Donations/Patreon page

You can show your appreciation by donating to this site, although much would help towards with speeding up the pace of the translations, plus increase motivation for our translators and staff of the team 🙂

As some of you may have guessed, we are a group of college + High school students and we are now doing this on a part-time basis We actually wish this could be a full time basis too, but we can never, since our parents would never approve of that. This patreon was created in order to also donate to the two translators who made this group. This is also merely for people who sincerely want to give them their support them motivation to continue translating. It will allow us not to try and worry about issues involving money. We used to think of Translations for fun and never asked people for donations in the past, but now most of the donations will be sent off to Kondee and Dannyskratch’s family to financially support them, since their Mom is the only one working and their Father is now forced to retire due to laws in Thailand. In return for your support, we will be releasing more chapters of each novel series we translate, according to our organizations’ goals!

Send the donations through this email account:

Or You can now pledge your donations to us through Patreon instead if you guys want. We would be happy if you guys can help Kondee and Dannyskratch, since they wish to genuinely ease their parents from having a possible financial crisis. Click on the button below to be taken to our patreon website.downloads_wordmark_white_on_coral@2x


We intend to use our donations to hire a mercenary translators when necessary, in case us translators encounter in real life circumstances, but the team genuinely will use it to mostly support Kondee and Dannyskratch’s college life and education when primarily necessary.

Also we have decided a new proposal and deal for all of you fans. If you guys can at least donate to us 125 usd, we’ll use that same exact amount of money to hire a mercenary translator to translate an entire single volume of any series you wish in a week or 2.


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