Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 2



Chapter 2 – Why’s everybody in the Library?

The time passed by like  the wind during last Friday I completely cut down my ties with Eve.

I didn’t see Ayame on where we were supposed to meet up at,  so I messaged her, then..


Apparently she screamed using symbols.. She woke up right after getting my text message.

Which means she woke up pretty late.

“You wake me up for the first time!! (・∀・ )”

Did you know how to use Emoji too??

Ayame was panting while walking in the class she collapse in to the desk her twin-tail seems that it tired too…

Hatsushiba approached Cotton and pat her back while asking “Cotton, what’s the matter?”


When she lifted her face, the whole class started to buzz, as if a certain bubble had bursted.

Ayame’s face was not different from usual, not that she ever put on any make up or had any bruises on her face.

It’s just that her eyes were moist, which was even worse without makeup.

Because of this, she seems even more like a gangster that just finished a gangfight in the morning.

“Scary…” “That’s not makeup, right?” “Did she had a fight in the morning with someone?”

The rumors started to pick up a spark and spread around.

I passively refused her accusations, but my hierarchy in the class doesn’t have any influence, even if I said something, all they replied were “uh ok.” And just cut out my sentence.

And if they suddenly got curious and asked me “Why do you know so much about Ayame?” It’ll become a mess.

“It doesn’t seem that bad.” “Yeah, it shouldn’t be that serious of a problem.” Me and Tozaki could only try to suppress the fire and calm the class down humbly, but truly we don’t affect anything since our words just went briefly through their heads.

Rumors usually leaned itself towards the more interesting part of the story. The reason that the stories are easier to believe in is like a seesaw bending down towards the heavier side, the more interesting part is the most believed in. But the truth matters little to normal people.

The person wants to believe whatever he wants, and that belief becomes a rumors. Even if we looked through god’s eyes and see the one and only truth, humans are humans and we perceive somethings differently and make our own beliefs. The truth is always more than one.

Still, what did Ayame do to have her eyes so sagged and weary?

“Ahh! I’m late~~~~!”

There is one more person who approached the room as if almost late. The whole class yelped in surprise again.

I turned around to look, in my heart wondering what could be the trouble again, and saw that Eve’s facial expression had also changed.

SHE’S NOT WEARING THE BLACK MAKE UP anymore. Even if the make up is still as thick as ever,  but just the black makeup being gone is already enough to see the grand difference.

Her honey-colored skin changed to tan-like color, which makes it look much more healthy.

How should I call it, looks like a retro gal just went through a complete 180 change into a modern Gal.

“Eve, did you change the makeup on your face?” “Looks much cuter!” “Next time teach me how to do such a makeup.”

The group who is close to Eve encircled her.

Eve herself, after she finished greetings to her friends. Her face turned right at me.

…wait, don’t tell me

“That black makeup is something I can’t take.”

Did she change her makeup because of me? It’s not my fault right?

Eve starts to approach me.

“Seiichi~ I tried to change the way I did my makeup, isn’t it great?”

“…asking me whether it’s beautiful or not.”

I could only say that it’s at least better than black makeup. But that straightforward answer would led me to get judged by the other girls in class. Like, “You’re saying Eve before is not beautiful?” something like that.

It seems that the best way to answer is “a little cuter than before” or “it blends in ok.” But this girl is one of the person who I don’t want to compliment no matter what.

“Uh… Not bad…”

“Right!!? I feel relieved, thanks Seiichi!”

Why did she change her makeup? Is she trying to frustrate me?

That possibility is unlikely, maybe her way of thinking changed or something like that. I can’t be the sole reason she suddenly decides to change her makeup right? She smiles with satisfaction before returning to her seat.

At lunch break, we four sit down to eat our bento, not in the club room, but the classroom.

This is our plan to eradicate the rumors about Ayame. By letting her do normal things, such as in the evening break, she stays in her class like a normal person.

Just that, it should change her status in the class to quite an extent.

Still… The people in the class still fear her and our class has an unusually low number of people.

But if we eat like normal like this everyday. I think people will start to feel that Ayame doesn’t cause any problem or say anything dangerous

We just started a new semester for a month, so this is the time of patience.

While we were eating rice, Ayame explains to us why her eyes are that of a panda’s.

“Oh, the DN that Aramiya told me about is very fun.”

“Oh, you played it already?”

“Yeah, its very fun. I bought it last Friday, and marathoned through it.

DN is the short word for ‘Destiny Night’, a genre in eroge.

“That game takes up to 60 hours, that means Ayame, you…”

“Yes, since Friday I almost never slept.”

I once told her that in class its better to not talk about Eroge, but she was kind enough to use a short version of the name to talk with me. It must’ve been because she really likes this game.

But wait, did she play the eroge since the morning of schoolday? I also did it sometimes, but is that a really good idea? I was the person who told her about this game, so I shouldn’t say this but, are you a little too addicted? I’m a little afraid so.

“Hm? Are you two talking about movies?” “Watching movies throughout the weekend?”

Tozaki and Hatsushiba asked, determined to join the conversation.

“No, try guessing.”

The both of them tilt their heads in confusion for a moment, before realizing that we both didn’t mention the full name of DN. Hatsushiba and Tozaki’s eyes went small to a dot.

“…Eh, is Ayame going to-“

“Cotton, don’t tell me-“

Now that I see it, these two don’t actually know Ayame’s new hobby.

One part of it is because Ayame never mentions Eroge in front of these two.

“The reason you changed your hair style, and do these crazy thing is because of this?”

Tozaki nodded to himself, content with his answer.

Before this, Tozaki was dragged by Ayame to ask about my preference. Thinking about it now really brings back memories.

If I lied back then about preferring movies or something else. Maybe she will go down a whole different path. But that doesn’t matter, I got someone as a fellow Eroge fan.

But the more important thing is.

“That guy was very cool right?

I said quietly, Ayame’s face brightened up.

“Aramiya thinks so too! That guy was so cool, like when he turned his back to the screen his abs-“

“Like when he put his life on the line with the sword.”

“Yes! He knew that if he uses the power he will die, but he still fought for his higher up=”

As I thought.

We talk in the same language!

Even if Hatsushiba and Tozaki still has the ‘what the hell is going on’ face, it doesn’t matter!

“Oh, now that I think about the second chapter.”

‘Destiny Knight’ may be an eroge, but I prefer to call it fantasy.

True that there are cute girls popping up in game. But this game is different from the game where you just feel more intimidating with your girl.

That’s why I think the game is unique in its own way, and its popularity is rising constantly.

The problem is that my one and only Otaku friend like Tozaki doesn’t play games like those.

“I don’t like fantasy, I prefer school love comedy.”

Tozaki told me that before, so I have no one to talk with.

I could go and argue with other people on the internet, but we all know that with great popularity comes equally with great hate. I found many people Dramatizing the game, which I don’t really talk to. I also don’t want to talk too much as to tolerate listening to frustrating things. I want to talk without anybody interfering.

I never thought the best person to talk to is Ayame!

“That character peaked on the third chapter, I really liked the heroine.”

“But I think that the character became very dark on the third chapter though.”

“That’s why the character peaked! Before that she was so lame.”

Its so fun talking to her.

Even if it only lasts for a while on lunch break, adding to the fact that we need to pretend to talk about movies, but I didn’t think that talking about eroges could be this fun.

To be real, I want to say the character’s name and talk even more, but looking at the location we’re talking it couldn’t be done. Even if our classmates are far away and we  if we talk quietly no one should hear us.

“But the next Episode is almost out now, you can prepare your wallet.”

“Really? I really want to play it now.”

Ayame is starting to become one trustable Otaku friend.

If this girl was a boy it would be even better, its not like I’m sexist and think that only men play these types of games, but when talking to a man it is easier to talk about the lewd scenes than talking with a girl, which I am still hesitant to bring those scenes up with.

But if its Ayame, even if we can’t talk on the level of me talking to Tozaki, at least I don’t have to be that careful. Usual this girl asked me to teach many things from the Eroge.

“Hey hey, what are you talking about~? Oh? Ayame-chi, why is your eye so dark? Has it been panda-like since morning?”

Sweet sweet sound went right into my ears.

It was Eve who has just returned from buying bread from the local store, and has came and interfere with our group.

Wait, Ayame’s eyes were panda-like since morning, didn’t she look even though they were sitting near each other?


“oh, so scary~ Like those criminals. Do you have any old records of criminal activity?”

Ayame seems a obviously frustrated about Eve’s interference, her eyes turned up, and her face turned into the leader of a bike gang. Even I want to run away.

I told her not to make that face, why does she look at everybody who came and say hello as an enemy?

“And what does it matter to you? I’m just eating my lunch like normal, get lost.”

Ayame, why are you so brainless, don’t find trouble with the most popular girl in class. The people around us are starting to whisper to each other already!

“Hey, Ayame.”

“But, but she…!”

Looks like Ayame has her reason to not like Eve too. So she doesn’t hide her hate at all.

“Well, you went straight into the fight since morning. You really like to use your muscles, Ayame-chi. Have you been doing this since forever~?”

“Ha? Who gave you the permission to call me Ayame-chi.”

“Eh, its not that much of a problem. Take the joke. You can call me Eve-nieng(TL note: no idea what this means) if you want.

“Ni-nieng? Is your brain cells not functioning properly? No, I won’t call you anything!”

“Hm, Ayame-chi is really shy. I tried to play with you!”

But this bitch is also annoying.

Even though no one in class ever dared to mess with Ayame, but this bitch doesn’t back down.

“Enough, go away already.”

“Eh, Seiichi, say something~ Ayame is so scary~ She’s going to kill me!”

“Don’t drag me into this, she won’t kill you.”

“Boo… It can’t be helped then, if something happens to me, it’s your fault.

Eve said that and waltz away.

Tsk, what does that bitch want? No, the most important thing is..

“…Ayame, I told you that when there is someone in the class, don’t talk like that.”

“She seems to be guilty, but that behavior just came out naturally huh.

If she doesn’t’ fix this behavior, other than the rumors spreading even further, it will increase too.

And then school was over in a flash.

It was my cleaning duty this week, so we divided our work to clean the school. One group will sit in my line and Tozaki is still cleaning his room. Hatsushiba and Ayame went ahead to the club room.


It seems Tozaki has something on the corner of lips, but won’t talk. I don’t know if he’s not resolute or what.

“Um, do you want to say something?”

I opened the conversation while carrying 2 trashcans to the dump with Tozaki.


“I saw you making faces since a while ago, just say what you wanna say.”

“Well, it’s about Ayame’s rumors. Actually there’s a new- wait.”

Tozaki stopped abruptly just before he went down the stairs, then pulled me close to the wall to hide from something. He placed one finger on his lips and the other hand pointing up the stairs. I strained my ears to hear 2 people talking loudly on the stairs.

“So the rumors that Ayame went around crazily is true?” “She did sideline for a long time, I think she’s done it before?”

Another rumor with no basis.

Ayame never once did any prostitution, but to be honest there was a time when I once believed so too.

The people, girl, who were talking continued for a while before going away. Probably due to boredom.

“That’s what happening, there’s a new rumor again.”

“Is this new?”

“Well, it’s worse than before.I think of it more as a continuation, a sequel, of the rumors before.”

From then on while we walk to throw away the trash, we heard another rumor.

“I heard she beat up a woman so bad that she was put in hospital.” “I heard that she’s still in the hospital room even now.”

“Some say that she hasn’t even woken up yet.”

I can’t really rebuke about her using her muscle, since she could probably make a man fly through the air for about 2-3 metres in a single punch.

I only heard about boys getting hurt, but never about girls getting hurt. Or did the rumors start to worsen> I never heard about her killing anyone, I did heard that someone was carried to hospital, but never hospitalized longer than a day.

“I heard she shows no mercy to either boys or girls…” “Did she argue with them.” “No, I mean her body on top of them and y’know…”

The rumors kept growing.

I won’t say that I know about Ayame too much, but I never heard about Ayame preferring girls. Even if she likes the female character in a eroge game. Hmm, maybe it’s possible she actually likes woman more than men?

Why do they need to start the rumors today, I almost believed them.

“I heard that she entered a yakuza gang…”

“I heard that she formed a bike gang all on her own.”

This is obviously fake, how could it be possible in the first place?

If I made up a story about Ayame taking care of 5 gangsters, my sister will probably at least nod. But that should be about Songo’s situation.

“Really?” “Bullies will be bullies.” “I thought after dying her hair she will be a little more peaceful.”

In the group of people who were listening to the rumors, Eve was also chatting playfully among them.

“Woah really? Is it that bad?”

“Yes, that’s right, Eve~ If you’re targeted by that girl, you’re in deep trouble.” “Next time you’ll get killed!” “Or she will beat you up so hard that you can’t have a baby!?” “It might be even worse than that~”

“Don’t worry, I’m ready for everything!”

“Wow, Eve, you’re very bold!” “Ayame’s group is a little too arrogant.” “Hatsushiba is also very annoying lately.”

Suddenly they gossiped about Hatsushiba.

“Do people really believe these rumors this easily?”

I have a suspicion that someone started this baseless rumors. But no matter what, aren’t they going a little over the line? Try getting to know the real person and talk with her for 5 seconds and you’ll know the truth about her personality.

“Aramiya, people looking at Ayame now and you may not believe it, but people who looked at Ayame before may actually believe so. It was like this in middle school.

Tozaki replied effortlessly 

The reality after we threw away the trashes. People exchanged rumors and it spread like some form of reliable news. Even if we try to stop it, but the rumors were too fast. And there are many people who believes in it. Which makes it even worse. Like pouring salt in the start of the waterway.

So in conclusion, the rumors are:


-Bullied a girl until she was hospitalized

-Can eat both a guy and girl.

-Is a member of a Yakuza gang.

These rumors around Ayame start to spread around the school.

Tozaki and I finished our duty and went back to the club room where the girls are waiting.

“If we don’t stop this it’ll get worse. We can’t even control the rumors about Ayame before, now it has gotten even worse.

“If these rumors spread around, it will get out of hand… Can we really diffuse the bomb?”

Tozaki and I went to the clubroom with low esteem. The council president from before and her two lackeys came in with an arrogant face.

“Hello there Ara-whatever and Bla-Bla-Saki.”

How could she only remember half of our names.

“Aramiya and Tozaki.”

“Boy’s name doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to waste my resources with useless information.”

“Oh, ok. And why do you come to our clubroom.”

“Yes, I went to talk with those two a little.”

“Hmm? What did you talk about?”

“I don’t see the reason to tell you… But I went to ask for help in the school council, but she refused.”

“Why did you ask those two again after they refused last time?”

“They both look as adorable as a Lily. And their connections between themselves are very sweet. Is there any other reason than that?”

She closed her fan like some kind of princess. Made an annoyed face too.

How did she become the school president? Did she give out money? If it was me, I won’t vote her no matter what.”

“By the way, I heard about some rumors involving Ayame-san.”

“…You got a good ear.”

“I’m the student council’s president. If something were to happen to the students, of course I will know of it.”

If you could please get rid of the rumors it would be a great help.

“Do you know who was the person releasing the news?”

“Too bad that even I do not know. If it was you boys spreading it, it would’ve been much easier. I would’ve sent polices after you without delay. But if it was a female student it would be quite hard to decide.”

“If you want to make a joke, know the limits.”

I smiled dryly just in case, but it looks like it wasn’t a joke.

“I, as the president, have a secret plan to look into this rumor’s truth about Ms.Ayame, Because just by hearing it hurts my heart.”

“Oh really? Such a noble mission you have there.”

“Yes, to me, ladies are something to be protected and cared for. I… have a bigger mission waiting for me, I became the president just for that. Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihi………”

She smiled disgustingly.

“Just you wait, my ladies, I will build paradise for you soon. HIHIHIHIHIHIHI….”

“President, you’re having a nose-bleed.”

One of her lackeys picked up a tissue and wiped the president’s nose.

…I realized at last that this person has gone half-nuts.

“I’m sorry for my over excitement right here. I shall excuse myself now, Bla-bla-miya and Toza-something.”

Oh, so she does remember our names. I don’t want her to call us by our full names so I’ll let this go.

“You’ve got guts talking to the president so directly like that.”

“What should I be afraid of talking to the potato? Sometimes I feel that I’m weird since I’m talking to a plant life.”

“You’re quite critical. Well, we’ve gotta accept that she’s a decent person seeing that she went through all the trouble to help someone that everybody hates or fears.”

Looks like Tozaki has a positive impression on the president.

Well, but she’s Tozaki’s type, small breasts and black hair.

People can’t look at someone who’s their ideal type in a bad way too easily.

But if he’ll get the reward for being nice to her is another problem.

“Right now the rumors are getting worse.”

We were back to the club room shortly after, discussing the new rumors flying around.

“How could this be!? How can people believe it so easily!?”

Looks like Hatsushiba also heard about it and is getting frustrated.

“We really can’t help it, some says she could 1 vs 5 bullies, does sidelines daily. 30,000  per night and you’ll get it. And the last one about beating someone to the brink of death.”

Ayame’s pupils minimized to a little spot.

“Si-a-side lines? Every night!? 30,000 per guy!? Do they really believe it?”

Haven’t you already realized!?

I glanced at Tozaki, who played dumb and looked away. He was the my usual news provider, why didn’t he tell Ayame?

Ayame followed my line of sight to Tozaki, and glared him as if she was a very pissed giant.

“Wait wait, I heard it from someone else, like Matoba! And he said he also heard it from the other class! Really, it’s the truth!”

“Tozaki, could you find the source already?”

“I think the rumors are flying around too fast. It probably has already flowed right back to the person who started it. And things are also getting complicated. This rumors suddenly pops up in random conversations all of a sudden.”

Hatsushiba’s body shook.

“I-I’m sorry Cotton, it was because I spread the falsified news in middle school that things had come to this. I never knew that it would be this bad…”

“Nevermind, Yuuka was also forced to do it, right?”

What a beautiful friendship, I could imagine lilies floating around in the background.

“Ok, to wrap this up, the rumors about the sidelines aren’t true, but the ones about taking out 5 bullies are hard to deal with since you really did it, am I correct?”

“Y-yeah, it was in middle school.”

Tozaki, hearing it made his face go pale.  “Wait, she really did it?”

“Ok first, let’s find any correlation about the rumors and what you actually do. Do any of these new rumors has anything you’ve done recently?”

“No? I don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

“Ok, then about the first thing, ‘going around doing sidelines everywhere’.”

“What the hell is this!?” Hatsushiba yelled in frustration.

“I don’t know where this rumor stemmed from. But the source itself may not be too truthful in the first place. I think this is a problem of news reporting from the start.”

“When spreading rumors, adding a little truth into it makes it just much more believable. Even if 9 out of 10 are lies, as long as 1 out of ten is the truth, then you could easily persuade the others to believe you.”

Truly a professional at the subject. Hatsushiba must have lots of experience with this matter.

But she must feel quite guilty inside, looking from her expression.

“If you’re saying it’s the game of news spreading, I don’t know how we could solve it.”

“Did you go with some kind of weird group composed of both male and females, or enter some ominous restaurants?”

“Well, I could think of some cases where I find troubles myself.”

She could think of some, must’ve been when she went into the trouble to help someone or something similar.

Just thinking how complicated it would be to find the source is already hard enough.

“Ok, to the next one. About beating up a girl till she fainted.”

“I would never beat up anyone that hard.”

“How about the person you beat up ended up getting sent to a hospital?”

“…now that I think of it, there was once this girl who tried to prank me so I pushed her away. Turns out she fell down and I found her the next day with a short arm cast.”

Hatsushiba also added;

“Yeah, I remember that happening in middle school.Though I can’t remember her name. I think some people found her using her right hand normally after that. Like she’s actually not that injured, just pretending to.”

Poor Ayame, getting tricked by not only Songo, but also other people.

But will something all the way from middle school really matter here? I don’t think that’s a very strong possibility. Or is the problem from the rumor about arguing fiercely with someone?

Still, looking at the speed the rumors are spreading around, I think something is amiss.

“Next one, devouring both a guy and girl.”


“No no, I mean devouring as in, um, something else…”*

I told her the meaning, and Ayame’s face went beet red.

“W-what are you talking about? Are you sexually harassing me!?”

“No! Why don’t you know about anything!”

“Shut up, how do you expect me to know about something like this?”

It’s not wrong, but I’m getting pinned on as the bad guy here for telling her!

“Ok, so this has nothing that relates to you.”


“Ok, the last one. About how you enter the Yakuza hideout. Did you go to any weird buildings that may start this rumor?”

“I can’t think of any, I don’t enter weird buildings.”

“Then how about buildings that aren’t yakuza-related, but seeing it may make you believe that Yakuza gang lives inside?”

“Yakuza… Gang……………………………….oh.”

‘oh’ what?”

“…Is there something that might be similar?”

“How could I help it? My father is the president of a building construction company. I still enter the building till today.”

“Construction company… Don’t tell me.”

“You’ll probably understand after I give you the picture, the front gate is something like this.

Ayame touched her phone and opened the photo.

The entrance to the building looked intimidating, the Company’s name is written with a Brush font in a grand way that wrote ‘Tanaka Group”

I understand now.

No matter how you look at it, it looks just like a Yakuza hive. I know now why people see it like that.

No matter how legal the company is, but “Group OO” looks like a real Yakuza group. I know that speaking it in this way is quite impolite. But this alone is enough to spark a rumor. Even if I heard that Yakuza nowadays try not to be seen by the public.

“Oh shit…”

At least every rumor is a sequel to the old one and nothing new.

This isn’t going to be easy. Like how even porn games has spelling mistakes.(TL note: I don’t get this reference at all.)

We couldn’t think of any good plans, only a brief summary that all we could do is slowly break apart the rumor spread. And we then adjourned the meeting. Its close to time to go home, so we went out of the club room before the bell rang.

“Oh, that’s…”

When we reached the school entrance, Hatsushiba gazed far out towards a certain person with a scary face.

I followed her gaze to see Eve standing there, smiling confidently. Hatsushiba sure has a quick eye.

What is that bitch doing there though?”


She made a peace sign with her fingers and came towards us, not recognizing our animosity towards her. What kind of person can’t read the atmosphere?

“What’s the matter, you all seem so down?”

“Oh, a little…”

“Or is it about the super rumor about Ayame-chi? It’s quite spectacular~ So is this rumor true? I secretly want to know the truth too.”

Ayame made a frustrated face. She must be thinking of how to respond.

I don’t know what I told her this noon is working or not. At least she stops making that scary face, which is a good sign. But it’s not like she will start to join the Eve group, maybe she doesn’t know how to deal with Eve.

“There’s nothing true in it.”

Hatsushiba faked a dreadful smile to Eve and spoke intimidatingly. Hatsushiba, you’re as equally scary as Ayame.

“But Ms.Eve, Do you know why the fake rumors are spreading around? You look like a person who knows about these things.”

“Eh, I just came to this school how could I know anything? Common sense.”

“Really? It’s no use shying away from us.”

“I told you I don’t know, these things I’m not very good with. I don’t even understand what it means. But, as the old saying goes, no chicken no eggs? I think.”

It’s ‘No fire no smoke’ you idiot.

But the one about Yakuza isn’t strange considering the situation. It does persuade people to misunderstand, but her old rumor about Ayame made it even more believable.

“Hmm…. Really? Reallyyyy~~~~…”

Hatsushiba glared with a cold shoulder.

Ayame seeing Hatsushiba changing so drastically flinched back and Tozaki’s face went pale like a boiled chicken. Seeing her like this, even if he loved for a hundred years it would still be quite terrific.

“Ok, Yuuka believes you, but still, if you do something to hurt Cotton, Yuuka won’t forgive you.”

She said coldly.

A part of it, must’ve came from her Seiiyu rank, but just listening is already enough that she’s serious both inside and out.

…If back then when she went to research about Ayame’s rumor and said ‘stop talking with Ayame’ in such a voice. I might have nodded without knowing.

“Oh, it’s nothing much. I won’t do something like that. Ayame-chi is the one who is glaring at me. I’m starting to get chills up my spine.”

But Eve doesn’t seem affected. When she went in to talk with Ayame she doesn’t seem to fear anything too.

Not only that, she starts to walk right up towards me without even glancing at Hatsushiba.

“Even if you see me like that, I’m actually a very innocent person? On the other hand, do you want me to help you with this problem? We can work together to stop the rumors from spreading~~”

“Did you just say innocent? Fine, whatever ignore that. Important thing is, you want to help?”

“Yes, how about it?”

Eve’s face didn’t change a bit. Her two hands making a suspicious looking peace sign. But her fingers makes a crab-like turn.

I think its true, if Eve who(from the rumors) is an enemy of Ayame were to officially help us erase the fake rumors, it should have some good effect.

“…What’s the deal? You wouldn’t do it for free, would you?”

But I’m sure it’s not without consequences.

I’m not so optimistic as to believe this girl is going to help us like some sort of saint.

“Sure, the deal is that when Seiichi is at school, he must do everything I ask him to. That’s the deal, how about it?”

Eve said while leaning on my body.

“It’s not like I will only order you around. That would be weird, in fact, I will find something for you to enjoy too.”

She leaned her breast and waist to me harder. What’s with those huge breasts!? It’s making me sick!

Even if she didn’t put on black makeup, I could still smell the faint scent of synthesized chemicals from her face. And the smell of shampoo from her hair.

Her leaning against me is making me uncomfortable in a bad way. I really want to push her away from my body.

‘Don’t come near me you three dimensional bitch!’ Is what I would really like to say, if I could even say it here in the first place.

“Get away from him!”

But it turns out someone else did the talking for me— it was Ayame, she tore Eve’s body away from mine and stood between us.

Her face wasn’t the usual scary one.

It was on full Gangster mode, like when she was fighting with Songou. I would’ve peed my pants if I saw her at night, and Tozaki would’ve begged god for mercy.

“If Aramiya was to be your slave, I’d rather have the rumor stay as it is, gossip all you want, but you aren’t getting him!”

“Grrr….. What permission does Ayame-chi have to decide for Seiichi, it’s not like you’re a couple with him or anything!”


“Not that I ain’t his girlfriend. Me and Seiichi have by far passed that line of being just a mere couple a long time ago!”

Ayame and Hatsushiba swung their faces toward me. Their expressions were scary as hell.

“What do you mean by passing any sort of line! Stop making things up, what did we even do when we were in primary School!?”

We talked normally back then until the love letter incident happened, that was all. We’re not so close as to warranty any sort of possible relationships, but she may be viewing me as her slave.


Instead of Eve pouting, she seems to be confused.

“I think it’s weird…”

“Your brain is the only thing that’s weird.”

I’m starting to get tired of playing by this girl’s rule.

“To summarize, you are not allowed anywhere near Aramiya forever! You’re troubling other people!”

Ayame stood tall in front of me as if to protect me, and stared down Eve.

“Ughh…. You want to do it like this~? You ain’t his girlfriend either.”

Even after the declaration, Eve doesn’t show any sign of fear whatsoever. I don’t know if she’s stubborn or very courageous.

She observed Ayame intently and stared back at her without letting down.

If I place some special fire effect behind them it would fit perfectly.

“If you insist on ordering Aramiya around, you won’t be allowed near him from now on. If you don’t stop it I’ll-“

She didn’t finish her sentence and stopped her mouth.

“You can do it like that, I won’t care if the rumors get any worse, ok? To be honest seeing Ayame like this, I’m starting to believe that the rumors are true.”


“The bad girl stamp is already half stuck to you, and it won’t go off easily. How pitiful.”

“Are you-!!!”

“Oh, I’m scared, I’d better run away before I get killed.”

Eve finished her sentence, waved her hand, and then ran away.

Ayame was standing in the exact same place, chewing her teeth and glaring at the back of her enemy. She’s clearly showcasing her hate for Eve.

At night after I finished my part time job, I sank myself to my bathtub and try to think about how to get rid of Ayame’s baseless rumors.

If it was easy, then I wouldn’t be struggling in the first place… it’s just like cutting weeds, no matter how much you cut it, as long as the root isn’t taken care of, the plant will grow again. And eventually it will spread its seed around the place.

And we don’t have anything akin to a weed-killing chemical… hah, so troublesome.

After the bath, I went to the kitchen, then start to pour the milk. While that, I heard sounds of someone descending down the stairs.

It was Kiyomi, my little sister. She made a gruesome face once she saw me, seriously, not a cute sister at all.

She doesn’t say anything, and grabbed the milk from my hand and poured them into her own glass.

“…What are you looking at? Ugh, Disgusting, what if I get pregnant from you staring.”

“Would it kill you if you for once don’t scold me the moment you see my face?”

“Just being related to a shameless virgin is already terrible enough. If I was a super hacker, then I would’ve hacked the house registry that you’re my brother a long time ago.”

(TL comment: Honestly, if it was me I would’ve really punched her if she was my sister and really spoiled just because I’m an otaku.)

If I had access to future technology I would’ve programmed the Eroge’s little sister package into your brain too…

“Ugh, you disgusting damn virgin!”

She’s like this at home, but once she’s at school, her personality changes so much it’s like she’s wearing a thick mask.

Sometimes her true nature shows, but not so much to the point of triggering unwanted rumors.

But if it was Ayame, the rumor would’ve flared from bad to worse in no time.

“Oh, you’re both here? I see that your final exam is near, do you have any problem with following the teachers?”

My mom who was just sitting in front of the TV in the living room a while ago walked inside the kitchen.

“I’m faring ok, mom.”

In not so bad to fail a test so easily, just passing the average mean should be doable. Even if I’m not very versatile in English, I should be ok.

The problem is that there’s someone who’s going to be mad at me for getting an average score.

“I don’t need to read anymore, I’ve got it all under control.” Kiyomi said confidently. Well, when she took the school entrance exam she did pretty good, so she shouldn’t face any problem.

Originally my sister is the lazy type, and chose her high school based on the fact that it’s close to home. The truth is that I prefer her to be away in a better high school.

Like when I decided to enter Mikage high.

“I was planning to go to that school! Never mind that, you move to some other city and get educated there, just go! Just go someplace else!”

That’s how she reacted…

My sister is just that kind of person, but when she’s at school, she’s fully intent on hiding her true nature. You could call her the play safe type.

She’s pretty cunning, and also smart. People probably can’t see her for who she really actually is.


I suddenly realized something. Kiyomi heard me and turned her face to me. I didn’t mind her though.

But because of you, I now have an idea.

“Seeing you both as confident as this is good. But don’t get cocky, if you don’t review you will forget what you have read.”

Kiyomi and I listened to our mom’s lecture while drinking our milk until we drained the whole glass. We cleaned the glasses and went up back to our rooms.

“…I heard about some suspicious rumors about Ayame.”

I thought that this girl will return to her room quietly, but she just need to start a conversation.

“Sounds baseless and totally fake, don’t mind it.”

“Then do something about it.”

“I’m finding a way to, but I must thank you for making me think of an interesting idea.”

“Hah? What are you talking about! I’m going to puke if you continue.”

Kiyomi went into her room after dropping that.

I just can’t help but think, ‘that’s not a cute little sister at all.’

Now that it’s Tuesday, the sky was bright and the breeze were chilly.

After the fourth period, we four moved to eat lunch at the school garden.

I’m a little hurt, yesterday we were just sitting like normal in the room for a day, and now we need to run away as if accepting that the rumors are true. But if we are all the way out here, we will still be visible to the people up in the building. Which will give Ayame a positive impact.

One more thing, we could talk about things that we usually couldn’t talk in class too.

“Sigh… we are going to take the midterm soon, by the way, the test on period four, how much did you get? I got 74.”

While everybody was devouring their lunch boxes and bread, I opened a conversation.

“Do I really need to answer?”

Tozaki said in low-esteem.

“If you want to.”

“I got 68, but what’s the average score here?”

“I heard Saki got 94, if we took the scores and made an average, you’ll probably fall from the average.”

Saki is the man who gets high when the average is high and low when the average is low. Like a good average meter of the class.

“Oh shit… but whatever. As long as I don’t fail the midterm, everything will be fine.”

Tozaki replied.

To me, I don’t want that high of a score, but if I get lower than average. I’ll get banned from my hobby.

Because Kiriko knows all my scores, hiding them is useless.

“Its because you keep on playing those porn games that you’re getting those horrendous score.”

It’s like I heard that sentence flying through the wind.

But I won’t concede to that.

Playing eroge and getting low score, how does that equate to the eroge being at fault.


The person who got the low score is the one at fault, not the game.

Parents love to push responsibilities on other things that are easier to understand. So that they will have an easier time to understand what they think is happening.

But even if I explain that, they won’t accept it or say that I’m a game addict.

The world of adults is very infuriating.

So I am obligated to get a score that is higher than average. So that they won’t say those ridiculous crap.

Yeah, this will turn into a case of  ‘thank you eroge for giving me good score.’

But the truth is that, even if I get a higher score after starting to play Eroge, the people around me will never say ‘we must thank the eroge!’.

This world isn’t fair.

But the reason of people motivating themselves is their own problem. If people don’t insult other’s reason of doing something, this world would be a much better place.

“How about you, Hatsushiba?”

When I asked, Hatsushiba made a confused face and answered shyly.

“Yuuka got 82 points… But Aramiya-kun, do you have anything to say?”

“You look pretty normal but your score is quite good. Also adding to the fact that you’re not usually in class.”

“Hehe…. I just review the lessons many time. Sometimes I asked for my friend’s notebook to read. Mama also told me that if my scores get worse, she’ll stop me from being a Seiiyu..”

Seeing her like this, she must have had a lot of pressure on her back home. She’s really similar to me.

But if I told her that Hatsushiba’s Seiiyuu job is on the same level of importance as my Eroge, she’ll get mad.

“Ok, and you?”

I turned my face to the important target, Ayame.

The problem is her score.

“U-Uh… I got 91.”

“What!? More than me!?”

Wait, I thought that this girl has low grades. She did skip classes…

“I-if you read it inversely…”

What is she trying to say…

“Why are you telling your score based on the upside down paper, Cotton!”

“Eh, then you got 16?”

Tozaki answered, realizing what was going on. So it’s like that, huh.

“Hey, that’s so little!”

Wait wait, the average score is about 70+…

And you got 16!?

Really, Ayame’s situation is much worse than I thought. I think that even if it was Ayame, she should get like 40 points at least.

But how did she get such a number?

“U-uh. On grade 10, I haven’t learned a single thing is school, so…”

“Even through all that, you still managed not to repeat the year.”

But in Grade 11, the same miracles won’t happen twice.

“This is serious…”

Tozaki made a suspicious face to me.

Might be because I never asked something along the line of “hey how many points did you get?”.

“Aramiya, why did you ask about our scores?”

“I guess the intro is too long, well, from here on I’m going to tell you about my idea of getting rid of Ayame’s rumors.”

Ayame stretched her neck towards me. I didn’t get to the point earlier, so I should tell them now what I am planning.

“To explain step by step, as far as I see it. No one who’s smart is getting bashed and gossiped as Ayame is now. And even if there is, it won’t be as believed, don’t you think so?”

“Yeah, like our class leader Hosoe. Even if people gossiped, not so many would believe it.”

Hosoe is the smartest girl in class, every time she took the test she always gets full marks. I hear that on the day that she was going to enter High school. She was sick, and she was sick again on the other test day. So she wasn’t able to enter the school she wanted. She ended up being known as the girl with no luck. (According to Tozaki)

“And why do you thinks it’s like that?”

When I asked, Tozaki muttered back.

“Uh… well… because she doesn’t look like a person who would do something like that, right?”

“Yes, and why do we think like that? It’s not like getting good grades is equivalent to being smart, but smart people won’t do something as foolish as doing prostitution work. And also it won’t be violent, it’s not like he or she is worried about their parents or about their own future, rather they just don’t want to put themselves into trouble. Of course this isn’t always the case, but the image of a smart person is made from both the person and the people observing them.”

Ayame’s face went pale.

“Do the others view me as a cheap body seller!?”

“Well, you’re pretty dumb. And you also jumped class and find trouble with others. The basis personality of a stupid person.”

But seriously, you don’t know? It must mean that you really don’t care about your own rumors at all, don’t you.

“U-uh, that…” Hatsushiba tried to help out her friend, but she couldn’t say a word.

“It’s who you choose to be from now on that’s important!”


The supposedly soothing words from Hatsushiba’s lips only serve to widen the wounds further.

But the main point is what I am going to say from now on, this is not a time to be grieving over the past.

“I’m not finished yet, from now on if Ayame increases her scores, the rumors may suddenly start to dissipate. Like, ‘oh, she’s actually it that stupid, maybe those rumors weren’t true after all…’. Something like that.”

“But then we can’t fix the old rumors about her doing it?”

“For now let’s just leave it at that.”

I also once accidentally believed that she did it, and it brought me quite a pile of trouble.

“For now the new rumors are popping up like weeds all around. We need to build a wall to keep them out first. And that wall is Ayame’s midterm score. It won’t we a very high wall, but we can worry about pulling out the weeds later after we put up the wall.”

The rumors about Ayame had rooted itself in very deep.

So we must do this step by step, since we don’t have any reliable weed-killing chemicals at our disposal.

“One more thing, looking at your condition now it’s not too hard to imagine your midterm. But if you fail the final it will become a serious problem and you will be locked in school over the summer break to fix your grade.”

“I really don’t want to worry about the summer break now, but I don’t want to spend my summer break at school, summer break is suppose to be spent eating ice cream in an air-conditioned room whilst playing games.”

Tozaki nodded his head in agreement.

First things first, coming to school in summer break is a no no for me.

School holiday is meant to be spent playing eroges from morning to night.

This break I can open the air-conditioner, eat those icy cold ice creams and play porn games.

This is what I call, holiday of a true teenager.

“If I must come to school over the summer break, will Aramiya come too?”

“No way. If I stay over the summer all my game time will be gone. Listen, this summer a big fantasy game like ‘Destiny night/zero’ is going to be put up on sale. If I must come to school over the summer to fix my grades, then I can’t start right from the morning.”

I said that and Ayame immediately showed a hopeless expression and smashed her seat. I told her to forget that habit since it could cause misunderstandings. But since this garden is not so crowded I guess it’s not that much of a problem.

“Wait! I never knew that fixing your grades requires you to give up summer!?”

“Just looking at your reaction is enough for me to know that you haven’t been listening in class at all. You can’t run away from this like you jump blades too…”

If Ayame wasn’t able to play these games, then I would also be in trouble.

Even if I finished ‘Destiny night/zero’ I wouldn’t be able to talk about it. It would turn into, ‘hey Ayame, have you played ‘Destiny night/zero’ yet?’ Sort of situation.

I don’t want to keep anything about the game to myself with no one to express it to, and Ayame is the only person who is also going to play the game and understand what I mean.

“Oh, that game releases un summer? That’s going to be quite nasty.”

Tozaki said without putting too much weight in. Well, he’s not a fan of fantasy games so he doesn’t really understand my feelings.

I tried to persuade him to at least try out the game, but his stubbornness is too much so I decided to stop. The more you force people to do something the more they will refuse.

“So in conclusion your grade is our first priority, not only are the rumors at stake, but your free time during the holidays is too.”

And become the person who listens to me discussing about my game to.

“Yes sir!”

Ayame nodded, her eyes sparkling with determination.

The power of eroges to motivate people is truly stunning.

“And how are we going to do that?”

Hatsushiba bent her neck and asked.

Well, there aren’t many ways to improve…

“There are no shortcuts, we’ll start by visiting the library after school to study together.”

Oh I see, but when I was with Hatsushiba, there was a piece of paper containing a curse written on it coming back to me, well the past is really sweet… even though the event had just happened one month ago.

Then I enter the library with Tozaki who’s looking blunt, Hatsushiba who’s looking cheerful and also Ayame who’s looking anxious.

This library inside the school building next to the gym seems to be totally soundproof so we cannot hear any sounds from the outside. These include the noises from the school field and the echoes from the gym that are unable to reach our eyes.

It’s an environment that seems to be designed for people to concentrate.

“Is there anywhere that four of us can sit together?”

While Hatsushiba who’s talking with a quiet plain voice and looking for places, then one male student glimpses at us.

Then that guy’s face turns pale as if he has seen a ghost before being hurried to pack away all his stationery and leave the library with panic… is that guy alright?

Maybe he’s just assuming that we’re coming to cause any troubles and probably he might have thought that there’s going to be a sideline scene right here.

The proverb stating that escaping as a wing, knowing to escape as a tail, during when I was ignorant, if I had seen something like this I would’ve been velvety to escape as well.


Ayame also realizes when she faces like this. It must be regarded as a price exchanging with being self-indulgent previously.

“There’s no need to think much,”


I spoke just only as loud as Ayame could hear and then we walk towards a four people table that’s unoccupied.

It seems pretty obvious that those people over there are glimpsing at us distrustfully as if trying to question us that what on earth are we doing here.

I feel a bit annoyed but I’m able to handle it in order to cover my tempered face so that we can sit down and talk happily.

But Tozaki, why don’t you act more energetic, you think that the people give you the smile meaninglessly. Don’t you see the good meaning like from Hatsushiba at all?

“Alright, where shall we start?”

I speak quietly and Hatsushiba raised her hand a bit.

“Well it must be the contemporary literature right? Cotton is still using a peculiar language,”

Then Ayame suddenly says out loud as if she’s trying to oppose.



Hatsushiba nods without any hesitation.

That’s really extraordinary, even if I also thought that Ayame uses apeculiar language as well.

“You must understand the main points of the question first otherwise no matter if it is mathematics or English subject, Yuuka thinks that it’s pointless to read.”

“Starting from there or what…”

“For a thousand miles of a path, there must be a first step, Cotton,”

We can only hope that it’s only one thousand mile.

We may have to talk to each other that initially where Ayame is up to about knowing the situation.

I and Hatsushiba try to pick up a reading comprehension task on a contemporary literature since grade 7 to 10 from the bookshelf in the library for Ayame to do.

It turns out that she’s at about grade 9 level.

Well, she got accepted to this senior high school but also another, this school’s grade boundary isn’t that high.

“Umm… what does this mean?”

Ayame, who’s doing the task, asks Hatsushiba.

“What, you don’t understand right here? Why? How come? This is a junior high school task don’t you know?”

Hatsushiba is being harsh remorselessly.

On the other hand, Tozaki who’s sitting next to Hatsushiba becomes pale once again. Maybe he has found a hundred-year romantic story so he becomes dull again.

But I do understand why Hatsushiba secretly cannot tolerate sometimes. It’s because Ayame has a problem with comprehensive skills.

“It seems that you probably won’t be able to do handle the questions in the midterm exams already.”

Once I’ve said like that, Ayame suddenly becomes flabby.

But we didn’t come here to make her feel desperate like that. The reason why we’re here so that we can realize ourselves and set a reasonable clear target from now on.

“If we focus on contemporary literature like this, there’s no way we can make it in time. For your midterm and final this semester, you have world history, Japanese history, health studies, computer studies and your free elective subject is art am I right? It would be better if you focus on those memorizing subjects so they’ll help you more effectively.”

“Memorizing? I’m not really confident…”

“It’s not about being confident, memorizing is about listening, speaking, reading and writing so that they can absorb into your brain. Once you have memorized until you’re familiar, even if it’s a mathematics subject then you’ll be able to remember it.”

When memorizing independently by reading only won’t help remembering that much.

“Use your eyes, ears, mouth and hands to help you remember in the long-term. This method may be quite roundabout but I think this is the most effective way.”

Ayame nods together with saying alright it’s like this. But actually, doing like what I’ve just said may be a bit difficult especially staying inside the library where you cannot utter a word.

“And also did each of you jotted down from what the lecturer said that ‘this part will come up in the exam’ as well?”

“Oh, well I did too,”

“Yuuka also noted down as well but some days I didn’t attend class. In that case, I asked from my friend but there may be some missing details as well.”

“I didn’t.”

I do know about this already.

But if Tozaki and Hatsushiba are here then there shouldn’t be any problems. These people have many friends from outside class anyway.

“For the midterm exam, Shido will set the exam based on world history, Matsuda will set the exam based on Japanese history, Itsuki will set on health studies, Itsumi will set on music, and Kahara will set on computer studies. Itsuki, Itsumi and Kahara teach our class anyway so there’s no problem, but Shido and Matsuda do not teach our class. Can you please go ask any friends who study with these two teachers that what do these teachers based the questions on something like that?”


Hatsushiba’s eyes glow a bit, looking surprised.

Did I just say something awkward or not?

“This is just creating a boundary for what you need to remember only. It would be too much if you have to read the entire details when you’re still not familiar with memorizing. Hence, we’ll have to create a boundary at the narrowest as possible and memorize only from there. Once you’re familiar with mathematics and English, you’ll be able to do some physics. Another thing, this is not just preparing for midterm only but also final as well.”

“Awesome, you’ve really planned this much ahead, if it’s about which teacher set which question paper, Yuuka wouldn’t know either,”

Hatsushiba says with full of impression.

“You must take it seriously once you’ve planned, Ayame also need to write the notes from the board into your book too from now on. Tadokoro who teaches mathematics wipes out the board very fast, be aware of that. I don’t know too why does he need to do that much but who knows that he might have a solving problem method too.”

Furthermore, for physics, the course coordinator is Kiriko-senpai. If we say that she could do for Ayame, then she might be able to give some hints.

If there are some hints, just remembering the problems seems to be sufficient to take the exam.

For English, we may need to wait for Ohara-sensei’s help.

Oh this guy, if we say that he’s doing it for Ayame, then he may be able to help something.

But for contemporary literature, literature and mathematics, we’ve met hot-tempered teachers. These subjects we cannot rely on the teachers.

“Let’s say right now we should focus on memorizing subjects, let Tozaki open the textbook and exercise book for Japanese history and let him teach the main important points first,”

Tozaki looks like ‘huh’ but if I don’t ask him then who else can we ask for. Hatsushiba didn’t attend class so there will be missing parts.

Actually, I could lend my notes for others to see but right now there are other things that I have to do first. It’s best to have a look at the lecturer’s book.

“Then I shall go search for books that compile all the problem solving tasks first.”

“I’ll leave it with you, no actually, please do so Tozaki-kun.”

“Yes ma’am, you can just call my name, no need to add kun.”

Both of them are acting awkwardly but Hatsushiba should be helping for sure.

Then I walk to the bookshelf that contains task compilation textbooks. I’ll try search for the most suitable one.

At that moment, one student enters the same alley between the bookshelves at where I’m standing.



I thought that student was just coming to search for books but it appears that the other side just greeted me, so I turn my head while I’m carrying a book.

She’s about two heads shorter than me and radiates for protection around her. Her hair is much smoother than silk, it’s as long down to her shoulders. Her skin is sparkling like a white lily looking similar to a piece costume that fairies would wear. Her face is decorated with attractive eyes which I could say that she’s cute since before blooming until it’s not surprising to expect about the future.

Although I’m not interested in 3D girls, seeing this for just a few seconds is still this much eye catching. This girl is cute as in comparison to the female protagonists in the eroges, isn’t it?

Her school uniform that looks untidy, very loose until half her hands can be hidden under. At that point is another feature that makes it seductive.

Oh my god, what is this, is my brain losing to the 3D world!?

Looking at the outer shirt, she seems to be my junior. Looking down to the slipper also indicates that she’s my junior.

Hmm? Hmmm? Hmmmm!?

“Umm well, may I ask you something a bit saucy?”

“Eh, huh, what?”

“Why are you wearing the male school uniform? Were you punished by some games like that?”

She isn’t wearing a skirt, she’s wearing shorts, I feel insanely strange when I see it.

Then once I’ve asked, she becomes a bit embarrassed.

“Eh, what… I’m, I’m a boy…”

I suddenly scream out loud across the library until I have to use my hands to cover my mouth.

Is, is, is, is this really a guy? The living organism in front of me that I thought she’s a young perfect girl in the 3D world is actually a guy instead? This living thing that secretly have an attractive sense that I see clearly has a female sign?

Are you joking me? If yes that would be awkward, your gender chromosome seems to be malfunctioned. Where have you been doing with your dominant autosomal?

I accidentally stared at her eyes once again.

The pretty long hair, small precise face, round glowing eyes that’s hidden constantly with lack of confidence makes me feel like I want to protect her that much.

In fact, if it’s a guy then that would be insane, you see, then how’s it possible to have a younger brother…

“Well, it’s like, that…”

“Ah, umm.”

I’m still stunned until I’ve forgotten why did that person come to greet me?

Was I doing something inappropriate in the library or not? It seems like it’s a library committee…

While I’m being curious, that young decent looking girl (or guy) bent down her or his head.

“Thank you very much for saving me that time.”

From what I could remember, I used to rescue people only once during when people tried to threaten Ayame that time.

I slowly search for my memories continuously.

…There isn’t, I cannot remember that I had saved this young student. If she got bullied, then I would’ve gone to save her already. But I don’t have that much antidote.

“No I didn’t, maybe it’s the wrong person, I cannot really remember that I had saved your life.”

“No, I’m not wrong for sure, previously you had saved me when I got extorted… can’t you remember?”

She puts her hands on her chest. The fingers that raise above the shirt are fidgeting with feeling blushed.

Like this should be a girl am I right? The different attitudes totally imply that it’s actually a girl or is my own perception becoming distorted.

…Hmm, extorting money?

“Or were you the person who extorted by two eleventh grade students previously?”

Once I’ve said like this, she (or he) nods gently.

“Yes, my name is Ryoma Saitani, thank you so much for saving me that time.”

Wow this name sounds really masculine.

The fact that this girl (a guy) has said should mean about the incident when suddenly Ayame had spoken a polite language.

Ayame actually saved her when being extorted for money by the gangsters.

I could say that at that time she might had escaped first until I could only see from her back. Actually, she’s just the library committee am I right.

No in fact, in that case she still thanked the wrong person anyway.

“Go and thank Ayame in person instead of thanking me, I wasn’t the person who went to save you.”

“But, I’m scared…”

“That girl is not a fierce animal or anything like that come on.”

Look at it, Ayame tends to make kids look very innocent like this… no actually because of the girl’s innocence that makes her feel scared of Ayame very much.

“I do know as well, I told the other library committees who are afraid of Ayame-senpai that she’s actually a kind person and used to save me.”

She tries to fully everything, well she looks pretty cute like a little young animal for sure. No actually, I could say that since Ayame joined this school, none of the group of library committees stampeded or anything in particular even though I’m not certain that it’s really because of Saitani or what.

“In that case, you should definitely go meet her and thank her directly.”

“But at that time, I accidentally ran away…”

We could say that once somebody came to save, then she immediately ran away.

I could remember that at that time I was fretful that there was a person who was willing to come and save but turned out that she ran away.

But if I know that she’s cute like this, then I could forgive her without thinking of anything… but wait! This is a guy, a man! In fact, since I looked onto the other side’s face and decided to forgive or not, I’m actually acting like the people who I hate, am I right! I really want to bang my head onto the bookshelf.

Let’s say we forget about that event first, in this case it’s a great opportunity for Ayame as well.

“Well let’s say.”

“Ah, what…”

“That girl doesn’t keep those incidents to relieve her emotions, I think you should go thank her, I can guarantee you’ll see things enjoyable as well. Don’t worry, I’ll walk right beside you, please I beg you.”

“If you say so that much then…”

I looked around.

Great, there are still many students inside the library.

Then I went with her to meet up with Ayame.


Ayame is certain for sure. But both Tozaki and Hatsushiba each looked at her (him) who I brought along.

Tozaki and Hatsushiba both react surprisingly once they’ve seen the way Saitani has dressed. Okay, this isn’t strange because this event is like a cute young idol girl in the world of small animals, so it’s not surprising if she gets to be a model in a magazine while wearing a male school uniform.

But it turns out that Ayame is looking furious and her eyes are abnormally brutal. We have to solve this since the start otherwise this girl will be disadvantaged just because of these small issues.

“Why are you wearing male school uniform? Were you been picked by someone?”

It turns out Hatsushiba asks exactly like what I’ve just asked previously. It seems like she could only think only this once she has seen this.

“No, I’m not… well I’m a man…”

At that second, there’s a question mark appearing on each of Hatsushiba’s, Tozaki’s and also Ayame’s head. Looking at them, I can anticipate immediately of what they are still thinking. It’s because just a while ago I was also thinking the same thing and right now I still do not really believe anyway.

“This person is our junior. His name is Ryouma Saitani, I also don’t want to believe it too, but I think he’s actually a guy.”

“Hey, well I don’t really believe you… would you mind if I examine clearly to ensure that it’s true my dear?”

Tozaki is looking like he has an artifice, and breathes in deeply. This guy is weird without any holes the pick on at all.

“This is insane, if it turns out it’s a girl then what shall we do.”

Saitani is looking as if “huh!?” But right now let’s not focus on that yet.

“Then… may Yuuka have a check?”

This time Hatsushiba started speaking with full curiosity.

“If it’s a guy, then that thing may suddenly appear, are you sure you can handle this?”

After finished speaking, Hatsushiba then steps back with a bit of shyness. It seems that she’s still feeling shy as well.


Saitani is looking hesitant as if he wants to get to the point.

“Let’s say no matter what gender it is, it is not that important. Let’s keep it a mystery forever would be better.”

“No, it is not a mystery! I am really a guy!”

He’s saying a bit too loud and then suddenly covers his mouth fully with both of his hands once he realizes that he’s in the library. Well, his behavior looks pretty adorable in every aspect, young man.

“…And, is there anything?”

Ayame speaks brusquely differing from Hatsushiba and Tozaki. I told you already to stop acting irritable when it’s unnecessary. Your eyes aren’t even unable to see clearly so why do you need to twitch your eyes?

But let’s say that’s enough so that we can get to the point.

“He has something to tell Ayame.”


Once I’ve said like that, Ayame tilts her neck and looks confused.

Phew, finally she’s back to her normal face.


Once I’ve urged, Saitani lifts up his head when he was bending down his head a bit.

“Thank you very much for saving me from being extorted on that day.”

After that, he seems like he’s compiling his bravery, turns to look at Ayame before bowing his head with manner.

He might have spoken a bit too loud but nobody reprimands him at all.

On the other hand, Ayame’s reaction is,

“Whoa!? …Eh, huh, eh… eh, eh…”

She doesn’t know what to do at that moment.

Her eyes are staring into space before she turns towards me and looking like she’s begging for help.

Her face is redden down to her neck. Is this a kettle or what?

“Eh, umm… well, I wasn’t going to, well…!”

I’ve never seen anyone not feeling used to when someone complements like this girl before.

In contrast, the students around there are looking like they have seen a strange living creature because people have seen clearly that Ayame is still panicking.

Like this is great, this much is already great.

Spreading rumors that Ayame is not a violent-headed person starts from here. There might be some aspects that she enjoys starting a fight but at least she’s not thinking of starting a fight without any reasons.

If we make the people see the side that she’s a normal innocent girl, the filter inside the others who believed in rumor would become moderately cleaner.

“I’m sorry for running away that time, I feel guilty for most of the time.”

“No, well I myself also don’t…”

“I’m really glad that you endeavored to rescue me.”

Saitani previously looked weak, turns out thanking her gushingly than before.

Well, about this is looking great.


I whisper into her ear, telling something that Ayame should answer.

And then Ayame breathes in deeply.

“Yes, you’re welcome…”

Before claiming shyly.

When she receives the compliment from someone, saying like this is looking great.

Hatsushiba who’s looking at her then looks fresher and then Tozaki also seems to look quite proud.

The people around start to have different conversation but since she did not say something negatively then I’m relieved.

“Congratulations, once you’ve done that there’ll be something in return.”

“Ah, ah, umm…”

Previously, she might had involved in fights in order to rescue other people without anyone thanking her at all.

People may have thought that she has done that because of her irritation until even the word ‘thank you’ she never has received it before.

Certainly, starting a fight is such a foolish action and Ayame herself might not have done that for just hoping others would thank her.

Therefore, even this scenario is a small issue, but it is significant for Ayame.

Only this, the people who are standing right here get to see the different side of Ayame already.

If we’re able to change some of her characteristics, then it would be great.

“Well, I’m already glad for being thanked by somebody.”

Then Saitani smiles cutely as if he has accomplished a secret mission.

“Ayame make sure you keep an eye on it, girls do smile like this.”

“It’s fatally powerful like what you’ve truly mentioned before…”

Although he says like that, Hatsushiba and Tozaki still seem not to believe him.

“Even though I see you walking into a female’s toilet, it doesn’t look strange at all…”

“But if I found you inside a male’s toilet, I would be so astonished. What do you usually do when you have to use the toilet?”

“I enter the male’s toilet when there’s nobody around… because everybody likes to feel astonished.”

Well, you seem to be a boy with full of kindness, pretty cute with this behavior. I really want to ask which female protagonist and eroge are you from.

…The real world is quite cruel. Although this girl-looking boy is actually a boy is a bug, if we’re in the magical world then for sure there must be extra episodes for us to flirt upon. Also, we can certainly choose to have it as a male or female. In this case, we have to test whether I love this character or not.

“By the way, why’s everybody in the library?”

Maybe we are acting unlike others who are in the library so Saitani looks pretty confused. He seems to ask innocently without any intention to cause any trouble.

“Since it’s getting close to midterm exams, so we plan to come here regularly after school.”

“Oh really, in that case, the library committees also welcome you all, if you have any questions feel free to ask.”

“Just being next to him is also being a victim under the sight already.”

“No, don’t say that, otherwise I’m going to be really upset…!”

His touchy and cheeky face still looks really cute. Why is everything really perfect like this?

The next morning, the sky is dark since morning. Maybe it’s because it’s getting closer to the rainy season. I carry an umbrella with me to school just in case.

Once homeroom period is over, the first period of Japanese history has started.

This is where something unexpected happens.

“In that case, this question I would like to ask… Ayame-san then.”

Kawada-sensei, who’s starting to age and teaches Japanese history to our class, asks Ayame to answer.

“Eh!? Eh, huh, eh?”

“You don’t know the answer? Ayame-san, this question asks about lineage system.”

“I..I do know sensei.”

“Then please stand up and answer.”

I’m bemused.

I didn’t expect the teacher would call Ayame to answer the question since previously the teacher always ignored her.

Ayame also usually stood still even if the teacher calls her name, so for her being ignored isn’t something strange. But… I have a feeling that the trend has changed.

“The lineage system is a ruling system by the Yamamoto group…”

Ayame answers herself without having to look at the textbook.

Maybe after forcing her to memorize yesterday seems to work somehow.

More than half of the class become stunned after seeing her being asked and she’s able to answer.

“Well done, this part… is very important.”

Kawada-sensei isn’t the person who writes the exam paper. The person who writes the Japanese history exam paper is actually Matsuda-sensei.

Therefore, she’s unable to tell exactly what will come up in the exam… but the fact that Kawada-sensei has said clearly like this is pretty strange. Is this actually giving bonus to Ayame really?

At the end of class period, I’m curious so I chase after to meet Kawada-sensei.

“Hey, Aramiya-kun, is there anything I can help?”

The teacher seems to look like a kind aunt. Some people look quite cute so I don’t really understand if in reality, this is considered as cute or not.

“Oh nothing, well… did you intend to ask Ayame during the class a while ago?”

“Haha, you guys were in the library am I right? I’m a librarian you know?”

I never knew this before.

But well, there’s no way I can remember every single teacher.

“Your tutor, Ohara-sensei reported to me that recently Ayame has managed to repent and also Kotani-sensei is on Ayame-san’s side, I’m curious as well so I tried testing her that’s why.”

“And how do you think?”

“Why do you need to ask when you’ve already seen the result?”

No, there’s no need to ask at all.

She might had answered unevenly sometimes but still able to answer correctly, neither too less nor too much.

“If she’s able to repent herself, all of us will be glad, but from the past things that she did still has a significant effect especially with Tadokoro-sensei who teaches mathematics or Murakami-sensei who teaches modern literature who aren’t really that kind like me. Please tell Ayame too that please keep up her good work.”

Kawada-sensei guides with a humble face and then disappears.

Yes, it’s like what she has said.

Being effortful would be effective because there are people who keeping an eye on her too.

There’s only the fact whether Ayame will endure doing this consistently or not.

But when there are allies, there must be enemies too.

This especially goes with Tadokoro-sensei who teaches mathematics. Once he sees Ayame being calm, he seizes the opportunity to scold her badly.

“Aren’t you able to do just this! What were you doing previously!”

“I’m, I’m sorry teacher…”

He says as if he’s relieving his mood the fact that she’s always been ignored until she doesn’t suit looking like an adult.

Previously, it isn’t strange if Ayame is unable to answer.

Because we leave mathematics later on, so we are not well-prepared at all.

Therefore, being scolded is something that cannot be overlooked.

“For god’s sake! Do I have to teach since the very beginning again or what!? The nemesis has followed you from the fact you’ve skipped several classes! Being like this is something you should deserve it, you fool!”

But how… the molesting and profane attitude combining together like this, I can’t hold it after seeing this.

To be honest, can’t he say it a bit better than this?

But Ayame doesn’t twitch the teacher looking withered as if desperate to fight back and pleads her guilt. Right now Ayame is trying to come fully back to her normal state.

I’m really fretful like when the teacher stopped me from doing that.

Previously, I never intended to face Ayame. Once somebody has tried to repent oneself, it turns out I want to do something like this.

I feel like this is just using a base to handle the emotion only.

Hence, although the true story like this will contradict my behavior, but letting it go won’t do any better so I better find an excuse for her.

I raise my hand and stood up.

“Hmm? Is there anything, Aramiya?”

“Excuse me, but we won’t be able to move on, so I would like you to please continue teaching, we’re getting closer to midterm exams now.”

“…Yes you’re right, let’s get back to study, everybody please turn to page thirty in your textbook.”

Only this, at least Ayame won’t get scolded any further.

I’ve seen Ayame sending her glimpse to me as if “thanks a lot”, but I could only help temporarily. After that, I have to read the math that was prepared, otherwise not able to answer as an excuse would make me get chased as well.

…If I don’t hurry, it’ll get worse.

“Aramiya, you’re so handsome!”

Once the class has finished, somebody teases me as expected.

It isn’t just Tozaki only, but it’s the entire class.

“You’re able to defeat the wrath of Tadokoro is something extraordinary.” “Aramiya, you’re such a brave guy.” “Tadokoro is so annoying right.” “We’re so gratified.” “Next time please do this again.” “Long live Aramiya!” “Hooray Aramiya!”

“Whoa! That’s enough! Go away you guys, shoo!”

“ “ “ “Whoa! Aramiya is furious!” “ “ “

Phew, I’m being surrounded by a bunch of insane and crazy people.

It’s because you guys are too playful like winning a bet, being boisterous until Ohara-sensei feels depressed. On the other hand, other class teachers are also angry. If my cumulative grade for university application gets worse, what will I do.

“Thank, thank you…”

And once the noise has settled down, then Ayame thanks me.

“There’s no need to thank me, from now on, I’m sorry but I have to force you doing tough math.”

“You’re really strict on me!”

Ayame answers brusquely. We still need a lot more practice.

And during after school, then we head to the library like yesterday.

On the way, Ayame tells me that she’s going to pick up flowers (having a pee) or what so Hatsushiba follows her as well.

“It seems girls do enjoy going to toilet together.”

“I know right.”

I answer Tozaki as if I have enough of this. Then I plan first what book should we use and where should we read up to in the textbook during today.

Certainly, we talk to each other quietly at the level where the people around cannot hear since we’re in the library. If it’s noisy, Saitani will come and warn us again even if I’m not annoyed when being scolded by Saitani.

“You see like this time but other times you help others fully, Aramiya.”

“I think you’ve misunderstood, I did this for myself not for Ayame.”

“You mind and your speech don’t match each other really.”

“At least it matches my personal demons.”

Usually, I’m just annoyed about Ayame in my opinion and Ayame in the world that people know don’t match each other. The remaining thing is I did it so that there’s somebody to talk about ‘Destiny Knight/Zero’ with only. It’s not much or less than that.

…Even if I feel like it’s not worth losing sweat.

But no actually! Talking about eroges is important! Do you know how much I burst out after I finished playing ‘Destiny Knight/Zero’?

“Well it depends on people’s interests, if you’re fine then there’s nothing I could say, Aramiya. You also seem to look more bizarre as well.”

“Really? Usually I also behave well-rounded anyway.”

“Especially with eroges.”

I can’t argue with that.

But wait a moment, am I really cruel towards a normal person that much?

“If you don’t realize yourself then it doesn’t matter, Aramiya right now looks easier to stay close with.”

“Previously, was it very tolerating for staying close to me.”

“Let’s not pick holes, what I mean is comparing to what happened previously, it’s just easier to stay close to you.”

“Then that’s great, Tozaki, come and play ‘Destiny Knight/Zero’ with me, so that our friendship becomes much more stable.”

“No thanks.”

Damn it, the way of talking makes it look like a cool person.

“By the way, Aramiya, I don’t know if you’ve forgotten already yet, but what should we do with the club members and the advisor?”

“…I haven’t forgotten yet.”

Even if I almost have forgotten too.

“For the supervisor, we can go ask for Kotani-sensei, there’s only you who’s not okay with that.”

“…It’s not that, I think Kiyomi-san also doesn’t want to do either.”

“Even if we include your younger sister, it is still two against three anyway, but anyway, let’s leave that for now first, about the club members is something we have sort it out now probably.”

Stabbing the black heart again.

About the supervisor, we can make Kiriko-senpai be first I don’t mind, if it’s just for temporary.

But for the club members, if we don’t hurry up to find then…

“Well… it’s true… what should we do,”

“Seiichi, what are you stress about?”

“Our club is just missing some members – hey Eve!?”

“Hello, hello, Seiichi, are you just worried about this small problem? You’re really hardworking.”

“I’m still revising, you can go wherever you want to go.”

Why is this girl even here.

“Hey, you’re so mean, why do you have to say like that!”

“I and you meet each other like that,”

“…Or Seiichi, are you in a bad mood?”

It’s because she’s here, that’s why.

“You’re now very black hearted, it can’t be helped, then I’ll go first,”

Phew, just go away, what a relief.

And once I managed to chase Eve away, Saitani then comes towards me like tag team change.

“Is it really tedious when revising, Aramiya-senpai, Tozaki-senpai, you guys are being a bit too noisy.”

There are puffy cheeks too and also showing two fingers as if trying to say that “hey” as well.

The most important thing is the voice sounds like a girl. Hearing this makes me feel excited. When being called as a senior makes it sounds pleasant to hear. Next time I shall play an eroge that has a junior character.

“Wow, Sainiang’s voice sounds really pleasant to hear… it’s a shame that you’re not a girl…”

Tozaki is melting. There’s something wrong with this guy. Although you think like that, please don’t say it out loud. For me saying like this sounds awkward already, but I think that he isn’t able return back to his normal state already.

“Beg my pardon, Saitani, this guy isn’t fully alright,”

“Oh I see, seeing like this makes me want to seriously tighten my muscle.”

“May I have a look,”

I try grabbing his arms penetrating the school uniform.

On the other hand, Saitani may want to show his masculinity so he tighten his muscles with a noise.

“Are these muscle?”



Tozaki face right now looks like he’s hate me now

“Oi Aramiya that’s isn’t fair “

“Tozaki… didn’t you want Hatsushiba?”

“Hey! that’s another story ok?”

Saitani feels the danger so she I mean he stand behind me

Tozaki… really man?

While we were taking Hatsushiba ran into us .

“Aramiya!! Aramiya!!Cotton! Cotton is in trouble!!”


“At the end of walkway”

After that I ran with all power I got like Usan Bolt…

“Aramiya dont run on the walkway!”

“Sorry ma’am!!”

Wahh, it was Tadokoro-sensei the Beast

This isn’t goiing to end well  for me

Ohhf*ck this!!!

“Sorry..Excuse me…GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”

what I see was Ayame with 2 guys, and one of them was bleeding and Ayame’s right hand was bleeding as well.

“Ayame… “

“Oh! Seichii? Ayame got into trouble this girl, and really likes to beat people up. It’s just like what the rumors said.”

“Eve? What did you see?”

“I saw only after the fight did you get hurt when you with her?”

At that time I’ve only heard what people misunderstood.

“G-Go get the teacher!!” “Hurry up!”

“I think we should call the Ambulance” “Bu-But there’s blood all over we should get the first aid kid” “Ayame-san’s  scary” “Yeah!”

Oh crap, more rumors are starting to spread like wildfire again.

“Get outta way !!”

I yelled.

Please Ayame . Please tell me you didn’t do this .

Finally, even when I got though the human wall one of the bullies tried to punch Ayame but she just Swerved it like a boss.

Then she looked at me her…with her hand filled with somr blood stain…


She asked for help, but what could I possibIy do?

You’re one who did this aren’t you?


Even the bullies who tried to punch her still looked at me.

What happened here?


I went behind one of the bullies and locked his arms.


“Shut up and calm the hell down!!”

I can’t really speak calmly anymore,  since more rumors are starting to spread around.

why the hell did I need to do that?!

“LET ME GO!!!”

while this guy went full nuts I spotted something it might be coincidence

but it’s not a good time for it yet..


“OH God that’s the beast!!!”

someone said that and then everyone just left the area immediately.

“What happened here?”

Tadokoro ask with the voice that can make little kids cry

“Tadokoro-Sensei! wait a sec!!!”

“You shut up Aramiya I will take care all this mess and don’t think I forgot about you running on the walkway.”

After that Ayame and the bullies stand in a line…

One of them was bleeding but he seems to be good now

“I’m asking you what happened?”

“…I saw them trying to plow money from another guy.”

Ayame anxiously replied.

Tadokoro-Sensei looks at both of the bullies and ask “Did you do it?”

“N-No ma’am …. none of that happened..”

Both of them denied what Ayame just told

“..I can’t find the victim though…”

That’s true he probably left by now…

“Sh-She just came here and punched my friend!!”

“Y-Yeah!! She punched me!”

“N-No that’s not true, I saw the victim but he left.”

It was then when some random person said it

like “Yeah where did that guy go anyway?”

But Tadokoro-Sensei still didn’t believe the story

“Ayame what did you do to these two?”


“I’m asking you!!!”

“Yes ma’am I did this but if I didn’t do anything, then things would’ve gotten worst.”

You didn’t need to be so straight about it!

“Why did you go in? sure plowing money is not good but when you doing this the situation worst”

“Money… is really important, since he uses his time and energy to get that money so I can’t endure watching him get his money taken.”

“Heh, well said.”

Tadokoro-Sensei smile

“Huh I’ll forgive you this time, but only this time!”

Holy cow, Tadokoro-sensei said that!

“Next time call for a teacher first.”

“Wa-wait a minutes you just gonna let her go!!?”

One of the bullies yelled out to her

“You said she did this to you right?”


“Don’t try and lie to me with that bulls**t! Do you guys honestly think I’m stupid?”

“I-I have proof!! Her hands still got the blood stain!!!”

“That is just a blood stain. But if she did punch you, she should’ve gotten wounds on her hands too then.”

Tadokoro-Sensei pointed at Ayame hands.

“I guess you tried to punched her but failed and hit the wall didn’t you? there’s still blood stains on the wall.”


“I’m not that dumb alright? After you’re done bandaging yourselves up, we have something to discuss call your parents then.”

and then she dragged those two guys out of the room.

“Ah! Aramiya!”


“Don’t think I forgot that you ran on the walkway, so you need to write that apology letter to me tomorrow.”

and then she left the scene.

Once everything is over, all the student then left too.


I’m so done.

What a day, Tadokoro-Sensei already knew it, why am I even a bother…

The  thing I saw was a blood stain on the wall but at that time I didn’t think that far.


“Why do you always get into trouble? Good grief!”

“Nevermind that finally, it’s over.”

“T-Thanks for the help..”

“Nevermind that, you know I hate troublesome stuff.”

“What actually happened anyways?”

“Nothing much that guy fall so I tried to help him and ask are you ok? then he tried to punch me…”

What luck!

“Cotton!!” “Are you ok?”

“Where were you guys?”

“Sorry Yuuka  could not get through those guys.”

“Whatever let’s head back to library “

“We still need to study??!!”

Ayame ask me with trembling voice

“OF course we need tom and you go wash your hands first!”

“Aramiya-Sensei is so cruel!”

“Aramiya-Kun sure is such a devil”


“S-sorry ma’am”

“Do you want to repeat a whole year???!!”

Today Ayame got blood stains on too!

“Ayameji if you can’t do this one, it’s gonna be hard for you on the Mid term~~”

“Uggh, I-I know that!”

“Ayame shut up you too Suwama before the transfer have you been in school before? want to repeat the whole year too?!?!”

“ Me too!? Kyaaa~~ Sorry Ma’am!!”

“If the next time we met and you still can’t do this part I’ll let you do the Retest right now!!”

If she said that it’s mean that this one is really important

What a really interesting way for you to teach Tadokoro-Sensei.

“Aramiya, what are you smiling about!?”

“N-Nothing ma’am.”

“ Do you want to die??! We’re still in class!!”

“Ye-Yes ma’am”

*sigh* after the apology letter I wrote (Iwhich  copied from an  Eroge) I think she hates me now…

About those 2 bullies they got dropped out of school for 3 weeks they said that next time those 2 will get expelled

“Those Who get the lowest grades  definitely know what hell is.”

Finally the class is over.

after school we went to the library as usual to tutor Ayame.

“This part try to do it more straightforwardly and more easily.”

“I’ll go get the next textbooks.”

I went out to look for more textbooks

“You need to rest a bit Aramiya-Senpai”

“o-Oh Saitani thanks..”

“Why are you jerking?”

“Nothing just a little surprise”

Who wouldn’t surprise if there’s a girl I mean a really cute boy comes up right behind you …

“What are you looking for?”

“Oh I’m looking for some Math textbooks.”

“Oh then it’s over here we prepared that for the student “

“Thanks, that’s  the Saitani I know.”

“You’re welcome, hehehe”

Oh crap please don’t do that face it’s too cute wait why am I  thinking he’s cute

Wait what is going on!!

“D-Did Ayame-Senpai got in trouble yesterday?”

“Damn that was quick , Yeah she tried to help some random guy.”

“Everyone here talked about it. I know that Ayame-Senpai is not that kind of person who just wants to cause trouble.”

What is this? Is this girl… I mean guy is an angel!??!

“Everything will be good when everyone know the truth”

“Yup and because of you I don’t believe in rumors anymore!”

Well this time the rumors did a favor to us, and there’s still those rumors about me raping Ayame…

“Hmm… this isn’t that bad,”

Saitani raise his shoulder with the what are you talking about face. DAMMIT, why did he have to be a GUY!!!!


*End of Chapter 2*

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