Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 2 Chapter 4



Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 2 Chapter 4 Translation

Chapter 4 – Please Forgive Me

Today is also another day that we participate in activity to help school.

Previously, it used to be a quack congregation that allowed me to quietly play eroge inside the club room, but right now we’re doing an activity to eliminate the rumors related to Ayame already. In that case, we have chosen to help participating in the activity with various committees and teachers.

In fact, all of them is just only for me to play eroges enjoyably.

I could say like that is correct. Well, once all the rumors related to Ayame have disappeared from the school, at that time I can return to do activities related to eroges.

Today we have come to help the cleaning department by picking up trash outside the school building.

“Everything in this entire world should be connected with a magnet, don’t you think?”

Tozaki said awkwardly while using sticks to pick up can trash that people had littered all over the place.

“So that we can use magnet to attract all the metals together easily like an electromagnet or something like that,”

“Well you seem to be quick-minded, then swallow a bar of magnet into your body to attract those pieces of garbage right now,”

“…Argh, so tiring, this kind of duty has really trembled down to the bottom of the person on duty,”

“That feeling I also had experienced before,”

Normally, I sit still on a chair playing eroges but once I have to do a work that involves standing up or bending down would make me feel tolerating. My legs are totally shaking. If I could sit still play eroges and my body is strengthened, then it would be great.

We each are carrying a stick to pick up trash and a trash bag on each hand. We pick up trashes that are found everywhere and put them into the trash bag continually.

The trash bag is almost fully occupied. This school seems to have trash at some places that are really difficult to be spotted.

“But it’s good… once we can see by our eyes that it’s much cleaner, it makes us feel that we have done something productive,”

“It’s true, Aramiya, but I’ve never thought that you would have this kind of feeling as well,”

This guy seems very reproaching, I also do love cleanliness and hygiene at a certain level alright.

“Are you tired, Aramiya?” “How about you Tozaki-kun,”

Ayame and Hatsushiba also return with a bag fully occupied with trash as well.

“There seems to be lots of trash hidden in there, there should be some people who have yet to finish drinking the juice before throwing the box away,”

“There are also used cosmetics too, our school is really extraordinary,”

Or is it due to the lack of strict disciplinary rules that has an effect on the school’s cleanliness. At least it’s fine there has yet to be anybody disposing eroges, if they are actually found it would be a huge disaster.

“You have collected not a few amount at all, are you really taking this very seriously, Ayame?”

“Well I guess, If I do this without commitment then it would be meaningless, another thing, I can tell by my eyes that the environment looks much cleaner as if we have done something great,”

Tozaki smiles mysteriously over there,

“Wow, you talked like Ayame, you guys seems to have the same heart,”

“Can you stop smiling mysteriously while talking please?”

Hatsushiba laughs maniacally and Ayame also starts laughing as well.

“For god’s sake, Tozaki also likes to say something dirty too…”

“Are you blaming me!?”

“It’s totally your fault,”

And while we’re playing jokes on each other, a female student walks toward us, it’s the chairperson of cleaning department.

“I have to thank you guys very much, when I came to beg you guys I was thinking what on earth was going on, but once you guys have come to help with the work, the process has finished much faster,”

“Well, not at all…”

In fact, the person who went to ask the teacher was Ayame. Also, the person who told the chairperson of cleaning department then we’re going to volunteer was Ayame too.

Initially, the chairperson of cleaning department was astonished too but once we had continually picked up trash, she had gradually become kinder with us little by little.

“And I have to also thank three of you, for the rest of the work our people from cleaning department will help. You guys can go back home, thank you once again,”

After finished speaking, the chairperson then carries the trash bag with two hands and walk towards the student who is part of cleaning department.

“Phew, thank you to all three of you.”

Ayame bows to us to show respect once again.

“There’s no need to think too much, no need to, Yuuka did this for Cotton, today Yuuka doesn’t have any work at all and also picking up trash for everyone is really enjoyable.”

“Well, it’s occasional that we felt that we have done something beneficial for the school,”

Hatsushiba seems to be very delightful. On the other hand, Tozaki, who’s looking tired, also shows the aura of satisfaction at the same time.

I’m not able to say anything because I’m shy, but I feel like it’s a great group of teamwork.

“Then let’s go home,”

And then we head to the classroom to go grab something.

At the moment of walking upstairs,

“…Oh, talking about Ayame,”

Then I hear some people talking loudly coming from upstairs,

I put my finger on my lips, telling Ayame and others to keep quiet.

Once I started eavesdropping, I could hear a group of ladies discussing together clearly.

“What do you think about Ayame right now?” “Umm, well I think she’s a bit strange,” “Like unusual right?”

It’s probably a group of maids, looking from them still yet to go home might likely to be a group of unemployed people.

“It’s like, I often see a guy staying next to her for most of time right?” “Is it Aramiya?” “So that means… it’s a love story?”

Then at that second, they started to scream out loud “arghh!!”

…Well, it’s true that Ayame do have a crush on me but it’s just I still can’t handle it.

Whenever there’s somebody who talks about this, no matter in what way, I tend to feel quite blushed.

For Ayame… she doesn’t seem to care at all. It’s probably that she usually doesn’t care about the rumors anyway which may be the cause of why the rumors have been stuck-up until today.

“With comparison to another person,” “Oh, is it that girl, the one that’s named Eve?” “Well it seems terrible,”

Then the topic has swiftly changed, this time the topic is based on Eve.

“I do understand that I don’t like Ayame’s face, but it is like,” “Don’t you think ahead at all that what you would do if you get injured?” “I know right,”

Eve came to interfere and make fun of Ayame who’s still trying to change herself. So her characteristic seems to get considerably worsened.

She’s acting like once we noticed her, it looks really pitiful. I also think that girl wouldn’t intentionally think anything beyond this. Once Ayame has faced that, she still doesn’t explode yet. Usually Ayame doesn’t lose temper with any rumors relating to herself.

“You guys, please go home now,”

“Yes sir,”

Maybe the teacher has found them at that right moment and then the sound from their conversation slowly fades away.

My group also walk upstairs together returning to our rooms.

“It seems it gradually has worked already right?”

From what Tozaki said, the rumors about Ayame doing good things have already gone viral.

“At least no one has heard about the Yakuza or any made up stories,”

“Yeah, it has been said that rumoring for seventy-five days will soon be gone,”

Once I’ve said that, Hatsushiba then started speaking cheerfully.

“Even the seventy-five days have yet to be gone,”

“Yes, you’re right! But if we don’t do anything, by now people would be still rumoring. Right now, no one has talked about the newly arrived nonsensical rumor,”

Hatsushiba, the expert of rumors, confirmed like that.

On the other hand, Eve’s reputation is declining.

“Another thing, the girls surrounding Suwama are starting to reduce in number,”

But about that, she herself still doesn’t know about it. Nowadays, Nishihara still always walk together along with Eve.

“Suwama-san seems to be the person who spreads the rumors, you know, that’s why whenever she says something, people are starting to disbelieve her?”

We could look in that perspective.

But if we think about it carefully, would that girl have the ability to do anything complicated like spreading rumors? I’m still a little bit in doubt about it, but Hatsushiba may think that Eve should be the person who spread the rumors.

“Yes, I also think like that, but whether she has a bad intention or not, I don’t know either,”

Tozaki also agreed too.

Well, looking at that with the attitude messing around with Ayame would look really more reasonable.

“But in that case, it is now our opportunity then,”

Hatsushiba laughs “Huhuhu,” with a little bit of sly face.

“What opportunity?”

Once Ayame tilts her neck with confusion, Hatsushiba then smiles prettily to her.

“I’m sorry for having to make you wait for long Cotton, but finally we’re ready,”

“Ready for what?”

“Let’s start eliminating about the rumors relating to Cotton, at least in our own room would be a good start,”

I don’t know what plan does Hatsushiba has either, but she has announced confidently like that.

On the next day,

“Everybody listen, today Yuuka has something to say a bit,”

After the homeroom class has finished earlier than usual, while there are classmates talking during the first period, suddenly, Hatsushiba steps onto the podium in front of the class.

Her voice isn’t that loud, but her voice echoes clearly throughout every corner of the room.

All the students inside the classroom have to turn their heads towards Hatsushiba only. They suddenly stop talking among each other, until the classroom is spookily silent. We could hear only the noise coming from the room next door.

“Eh, what is going on, are we doing anything enjoyable soon?”

Eve is fooling on Hatsushiba’s mind.

But Hatsushiba does not look into her eyes.

She still continues staring at the classmates.

She looks very committed.

Her forehead is slightly soaked with sweat as if she’s nervously shaking a bit.

“I think everybody is starting to realize about itself, but today Yuuka wants to talk about Cotton’s rumors, Kotoko-san, once again,”

The whole classroom is still busy for a while until once they hear one topic.

But once Hatsushiba continues talking, the silence instantly kills the entire noise inside the room.

There isn’t any plan here, Hatsushiba aims to go straight to the point directly!

“Almost every rumor is a lie, Ayame-san never have done any sidelines, not even once before, and those made-up rumors or knowing Yakuza are totally a lie without any evidence to back up at all.”

Once we hear Hatsushiba said making up stories everywhere, then people started to hiccup, same goes with the other boys. Each of their faces has turned red while hiding their faces laughing behind Hatsushiba’s face.

During that time, one girl raises her hand.

“But there was somebody saying that Cotton was seen walking with an old man inside the shopping center…”

“That was Cotton’s father, has everybody that old man’s face before? The middle-aged man who was walking along with Ayame had always been the same person.”

Once she claims that, the person who just asked a question suddenly has gone quiet.

Then there’s another guy started talking to Hatsushiba as well.

“But I saw Ayame walking into Yakuza’s office…”

“That’s not Yakuza’s office, but it’s a civil design company which is called Tanaka Corporation instead! Cotton’s father is a civil designer. It’s true that the company name has the word corporation, but it is not Yakuza,”

Each different rumors has gradually revealed.

Previously, Hatsushiba had claimed that even if she stood in front of the class, it is still meaningless. But from what she said like that isn’t because of her laziness or not wanting to be hated by others.

She didn’t even think like that at all.

But she’s waiting for the opportunity to eliminate the rumors relating to Ayame for most of her time.

We shall wait until everything is ready, so that the people will believe that all the rumors about Ayame are just a lie.

Therefore, that is the reason she has chosen to start this plan right now.

The opportunity that she meant yesterday is what we’ve seen today. It’s a shame that if she seeks for advice beforehand, I may be able to help her for another hand.

At that time, Ayame is looking a bit confused as if she doesn’t know what to do.

But at least she doesn’t look afraid is enough already.

“From previous times, I have thought that there were people seeing Cotton using physical strengths on others too. For sure, using aggressive strengths isn’t something great. But Cotton uses strengths always with reasons like for instance, forbidding people from squeezing money from others or going to help people when they’re in trouble. She never had used strengths for no reasons at all! That’s why Cotton has never been suspended from school for once since junior high school already!”

“We could say she has never taken any money from others at least once at all,”

Right here, Tozaki has intentionally announced so that the whole class can hear him.

It could be said that the rumor about money is only about sidelining. There has never been any rumors about stealing money from anyone. I really have never realized about this at all.

Tozaki is also good person.

“It’s true that Cotton may had intentionally skipped classes and did not participate in helping out class activities. But if everybody in the classroom all believed in those rumors lacking evidence, then how can Ayame join with you guys!”

Hatsushiba is really saying something directly from her heart.

“Ayame-san also has some flaws too! But now she has changed, she studies harder, and she admitted that previously she had never helped the school at all, so now she has chosen to help! After that, she cooperates with the classroom! Because right now she has changed!”

After that, Hatsushiba slaps the table with two hands.

“Therefore, please stop believing in those rumors alright!”

Hatsushiba’s eyes is soaking out of a sudden.

Initially, the rumors since junior high school came mostly from Songou. But from those, there should be some that came from Hatsushiba as well. Thus, even if she has no intention, but she might already have been finding the right rhythm to eliminate the rumors anyway.

Hatsushiba also realizes how much value does she have and knows the method of how to use it efficiently.

She may have many enemies, but there are also people who are pitiful of her.


Once she had told the story with commitment, all the groups of students then truly believe her.

“Well…I’m sorry! Ayame-san, I’ve misunderstood for all the time,”

One girl apologizes to Ayame.

That is Hozoe, the person who Ayame had helped about the locker previously.

And once one person has apologized, the words of apology has run like a stream of river endlessly.

“I’m also sorry!” “I was only believing in mysteriously things!” “Once I think about it now, it’s really dubious…”

All the classmates continuously apologize Ayame.

“It’s alright… I also made everybody misunderstood for all the time… and I made the entire class get into trouble too,”

Ayame is really reddened before bending down her head hesitantly.

She do skip class and activities before because she know other people few awkward around her. But since she start attending class again and stop using violence the class’s opinion about her should change  drastically.

“If everyone would accept someone like me, I… if you will really accept me as a part of the class, I.. “

Ayame make a happy and relieved face while tears start ro pooling up in a corner of her eyes. Everyone is dumbfounded by the scene that no one has ever seen before.

“I would be glad if everyone will be my friends.”

She speak shyly while trying to suppress her emotion look just like a normal teenage girl. Although the rumors about her that’d been going on for many years still have a deep root in everyone’s heart. Even if we say that it’s all a lie they can’t accept that so easily.

It’s just inevitable.

Once a white clothes was stained, you can’t remove that black spot no matter how many time you scrub it.


Hatsushiba have made a foothold for Ayame, the rest is up to Ayame now. If she can keep this up someday everyone will surely accept her for real.

We have a little celebration while we have lunch, our mood is as good as the weather today. Well, all we have is some cola and our usual lunch… but it’s a celebration nonetheless.

“Although I’m still a little worried but I’m sure that it worked!”

“Don’t be like that, Cotton! Have more fun!”

The two of them chatting happily to each other just like a high school girls should, it’s pleasant to look at. As for Tosaki, he look like he really want to join in but Hatsushiba doesn’t notice him at all. Look like he have a long road ahead of him.

“We doesn’t have to worry about any more rumors to affect our class too much.”

Hatsushiba nod vigorously at my word.

“Right, right? It would be good if it can continue like this—“

But before she can finish her sentence, something interrupt het.

“Hi there, everyone.”

The students council president Yaotani Airi, she walk into the room with the vice president and her secretary fanning her fan and emit an intimidating aura like always.

“What are you doing here? It’s not the time yet, right?”

“I just have a little something to tell Ayame-san over there.”

She cover her mouth with her fan and said calmly.

Rumors like “She’s will sleep with anyone” or “She have a connection to yakuza” shouldn’t be spreading in school anymore, I already deal with them.

“T, thank you.”

Ayame who turn out to be a better person than expected bow her head awkwardly.

The students council president smile kindly and answer Ayame.

“Don’t mind it, I’m doing this for your sake after all. Although some older rumor is still lingering around.”

And then the president smile slyly at Hatsushiba. When Hatsushiba stare back, she laugh like she’s looking at some cute small animal.

“But who would spread such a cruel rumor, I wonder.”

The president fold her fan and hit it lightly on her cheek looking worried.

“Do you have any idea who it might be?”

I try to probe her a pittle but her face remain unchanged.

“I don’t know… or did you think I knew?”

“Well, I thought since you’re the president you should know what is going on in the school better than anyone, right?”

“Rumors is a something with a set conditions. If you fulfilled those conditions they will start up on their own. Thinking about the one who started it is useless, we should focus more on how to stop it from spreading further.”


“Because of that, your method isn’t entirely wrong either, Ara-whatsit-san.”

“Please remember my name already.”

“I will once I feel like it. Now if you will excuse me.”

Then she leave

“… why did she even come here for? Come to think of it, wasn’t she came to meet you guys when I wasn’t around before, right?”

Ayame and Hatsushiba nod at my question.

“She come to ask us to cooperate with the external student committee or something…”

Hatsushiba look confused.

“Talking about ESC, I heard that she use them as an excuse to gather people and I heard she only target girls.”

“Where did you even get that from…”

“I heard it from someone I know. I didn’t even check if it’s true yet but I heard that… that she eat up every cute girls she find.”

Eat up? HAHA, that’s a good one.

But… it’s true that I feel something off about this.

“I become the students council president because I have a mission to complete.” Is what she said before.

What’s she trying to do, create a yuri harem?

“But I don’t think she’s a bad person.”

Ayame speak up quietly.

“Why do you think so?”

“If she want to destroy our club she would do so long ago… and because I can’t feel any killing intent coming from her, I think.”

“Killing intent… you can sense that?”

What are you? A killer from a game?

“It’s hard to hide ill intentions, the way you smile or talk will change somewhat. In Suwama case it’s obvious what she think but I can’t feel such a thing from the president but if she can hide that then I really don’t know.”

Is that so… maybe, being alone made her more observant.

“Even so, she might made thing worse because of her good will.”

“Good will… you mean the more she try to help the worse it get?”

They said that the road to hell is paved with good wills.

“We can’t let our guard down even if she’s a good person.”

Everyone agree with Ayame’s words.

We have to protect this club…

Everyone’s action towards Ayame changed a little the next day.

“M, morning.”

“Morning, Ayame-san.” “Oh, morning.” “good morning.”

Everyone reply back to her greetings. It might seem small but it’s actually a really big change.

Because everyone finally open up to her.

Even if everyone already apologized to her, accepting an ex-delinquent into the group is hard. Not to mention that the whole class is afraid of her even when she didn’t do anything.

If Ayame refrain herself from lashing out from now on, all of the negative thought about her will fade away.

“Thanks you, Aramiya. This is all thank to you.”

“Don’t joke with me, this is all because you did your best.”

“Still, I have to thank you.”

“You should thank the thing I introduced you to.”

Of course I’m talking about the Eroge. Ayame also seem to understand that because she’s making some great face right now.

“There’s that too…”

She speak quietly and we smile at each other.

“You two look really close together lately, so it’s true that you’re dating?”

I don’t even know how to feel about this question… but when I was about to deny the question like always.

“It’s not like that~”

Someone beat me to it.

Eve smiled happily for some reason and casually destroy the relationship between me and Ayame without hesitation.

Of course what she say is right but why did she have to speak up now of all time? The noisy conversation of the class before homeroom slowly died down, everyone is staring at Eve, waiting for her next words.

Eve pull me into and embrace and said

“Because Aramiya is in love with me, right?”

The whole room erupted into a whirlpool of noises.


“He’s in love with me since back in elementary school”


“He even answer my love letter.”

Everyone is getting louder.

“…” “…” “…”

All of the conversation going in the room right now isn’t even entering my head anymore.

Yes, she’s right. I used to like her back in elementary.

She might be a little bit air headed but I like the fact that she can make everyone smile.

“Right, Aramiya?”

Even though I didn’t hear everyone’s voice at all, Eve’s whispering echoed endlessly inside my mind.


I want to say it

No no no.

I want to scream but my mouth stay shut.

For a moment, I saw the mocking grin of my old classmates.

Everyone’s face in the room look hazy and distorted like demons.

Don’t look at me.

Just shut up.

Just get out, all of you.

But the voice of my heart couldn’t get through my ice-cold lip.

My heart is beating like a war drum going off in my head. I couldn’t hear anything else. Nothing at all.

How great would it be if I can just faint. My body is so easily paralyzed with fear, is my mind really this fragile?

I said all sort of things to Ayame without a shame but when someone reopen an old wound I can’t even do a thing.

Damn it. Damn it all.

I couldn’t think, my leg won’t budge and my mouth won’t move.

Sweat started trickling down onto my cheeks as if someone is licking me, I want to wipe it away but my arms is also won’t budge.

No, it’s because Eve is holding my right arm.

The world is also shaking. I am shaking.

My vision turn blurry twisted, crumbling down to the ground like reality itself is melting away.

“and he still love me…”

Eve is running her mouth off next to me

But I can’t do anything to stop her.


There’s a girl who’s shouting angrily at Eve but I can’t make out who it was, I try to look at that girl… is that Hatsushiba?

Another boy that I can’t see how his face look is also speaking… is it Tosaki?

It shouldn’t be those two. It’s just impossible.

But I can’t stop thinking so.

My body is getting colder, my body heavy. I’m cold, I’m shaking, I just want to go home.

Come to think of it…

Is it this cold the day I was tricked into waiting for her? This freezing, brutal cold?

My vision start to darken. It’s so dark.

Someone please, release me from this darkness!

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

My hand feel warm.

My left hand that had lose its feeling and became numb is being embraced by a gentle warmth that spread to my whole body. My vision cleared, my sense is slowly returning to me.

“What are you saying!? You look nothing like Aramiya’s type at all! And—“

“It’s true that I’m not exactly his ideal girl but I think you’re misunderstanding something.”

I heard Hatsushiba and Tosaki who is shouting angrily at Eve who still standing beside me like nothing is wrong.


I feel blood rushing to my head and slowly clear my muddled mind.

“Are you okay, Aramiya?”

When I came to, Ayame is holding my left hand from behind so that it won’t stand out too much.

Her warmth pull me out of that darkness.

I have to calm down.

Now that I can think clearly once more, I have nothing to fear.


I just got tricked and laugh at. It’s all in the past now.

My current classmates is not the one from back then either, and no matter how much Hatsushiba and Tozaki who weren’t there when it happens shout, it’s meaningless.

It’s me who should speak up for myself.

Stepping over that trauma–!


I ignore Eve and Hatsushiba’s quarreling.

I only have to say what I wanted to.

“I just got tricked by her!”

My mouth moved and I stop shaking.

This warmth is giving me courage.

“Eh? Tricked?”

Eve tilt her head. Why the heck are you acting confused, huhh?

“It’s a long story but I have thought just stop going to school and even suicide! But I’m different now, I’m walking down a different path from you, Eve. I won’t say that my path is a good one but some say that they love me who’s walking in this path that’s why I won’t dwell in the past anymore! That’s why I will say to you clearly that I HATEEEEEEEEE YOU the most in this world! You just left me waiting in some random park out of town! I almost freeze to death!”

My dam broke as I shout off of the top of my lungs

Eve has gone quiet with her mouth hanging open. Well, the whole classroom was the same.

But I feel refreshed.

I break free of my chain, just for a tiny bit.

Even if it’s only for a little, I’m satisfied.

The whole room is silent. Well, it’s to be expected since I was shouting so damn loud.

“Thank, Ayame.”

I speak as if whispering, release her hand and walk to the door.

“All the shouting made me thirsty, I’ll go buy something to drink. Y’all sort the rest out, I have said what I should.”

I left my confused classmates behind and make my way to the vending machine. Since it’s almost morning homeroom the corridor is empty, only sounds from other classroom can be heard.

“W, wait, Seichi!”

Eve frantically come after me when I walk down the stair, her face look confused rather than angry. I made the angriest face I can do and stare at Eve who’s looking down on me from the top of the stair.

“I have nothing to say anymore, Eve.”

“W- wait! Isn’t what I did back then made you looking only at me and not other!?”

“Huh!? The f*ck are you saying!? Are you out of your mind!? I won’t even look at a real girl again even if it’s only you!”


“Don’t come near me again, bitch!”


Eve lower her head, her shoulders shaking. She tried to say something but no word come out.

“Don’t you dare bother me again, bitch!”

Aramiya who was walking to the vending machine continue to yell at Eve who was following him but they stop before long. Eve remain motionless and slowly go back after awhile without noticing Ayame who was nearby.

“Thank you, Ayame.”

Aramiya’s whispering voice replayed in her mind again but she couldn’t fathom why he thanked her, all she did was holding his hand. She doesn’t know how important her action back then is but still, she was really glad that Aramiya thanked her.


She might just found something even more joyous.

“I… I’m only interested in 2D girls…”

His reply when Ayame confessed to him seem like he already cut all tie with the real world.

She isn’t even considered possible love interest.

She doesn’t even know if she was in his eyes at all but when he reject Eve just now… usually, he would say something like “I didn’t even view you as a woman”


“Even if you look like my ideal girl, I have no interest in you.”

Or something like that.

It isn’t because of how the girl loom but because to him, anything 3D isn’t considered a choice.

But he said-

“Even if it only you!”

It sounds like a normal rejection but, maybe…

Maybe, he is still interest in real girls?

Ayame can’t help but think about it.

Can’t help but think that maybe, she still have a chance?

Of course, Aramiya probably didn’t noticed what he said and would say otherwise.

But to think of that… about him liking real girls, makes Ayame puff out her cheeks without knowing.

“What’s wrong, Cotton? You looked happy.”

When both of them got back to the room, Hatsushiba asked Ayame.

“Nope, it’s nothing.”

This is her own secret, and she kept it in her heart safely.

From that point on, classmates (especially guys) are so nice to me that I have shivers.

Like in 4th period, PE.

“Girls are scary, always fakin’ all the time.” “It’s really hard to differ from what’s in front and in the back.” “Sometimes they ask like ‘My phone broke!’, after we gave solution, sometimes they just say in the face like ‘I don’t care!’ like that.”

Mikamoto and Matoba say in a bitter tone. Guess these guys had a hard time before.

Moreover, there are others who are sympathetic to me, which that helps me a lot.

Sometimes elementary and high schooler may look the same situation in a different way.

At that time, there’s group that followed Eve everywhere.

“It’s time now! Put it back, ok?”

When the bell rang, classmates disperse like they are evacuating.

I touched the ball last, so I have to put the ball back into shed. Like a penalty game.

Sympathy, but putting away equipment is another thing.

“Whatever, if they are kind like that, it might be scary instead.”

I put the ball back into shed before went back to building entrance.

If I don’t get back quick, I’ll be late for lunchtime. And I planned to eat in class too.

When I’m going up the stairs, I saw a girl sitting on balcony between 1st and 2nd floor. That’s Nishihara, a classmate, putting her cellphone into her bag. Maybe she’s on her way back to class too, because she’s still in PE uniform.

Well, I don’t have any business so I was going to walk pass but…

“A-Aramiya-kun. C-Can I talk with you for a bit?”

She greeted me out of the norm. I think we aren’t that close that we can talk casually.

She tensed her face like usual, even with that heavier makeup. But she’s still the same.

“What’s it?”

“U-um, teacher said that let the boys to do the PE shed in order.”

“Eh? I just done that before getting here.”

I just only put ball in.

“R-Really? B-But teacher, h-he listed your name in…”

The basket that have ball in might overflowed for real.

“But I think… it might not spill out?”

“I-I don’t know… teacher just say to pass this to you…”

If teacher just send me a note. Asking her wouldn’t help also. A bit annoyed, but go back for one more time then.

If look from point to protect the club, it’s not good in teacher’s view.

“Okay, can you pass to Ayame’s group that I might go for lunch a little bit late?”

“U-um, okay. I’ll tell them.”

I changed from slippers into PE shoes before going back to the shed.

And for sure, there’s no students in the field at noon.

I opened the door of shed which is a knock-down shed before I went in.

Ball is over… there.

“Eh? I already put-”

“Seii-chi, I’m sorrryyyyy~”

The moment I felt there’s someone behind, I heard a loud ‘Snap’ before the world in front of my eyes and my head went blank.

I feel like being hit or stabbed in the back. But for sure, I feel pain.

I can’t muster my strength.

I’m still conscious, but have no strength at all.

And I fell on the ground, prone.

When I landed, I see… Eve.

She’s holding something that’s look like a stick, with electric sparks at tip like electric discharge in science experiments. Is that a Taser?

“Nishihara, take care of that please~.”

And the door close with dragging sounds with a click of the lock.

I can’t move.

I can’t speak.

It’s not like earlier this morning that it is in mental. But this is full-on physical.

“Well, Seii-chi. Just hold tight~”

She pulled out duct tape from somewhere, before pulling it out.

“Hmm, do they do it like this???”

Before starting to bound me who can’t even move my fingers up with a duct tape. I got bound on my torso and my ankles many times. So if I have my strength back, I can only crawl around!?

“W-What. Are…”

I tried to get my voice out there a little bit.

I didn’t think she’d be an idiot to cause such crimes.


She sighed as like job done, before putting me on gym mat.

She looked at me before saying:

“When I transferred and saw you, I thought that was destiny.”

I don’t know what she say, but she looked very serious. Serious not like before.

And sweat from her forehead, this tells that she’s in panic. Not a friendly atmosphere like before.


Then she get over me.

W-What is she going to do…

“But Ayame-chii always be at your side. So I thought…if I want to be at Seii-chi side like before, I have to separate both…”


“I, am a girl who like you since elementary. When you took my love letter… I’m happy.”

“W-What… are you… talking…”

Isn’t that letter something to deceive me?

To toy with me?

To sabotage me?

“Why ask that!? Aren’t we have same wavelength!?”

I don’t know anymore. Am I talking with an alien or something?

Totally out of topic.

Same wavelength? I don’t even feel a nick of it. I thought that I’m only one-sided love.

I thought she toyed with my feelings…

“I… sent that letter to you, right!? Then you went to the location, yes!? Then that means the spell is done!”


“Yes! Ago-chi said that giving love letter and if that person went to that location spot, means they are on same wavelength. She also wrote that letter for me…”


I haven’t heard  ofthat name for a long time.

That’s nickname of someone in her group. Dunno where the hell she is now, but I think she’s in ‘bitch’ category. And with those friggin’ words, I won’t forget that.

“Didn’t you just copy from those TV dramas?”

“As I’m saying, she said how to do and I just do that! She told me it’s a spell to bind us forever.”

“…So, you wrote a letter to your lover, and not going? Is that it?”


There’s no spell like that in first place. Besides, even that spell is real, it’s far from love or heart thumping like that for miles. But… if it as she says…

Means that she’s being deceived as well?

The information I got from start is all lies?

About : “Trying like in the TV.”

But in conclusion, she done it because believing in other people, which really isn’t the right thing to do?

Then, the root of this is…

“Ago-chi told me: ‘if you like Seii-chi that much, I have good solution for that!‘”

“Which is… that love letter?”

“Yes! …Then I see you going there… responding to my love letter… so I thought you said ‘OK’!”

“I got cold fever after that… and pneumonia too…”

“Ago-chi said that’s good!”

“But from that point… I never become close with you ever again. We don’t…”

“Ago-chi says to wait for a year, don’t hassle with you much.”

“A year… we’ve already graduated by that point…”

One word, Ago-chi. Second word, Ago-chi. She totally got deceived…

…Wait, what does that mean?

She still thinks I’m her Best Friend since elementary!?

So when she came in, and saw me, and makes things into chaos then!?

“…and with that get-up…”

“Ago-chi told me to dress like this. I’ve done this since junior high! With the tanning too! I didn’t want to do this! But when Seii-chi doesn’t like tan, I…”

So to conclude…

She’s much more stupid than I have expected.

That is being deceived all the way up to this point!?

How is that even possible?

I’ve been holding these grudges up until now…

And a sudden turn like this, how am I supposed to deal with!?

“I… since Ago-ci is at another school… I don’t have any friends… People also marked me as strange… Then I moved to change environment. And after the transfer, I saw Seii-chi. So I think it’s a miracle. But my Seii-ci is dating with another girl so…”

“I wasn’t dating… Ayame but…”

And I’m not your play thing/possession.

“Forget about it. Just untie me already… Doing this will not end in only scolding you know?”

“I can only do this, so everyone in class can accept me!”

Listen to other people, goddamn it.

But guess she’s a pawn in Ago’s hand. And after parting ways with that, she can’t bring people’s trust?

And I finally realized the reason or something that makes her talk like that.

“Even I’m alone, I have to take it back. Make classmate envy, and Seii-chi too!”

She backed a little from where she sat me about my knee. I wanted to squish my soft brain into pieces.


She swallowed her saliva before putting her hand-

Putting her hand to my gym trousers-

“H-Hey! W-Wait!”

I can’t move. One of reason is being tased, but another thing is being bound by duct tape that I can’t even struggle.

She starting to unbutton with face like she was possessed.

“W-What the heck are doing!?”



Fireball with speed of 170 km/hrs. smacked into my face.

“I’ll become one with Seii-chi that you have to take responsibility! And I can upgrade to ‘Experienced’!”

“A-Are you… s-still virgin!?”

“No! I’m not virgin!”


Then what ‘upgrade to ‘Experienced’’ supposed to mean then?

“I already asked Ago-chi. ‘Virgin’ means Woman who’s not married, yes? But I’m already engaged with Seii-chi! With that love letter!”

“’Virgin’ does have that meaning, but…”

Not in usual meaning we use though…

No, I just know that we are engaged. Mmm, love letters are sure versatile. Is there marriage form stick on backside?

“S-So that makes you said that you aren’t virgin?”

“Yes! So I’m not a virgin!”

So she just go around showing off in pride that she’s lost her virginity?

“I’ll give my virginity to Seii-chi. I feel something up in me, really!”

“You’re just making other people confuse…Well… Virgin really means… women who never had sex before…”

When I said that, she makes a confused face.

“Ago lied to you…”

“N-No way…”

“It’s true… so…”

Her hands that grabbing my trousers firmly is shaking. Just let me go…

“So if I have sex with Seii-chi, I will not be a virgin! When I’m not a virgin, I won’t get everyone in class to humiliate me! Like catching two fish with each hands!”

Killing two birds with one stone, you idiot!

This is bad, I can’t predict what she’s going to do!

No, she’s- serious! Real serious!

“C-Calm down … p-people at your age are too early to be losing v-virginity!”

I can’t speak out that properly, just getting words out is too hard for me now.

But she didn’t listen, also reaching for my trousers.

“What are you saying, Seii-chi? 2nd year high school girls of 92% already have experienced it! Just give in!”

She pulled down my trousers that my underwear shows.

Uwaaaa! So embarrassing! Oh this is bad!

Hey. Wait. Am I. Really going to lose my virginity!?


This is not funny! If this was in 2D, it’d be heaven. But I’m not happy having sex in shed in real life for a single bit! Shit!


After PE, I still haven’t got back to class so I don’t have my phone and smartphone!

Last option like calling Kiriko-nee is a no go.

Moreover, I passed the message that I’m going to be late for lunch!

While I’m thinking stuff in my head, she grabbed my undies.

“A-and if I pull this one out, and… ”

She swallowed again.

Her honey yellow face have slight red flushed on it.

Outside she looks like erotic girl, but she looks shy at this point. I wanted her to stop, but seeing her eyes and I guess it’s going to make her in panic more.

“Stop, you idiot… It’s bad. In large scale… Law by number 117 says…”

I spoke. But no! That one only when women is being assaulted by men!

In reverse situation, laws can’t be used against! Why the world is so unfair!

“Give up, Seii-chi! It’ll be great! I’ll just hurt a little.”

“I don’t know about that…”

“You interested in naked girls too, don’t you!? If you give up, you can do anything with my breasts, thighs, or even that part!”

“Haa? Bitch like you… I don’t feel anything, AT ALL! You morooooooonnnnn!!”

“Say like that, but your companion doesn’t say that at all! It’s standing straight!”

My undies stood up like a tent.

My body can’t move, but the part I can’t control just standing up straight. The heck that this thing wants babies with bitch of bitches! You freakin’ betrayer!

My body was paralyzed, but why only that part is so healthy!?

“N-Nervous system… can’t overcome instinct… Seriously, is this reversed? That. Is for guys to say…”

Yep. In law, it’s wrong that if that part of a dude is inside that part of a woman, it’s a crime. But when standpoints switches, if it doesn’t stick out, even the woman trying to do it can’t do it!

That is, even women forcing to do it. If the guy doesn’t feel for it, they can’t do it, right? If it sticks out, means they are commit to it, no? Then means that they have accept it. Goodbye my virginity.

Hey, that’s unfair! It’s just getting weird!

“Trust me, just let me handle this! I watched those kinds of video for practice!”

“I say stop! In real life, a virgin guy and girl featuring doesn’t do anything good!”

In real life, guys didn’t do those as expert as in hentai games, and the heroine is stuttering!

“I don’t know about that!”

I can feel her hand that’s grabbing my undies is trembling.

If she pulls this piece of cloth out, it’s a point of no return.


If I can only move my mouth, then I have to talk it out to stop her!



“I say wait… you got it all wrong at start…”


“About the ’2nd year high school girls of 92% already have experience’ thing. It’s totally fake… It’s just random rumor on the net.”

She heard that before stopping her hand.

Guess it’s something hard for her to believe.

“It’s only just a meme pictures… ratio of people who have experience isn’t that much.”


She took the bait! No, for reals that the ratio for it wouldn’t be that much!

“Sex Education Association of Japan have researched high schoolers and found that 15% male and 24% female have experience in sex. Only Ago didn’t lie to you, the internet also lie to you.”

The truth, I don’t even know if these numbers are correct.

But about that statistics, that number is way too absurd to be true. Are people that degenerated? If that number is real, it would solve low population increment problem way long ago.

She slowly turn her head down, limply.

“B-But…I-I…If I don’t…I have no place to belong…”

She said in sad tone. Well, I wanted her to stop talking about that AND let go of my undies first.

So, she wants a place to belong.

In order to have that, she wants people in her class to respect, or have me for someone to talk to.

Just that.

Then I still have way to convince with her! And I can finally talk properly!

“You just find your own place. Ago lied to you all the time before. But from now, you go to place that fits you.”

“Fits me?”

“I see that you are straining. You aren’t fit for a queen. You being as your free self fits more than that and popular. I quite liked that kind of you in the past.”

In elementary, her smile is really cute.

Her smiling face is her signature that I fell in love with.

I saw her like that, so I guess she’s popular in her own way. Since that love letter incident, I thought she dated with some guy in her group…


Her cheeks brighten like catching a fever.

Not like earlier emotion, but it’s something else.

“Y-You can… be the place I can belong?”

“If you promise not to do anything crazy… just only staying, it’s ok.”

“Then, as your girlfriend?”

“No, I can’t love you anymore.”

I can manage with staying. But as her boyfriend, heck no!

I love virgin 2D girl, but not 3D bitches! Even they are virgin, I’d rather die!


Then her face twisted like she about to cry.

“If Sei—chi doesn’t love me… I don’t want that! I’ll just make it big then!”

“Hey, STOP! I still want to keep my innocence!”

It’s coming off! My undies!

My final barrier!

“Aramiya! Are you alright!?”

In that moment, there’s someone banging the door real hard.


“I knew it from Tozaki that you went to the PE shed! And Eve’s not at class too! I feel uneasy so I came!”

“G-Get the keys!”

That point, Eve laughs out hysterically.

“Heehehehehe! Every key is with me! The only remaining one is with Nishihara!”

She pulled out the keys from her pocket.

What a plan! So she can be smart only in just some circumstances, huh!?

No way to get in. Ayame can’t break that door down. The only window is small that only allows light and air in.

Even running to call for help, my virginity will be lost before that help comes!

“Ayamech-chi! Seii-chi is mine! I’ll take his virginity!”

“Hell no! His virginity is mine!”


What a sad topic.

Or is it 2D world here- somewhere in land of hentai game?

Girl wars on my virginity, what the heck is this script!? This is the most shittiest script I ever played! If the scenario writer is in real life, come out and take responsibility!


The bang sound calms down.

She might give up about breaking it down.

“Just sit there, and let me and Seii-chi moan for you to listen!”



I want to keep my virginity for my dream 2D girl!

I will keep it until humanity becomes 2D!

You can say I’m a pitiful solider that can’t crack a base? Go ahead. Even like that, 2D girls still comfort them! It’s great!

But in this, I’m in big trouble! No way to fight back, that my undies almost getting pulled out!

“Just give up and relax! It will feel really good!”

“Don’t talk like you know!”

For crying out loud!

I about to lose my virginity to this bitch!?

Oh heavens up above, please seal my box or just let it go down.

I tried to picture naked guy, but I don’t know why Saitani appeared instead, making it worse.

I tried to imagine it become smaller, but it doesn’t work.

“The last of virginity… is death.”

I think I should bite my tongue off. Yes, just like that.

If I’m going to lose virginity for real people, I’d rather die-

“Wait for me, Aramiya!”

Then I heard some clicking sounds.

Eve must have heard that, as she turned to the door.

No for long, the lock makes an unlock sound.

“EH!? WHAT!?”

She’s in awe that her eyes widen.  As same time as the door slide open.

“As I said, cheap locks.”

With Ayame standing there like a tall giant.

I think I have optical illusion that Ayame have fading black aura surrounding her.

She’s holding the pin I gave to her as a present.

She used the pin to unlock the lock like before.

She hold that carefully before putting in her pocket.

“Oi… you messed with the wrong stuff.”

Then she stomped into the shed.

Eve slid back away from my body.

But in this cramped shed, there’s nowhere to run.

Not for long, her back hit the shelves.

Ayame slowly walk like a demon in direction to Eve.

“W-What is it!? What with all the hassle!? Did I do something wrong!? I just trying to reunite with my engaged hubby!”

Eve tried to stop Ayame with words, but that doesn’t affect her at all.

She looks at Eve like she about to kill Eve.


When she see that Ayame is serious, she fell to the floor in fear.

But Ayame doesn’t stop.

She squat down in front of Eve, and look in her eyes.

“W-What!? If you punch me, I’ll tell-”


Her fierce voice makes Eve tremble.

Then she grabs Eve’s shirt before yanking her up.


“H-Hey! Ayame! What are you doing!? If you punch-”

“You, hurt Aramiya in both his mind, and body… You… YOU!!!”

She raised her other arm.

With her fists.

Eve widen her yes in terror in response to that fist.

She’s going to get on rampage.

If she punches, she will get detention and everything ends with it. But I can’t move.


“Ayame! DON’T!”

Hope that my voice reaches her.

And then-


Clear loud slap echoes in the shed.

“Don’t make him lose faith in woman more than this!”


And Ayame’s shouting scolding voice follows.

“He’s about to open his heart. And… and stupid girls like you have to get in and do something stupid!”


“You think doing this makes him happy!? Is this way he wants!? It’s not!”

While she’s shouting, her eyes brim with tears.

She can’t hold it in, and it drops onto the floor.

“You are not his girlfriend! And not his heroine! So that kind of woman, I won’t let them get close to Aramiya, EVER!”

When she lets go, Eve slumped on the floor.


Eve tears swell up.

“What’s wrong with you!? Why you are so close with Seii-chi AND erase your scars!? Why only you get good things and I have to deal with this!?”

She poured out her things out.

“Why I have to be called a bitch!? Every single day, I got asked by some random guy like : ‘Can I have a thing with you?’!? I told them and they don’t LISTEN! No one BELIEVED me! I can’t go to school! …And yet… you… why do you only get the goods!?”

Eve who was playful with everything, wailing out in pain.

So with that, it’s sad to hear that.

So that’s reason to transfer to here…

“Once that mark sticks with you, it doesn’t go away.”

“Keep fighting the rumors, don’t give in. Even if that mark doesn’t go away easily.”

“Your first appearance won’t change. You are just wasting time.”

To think of it, she bites Ayame like that.

Is because Eve herself, isn’t successful.

Some might because she mistook me and Ayame’s relationship. But most part, she couldn’t forgive Ayame that she’s have bad markings but it’s slowly getting away.

Ayame squats down in front of Eve.

“…Eve. I can understand your point, and I feel that. I didn’t care before, but I’m scared too that people spread rumors about me being a bitch and it made Aramiya misunderstood.”

After Ayame said that, Eve looks up.

“But that’s another story.”


“Think about what you have done before to him… and what have you done to him now… Think about it and face it. Don’t run away from it.”


“You might be able to see something.”

Ayame said that. Then a bit while, Hatsushiba and Tosaki, including teachers come.

I’m freed from duct tape, before I pull up my undies to where it belongs-

And I’m saved from losing my virginity.

*End of Chapter 4*

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