“I’m sorry bust is there any more sheets left because it didn’t reach me.”

Yuichi raised his hand and project his voice to Hanako.

Everyone stared at Yuichi.

What he saw made him scratch his eyes violently.

“You over there what on earth are you doing?! Are you a Chuunibyou? ‘ARKK!

DIE MY EVIL EYE!’ You think that you can just do that in my room?”

Laughter exploded from the room.

“……Ah sorry it just felt a little jolt going through it…… Nothing much…”

When Yuichi look around again, all he can do is freeze in place.

‘Dead’ ‘Witch’ ‘Humanoid hybrid’ ‘Childhood Friend from an Eroge!’ ‘Vampire’……

There are all of the things that Yuichi cannot make sense of.


just happened…?

But Yuichi only have a short time to make sense of this. What he sees after this

is shocking…

‘Ghost Of The Killer’

We held an eye contact.

The young girl who held unbelieveable beauty and sharp eyes are now staring at


Above her head is ‘Ghost Of The Killer’


is a murderer here?!

Slight confusion is making his head spin. He took a glance at ‘Ace Striker’ for

help. But in truth, no one can help him now.

“What’s up with your face? Don’t tell me you’re actually trying to get in trouble

since the first day.”

Hanoko said with a tired tone. Yuichi quickly deny it.

“A… Nno.

I’m sorry but the sheet ran out before it got to me.”

“Is anyone keeping an extra? Seems like it ran out after all. Just look along with


“You can look at mine.”

Shota suggested and hand it to me.

“Just read the whole entire sheet. Don’t you dare come running to me saying you

don’t know about the rules. As for the rest of homeroom, I guess it can be for

introductions in order of the tables.”

Yuichi accepted the sheet from Shota. On the sheet says the name in order of


‘Ghost Of The Killer’ Takeuchi Natsuki number 37 on the second row from the

front and the left column from Yuichi.

Even when he sees the word ‘dead’ or ‘witches’, which Yuichi still couldn’t

understand the meaning of it, still gives a massive different reaction to ‘Ghost Of The Killer’.

In reality, however, it would mean that she killed someone before hasn’t she?

No, first of all what does all the words mean?

Yuichi have a feeling that those words would be an indicator of the person

though it may not be confirmed, but whatever he sees is in fact related to that particularperson.

While Yuichi contemplated in mind. When I realized again Introduction of

Classmates have already started. Nonetheless, his number is 40 therefore it will be awhile until Yuichi have to introduce himself.

Yuichi decided to concentrate on the introductions because it might help him to figure out what other people’s intentions are.

‘Dead’ Ayanokoji Risa.

A young girl with twin tails stood up from her seat.

“Heyyo! I’m Ayanokoji Risa! Even if Ayanokoji sounds noble, but the truth is I did not come from a luxurious family. I have been learning ballet since junior high and I do intend to continue in high school.”

She may. seems insecure of herself, but she sounds so cheerful, and her skin is shining white, it is to be expected from a typical teenage girl. No matter how you look at it, she does not seems as if she is a dead character I don’t understand…. Death… What does it actually mean? Does it refers to a person who is dead, like a zombie or ghost?

‘Witch’ Katakiri An.

A young girl with long black hair Eyes like she was hiding something. Her front hair gives out the sad gist. If someone told me that she is a witch, her appearance does give it away.

“I’m Katakiri An. There is nothing interesting about me so I would like to skip it.

But there’s one thing I want to tell you guys. That man, Oda Takuro, is mine! I shall not hand him over to anyone! If anyone decided to interfere, I shall kill them all…”


What was she saying?! Yuichi never heard of such dark introduction. This might apply to all students in the class because everyone is prattling all over.

Takuro never thought of such things would happen to him. He literally froze in time.

During the abruptness, the Takuro’s word changed to ‘The One Whom The Witch Fell in Love at First Sight’. Though before it used to be ‘Friend’.

If there is some external cause it can make the word change right?

In this case, the external cause is Katakiri An’s introduction.

“Hey! Stop with the joke! Can’t you see that everyone is confused by you? If you

actually kill someone, there’s nothing but jail!” Shota tried to protect Takuro.

“Even if caught, it does not matter. When I get out of jail, I will barge back to


If he somehow get married to another women, I shall kill the wife and the kids

leaving Odakun

for myself.”

Her voice is filled with enthusiasm, not leaving behind the slightest hesitation.

Witch’ as in a woman who has gone crazy… right?

‘Humanoid Hybrid’ Konichi Yuri.

The first thing noticeable is her shiny golden hair that fold higher than a usual

person. Unlike normal teenager, she gave a rich girl aura from some crazy rich family.

She is blond yet her facial features are still Japanese. Maybe she came from


Just from her noticeable features, the class is already buzzing with noise. But this

noise multiply when she gave her introduction

“First of all I would like to announce that I came from a really rich family. But this

doesn’t mean that my family is allowed to disobey the laws of japan. You guys probably

understand the gap between people statuses accordingly to money. That means that

my status in this school is higher than you plebeians. I want to clarify that now because

it might abrupt our relationships that might go on for years. This is all to protect anyone

from doing harm from me having money. So please revise your words before even

thinking about saying hi to me.”

Shota looked back at me as if he is trying to say that more crazy people is in this


She’s a rich girl alright. No ‘plebeians’ would say that highly of themselves.


why ‘Humanoid Hybrid’?

By delving deeper to these facts, more questions are unable to be answered.


of today’s procrastination


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