Nee-chan wa Chuunibyou Volume 1 prologue


Awaken, the Demon Soul Eye Reader!

“Yuu­kun’s ‘Soul Reader’ has been awaken! Mother! It is time to cook some red rice!”

“Oh my! I don’t understand what is happening but it seems like something good already happened.”

While eating breakfast, the miso soup in Yuichi’s mouth was almost spitted out.­­­­­

I shouldn’t worry about it, because this is not a manga or anime. No one would ever do this.

Mutsuko, my older sister, has told me that no one should know about this because the secret organization might put a bounty on Yuichi’s life! She made it sound dangerous and exciting but apparently it can be conversed within the family just like any ordinary topic.

Yuichi sent eye signals to Chikako that says “Don’t ever bring this topic up again,”

But, Mutsuko just smiled instead of giving an answer. It seems like she doesn’t understand what he’s trying to tell her.

Mutsuko is an upperclassman in Yuichi’s school, who would be regarded/catergorized as an attractive woman based on her appearance alone but people close to her would think otherwise.

Her long dark flowing hair had hair clips that looked like golden knives; upon looking closer at them, it is revealed that the clips actually are her favorite blades, made out of Damascus iron.

She has a slender body with an average bust. She’s not bothered by the size of them, however, because she said that big breasts will get in her way. Fortunately, her mother is an easy-going person. She’s not even bothered by this topic that’s weird.

Dad is eating breakfast with a newspaper in his hand.

Yoriko, his younger sister, is eating breakfast calmly due to the fact that Mutsuko usually talk randomly out about these things.

This is just an ordinary family.

Yoriko is moving into junior high.

The difference between her and Mutsuko is that Yoriko, only cares about dignity and pride as well as how other people see her. Even though they both look similar to each other, Yuichi gives the feeling saying that Yoriko is more girlish/feminine.

Yuichi sighed and looked around, wondering if his demon eye would react to anything.

Last night, Yuichi went to knock on Mutsuko’s door.

During this late hour at night, everyone in the family is in their own fortress of dreams, but he knows that Mutsuko will be up experimenting on her gadgets. As a moment passed by, she then opened her door

“Yu­kun? What are you doing up here?”

“Err… I am here for some advice.”

“I knew it! You must be here to confess and admit that you have lots of siscon games!”

“Uh… Nooo.”

“Ehhh?!?! That’s Impossible! A little brother knocking on his sister’s door at this, time will definitely mean that you’re here to confess! At least, that’s what I saw in an anime…!”

“Please, don’t get confused the difference between anime and reality!”

Even though Yuichi would say that, there wasn’t a lot of confidence coming out because the topic of the advice he wanted was even less believable than him possessing Siscon eroge games.

“Talking here feels really weird. Come inside please.”

Mutsuko went back inside.

Although the season will change to spring in a few days, she still kept her kotatsu bed of her pocket.

Because Yuichi hasn’t been in her room for years, he swept his eyes around. The room seemed more chaotic than the last time he visited.

On the table there were books everywhere. There was one book called ‘Iron abs’: on the cover there was a picture of a six pack which seemed like it could withstand anything.

He began to tidy up the table. There were books like: ‘Master of hand squish’, ‘King of joints’ ‘Complete biography of 8 plans?, ‘Kung fu’, ‘The reason of why Kimura Masahiko didn’t kill Raki Dosan’ and so forth… You see Yuichi cannot bear to see the table looking like a complete mess. Even though the table looks pretty clean now, it doesn’t make the room look any better as well

The thing that is making a mess is all the weapons around the room. Mostly include Chinese weaponry like

Furthermore there are some western weapons like swords, iron pole and a piece of wood?

There are also Indian weapons, like the katar Japanese weapons like shuriken, Japanese swords, and fans that are made from iron.

Yuichi knew that Mutsuko collects these things, but never thought the collection was this big. Weapons aside, the room also has many unknown mechanisms and wires that seem to be seen as evil machinery.

Also inside the room there are still masks, a sacrificial altar, among other random, indecipherable sigils.

Yuichi decided not to touch a single thing, as he was here for a different reason.

“Ok, so what kind of advice would you like from me?”

Mutsuko went straight to the topic. This is because Chikako usually controls Yuichi’s life, so asking her for advice would definitely be a first for her.

“Errm… It’s about yesterday. I just suddenly saw many weird things.”


Mutsuko seems overly excited about this.

“What is it? WHAT IS IT?! What did you see? Line? Lines of death? If that’s the case, then I must prepare glasses for you right now! Or perhaps you see chakra? Is it Byakugan? Sharingan? Or eyes that can see spirits?”

“Calm down! It’s not that big of a deal!”

“I get it. Please wait a moment.”

Mutsuko took a deep breath.

“Ok! I’m ready. So tell me, what can you see?”

“Umm… just words.”


“Yeah, on people’s heads.”

“That’s it?”

Disappointment took over Mutsuko, making Yuichi feel bad from asking her.

After a while Mutsuko smiled brightly with curiosity.

“Ah yes! I might be that your power is for the battlefield! AMAZING!! Is it showing right now?! Is it showing how long I will live for? I used to watch a horror movie like that.”

“Right now it shows ‘onee­chan'”


Right now on top of her head there are big bold letters saying ‘onee­chan/big sis’

“On moms head it says ‘mom’ and on Yoriko it says ‘imouto/little sister'”

“What…? I don’t get it.”

“I also don’t get it! I don’t know how it happened so I am scared to go outside since yesterday but tomorrow is the first day of school!”

The first day he saw these words was on the last day of summer holiday. Because it’s a holiday he decided to sleep in. When he walked downstairs to find some food, his mother who’s making breakfast have the word ‘mom’ on top of her. At first, he thought it’s just some, dilution because he just woke up but after he scratched his eyes a bunch of times he realized it was real. Yuichi then quickly ate breakfast and headed back into his room. Perhaps he started to see these things after playing too many games. Even after a nap, he can still see the words above people’s heads.

“Then, what’s on top of your head?”

“I tried looking into the mirror and saw nothing so I guess I have to ‘see’ it directly… That’s all i got. Can you think of anything?”

“Give me a moment!”

Mutsuko placed one hand on her forehead and the other on Yuichi.

“I know that I have to wait but can you explain to me what’s happening?” “I am using my brain! Problem?”

Mutsuko thinks while holding that same exact pose. As soon as she entered, her own world she wouldn’t  notice the environment and it might take a while for her to return, so Yuichi decided to go back to his own room. Mutsuko suddenly moved.

“I got it! ‘Soulrider’! It must be something along with that line! It must be that i can see your opponents real nature!”

“Then does that mean that my big sis is my big sis?”

“Yup! No one is your real big sister except me!”

Mutsuko said with more confidence than usual. “And if you look it from my perspective then you must see that normal people who are related to us will probably be the same as me. It’s not something you must be picky about” This made Yuichi feel like a madman

“But what makes me see these words?”

“Eh? Hmm… You woke up and you already see these things…”

Yuichi may have come here for advice, but she doesn’t seem intrigued by any of this, which struck  towards Yuichi regarded as being odd, because  of Mutsuko often bringing 2D and 3D together. Yuichi thought that this would surely intrigue/interest her.

“Did you take an arrow to the knee?”

“Even if I got hit, I would’ve noticed immediately!”

“Then did you eat things that came from the nether realms of worlds?”

“I don’t remember anything like that.”

“Maybe it’s a nano machine… or perhaps a Pandora’s box? Or is it a persona?”

Mutsuko mumbled on and on for a while then suddenly gave Yuichi a warning.

“This topic must not be spread around. A shady organization might want you for your power!”

“Really right now?”

“Yes! If an organization like that ever exists,then they could be on a hunt for you!”

“Stop making it sound like I’ve got bad luck!”

He definitely would never spread this around anyway, because his friends would definitely think he went crazily mad.

“I would never think about telling anyone, so you shouldn’t too!”

“Trust me! I will protect you from that shady organization no matter what”

­­­­­Well, If it’s Mutsuko, no matter what happens, she can help somehow.

Even yhough Mutsuko is not perfect, she has never let Yuichi down before, so it’s okay for her to know this. Yuichi looked at Mutsuko with a hint of regret but he can’t change to how it was now. He’s already like being part of the cloudy Sky on the first day of School.

*End of Prologue*


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