Donations/Patreon page

You can show your appreciation by donating to this site, although much would help towards with speeding up the pace of the translations, plus increase motivation for our translators and staff of the team 🙂

We also would appreciate you all if you guys please donate to us 5$ for each volume of an LN, since each volume in my country costs around that much. Although, it’s not a big deal to us if you guys don’t want to donate any to us, since most of you guys might have quite a bad impression of us, but we don’t mind at all. Although, it would still help if you guys did alright. I won’t show who made donations, but if you want us to show your username, just let us know.

Send me payment donations through this email account:

Or You can now pledge your donations to us through Patreon instead if you guys want to, then we would appreciate it: We intend to use our donations to hire a mercenary translator when necessary.

Also we have decided a new proposal and deal for all of you fans. If you guys can at least donate to us 125 usd, we’ll use that same exact amount of money to hire a mercenary tl to translate an entire single volume of any series you wish in a week or 2. It’s ok if you guys don’t want to though.

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