Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai Volume 2 Prologue



Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 2 prologue

“Come on…..Araa……..miiiyaaaa…..wake upppp……….”

I tried to move my body back and forth, but I felt as if something heavy was sitting on me, so I couldn’t move

It’s like someone was sitting on top of me right on my stomach and it’s very unpleasant

Well, it’s probably because I failed to notice it before I was wide awake.

Or it’s definitely because I might’ve left the window in my room wide open, and the light came into my room, causing my brain’s serotonin to wake me up from the sunlight

Even if I already realized what was going on, I couldn’t breathe at all.

Normally, every morning, no one could get into the room. But now it’s for real this time, so who’s the person that dared to get into my room and set my clock to never ring at all?

Today is just a normal day, where I have to go to school as usual. Was my clock ever going to ring or not? My clock still wasn’t ringing, acting as if was like ‘Please let me sleep for about 10 more minutes’

The movement of flood water and sky currents don’t seem to stop at all.

Then I reluctantly opened my bulky eyes, like a heavy piece of lad opening up slowly.

Alright, what’s the heavy thing that’s been sitting on top of me?

I tried to see what’s in front of me with the sunlight in the way, as my focus isn’t full yet

After getting my eyes adjusted to the light, I managed to see a face clearly as the haziness faded away from my vision.

“Oh Aramiya, you’re awake.”

It was Ayame herself.

Why’s a friend of mine in the same room with me now.

She’s in her School uniform, while sitting on her knees on the top of my hips.


Am I dreaming or not?

Before this happened, I’ve dreamt something similar with her in it.

But wait, the warmth and the reality here



I screamed really loud by accident.

I made Ayame startled, making her back away from me a bit towards the back of my bed, sitting on her knees in a proper manner.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! I’M TOTALLY MYSTIFIED ABOUT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!  My blood hasn’t supplied to my brain enough yet! Am I missing amino acids, so that I could process everything about what’s really going on here!


I looked around for a while…….

From what I can see here, my bed, desk, bookcase, my wardrobe, my wallpapers along with my ceiling. I can confirm this is my room.

Then in the morning here, there’s Ayame here with me in this room, this is so pressuring.

The penetrating eyes that intimidates the people gradually becomes settled. In contrary, the face that has been praised as beautiful is not beyond the truth as it still expresses the sign of hesitation. Her black twintail hair that is long down onto the bed, tying in a circle as if feeling anxious like the hair owner. On the other hand, the head looks even to her. Once I just realized a while ago that I’m sitting on my bottom, inside my mind suddenly feels hotter.

But with these events happening, I started to feel a bit numb.

I swear, I really did not take her home with me.

“G-G-Good morning Aramiya”

“Ooh, Mmmh, morning Ayame”


She didn’t answer my question but she just greeted me instead, and I just greeted her back as well.

It may be because there are some scenes in my daily lifestyle that helped me so my nervous system in my brain started to function once again.

“It’s like yesterday while I was playing an eroge and saw this scene, so I wanted to try doing this without any reasons you know…”

“Well, if you just wanted to learn how to cook and make food, then just go ahead! But how the hell did you get in here anyway?!”

“I got Kiyomi-chan to help.”

Oh, so it was my little *Himōto huh.

Since when did those two get close with each other that they would talk to each other?

“W-what did I do that’s wrong?! Should I’ve shaked you more vigorously to wake you up? Or Should I’ve just pulled down the blanket? Ahh, or should we have slept together last night….!?”

You’re not even close to anything at all.

This girl may probably be thinking that I’m still speechless because I got woken up in an unusual way.

Initially, she was a ruthless delinquent. Even she wailed when seeing a crying kid but it turned out she changed her hairstyle to become a pair of black twintails. In addition, nowadays she also plays Eroge until she fully becomes an Otaku as well.

I am the main cause. To be honest, I’m still feeling guilty as well.

“If I’m cuter than those girls in animes and games that would be enough right!?”

This speech that she used to claim flies across my head as if watching the repetitive events in the Eroge. She said that after I refused her. She came to confess her love to me, it was because I (coincidentally) went to rescue her when she got assaulted by a group of gangsters.

From that time onwards, Ayame then tried to do many things such as following the Eroges that she plays. But today she’s being truly ruthless.

“So it means that I have to be a true friend during childhood so I’ll be able to do it right? No actually, or do I have to be your younger sister?”

“Umm, that’s not the problem here.”

It’s true that nine out of ten people that have waken me up are friends during school or if not it is my younger sister.

This does not count as a person who’s already in relationship and still wakes me up unchangingly.

“If I can’t be your younger sister, then do you have any other ways to make me become your childhood friend right now or not?”

“If there is then it would be insane, what do we have in the past like that,”

If I’ve already matured at this age, then it is still possible to call me a childhood friend. But we just knew each other during high school, so if we just suddenly started to call each other as childhood friends, then that would be a bit too difficult.

In my opinion, having a childhood friend is something very sacred.

In one aspect is that it is more sacred than just a younger sister additionally.

The fact that we’re friends since childhood, so we called each other childhood friends, and childhood friends do not always must have a relationship, unlike my younger sister.

We also don’t share the same blood.

But if we want to be childhood friends, there must be a halo.

And that halo will become a history, tying our relationship together with stability.

Damn, having a childhood friend would be awesome.

I also wanted to enter into the 2D world and let my childhood friend climb through the window to wake me up in the morning too. If she calls my name ending with ‘chan’ that would even be better.

“Sei-chan, time to wake up, or the breakfast would become completely cold,”

If I have the opportunity to hear something like that, then I won’t regret at all.

“Kotoko-san, if you haven’t had any breakfast, do you want to have breakfast together?”

And suddenly, I hear my younger sister shouting from the other side of the door.

“Hold on, Kiyomi, is it you this time that secretly helped her! Did you forget to say something?”

“You’re being very noisy you shameless virgin! I’m not talking to you!”

Once I start moaning, Kiyomi slams the door loudly together with the noise of her insult.

The eye expression that’s challenging adults is standing out on her face. Her fluffy brown hair gradually cuts the color until the back. Her forehead is clipped with hairpin. Her skin where it should be bulging turns out to be concave. The part where it’s concave is very concave. Her body is very skinny which teenage girls see would feel pity towards. She wears a school uniform like me and others but it’s a school uniform for students a year younger. The crease on the collar and skirt pleats are different colors to Ayame’s one. Her calves are covered with white socks, even they look figurable, but I know the truth that her calves have some insidious power especially her kicking attack that can hit your target.

If I have to guess what high school girls these days look like, if I need to give an example of how high school girls look like, here it is. No matter how we look but she doesn’t look like my younger sister being reborn again at all.

“A person like you just go and bite the dust around there, moreover, when are you going to leave the room,”

She’s such a reproaching sister. Sisters in this real world are like this you know. The fact that I’m fed up of being awkward has already been lost since I was in my mother’s womb.

I really want to know that because of what that makes her lose her goodness this much. During the time when we just knew each other, she was still calling me Onii-chan normally.

“Is it really going to be fine?”

When Ayame asks hesitantly, Kiyomi made a wide smile on her face. It’s the first time i’ve seen her with that expression. I’m curious about how she can develop those facial muscles.

” It’s definitely gonna be fine ! Mom and Dad also told me that they want to eat together with you. if it’s Kotoko-san, then I would gratefully welcome you! Hurry up and join us !”

Kiyomi talked happily before walking enthusiastically down the stairs.

They are very close to each other, like sisters…

“Having a sister is great you know”

“If you want her as your sister, then just take her then.”

“Wa-wait a sec, she’s your younger sister. Just be nice to her. In the eroges, no matter how much the protagonist complains about her annoyance, at last he’ll end up being kind to her anyway.”

I never thought that she would use eroge games to lecture me, but she was right nonetheless.

Although I should be nicer to my sister, but this is way too far. try to take care of her and see that whether the eroge main protagonist can still handle this or not. If he still can, then he probably have to be very generous. Achieving the enlightenment is not wrong for sure.

“Alright then, I’d like to please join the breakfast at your house together… won’t mind at all right Aramiya?”

“I don’t have any problems with it at all. After all, you always make delicious lunch bentos for me. My mom also wanted to thank you for that as well.”

Ayame smiled cheerfully, before she walked out of the room then down the stairs like she’s glad.

I was then looking at her, thinking to myself that I have a hunch that today might be a crazy morning for me.

“It’s freakin hard to find peace…”

I might not be able to return to those lovey dovey days again.

* “Himōto” and “Imōto”are different. “Imōto” means “Little Sister” while “Himōto” is a pun on “Imōto” and the word  “Himono”, which means “Dried Fish”. But in a slang “Himōto” refers to a woman who is proper in public but lazy at home.


*End of prologue*

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  2. This novel has played with my feelings so much. I gave no fucks over whether the women were virgin. I thought her rumoured to be dating a dirt bad like that guy made me lose a bit of respect for her(due to her having low standards) but thats it.

    Ugh, but that implied rape was killer. And then the near rape scene that happened in chapter four was even worse, my mouth felt sour AF when reading that. Still, its a harem tag, and this is a jap novel, and this is set in a modern world. So i didnt feel like real rape would happen. If it were a “summoned to another world” type of novel, maybe i would think it would happen, but its not.

    Im kinda confused though…i forgot a lot of what i read. I read up to chapter 2 some weeks ago. So i forgot what chapter i was on and went to ch3 thinking i read it already and intended to re-read it. But i got lazy, skipped half before i realizing it was the wrong chapter. Then was too lazy to go back and read all that i skipped…Long story short im unclear on some things.

    Like, that other woman…yuuka? I wonder, did she or does she even really like the MC like i recall her saying she did? Or was that some lie or something? Eh, whatever. Im talking to much. Anyway, great chapter, thanks for the time you took to get it out. I know that these chapter are seriously long AF…


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