Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 3 Chapter 1



Volume 3 Chapter 1-Could you listen to me a bit ma’am?

It’s the beginning of summer. Although it’s not that hot right now the temperature will slowly get higher. And since they won’t use air conditioner just yet the students is forced to rely on the breeze that come from the windows.

“some electric fans should be enough for this heat anyway. I wish they’ll install some in our classroom.”

Ayame say as we walk pass the school gate.

“Or a powerful ventilation fan. But whatever kind of fan we use it would still send all the papers flying and that’d be annoying.”

Having all the girl’s skirt got lifted up by the wind would be troubling. And I bet my own head that the boys will speak into it and pretend to be a robot.

“You just want the air conditioner, right?”

“Wait, where did you go hang out last summer? It should be hot everywhere, right?”

“I mostly just go sleep in the infirmary, the A/C is like heaven there.”

Ah, there’s that too, huh? I probably won’t do it though.

“What about the nurse? She didn’t say anything to you?”

“I don’t really know my self but whenever I go there she just let me in…”

So she’s just too scared to chase her off.

“But I didn’t get in the way or anything. When someone really have to use the bed I would get up.”

“Is that so…?”

I listen to Ayame talking about her first year experience while we walk to the stair. We changed in to slippers for indoor use and head to our classroom.


“Lately, you look stressed whenever you’re about to go in.”

“B, but…”

“Just hurry up and go in already.”

I urged her. She open the door and walk in with a little stiffed face.

“M, morning…”

She quietly greet other classmates.

“Good morning Ayame-san.”

“Morning, Ayame-san.”


“Good morning.”

Nishihara, class rep and other girls greet back.

“Y, yo. Morning.”


“She come with Aramiya again, huh? I’m getting used to it though…”

Since that time when Hatsubashi say everything in front of the class (that incident was secretly named “Hatsubashi on stage.” By the guys.) Everyone start to open up to Ayame. Although the girl herself still feel a bit awkward and a few people is still cautious, things were going well.

“Haha, it sure felt great when someone reply to your greetings. Thanks, Aramiya.”

She whisper to me.

“Go thank Hatsushiba. I didn’t do anything.”

“You are the one who help Yuuka do what she did. For that, I thank you.”

She said then walk to her seat.

Well, as long as she’s fine with it, I guess.

The sun is high up in the sky by the time 4th period ended. Half the class make their way to the cafeteria while the rest take put their bento and start eating with their friends.

A clear blue sky without a single clouds loom above. It’s so clear to the point that it look like a lazily made eroge background.

Although the rain is supposed to be here any day now the weather stay clear and sunny.

“Ahhh~~ delicious~☆”

I heard a sigh filled with happiness.

The owner of the sigh is Suwama Eve. She’s currently stuffing her face with multicolored lunch box with a euphoric face. Her blond, fluffy twin tails is held up by a pair of cute hairbands. Her nails is painted in stars pattern, on her fingers and uniform is packed full of decorations. If this was any other school all the teachers would lose their head when they see her appearance.

“Aren’t you guys too close?”

My friend Tozaki who uncharacteristically brought a lunch box awkwardly hold his chopsticks while fidgeting in front of Eve who seem overly happy happy over her foods.

Next to him, Hatsushiba Yuuka who’s frowning and look obviously displeased. She speak unnaturally crude to the point that she made Tozaki feel restless.

Next to Hatsushiba is Ayame who’s also eating her own lunch. All of us drag our desks together and enjoying the food.

… or it was supposed to but Hatsushiba look clearly irritated.

Well, originally, she really cared for Ayame so she probably could only see Eve who intend to harm her as an enemy. I thought as I recall how shaken Tosaki was when Hatsushiba said she’s gonna join us.“ Don’t make that face, Hatsushiba-cchi. The food will go bad, you know?”

“Don’t mind Yuuka. This is how Yuuka’s face is like.”

When Eve talk to her like she didn’t know she was being hated Hatsushiba make a face you usually would never see a Seiyuu make. Is she acting? Or is it real? Just a thought is scary enough.

“Not at all~ Hatsushiba-cchi is really cute~”

“…I’m not cute.”

“Don”t be like that, let’s get along. It’s more fun that way right?


If this was an eroge, Hatsushiba would have a blood vessel bulged up on her face right about now. Tosaki and Ayame just stak quiet the entire time.

As for me, when the heroines is fighting a background character like him should just stay quiet like a background character he is.

“Right, Seichi~? Seichi should say something too.”

… but why oh why does she have to get me involved?

“Don’t throw your problem my way.”


It’s not my business so I won’t get involved. But eating in this kind of atmosphere is bad for Ayame’s image. Although the one in our class doesn’t fear her anymore everyone else in school still did. The reason why we’re eating together in the first place is to prevent our classmates to go back to their fearful state and build a good images in case someone from other class come visit.

Because of that, if anyone see this last supper kind of mood in our group a new rumor might emerge and I don’t like this atmosphere either.

“…Hey, Hatsushiba.”

“…What is it, Aramiya-kun?”

She ask as she sent an ominous aura my way. I shouldn’t have said anything

“Can’t you help me a bit?” I fearfully ask her.

“…If you say so, Yuuka will comply.”

“Please, Yuuka.”

“If Cotton ask then I can’t really reject it but…”

Her face is still frowning but her complexion soften up a little.

“Hatsushiba-cchi is really the cutest~☆”

“Not true. Not true at all.”

But Eve splendidly ruin our effort.

We end up having to eat with the gloomy mood the entire lunch break

“Aramiya-kun, can I speak with you for a bit?”

Hatsushiba whisper to me when we are dragging our desk back to its position.

“Ah, it’s alright. Go ahead.”

Hatsushiba drag me to a stairway at a corner of the building

Wasn’t threaten to kiss her here before? It’s weird coming here with her again

“Yuuka can’t stand letting that person into our group.”

“I can tell.”

She pout at my word. She look like a little kid and that made me smile a bit

“Why did you let her in?”

“Actually, you probably noticed it but… wasn’t the rumor last time a little bit strange?”

I mean the rumor that said Ayame is a real nympho and will do it with anyone even with other girl. That rumor spread to the whole school with unnatural speed and some people actually believe it.

“Yuuka know that but that wasn’t her doing, right? There’s no need to let her in.”

“I think she’s the one spreading the rumor but did so without she herself realized it.-

“You mean that Suwama is just a middle man?”

“that’s what I think. It’s like a virus spreading uncontrollably. The problem is who is it that made the virus.”

“You are saying that someone close to Suwama is making up rumor about Cotton?”

“Most likely. But because they hide themselves too well we was forced to use that girl as bait.”

“Then there’s no need to let her into our group, right? We can just keep an eye on her.”

“Ayame said that if we don’t keep her close we won’t know what she’s doing so letting her in with us is safer. If we left her alone who know what she might do.”


Although she accepted the explanation, she still can’t accept it. Look like she still can’t forgive her, although Ayame doesn’t seem to mind it. Sometimes, people who are close to the victim will feel angrier than the victim themselves, huh?


Hatsushiba calmly spoke up.


“She’s your first love, isn’t it?”

Don’t bring up things I don’t want to remember, damn it.

“That’s true… although this girl just call me to a far away park and didn’t show up.”

“I have heard about that too… but she did that because she was deceived, right?”

“Well, she’s hopelessly dumb and do everything without thinking”

Who would seriously believe that leaving a guy hanging and then never speaking with him again after mean that they’re in love. Can anyone really believe that that count as “going smoothly”?

But she believed it. I don’t know what word I can use to describe her except “dumb”…

If you look at it positively you can say she’s innocent, I guess.”

“Do you still… love her?”


What did she say? It so sudden I can’t follow her.

“Well, like, when the misunderstanding cleared up you want to get back with her… or something like that.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I hasn’t feel anything for 3D girls in a long time already.”

“… really?”

“How jealous can you be? I wasn’t in a relationship with her in the first place. She’s the only one who talk about marriage and all that.”

In short, we feel the same way about this. Like what they like to say, first love always fail. I didn’t really feel any attachments to Eve anymore. An elementary school kid’s love was doomed to fail anyway

“If it like that then it’s okay.”

Hatsushiba sigh with relief but immediately stuck a finger in front of me,

“But you can’t decrease the time spent with Cotton, okay?”

“why are we suddenly talking about Ayame…”

“You have to make Cotton your first priority then me and then Suwama-san, okay?”

“what are you even talking about…”

Did she misunderstood something

Why do I feel like all of them want to tear me apart so much? If I let my guard down for a bit they would probably come and storm my inner defense.

“But even after listen to your reason, I still like it wasn’t necessary…”

“drop it already.”


Although she’s not frowning anymore, she’s pouting. Well, Tozaki would say something like “She’s cute even with that face!” or something.

“as I said, the reason I let her in is to protect our club and having Ayame and Eve that isn’t on good term come together should be a good way to get rid of those rumors.”

And “keeping her close” isn’t the only reason

“If the real culprit decided to use Eve again we might catch them red handed.”

Hatsushiba make a puzzled face.

But they probably won’t make a move anytime soon. We just have to wait

When we get back, Eve and Ayame is talking with each other.

“I think this year’s best summer set is probably the nice and airy dress~”

“What is this ‘summer set’ you speak of?”

“set is, you know, set. In other words, it’s a set of clothes for summer~”

“You sure know a lot.”

“Of course! Every girl loves cute things, right?

“That’s up to the person isn’t it.”

“Aside from dresses, there’s qipao, frilly blouses or doll like dresses. Those are all good~”

“…Are you chanting some kind of magic?”

Although Eve was the one doing most of the talking.

“Ayame-cchi hair is really pretty, it would look good in a dress~”

“Don’t touch.”

“it hurts~”

Ayame slaps Eve’s hand away when she tried to touch her twintail.

“Come on, it’s just touching.”

“Well I don’t like it.”

They look so close to each other. Eve really is easy going and gets along with everyone, a lot of people like that fact about her.

Even though things happen (like how my past was exposed or the incident that got her suspended from school) Eve’s reputation is slowly restoring to its former state. Some of the guys in the class probably have fallen for her already.

If the thing about her trying to rape me got leaked out everyone would probably be shocked. Well, there might be some guys who’s into that sort of thing. People’s taste are all different, after all. I can’t criticize them.

“Ah, Seichi you’re back.”

“You finish talking with Yuuka?”

“Un. You two look really close to each other, huh?”

“She just like to start random conversation.”

Ayame loom troubled but she doesn’t seem to hate it.

“You also look really close to Ayame, Eve.”

“It’s because I really like Ayame-cchi~ she can get even cuter if she dresses up a bit. I’m jealous.”

Having someone liking you can be troubling too, huh? But I don’t think Ayame hates it that much. If she does, she’d be glaring daggers at Eve by now.

Although the two of them doesn’t like each other before, when something happen they end up getting along with each other. Well, they say that love and hate is like two side of the same coin but the real opposite of “Love” is not “hate” but “Indifference”. This quote is used in a lot of Eroge but it’s actually came from Sister Teresa.

*(Earth TL note: done some research on this and I don’t see any site say Teresa said this.)

If the two get along it would be great.


But Hatsushiba still look unsatisfied. Look like she want to have some words with Ayame about how she look so happy talking with Eve. She’s probably happy when she see Ayame having fun but still feel irritated like when a parent know their child is hanging out with delinquent.

Me and Ayame already leave the matter in the past, if Hatsushiba can also do the same that would be great.

“A woman’s mind is hard to understand.”

Tosaki say while trying to act cool. You have no right to say that, don’t try to act like a playboy with a lot of experience.

But I do agree that it’s hard to understand, I have no idea what’s going on in their head either.

We chat for a little bit before the boring afternoon classes start,

“That’s all I have to say, I’ll leave it to you, class rep.”

Ohara-sensei finish her homeroom, signaling the end of today’s school. The class become noisy as everyone start talking as once like “where should we go today” “I don’t want to do club activity” or “If I don’t hurry I’ll be late for cram school.” And such.

“Let’s go to our club room then.”

“Yay~” “Un”


Eve and Hatsushiba immediately reply when Ayame ask. And then they turn to look at us.

“I know I know. Tosaki, are you coming?”


“Oi, ToZaki?”

“Eh? Ah! The club, right? Let’s go”

I’ll just ask him later if anything is wrong. He will speak up eventually when he feel like it. And then all of us walk to the club room together since no one is on cleaning duty today.

In reality, I didn’t really intended to do anything in the club, just relax and occasionally play Eroge. Just to recover from the stressful day.

“What should we play today, Ayame-cchi~?”

“Don’t cling to me! It’s hot!”

We walk along the corridor, in front of me and Tozaki is Eve and Ayame who’d been chatting loudly the whole time while Hatsushiba would raise her voice every time the two get too close.

I think I’m getting used to his scene.

“…Hey Aramiya, can I have a word?”

Tozaki spoke to me the moment we step out of the school building.

It faster than I was expected.

“it’s alright, what is it?”

Tosaki nod and then glance at the three girls as if to say something. Well, I can guess what he’s trying to convey.

“… can you three go ahead to the club room without us?”

“Why~? Are you two going to compete who pee the farthest?”

“A girl shouldn’t talk like that, just go.”

“Come on, Suwame.”


Ayame and Eve walk into another building that contain the clubroom while Hatsushiba confusedly follow them.

I look around to make sure there’s no one around before turn to talk with Tosaki.

“…So, what do you want to speak about? It’s never anything good with you.”

“It certainly is not a good thing… well, it isn’t anything too important but…”

Tosaki scratch his head.

“Is it about ‘that’ again?”

“yes, ‘that’. It’s another rumor about Ayame.”

“What is it this time? That Ayame is an assassin or an amazoness?”

But he said it wasn’t that big…

When he saw me glaring at him, he slowly speak up.

“That Ayame and Eve are a yuri couple…”

Yuri, also known as lily is a flower with an overly sweet smell that come in various colors like white, yellow, red and pink. Personally, I like white lily the best.

But for us otaku, the word “Yuri” has another meaning.

“… by Yuri you mean ‘girl love’? Like the game ‘hitohane’”

“Yeah, that. Although I like ‘Raspberry Panic’ more.”

¹ カマシタワー (kimashita wa~) มุกในสังคมออนไลน์ญี่ปุ่น มาจากบทพูดของ Suzumi Tamao ตัวละครอนิเมะเรื่อง Strawberry Panic

You mean that anime with a catch phrase “It’s comingggg”? They also made a game for that series, isn’t it.

“So, why do they think those two are a couple?”

“Probably because they always tease each other?”

“wasn’t that what all the girls always do?”

“yeah. That’s why I said it’s not that important.”

I can only sigh. It’s not strange that Tozaki would hesitate if it just this much.

“How far did it spread?”

“quite a bit… when I know it, the rumor is everywhere.”

“Just hearing about it make me tired… is this all?”

There’s nothing to worry if it just this much.

At least it won’t damage Ayame’s image too much.

“that’s all but… is it fine to leave it like that?”

“this one should be fine, it will probably disappear after a while. And this one doesn’t sound all that bad.”

“they said she will sleep with anyone last time though?”

“Yuri shouldn’t be that bad right?”

“I think only otaku see it like that.”

“Maybe. But we should let the two of them sort this out themselves since the rumor wasn’t too bad. At most I’ll just warn Eve not to get too close.”

Tozaki nod in agreement and them we resume walking. If we’re too slow Hatsushiba will get angry again.

What is this club for anyway? It should be something like a club to manage the rumors about Ayame but…

But as we walk to the club room…

“H, hey, can I have a word?”

But when we’re about to enter the building, a guy I didn’t know call out to me. He act a bit fidgety. in other word, he’s someone like us. Well, he’s probably not an otaku since I can’t feel the otaku aura from him.

I turn to Tosaki to see him shaking his head. If he doesn’t know him then who?

“a word with me?”

“umm, I have something I want to ask….”

The boy look embarrassed.

It feel like he’s about to confess. Please no…

A few seconds passed before he open his mouth, make a face like that of a warrior before his last battle and say-

“Is Ayame and Suwama really gay for each other?”

What the heck are you even saying. I know there’s a rumor going on but meeting someone who actually believe it is still tiring.

“heck no. Where did you heard that from?”

“b, because everyone say so…”

“who is this ‘everyone’?”

“my classmates and others…”

“it’s just a baseless rumor. And even if they’re really a couple, so what?”

“N, nothing! Sorry for asking, bye!”

And he quickly walk away. Tosaki and I can only shrug.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Don’t raise the flag.”

After that we headed to our club room like usual. Kiyomi is also in the room and by the looks of it, seems like everyone already greeted each other since they sat silently at their seats.

Not only that…

“oh, you’re finally here.”

There’s another person here.


Tozaki blurted out in surprise.

Kotani Kiriko, a physic teacher in our school that come to work here as soon as she graduated. She had been working here for 2 years now. And she’s also my cousin.

She wore a suite like an office lady, although she’s actually easy going everyone see her as a beautiful and cool teacher. Hahh, everyone is getting deceived.

“What, Tozaki, you got a problem?”

“Of course not! You’re really welcomed here! Hahaha…”

“You too, Aramiya. What’s with that face?”

“ah, nothing… you’re the club adviser so it’s just nor, Kotani-sensei.”

I usually call her Kiriko-nee when at home but I’m in school right now.

“and what bring you here today?”

“I’m your club adviser, me coming over was inevitable. I’m here to make sure you guys aren’t doing anything indecent.”

“what is this ‘indecent’ you’re talking about…?”

“Something like inappropriate action in school and such.”

There’s nothing like that here.

“all the thing they do when no one’s looking like smoking and bullying too. The teachers is pretty on edge about those things, if something happens here my head is gonna roll.”

“You don’t have to be worried about those things here.”

Although we do play Eroge, please ignore that fact.

“Other teachers always nag me to no end and ask things like “what kind of club only play games!?” and such.”

“those teacher are so outdated, there’s plenty of electronic sports club these days. If the baseball and football can have 2 separate clubs, why not LoL-club and StarCraft club as well?”


Although our club doesn’t really have anything to do with E-Sports…

“If this club is really about this E-sports thing I’ll tell them that for you.”



Kiriko-nee look around the room.

“Your club members look really out of place here.”

It’s true that our club pack any sense of unity whatsoever…

“so, what do you guys really do here? It’s not just playing games, is it?”

“We mainly exterminate rumors about Cotto-, I mean Ayame, for the most part.”

Hatsushiba stiffly answer.

“Come to think of it, are you still working on that job I gave you?”

“yes. Because only our class has been clear of misunderstanding.”

“is that so? Can I entrust my part to you too?”

The moment she finish the sentence, Ayame raise her hand.

“w, with pleasure.”

Kirigo-nee smiled. Shit!

“O, oi, Ayame?”

“Aramiya, since Ayame is fine with it you doesn’t have to worry.”

She smile like an angel as if to say “leave everything to me.” But I kmow there’s a laughing demon under that mask!

“please take care of me!” (Earth: よろしくお願いします!)

The clueless Ayame gave another confirmation.

…what will she have we do this time? Just thinking about it exhaust me.

“but there’s probably nothing to do in the 1st term so just wait for next term.”

Wait for what? Kirigo-nee left us in the room after she speak.

“Err, Aramiya… did we just dig our own graves?”

“You just noticed!? That’s why I’m against it in the first place!”

“Why don’t you tell me first!?”

“I already told you! You’re the one who failed to see through her!”

But when I say so, Ayame suddenly spoke up.

“She probably won’t let us do anything too weird.”

“Right~ sensei look like a kind person!”

Eve totally agree with Ayame but can you really say she’s kind, Eve?

Back then when I got tricked by you she said something like “I’ll drown that bitch in the sea whoever she is!”

“Let’s put that aside for now and let’s talk about the rumors about Cotton today as well.”

“Okay okay.”

I’ll let the natural class rep like Hatsushiba lead the meeting then, I’ll give some advice on how to get rid of the rumor.

Well, if it were that easy we won’t be troubled by it in the first place.

◇ ◇ ◇

This morning before homeroom, I Tosaki who just arrived in the school in a hallway.

“Morning, Tosaki. Later than usual today?”

“I stay up late yesterday staring at that new game announcement.”

Of course I’m talking about reeroge

The game “War Blade: Princess of Lily” the same studio  that make “Princess • Weekday” which is Ayame’s first game.

“I stare at the website so much I think I might go blind, when I came to it’s already a new day.”

“They didn’t even announce the release date yet, right?”

“But you can still imagine how it will turn out, right? This studio’s games always make me happy.”

One shouldn’t underestimate Tozaki.

He was once going through the source code of a teaser page of a game before, just to see if anything was hidden in it.

It’s good that this game will not be released this summer or it would coincided with “Destiny Zero” and I would probably waste a whole day before I can decide which to play first.

“this game look really amazing isn’t it, Tozaki?”

“Right? There’s even a loli route there’s really nothing to be disappointed with”

“it simply so amazing I have no word to describe it.”

“we can only fantasize about it until it comes out though…”

We speak quietly like a spy in enemy’s territory…

And we met a guy waiting for us on our way.

“H, hey…”

Stranger again.

He’s not the same guy from yesterday but he gave off the same aura, this one might be an otaku but I can’t say for sure.

I look at Tosaki and he shake his head once again. Who is this guy?

“What is it?”

Hurry up and say it, homeroom is about to start.

“C, can I get either Ayame, Suwama or Hatsushiba?”


“Another girl is fine too. You have ‘lot, right?”

Maybe, this guy is one of the ancient Sumerian and is speaking a long lost language I couldn’t understand?

“Wait, the heck you’re talking about? Do you want them to help out with some club work or something?”

“You have a lot of spare girls, right? Can’t you give me one?”

(TL note from Earth: he thinks our 2D pervert is selling the girls as prostitute.)

Or is this guy mean 2D girls? If so I didn’t only have a lot, I can fill an entire city with them. But he mentioned Ayame…

“What, no! Where did you heard that from!?”

“but everyone said so…”

Again? Are there someone named “everyone” in our school or what?

I let out a sigh and face the man in front of me.

“This is not true in anyway, tell that “everyone” of yours for me too.”

“I, I can’t? Is there a condition or requirements I have to…”


He goes silent when I raise my voice but he still show some dissatisfaction

We let him walk pass us before continuing on our way to class

“The heck is going on since yesterday?”

“You know, you did look like you’re herding girls from another perspective.”


“Just kidding. If someone like you can pull something like that off then Mikato and Co would be harem kings. Friend zone is also a thing, you know?”

He have a point, whenever I look at Mikato’s direction he’s always surrounded by girls but he doesn’t have a girlfriend, as strange as it sound.

While I was thinking, another guy show up. We both don’t know him.

“Can I have a word?”


“A, again?”

“Don’t mind me. And? What do you want?

When I asked, he pull out a ten thousand yen bank from his wallet.

While I was stuck in my confusion, he show me the money.

“Can I watch those two do it with each other?”

…this is beyond me and Tosaki.

Who is “those two” and what are they doing? Why is he paying me?

“Wait, I don’t get it. Explain.”

“But aren’t Ayame, Suwama and Hatsushiba your girlfriend? I heard that you make them do it with each other to show other people…”

This is madness.

Does this mean everyone is now thinking that I’m “herding girls” don’t mess with me.

“I, I wanna watch too! If it’s not enough I’ll come back with more!”

His face look really serious.

“Don’t you ever suspect that the rumor is wrong?”

“B, but everyone say so…”

Again, who the fu*k is this “Everyone”!?

If everyone say so, will white become black!?


I stop myself from just chase this guy away.

“tell me what have you heard.”

I suppress my rage and ask him and he answer me timidly

“They say that you make Ayama and Eve do it for your own entertainment.”

This is just crazy. It’s already outside the realm of simple rumor.


I say and push his hand with the money in it away.

He walk put his money back into his wallet reluctantly and walk away. If you want to watch a yuri that much go play eroge like “S*no Hana*ira” or “Hito*ane” and a whole load of other!

I walk angrily down the hall way with Tosaki trailing behind me.

“Damn it.”

Never thought that the rumor will include me too.

How did Ayame endure all this bullshit?

These rumors aren’t even remotely believable… people would only believe rumor that is believable or at least making sense.

“Are these rumors seem that real to them?”

“If it’s right now, maybe. You’re close with Hatsushiba too, right?”

“That include you too.”

“But you are also there when Ayame change and there’s also your past with Suwama.”

I can’t say anything to that. The reason the infamous delinquent Ayame flip her personality is because of me and most likely, Eve changed because of me too.

I know that those two respect me to some extent.

When someone that everyone feared suddenly become obedient to another person, most people would start to feel fear of that another person, too.

Because of that, I, who was just a bland otaku suddenly become a center of attention although I’m usually in the bottom of the hierarchy.

“And there’s that rumor about those two and Hatsushiba is a lesbian couple, right? You can probably merge the two rumors together.”

I felt regret that I didn’t deal with that rumor when I hear Today’s explanation. This one is all my fault.

I’m too lax when it came to rumor about myself.

When the school is over, Kiyomi come join us and we all walk to the club room together. I feel like someone is watching us while we are walking there.

Usually, this building only have people who’s in a club walking around but today I see a lot of new faces around, looking at our group suspiciously. Can’t you guys be a little bit more hidden?

And it happen the moment we go inside our clubroom.

“Is there any event going on?”

Ayame ask curiously.

Yes. An event about celebrating a new member… who am I kidding, of course not.

“I didn’t hear anything about this right, Ayama?” “Me neither. It wasn’t mentioned in homeroom either.”

Kiyomi and Ayame speak at the same time.

I turn to look at Tosaki, look like he know something.

“Do you know anything about this, Tosaki?”

“Well, I did ask around at lunch… come closer.”

I move closer to Tosaki, leaning my ear to his mouth and ignoring the curious look of the four girls.

“You remember the rumor this morning?”

“Mhmm. And?”

Of course how can I forget that? Making them do each other in front of other people? Me? How ridiculous.

“Well… they say that you host that show in this clubroom.”

I see.

“Because it’s a closed space?”

“You can do thing pike smoking and gambling without getting caught in there right?”

You would get caught smoking because of the stain and smell though. Mom always complain about dad’s smoking habit.

“Just because it’s a closed room we can do whatever we want…?”

When it came to these type of rumor involved people inside somewhere out of sight, just a simple statement like “Maybe they’re doing X?” can start of a chain reaction if it sound plausible enough.

This is bad.

…But all I can do is endure it like a frog hibernating through the winter waiting for spring to come.

I only have to wait for 75 days. If I can endure until summer vacation, all the rumor will disappear on its own.

“…I think I heard someone walking by.”

Ayame say and Kiyomi follow up with “It’s really suspicious.” While frowning.

I focus my attention to the sound outside and found out that there’s a lot of footsteps coming in. They can’t see inside because the door is locked and the window is frosted.

But it’s still unsettling knowing that there’s a bunch of guys walking around outside.

Goddamn it. If you really want to watch yuri that much then I’ll give you some cheap game so take it and go away!

“Hey Aramiya, you think the rumor is start to take effect?”

Tasaki asked.

“Most likely.”

I have to admit that this rumor is starting to be a hindrance to our club and will affect our school life greatly…

I explain what is going on to the confused girls that there’s a new rumor going on.

Ayame and Hatsushiba have that “again?” face while Eve doesn’t really look bothered by it. Kiyomi say “it really is troubling” in a sympathetic tone to Ayame.

“So? What is the rumor this time?”

“Ayame, yours is ‘Ayame is Eve’s lover’”

Her eye widen when she heard that and then Tosaki drop another bomb without reading the mood like “There’s also someone who pair you with Hatsushiba.” And made the two even more depressed.

“And everyone believe it just like that? Tosaki-kun.”

“Umm, at least the people in our class doesn’t but it’s spreading quite a bit outside our class. Even someone from another year was talking about it.”


Hatsushiba pout at Tosaki’s answer.

“People is all worked up because Ayame is already well known throughout school and Eve is a transfer student. There’s also something about Hatsushiba’s jealousy as well.”

Hatsushiba look really tired of all this nonsense.

“If it’s spreading this fast, it mean that someone is going around spreading it. We just don’t know who it is or is it even the same one as last time.”

That’s when Eve vigorously raise her hand up.

“By the way, what is yuri?”

I almost fall down. You didn’t even k ow what it is!?

“I don’t get it too. So? What is it?”

Kiyomi also doesn’t know. Well, this term is pretty specific to our subculture so it’s not strange if they doesn’t know it, I guess.

“I know that it mean flower… does that mean we’re beautiful like a flower?”

She’s right that the word yuri normally mean “lily”…

“no, yuri mean that two girls are in love. In other words, people think that you’re going out with Ayane.”hlllllllllllllllllllll

“Me and Ayame-cchi? But we’re both girl?”

“It’s because you two are always together that people start thinking strange things.”

“Ehh~ but everyone also do it~?”

… Eve is also right.

Even if she tend to have way more skinship than necessary, but something like that is just a normal things amongst female group. You can find a pair of girls this intimating anywhere.

“I didn’t want to be close with her either.”

“Ehh~ Ayame-cchi, what a meanie~”

“I told you to not cling onto me.”

It’s true that Ayame doesn’t smile when she’s around Eve but doesn’t smile that much in the first place.

“Yuuka hate to agree with Suwama-san but this rumor really is strange since I touch Ayame way more than her”

Why are you puffing your chest so proudly? Don’t try and compete.

“Actually, that might be the condition need for the rumor to spread.”

“what do you mean?”

“If Ayame is close to Hatsushiba, that’s normal right? But when she get close to Eve too things become complicated.”

“B, but!”

“I understand that this is stretching it.”

Seem like Hatsushiba isn’t aware yet so I won’t tell her for now. That the three of them look like a love triangle, that is.

“But we still don’t know who’s behind it…”

That’s when Tosaki raise his hand.

“But Aramiya, the rumor last time clearly intended to damage her but isn’t this time a bit strange? Like, its not really that believable  and it isn’t really that damaging either.”

“You’re right…”

Kiyomi speak up while I’m in thought with worried face.

“There’s those who just say that the two are too close too but that isn’t something weird in the girls eye…”

Well, girl-girl pair doesn’t look that strange on the outside but I’ll probably avoid showing my back to a boy-boy couple…

“…. Seriously.”

I can usually just leave this kind of rumor alone but since it’s also connected to a rumor about me so I can’t just look away.

There’s also rumors about the character in games too but it just usually who is in relationship with who or a character’s secret, not this kind of baseless rumor that doesn’t advance the plot like this.

“… we have to find the spreader first.”

“you don’t sound that confident about this.”

“I’m not used to be a rumor’s subject, okay?”

Tosaki really know how to poke where it hurt. After all, I don’t know anything if I didn’t see it in a game before.

“So, how are you gonna find the culprit?”

“Well, first let’s do things like in those detective game and…”

But before I can speak.

“I have heard a really bizarre rumor recently.”

Student council president suddenly walk in along with her two sidekicks.

“why the long face? Do you have a problem with me being here?”

“No, not really. And? What do you need?”

“I am just here to see the lovely faces of Ayame-san, Hatsushiba-san, Suwama-san and Aramiya Kiyomi-san, that’s all.”

She glance at the four.

“But sadly I have another business to attend to.”

She then turn to look at me before signal me out of the room. So you want to speak privately?

I look at her in the eye and stand up from my seat.

“What is going on, Aramiya?”

“The president want to speak with me so I’m going with her. I’ll be back real quick.”

“Then let me go too…”

“You probably shouldn’t. There’s a lot of things I can’t say with you around.”

She look really down by that. Don’t make a face like that, it make me feel guilty.

“Then let’s go.”

We walk to an isolated corner of the building while the other two stand watch so that no one will interfere.

“I just want to ask that is the rumor about you having those girls in your grasp true?”

so it really is about that…

“I’m surprised that even you are believing it.”

“Of course I don’t.”

“Right. Only idiot would believe such a thing.”

“Of course. Usually, no one will believe something like this but the more rumors grown the more realistic it become. Its not strange that someone will fall for it.”

“how thoughtful of you.”

“Of course. Sometime, if you don’t go with the flow it will cost you some really important thing like friendship or even love.”

“If it’s broken so easily then I better off not having it in the first place.”

“Even a shallow bonds can grow to become deeper one but if it’s got cut off before that you will lose all chance for a retry.”

“So you’re okay with friends and relationship?”

“Bond come in various varieties, isn’t it?”

I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it either.

“I’m not good with this philosophical stuff so let’s end that here. I’ll just say that the rumors is not true, that’s all.”

“Of course I knew that, I just want to warn you that the rumor is spreading at an alarming rate.”

Honestly speaking, I suspect the president herself.

I mean, yuri is something she would totally start a rumor about.

“of course.”

“You aren’t denying it!?”

“There isn’t anything special about it. Deep down, every woman prefer yuri, after all.”

… I have to take a moment to process her words. What kind of logic is this?

“let me ask you one thing: why do you think heterosexual relationship is the most common in the world?”

“because you have to have a male and female pair to reproduce.”

Although I didn’t really see a point of leaving behind kids. My standpoint is like someone who only cheer on other couple in silent.

“that is certainly true but we’re approaching the age where mens are not required anymore. There’s still a problem about public morals, of course.”

“And why are we talking about this again?”

Just hearing this make my head ache. I didn’t even want to talk with her.

“It mean that someday, that ‘only boy and girl pair are acceptable’ ideology will be reversed.”

“What a hasty conclusion and what are you even trying to convey to me right now?”

“Try to imagine that this mentality will someday be acceptable in normal society.”

Just imagining it is already hard enough and I still don’t have a clue what she is trying to say.

“when that time come, even if a guy want to be with a girl, will any girls have an interest in guys anymore?”

“I don’t think it’ll end up like that and I don’t really care either.”

“Come on, use your imagination more. Relationship between boy and girl is filled with hardship while girls can slowly build their relationship by just spending time together and if the idea of ‘girl love girl’ became common, these friendship will surely turn into love.”

This is bad. I can’t understand a thing she said…

Or maybe, she’s saying something really deep? Is this philosophy? Help me, Plato-sensei!

“Just your words alone left me in the dust. We’re still in the same era, right?”

“come on now, if you think about it a little you would get it. If girls doesn’t need to rely on guys to fulfill their desire of relationship and reproduce anymore will anyone really choose guys with their barbaric behavior and dirty minds?”

Any attempt to say otherwise would probably be futile.

This person speak like the conclusion she saw is already set in stone. She think that she know everything.

I would probably waste my time trying to convince her otherwise.

If it’s a character from a game you just have to do her to teach what a guy can do… even a yuri character will usually yield to the main character in the end. Or isn’t a part of a dateable character in the first place.

“That’s why I say that I know all of this is not a rumor because they’re simply the truth…. What’s with that face?”

“No, nothing.”

Maybe she’s the one who spread the rumors without she herself knowing it. Or did she say that I make the girl do it for me to watch to separate me from Ayame? Or try to make Ayame her underling?

“I thought that you will disband our club or something.”

“Good idea!”

She say and smile faintly.

What a despicable person.

“Maybe it’s the president that’s spreading the rumor.”

I say after I get back to the room and Tosaki goes “Ah!” And nod in agreement.

But the girls just have confused look on their face. No matter how I look at it, the Pres is probably the enemy of all women do why didn’t they noticed it? Maybe the Pres appear to be weak in their eyes?

“And why would the president do that?”

Kiyomi is still taking the president side like usual.

Should I say it?

“Treat what I’m about to say as a simple baseless rumor, okay?”

And I tell them all that I know.

About how she recruit girls into her external student committee and did something indecent with them every night.

“Really?” “Unbelievable~” “There is a story like that?” “… is this true?”

The 4 girls make a slightly disgusted face.

“I did say that to treat this as a rumor since this is only a hearsay and I didn’t actually see it myself.”

That’s why I hesitated to tell them this story…

“What I just did is just like the one spreading rumors about Ayame and I felt bad doing it so take it with a grain of salt.”

“Bad mouthing others without evidence is really bad~”

Eve speak in a carefree tone… did she even understand what we have been discussing?

“Well, how should I say this, not including Ayame, when a man is following you at night you  would get cautious, right? Or get on an elevator alone with a man.”

“I would secretly walk a bit faster or stop and let him pass first~”

“If he seem suspicious then I will avoid him but if he isn’t doing anything wrong I would feel bad doubting him without reason.”

Eve and Hatsushiba say and then they they, for some reason, turn to look at Tosaki.

“Hey, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Although I understand how you feel, better be safe than sorry after all.”

In the end, it’s up to you to take care of yourself…

“U, umm… why did you say not including me just now…?”

Ayame raise her hand and speak a bit angrily.

“Well, you alone can fought off two men at the same time, right?”

She cry out “Ah…” when I explain it to her.

“But! But what if I was attacked by someone stronger than me!?”

“Don’t joke around, you can win against a bear in a wrestling match, right?”

“Of course not! Don’t look down on bears!”

I don’t know why she have to get angry over it and why did she sounded like she know how strong a bear is? I heard that somewhere in this world os a high school girl who can defeat a bear with a kick… could it be…?

“I just want you to care about me a little! If they outnumbered me or hold me then I can’t fight!”

Come to think of it, she was cornered by Sougo when we first met, isn’t it?

So she isn’t invincible, after all? And Kiyomi who was listening say something like “Thank for the advice.”… where do you intended to use that knowledge? And for what?

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s the middle of June now and it’s hot. The cloud who isn’t helping with the blazing sunlight at all lazily floating overhead, the student uniform that’s start to get soaked from our sweat couple with the heat that slowly radiating from the ground below.

When I look around, all I see is half dried students who’s trying to fan themselves with their hands or is fanning their collar.

While the sun isn’t in its peak yet, having to listen to the principal going on and on in this weather is just pure torture.

“And lastly, the student council president have something to say.” And then he walk down the stage pass the girl who’s taking his place.

So she really is the president? I never paid any attention.

The atmosphere around the field changed a little.

“There’s someone who spreading some baseless rumors in our school grounds as of late—“

I carefully glance around to look at other students, they appear to be paying attention. Both boy and girl have have that spaced out face and reddish face that obviously doesn’t caused by heat.

“She’s surprisingly popular.”

Tosaki who stand behind me whisper in my ear.

“Well, she’s pretty.” For 3D standard anyway.

“She’s kind and elegant to the girls… although she’s like a demon to us boys.”

“Elegant…? Where do I have to look to see that?”

“She might not look like it but she did a lot of work, you know? Even if her influence can’t be compared to that of a teacher she did a lot of behind the scene work and also protect clubs that have too little members as long as they have passion for their club.”

“… although we almost got disbanded?”

“Did we feel any passion toward our club at all?”

“… you’re right.”

It won’t be strange if a club with no clear objective like ours got disbanded.

Maybe she’s the type who only care about those who’s serious about their works?

“By the way, these clubs you’re talking about is all girls, right?”


Isn’t that just unfair bias!

“But look at she, I don’t think she’s the type to spread rumors.”

“I think it’s coming from around her somewhere but I don’t know if it’s intentional.”

By spreading rumor that Hatsushiba and Ayame is a couple, the president can get to the two easier. It’s a good indirect technique. And when some people became a subject of rumor for too long they might sarcastically doing what the rumor said they did. If Hatsushiba and Ayame decided to try it out for real it would satisfy the president greatly.

But the rumor about me being there to watch them do it doesn’t benefit the president in anyway, even if she do it to separate me and Ayame, she would have use other girl’s name.

Something like “You’re making XX doing something like that!? I’m disappointed in you!” or something but since the rumor have her as the victim she would know it isn’t true. Or is this rumor spring up because of the yuri rumor? But that mean people see me as someone who’s capable of doing it.

No way.

It’s true that sometimes the protagonist in eroge will have his personality flipped 180 but that is usually because they change the script writer midway or something happen.


I know that there’s something that I have yet to know… something disgusting like this sticky sweat on my forehead.

When class is over we intended to go to our club like usual but then, a lot of people start to following us. Do you think we can’t see you? No, they probably got bolder because everyone is doing it.

“I think we shouldn’t go today.”

Hatsushiba nod in agreement.

“It’s probably better this way. Shall we go home, then?”

“no, wait.”

I look at Ayame and Eve who seem confused.

“There somewhere we should go. Since we have the chance, we should focus on that.”

“what is ‘that’”?

“end term exam.”

The two’s face cramp up immediately but we show them no mercy and drag them with us.

“Let’s wait a while before we going back to the club room.”

We walk pass a group of students in the library before sit down at one of the vacant table. It would just cause more rumors if we go to the club right now.

“Let’s continue studying until the final exam. Ayame, you did terrible in your last math test didn’t you?”

“I, I just slipped up a bit…”

That excuse is so lame.

“It’s because you’re not studying. That excuse won’t change your results so stop that.”


Ayame hung her head down.

Even if you survive midterm, if you don’t keep studying the knowledge you cram in the night before exam will disappear in a breeze. While it’s true that Ayame only did some minor mistakes for the most part but exam is a one time only event, if you did bad you can’t redo it.

“Ayame-cchi fight~”

Look like Eve also forgot that her score is rock bottom.

“You’re not better off either. How did you even get past the entrance exam?”

“Because it’s mostly a multiple choices exam~”

So she just wing it? The chance you would guess the right answer in a 4 choices test isn’t as high as you think, you know?

“It’s look like you won’t make it after all. Well, do your best in your summer supplementary classes.”

“Eh? What did you just say?”

Her face immediately change.

“our school is just like that.”

“and if I skip it?”

“you will have to repeat a year.”

They probably won’t go that far since Ayame also skip most of the class last year and she still made it. Although I can’t say for sure since Eve is a tranfer.

“N, no way~~ Seichi help me~”

She start to beg.

“And why should I?”

“You are fonna help Ayame anyway, right? And I don’t want to repeat a year~”

“Isn’t that good? You can play all you want.”

“but I want to be with everyone…”

She look at everyone dejectedly.

“Come on man, help her a little.”

Tosaki say.

“What is in it for me?”

“You can’t monitor her if she have to take supplementary, right?”

“I can’t monitor her once the vacation start anyway.”

We doesn’t have a mean to monitoring her during the break.

But if she have to take the lesson someone might try to use her again…


“…. Alright.”

I also don’t want her to make a scene in the library. Well, I would be teaching Ayame anyway so it isn’t all that bad, I guess.

“… So you’re like this, Aramiya-kun.”

Hatsushiba look at me tiredly.


“You can’t reject a girl, can’t you?”

“Of course I can, but I also have to be aware of time and place.”

“… If a girl beg you with teary eyes you would probably do anything.”

“what is this ‘anything’ and cut it out already.”

I’m not that indecisive… or am I? I’m not like those wimpy protagonist that think one thing but do the opposite in the end though.

“Let’s start with math then.”

I let them reviewing old lesson first and point out any mistake I see. And a while passed when the two girls is solving their math problems and the rest of us preparing our own study material.

“wow, senpai is working hard.”

A cute girl come to greet us with sparkling all around her (in my imagination.)

¹ Saitani Ryouma’s surname name is like this ” – 龍 “Ryou” 馬 “ma”

“Ah, oh, it’s you, Saitani.”

Why did have to make an entrance like some kind of heroine? Why did he have to be a guy? Saitani can probably be in an eroge without without being out of place… wait, if he’s in an eroge the protagonist is gonna do him, right? That’d be weird.

“Are we being too loud? I try to be as quiet as possible but…”

“not at all. I just finish my work and have some free time so I come to say hi.”

“Is that so? It’s almost exam now, how’s your studies?”

“I’m not really sure myself but I do like to study.”

“huh? Like to study?”

Like to study? No way. But that sort of character isn’t that rare, I guess.

“I like how I can open up my world when I’m studying or make connections between one subject to another and I think that it’s really fun.”

“Is… is that so?”

Seeing him studying so diligently is really admirable.

“if so then why did you choose this school? It’s bad for me to say this but our school’s average grade isn’t all that high.”

“T, that…”

Saitani shyly bow his head down. What’s this heroine? This is a 2D in the flesh. They say that acting like a fictional character is actually pretty tiring.

“Actually, until 2nd year I really hate studying. I can’t remember the time table, I can’t even write my own name in kanji both “ryou” and “ma” character is really hard to write.” (龍馬)

“eh? To that extent?”

What are you? A certain baseball player?

“but when I start my 3rd year, something happen and it make me interest in studying and learn how fun it can be but I was so dumb back then and couldn’t make it to anywhere else and ended up here.”

Well, it’s not strange if he was like that before. Even if there’s some examples of how someone study for a year and can get in a famous university and such, if he can’t even recite the timetable before the change then it’s pretty much impossible.

“Amazing… what’s your average score before you came here?”

“before I become studious… probably lower than 30.”

(So, for the tl of the footnote:

“Roughly, getting a standard score of 30 means you score is in the lowest 2.3% part of the group. For those more statistically inclined, a standard score of 30 is equivalent to being at the -2SD position, assuming the test results follows a normal distribution.”)

Or maybe, he’s see his past self in the current Ayame?

“And what made you change so much?”

He blush and avert his eyes when I ask him.

“s, someone I met online teach me… I can’t say more than this since it’s embarrassing.”

Why is this trap so cute? Just standing there is already like an event scene from a game.

This type of character is just unfair.

The atmosphere in the library suddenly change while I’m looking at Saitani’s shy face, the content of the quiet conversation also changed.

I look towards the entrance and saw the president and her 2 sidekicks.

“Hi there Ayame-san, you’re as lovely as ever today too. Hatsushiba-san and Suwama-san is also as beautiful as a flower, make me want to put you two in a vase for admiring.”

She bombarded the three girls with praise the moment she open her mouth.

“D, do you have any business with us?”

“I actually have a lot of things I want to talk with you about but I sadly have something to do today.”

And then she whisper in my ear.

“Arawhatever can I get a bit of your time?”

“Really don’t wanna. What do you want?”

“I just want to talk with you a little.”

“… well then. Fine.”

I have a feeling that it probably gonna be some more nonsense but reject her would only cause more trouble. The two of us leave the library, with her two sidekicks trailing behind us, of course.

Except for our group, the people who come to library is mostly the regular. If no one suddenly to come here then there’s only the same old faces to be seen.

The pres pan out her fan and cover her mouth. That action mean… it’s probably doesn’t mean anything.

“Let me get to the point. Can I borrow Ayame-san for a while?”

“… why asking me?”

“Because when I ask her before she said to ask you first.”

“come to think of it, you also go to our clubroom a while back?”

“Yes. But she declined and say I have to ask you first.”

“then just go ask the girl herself.”

“But she said she won’t come if you don’t and I only want Ayame-san, not you.”

So annoying…

“Then why not just give up?”

“I really need to talk with Ayame-san alone.”

“Listen to me for once, will you?”

I’m not even sure if she even intended to have a conversation with me… but she did come to me first so she’s at least willing to negotiate.

“So you don’t want to be too forceful and end up being hated?”

“So you do understand! You’re quite sharp although you’re a male.”

“It’s not that hard to figure out. Anyone can do it.”

Ayame will not go anywhere unless I say it’s okay, that’s why she approach me despite loathing guys.

“That’s right, if you don’t give your greenlight she won’t come with me. Because of that, I have a deal to offer.”

“What’s the deal? You will actually give us club budget?”

“No, money won’t convince you. If you let me borrow Ayame-san I will see to it that we caught the culprit behind the rumors and clear up all the misunderstanding. You don’t like having a crowd around you at all times, right?”

You’re the number one suspect though.

“Did you plan for this?”

“What did you say just now?”

“Nope. Nothing. But isn’t that too little?”

“You still want more? Then how about I investigate the old rumor as well?”

“you can do that?”

“As a president, I certainly can but even I can’t do what I want freely so you won’t have too many chances as this.”

… Ayame’s rumors, huh?

It’s true that we’re at our wit’s end but…

“You don’t have to hurry, just think about it over the vacation.”

The president left me with that sentence and leave.

… is those two even human? They just stood there silently until the president move or ordered. If they don’t blink they’ll be just like a background character that occasionally blink and flap their mouths.

It seem that they will be organizing all the books in the library today so they ask everyone to leave earlier than usual. And Saitani’s face when he apologizes sent strange shiver through my body… let’s keep that a secret.

It’s not quite the time for school to close yet but we have nothing left to do so we change our shoes and go outside.

“sob… the formulas is still haunting me~”

“It’s your imagination.”

“Hatsushiba-cchi you meanie~”

“Yuuka didn’t said she were kind in the first place. And to begin with, teaching you wasn’t my duty so make sure you remember what I just teach you.”

The two is still bickering like always. And Hatsushiba, you criticize me for helping other people without thinking and now you did the same?

“What’s it Aramiya-kun? Do you want to say something?”

“no. It’s nothing.”


I told you it’s nothing! Hatsushiba rapidly close in and stare at my face.

“It’s hot. Let me go.”

“tell me and I will.”

So persistent.

But I guess it’s fine…

“I just want to say that you also help people on a whim too.”

“Not as much as you though.”

“Well, you always complain about this and that but you end up helping her out in the end. I can’t do that.”

“But I think you can… and I feel like leaving her alone.”

That’s what someone who like to help other always say.

“And after spending time with her for a while I think that she isn’t a bad person at all.”


“Either good or bad she’s just innocent.”

Well, she believe everything she hear.

“That’s why, if Yuuka or someone else don’t look after her she would be used again.”

“that’s true…”

“And when she see a group of guys gossiping about Ayame, she barge in and say things like ‘Ayame-chhi is a really good person!’ and the like.”

She really did that?

“Even if she isn’t good with words, she still try to protect us. When Yuuka see that Yuuka just…”

“I see.”

I don’t know why but…

I suddenly thought of a word that can describe Hatsushiba perfectly but will most likely make her angry at me.

“Are you thinking something rude, Aramiya-kun?”

“No, not at all.”

How did she know? Is it showing up on my face or what?

“I really will het angry this time, you know.”

“… I just think that you look like a good mother, that’s all.”

“What? Do I look old?”

She’s worried about that?

“I’m not talking about appearance. You just act like one.”

“Really? I just did it without thinking too much though.”

“Your strict way of teaching is like a mom who send their child to cram school.”

“Ha ha ha. Then Aramiya-kun is the father?”

She look cute when she smile genuinely my heart might skip a beat. If this were a game I probably would have screenshot the scene before me.

“you love to say strange things, aren’t you.”

“You’re the one who start it.”

“That’s true.”

Well, anyway…

“I won’t say that you have to be really close with her but try to be good friend to Eve, okay?”

“If you say so then I can’t reject it~”

Well, even if I didn’t ask she’d still going to do it.

“Yuuki will keep that in mind. Maybe someday Yuuki will also ask something from you.”

“… when is that someday?”

“I don’t know. Maybe in a decade or two?”

You really planning out your future, huh.

“I can’t take it anymore~”

We heard Eve’s cry pathetically.

“Sugar~ I want sugar~”

She staggering to a vending machine and bought a can of apple juice, she open it and down it in one go while make a back-bending pose like people in a commercials. Since the weather is so hot seeing someone drink like this make me thirsty.

“Me too…”

Ayame also follow Eve to the vending machine like a magnet that got pulled in and get herself a cola.

“Yuuka will get one too, to be sure Yuuka is hydrated.”

And then she make a bee line to the vending machine.

I also follow her shortly, having fallen under the vending machine’s bewitching charm.

I bought a can of oolong tea and drink it next to Tosaki.

“Ahhh, that hit the spot…”

“The drinks taste even better in this heat. I can feel it spreading throughout my body.”

Tosaki say it like he was drinking beers. He almost sounds like my father when when he’s drinking.

Although he’s drinking cola


Ayame also look satisfied. Come to think of it, I should told her about that, huh.


I call her quietly.

“What is it?”

“The president is seriously going after you, be careful.”

She frown at my words.

“How did you know that? Did she talk about it with you?”

“That’s right.”

“What did she say? Can you tell me?”

“It’s not something important, really.”

“Base from what you tell us about her, it’s strange enough she want to speak with you at all. What did say?”

Damn it she’s sharp.

“Come on, just spit it out.”

She look intensely at me and it seem like she won’t let me go if I don’t say it… alright then, I’ll just sum up what happened just now.

“Something like ‘If I hand you over to her everything will be settled.’”

Both clearing up the rumors and find out who spread it. If I hand Ayame over she will clear up everything

And when she heard all that she said…

“Then I’ll just go.”

“Oi, wait. You…”

“Yuri is just two girl being close? She’s a president so I don’t think she would do anything bad.”

She doesn’t understand.

The president is much more than a simple yuri lover.

She is a full-blown lesbian.

I have a feeling that if I let her go she’ll be lost forever. Telling her about this is huge mistake.

“No, you shouldn’t. Don’t ask why. Just don’t go to the president.”

Ayame tilt her head confusingly.


“There’s no guarantee that things will get better even with her help and the rumors right now isn’t all that bad, we might not be able to use our clubroom for the rest of the first term but that isn’t that big of an issue. We can think about this later if things doesn’t get better.”

She smile a bit.

“alright. I will believe you.”

Then her smile spread even wider.

Between the lines

“That’s why we won’t be relying on you.”

“Is that so…? Then don’t regret your decision later, okay?”

And then Aramiya turn back and walk away. Student council president Yaotani Airi bite her nail with rejected expression.

“Are you alright, president?”

Vice president Segiguji Hana ask worriedly.

“I’m fine, Hana. Don’t worry.”

She answer and look back at her colleague kindly.

“…should I teach that man a lesson?”

Secretary Harima Asuka ask while burning a hole into Aramiya’s back as he walk away.

“There’s no need. As O have said countless time before: violence is bad.”

“Pardon me.”

“we have to realize our goal elegantly so we can’t cause any troubles.”

“… I can do it secretly too.”

“Don’t raise a smoke when there’s no fire.”

Yaotani speak softly while poking her secretary’s face.


“If yoj understand then it’s all good.”

And then she smiled.

“Don’t worry, she will surely come to me.”

And said so confidently.

*End of Chapter 1*

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Previous Chapter (Vol 3) (Prologue)



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Next Part (Vol 3) (CH 2)


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  1. That president is doing something, and I guess the 3 girls who hang with the mc all really love him. Haaaa its most likely gonna end with Ayame, But harem ……. Also I would have just shouted at the fucking school telling people who brain dead they are to believe such groundless rumors. That’s like saying dude the loch Ness monster was in the park, then people believe it because a lot of people are saying it. That school is full of dumbasses


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