Chuuko demo koi ga shitai Volume 2 Epilogue



Volume 2 Epilogue

{TL NOTE: I THE GREAT AND MAJESTIC LAST_AEON HAS RETURNED!(After lazing around and stuff) Plz enjoy~}

Eve was suspended from school for a week for the crime of stealing a key and molestation.

Of course, I asked the teachers to keep the molesting a secret, because its too shameful.

And so, the school rumored something like ‘just stealing a key was enough to get suspended? Isn’t that a bit too extreme?’ Only the people involved in the incident knew the truth.

And today is the first day Eve is returning after the suspension.

“Hello everybody~”

Her hair was the same gold color, but her dark skin tone had changed to a much healthier one.

Her honeyed color skin paled, changing the atmosphere.

Some boys were a little flustered and blushed behind the scenes. Meaning that this appearance holds quite an amount of beauty.

“Sorry for making you all worry, I went crazy for a little.”

Her way of talking hasn’t changed, a gal just like before.

After homeroom, Hatsushiba and Ayame came straight towards me.

“Hey hey, what do you think?”

“Is she planning something again?”

“I don’t know… I really don’t.”

Even if she dares to do something bizaare again, she should not be able to think of anything yet, for now.

She and I ain’t have any problems anymore too.

And so the school went on normally until afterschool.

Ayame, Tosaki, Hatsushiba and I am heading towards the library as usual.

“Kotogo-san~ Yuka-san~!”

While walking, Kiyomi joined our gang. This girl sure comes around quite often recently.

“What are you looking at, I’m just here to see Kotoko and Yuka-san.”

“I know.”

I was just gazing at her, and she came all the way to find trouble. I’m so tired.

“Eh? Is there someone there?”

At the place Kiyomi was looking-the entrance to the club building.


Eve was standing uncomfortably there, making an uneasy face.


When she was greeted with the gazes of 5 people, she became even more uneasy.

“…What is it?”


Eve looked at us, trying to say something.


And then Eve.

“Seiichi, Ayame, I’m sorry!”

Suddenly she lowered her head down.

“I was stupid… Many things that I’ve done, like, even I don’t understand why… While I was suspended, I was thinking over what I’ve done… I might’ve been hurting seiichi a lot. Really, I’m sorry.”

Her voice was clearly shaking.

Her confident expression was gone, her over the top cheerful atmosphere was no more. All that was left was humility.

It was like a whole different person.

…No. This girl, was reflecting on herself?

“Ah, like, I- I don’t mean for you to totally forgive me or anything… But like… I want to say I’m really sorry… I think that I should say sorry no matter what…”

This girl shouldn’t have any bad intentions.

But even if she doesn’t have any bad intentions, forgiving her was another matter.

Even so… I am tired of hating her. You could say I was lazy.

Anyways, since I’ve already at last step over my old wounds, I don’t think I should keep my hate any longer.

“I……………………………… don’t really care about that anymore. But what’s more important is, Ayame, how do you feel?”

“Eh? M-me?”

Ayame was suddenly asked and unable to respond.

Ayame was asked and unable to answer.

“W-wait! Aramiya-kun! Cotton too! To suddenly forgive this—“

Hatsushiba also seems angry.

Things were starting to get noisy— but at that moment.


The president Yaotani Airi came, she smiled a murderer’s smile, with two minions behind her. The minions being the vice president and her secretary.

“Today is the due date… Have you recruited enough members and appointed a teacher as your advisor yet?”

I want to say, ‘stop first not now!’ but the atmosphere won’t let me. Eve, Ayame, and Hatsushiba who were fighting went silent.

To be frank, the club problem was so annoying I didn’t think about it.

Even if I have Kiriko as the advisor, I still can’t find another member for the club.

Not that I didn’t do anything. But this club was so secretive that even inviting a friend in class was impossible, they all refused. I tried asking Sitani, but he was too busy with the work in the library and kindly refused.


“Smiling won’t help you. So, where is the sixth member?”

Her eyes swept through, acting as if it wasn’t her problem.

Damn it, so she knew.

“W-wait, I will give you the form later…”

“If so can I just hear the sixth’s name?”

Making sudden excuses won’t work here.

Should I bow down and beg for one more week?”

While I was considering that option—

“Eh, the sixth? I’m here though?”

Suddenly Eve walked out of nowhere just like that.

The president seemed unready for that too, her eyes widened in shock.

“You… Are the new club member? If my memories serve me right, you are Suwama Eve that just transferred over right?”

“Eh, new club member… Ah, so that’s what Seiichi was talking about in the library! Yes! I entered just now, right, Seiichi?”

Eve nodded furiously, seems she just understood the situation.

“…Hmm, is that so.”

The president scanned Eve, before sighing in resignation.

“I understand, this time it seems I need to resign.”

The president gave up for good.

The situation developed too fast for me to understand.

But since you’re an official club now… Please clarify us your goal clearly too.”


I screamed internally.

“Like if you’re a soccer club, your goal is winning a competition. The traditional club is to enter a competition, or joining some activities… In conclusion, you must have results in which we will send money for you people to accomplish your goals.

“…Results…. Huh.”

“If you want to remain as a club, please work hard to accomplish your goals. So then everybody, I shall excuse myself now.”

And so the president left, leaving only the club members.

Including Eve…

“Wait Aramiya-kun! What’s the meaning of you letting her into the club!? No, Yuka hasn’t even forgiven her yet!”

“Um, about that—“

Eve was speaking on her own accord!

“This girl spread the rumors about Cotton! Yuka won’t forgive her and let her into our club!”

That’s true.

“What do you mean by spreading rumors?”

Eve opened her mouth in surprise, while tilting her head in confusion.

“Y-you spread the rumors, didn’t you! The ones about Cotton always messing around, or her being the daughter of a yakuza gaing!”

“Eh? Messing around? Like, messing around? Ayame-chi does that?”

That’s another meaning of messing around.

But I don’t think she’s lying. And this girl doesn’t understand what ‘messing around’ means too…

“…How about you Ayame, even if she didn’t spread ay rumors, but she does many things to harm you.”

“I don’t mind, I won’t punish her too.”

“R-Really!? Seiichi, and Ayame-chi too!”

“I’m not saying I’m forgiving you for everything though.”

“Since she seems to really reflect on herself, shouldn’t we forgive her? I was able to continue staying here since everybody forgave me too.”

“T-thank you! Both of you! I’m really happy!!!!”

She jumped onto me and Ayame and gave us a hug.

Hah, what a troublesome girl

I peeled my body off.

“U-uh, about forgiving her is in the past then… But, are you really letting her into our club?”

Hatsushiba seems unable to forgive her. Even though Hatsushiba wasn’t directly harmed, but she seems reluctant to forgive what Eve did to Ayame.

“…Eve, the things you said just now. Are you really going to join our club?”

“Yes, because I don’t intend to make the people in the class worship me anymore. Like what Seiichi told me, right?”

She told me, seemingly hiding something inside that sentence.

Another thing, if there were any problems we could just fire her.

“Eve, if you do anything weird, I’m going to make you quit.”

“Ok, you can trust me Seiichi.

Eve made a sparkling expression and nodded wildly.

Hatsushiba seems to want to say something, but after comforted by Ayame decided to give up.

“…Anyways we also need Eve’s help to get close to the person causing all this trouble this time.”

“The person who caused all the trouble?”

Ayame bent her neck in confusion, like hearing something completely unexpected.

“The rumors, no matter how you look at it is suspicious. Both speed of spreading and content. Right after Eve transferered here, the rumors started to spread like a wildfire, so we misunderstood Eve as the mastermind. But maybe those rumors didn’t just came out of nowhere, I think there’s somebody behind this.”


“I thought before that no matter how you look at it, the rumors are still going too strong. I think the reason that the rumors about Ayame hasn’t disappeared is because of the mysterious orchestrator. Ever since Hatsushiba started high school, she almost did nothing, right?”

Hatsushiba nodded lightly.

“It is possible that Songo let somebody other than her to spread the rumors?”

“Yuka doesn’t know that much either… Since Yuka doesn’t know all of her friends.”

Yuka must really be clueless. Truly there were also other suspects, but those were just a possibility, since there were far too many candidates.

“Let’s find him or her, if we don’t take care this problem at its roots, Ayame’s rumors won’t disappear.”

“But how do we find the one behind this?”

Tosaki asked the important question.”

“I don’t know, we should slowly ask the people in school. Now that I think about it, Eve, who did you hear the rumors about Ayame from?”

“From a person in the class.”

“The very first person is?”

“…Nishihara-chi, was it? No, is it someone else… Sorry, I’m not very sure.”

Nevermind, just asking this and knowing right away who is who is already too lucky to be true.

“If you can clearly remember one, tell me. Let’s just say that for now we should slowly backtrack our way though.”

“So just walking around asking?”

Tosaki sighed tirefully.

“Can’t be helped, we don’t have any hints.”

“If so then it’s time to officially start the rumor-erasing club (TL NOTE: editor-san, find a more fancy name please lol) about Ayame’s rumors then.”

Hatsushiba said something weird not because of sleep-depravity, but because she’s normally like then huh…

“I don’t mind the club’s name. But the next project is finding the root of all this.”

“Aramiya sure is Tsundere to Ayame-chi. You can try telling her directly that you’re doing this for her y’know.”

“NO! I’m not doing this for Ayame. I’m doing this for myself! Don’t twist other’s people words to your own will.”

But Hatsushiba and Tosaki were smiling sincerely, clasping their hands over their mouth as if to hold in their laughter.

“Did you here that? Tosaki-san.” “Well, I heard that too, Hatsushiba-san.”

These guys sure are annoying.

Even though from now on we need to ask Kiriko-sensei about the club advisor stuff.

I’m so tired.

“C’mon, I’m sure it’s going to end well. Right, Aramiya.”

“True, it seems there isn’t any immediate danger at all…”

Ayame was right, we passed the club crisis.

“Hey, by the way Aramiya, about the results president was talking about, should we try to think about it more? If we don’t think of something it’s going to be bad.”

Tosaki said with a worried expression and added a sigh.

“Seriously… More problems..”

Taking care of the rumors, finding its root, and making some kind of results as a club activity. What can an eroge-game club do to send in real results. Should I write an essay about why the eroge protagonist can still remain cool but unable to get promoted?

“It’s all because you went ahead to snatch away the clubroom from someone else like that, and this is the result.”

“Shut up. It was originally my sacred land.”

Kiyomi said that and ticked me off a bit.

“Well, let’s just say.”

Ayame sighed strongly.

“We go to the club room and then think there what we should do with the six of us here.”

And so she said that peacefully.

“That’s true, Cotton.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you a hand!”

Even if there were still some problems, but we were slowly taking care of it one by one.

Since from now, whether it will be a fun experience or not is up to us to decide.


*End of Epilogue*

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