Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 2 Chapter 1



Chapter 1- This type of development is common in Games 

“Aw, Arayami-kun. Starting with an R-18 game right after coming here huh.”

I was just opening my notebook damn it. Yuka’s sitting on the opposite side of the long table and puffing her cute little cheeks.

The little, beautiful face of hers was added with two big eyes. To the point that she looks a little too childish, however still cute. But her body contrasted with the young face and her shortness. The places that should curved were curved, others that should be big were big. And her black hair slid down to her hips like a waterfall. Every hair is long and shiny, added with the little bow on the top of her head. When she puts it on it made her seem even more childish, but when Hatsushiba put it on it seems to fit in perfectly, and even if she is angry, her actions are all cute in a way. Not counting my evil friend who secretly added how her butt was “big”.

“I was just opening my notebook.”

“Last time I saw you like this, I thought you were in a meeting, but instead you were playing games. So this time Yuka won’t be tricked! Actually, bringing an 18+ game to school is already bad to an extent”

This woman is crazy, is she my mom!?”

But seeing from how she commented “Bad to an extent” means that she was starting to lose confidence.

Its not just bad to an extent, its VERY bad, usually 18+ games aren’t allowed for people under 18 in the first place.

“Yeah yeah, I’m sorry.”

I closed my notebook for good, and gazed around the club room one last time.

The room was about “4 and a half mats” wide. Behind Ayame was a 4-story stainless container, in it was a box of documents which was mostly occupied with my Eroge.

Outside the window I can hear a girl shouting “Fight Mikage!!”, and some music coming from the music club.

“…speaking of which, it’s pretty strange how our group formed up in the first place.”

Tozaki Keta who was sitting besides me was mumbling. Tozaki is a generic looking boy that you can find anywhere and one of my otaku friends. You can guess his crazed personality just by looking at his face.

“Even if we are in the same class, but usually both Ayame and Hatsushiba is someone who we have no chance of talking with at all.”

“Its because cotton is alone, and Yuka is only with the girl’s group.”

I voiced out my opinion, followed by my opinion on Hatsushiba. Cotton is one of Ayame’s alias.

“To me, it’s a lucky thing that we get to talk together.”

Ayame, who is sitting beside Hatsushiba made a shy face.

“It’s all because you helped her.”

“Don’t say it like that, it’s because you helped me that I gave up being a douche.”

“Even if you became an Otaku, and I usually am the one being kidnapped by that gang of thugs.”

“C’mon, the problem being solved already is a good thing right?”

“I prefer playing Eroge all night.”

I sighed. Tozaki who was making a confident face smacked my shoulders.

“No matter how much you complain, time moves on equally, and time is the cruelest and gentle thing in the universe.”

“Did you just copy a quote from a famous doctor?”

Nevertheless, ever since I helped Ayame, my life in school has changed drastically. Especially after school.

“Then let’s start shall we? Let the meeting about eradicating Cotton’s rumors begin!”

Hatsushiba was on fire. I was forced to be submissive, as expected of a seiyuu. Her voice was music to my ears. Now, thinking about how this same voice has once confessed to me, even if it was fake, I was still a little happy.

Really, if I heard this sound through the loudspeaker everyday I wouldn’t complain one bit.

“Hah, her voice feels so good….”

Tozaki has already reached the point of making a weird face, making me unable to discern whether he was already completed enchanted by the sound or not.

“Eradicating the rumors? Sorry for making you guys help out again.”

Ayame was showing a guilty expression and tilted her head down a little.

“Well, your rumor is far off the truth. Try dying your hair brown, commit ear piercing, plus modifying your school uniform like that is like asking to be gossiped at. I started being worried since your chain thingy, what was that?”

“It’s a weapon, duh! Tie it around your hand and your punch carries more impact. Swing it around would also be effective. Although I have never tried using it though”

Damn, this girl is dangerous. She could walk through the crowd barehanded without flinching.

“Tozaki-kun, what is the rumor trending around cotton?”

“A- uhh… This first is about her being ‘used’ already”

“That’s an alias, not a rumor. I meant the one that you made up when we were in primary school”

After I protested, he starts to scratch his head in confusion.

“Sorry… the other stuff, is it really appropriate to say?”

Ayame and Hatsushiba nodded.
“The main thing is that Biz loves doing sideline. And uh… a friend of a friend paid a huge sum of money and got it. Or lately it’s about cosplaying to do sideline, something like that.”

“So it became a street legend.”

Hatsushiba announced while heaving a sigh. Ayame, hearing the full detail of her rumor made a scary face and glared at Tozaki, showing clearly that she was trying her best to hold back her fury.

“U-uh wait! I- I wasn’t the one who spread the rumor!?”

Tozaki quickly recovered his reputation, which was normal because being stared by Ayame like that is frightening.

“Ayame never did any sidelines. But this news spread out like a wild fire because when we were in middle school, Ayame distanced herself away from social life and never corrected her rumor. That’s the main reason of our problem.”

I tried to explain the situation, and Ayame made a soft smile.

The face saying “As long as he understands, its fine” something like that.

“The other reason is because she usually has problems with others. Mostly when interfering with the bullies to help others.”


“But you really did skipped school.”

“Ugh… I won’t do it again, okay?”

Knowing her better now, I’m starting to understand Ayame as a person and realized that she was a serious person not like how the rumor goes. It made me a little pissed off that the rumor and the facts was a little too different. That’s why I wanted to quickly eradicate the false rumors. For that particular reason, I allowed these people to use the clubroom of the “Digital games research” club that I made my own.

“First things first, I think we need to stop the people in our classes from spreading this rumor, at least make them believe that the rumor isn’t true”

“That’s okay for a start.”

Tozaki agreed with my proposition.

“And how should we do it practically?”

Hatsushiba asked me, but I think that it would be easy to convince our classmates, I stared at Hatsushiba, knowing that she is an important key to this situation.

“Aramiya-kun, w-what is it?”

Her cheeks turned pink, and she quickly looked away.

What the hell was that reaction, nah, whatever. I don’t care.

“Hatsushiba, if you stand in front of the class and talk about Ayame, our classmates should be plenty convinced.”

Hatsushiba was at the top of the hierarchy in the class. And a popular figure of the class. People like Tozaki and other boys in the class don’t hate her.

If Hatsushiba talks about Ayame, people should believe her. I don’t think the plan has any faults.

“Many people should be persuaded, but not everybody will be.”

Hatsushiba shook her head in dismay.

“If you were the one to talk, the mass should believe you to quite an extent though?”

“No, imagine this. Yuka tells that Cotton can fly, will Aramiya-kun believe me?”

“No way!”

How could humans fly with their own strength.  As long as there is no supernatural powers in this world, no humans could fly on their own.

“…Wait, are you trying to say-“

“Yes, Rumors about Cotton has already reached that level, just me telling a little this and that won’t be enough, maybe leaving them only half convinced. Or like ‘Oh- really? I believe you.’”

“That’s because this rumor has been fermented for too long. There is a moral about rumors staying only for 75 days at most. But this has already dragged on for 1461 days.

“Also, there are some people who hates Yuuka.”

“Does such a person exist? I thought everybody kinda likes you. Saying like, ‘wow, as cute as ever!’ isn’t that right?”

Every freaking person loves you!!! I may not be the number one listener, but I’ve never heard a single complaint about her.

“Girls have a different outward and inward life. When they said I’m cute, they’re not talking about Yuka but the person around me! Like trying to spread the message that ‘look, I just said she’s cute, look at how good of a person I am!’ when they’re back home, I bet they’re gossiping about me. They won’t say that in front of the guys, of course.”

“A-are you a little too cautious?”

No matter how I look at it, she was a little over-dramatic.

“Girls are never straight-forward!”

But Hatsushiba still denies my word. And said it with a grim face, which scares me a little.

“But, all we can do is slowly refusing those rumors?”

Tozaki decided to budge in with his opinion.

“…Tozaki, I thought I have already told you to go and find out at least ten ways to go with this.”

“W-wait! Aramiya, try thinking carefully! You can’t google this kind of stuff.”

“All you have is the internet!”

“Duh! If it was in a book or something I would’ve dealt with it a long time ago! Rumors are things that you must wait for it to go away. A similar situation happened on the net about the dramas. The best way is to post a sorry message for one time, then keep your heads low for a while before people stop caring. The details may not be similar, but I believe it’s essentially the same thing.”

So he really didn’t just surf the net for no reason. Maybe his plan will actually work.

“I also went to search for some info, and I think the root of the problem lays in the new’s source.”

“The source?”

Tozaki looked confused.

“How do you think it spreaded out this far in the first place? It’s because the rumor stems from not the victim, but from someone else with enough influence to make it believable. Like what if I spread a rumor about Tozaki being a loli-con and only aroused by 10 year old girls, what do you think would happen?”


Tozaki was on the verge of crying, maybe I was a little too aggressive. Should’ve set the maximum age to twelve.

“It’s not real, just saying! Ok, so in this scenario, Tozaki’s rumor would spread around, and he himself needs to take care of it.”


“If his rumor still spreads, but there’s no evidence, it would eventually die out.”

The problem lies from outside of the classroom, Tozaki can’t express his opinions and the rumors continue to spread like wild-fire.

“Just a rumor that some guy came up with can’t go viral this fast, but what if Tozaki is very popular in school? This would greatly amplify the rate of the rumor’s spread, and people would try to add some more story to it by themselves to spice up things further.”

“That isn’t so nice to listen to…”

“But if a person closely related to Tozaki argued saying that, ‘he was just kidding’, the rumor will eventually vanish, especially if it’s a friend asking his friend, ‘Is Tozaki a loli-con?’ or something like that.”

I quickly sat up and picked up a small whiteboard that was carefully placed in the room’s corner.

“So this rumor has two main problems, Ayame is Popular and ‘can’t communicate properly’.”

I wrote the two points down with a black pen.


Ayame made an awkward face, she must have been unable to defend herself.

“The rumor about causing trouble at school and jumping classes can’t be dealt with yet at the moment. If you just act natural and nice, it would slowly disappear, even if the problem won’t disappear quickly.”

“So the main problem is the ‘inability to communicate’, right?”

Hatsushiba nodded while hugging her chest. It’s not like I’m interested in 3D girls, but when a girl hugs her chest and it emphasizes their chest, hmm…

“When Ayame is in class, she never talks to anyone, even her condition right now is already considered an improvement since she talks to me or Hatsushiba sometimes. But I think that Ayame should still try to befriend her classmates more.”

“My… Classmates…”

Ayame seems anxious, judging from her expression.

“But the moment I went in and say hi, they all panicked and ran away.”

“No need to worry, maybe.”

I tried being optimistic, but Ayame still seems anxious about this.

“Even you almost ran too, you only replied, ‘yes’ ‘I understand’, or whatever.”

“S-so what should I do! That time the only thing I could think of is not getting punched!”

“Why would she do that!?”

“Cause the rumors told me that she is the type that, even if there isn’t any conflict, will still punch you!”

Ayame flopped down on her table, her face guilty.

“So mean…”

Now she’s sad. How could a person’s mood change so rapidly?

“I didn’t tell you to smile or change personalities right away, but if you have anything, then try talking to other people, and when talking to the teacher, don’t say ‘What? I didn’t do anything’. Oh, and greeting somebody else is very important too.”

“Yuuka thinks that you must change the way you act in normal daily life. Attitude is the basics.”

Hatsushiba was also into the idea.

“Yeah, I’ll try.”

“This is what you must do, while we’ll try to dissipate the rumors.”

After we got the answer to our problem, we dismissed for today…

“Give back the club room, NOW!!”

A girl barged through the club room’s door, and unannounced.

To her side were 2 girls who seemed to be her loyal followers standing in standby. One seems like the strict type while the other seems to be the aggressive fighting type.

Who the heck?

“S-student president!?”

Tozaki wailed in despair.

What? Student president? This girl? When voting for the president I wasn’t paying attention, so I recalled very little

“Hello there, I understand that lowly beings like the boys of this School may not know me, so I will take this chance to introduce myself. I am the student president of Mikage High, Yaotani Iri, a Third year and this is my secretary and vice president”

I stared at her in shock. Has such a person ever existed? I might have seen her on the president campaign but I can’t remember a single thing. President election in real life is more on the ‘Whatever’ side. If its electing a president for porn games, then maybe I’ll be slightly more excited.


The president looked around the place, as if trying to apprehend the value of the clubroom.

Her hair was black, with a ferocious face and an icy gaze that pressures and looks down on anyone she sets her gaze on. Her small hands were as white as lilies. Smooth skin with her slim body coupled weirdly well with the twinkling fan in her hands.

“I have already asked official permission to use this room. If you’re asking this room back, please do so legally.”

This was something that Kiriko sensei took care of. But he did say that he already did the documents to use this room.

“What is this club’s main focus?”

“Playing digital games, to further study the theme in our subjects to see where it goes. Researching the workings of our minds and the influence of psychology. Then infer the mind’s state of a teenage student to computer engineering. Use the research data to further develop the perfect way of living in high school. Something like that?”

Tozaki made the “How-did-you-made-that-up” face. I know that people under 18 can’t play these games, but there are still things that can’t be stopped or delayed.

“I won’t accept this, no way”

“You fire us ‘cause you don’t accept it. Where did this dictatorship stem from, or do you want to be Kim***Un and Sta*in?”

“I didn’t say I was forcing you? I just want you to get out peacefully. Because I don’t have any intention of being a dictator.”


“Your bluff is more of an excuse.”

Ouch, perfect comeback.

She folded her fan one more time, all the while the two girls behind her were still static. In fact, those other two girls seems a little more terrifying than the president, are you robots? Or are you some A.I. in FPS games?

“Do you think just having a meeting qualifies you as a club? Don’t you think it’s a little too much?”

“That depends on the topic of the meeting. I don’t feel like its too extravagant like you.”

“Well, the music club filed, asking for a place to put away their musical instruments.”

“…You should work on listening to others.”

“I see that this is an apt. place to store things. So please, can you quickly leave?”

“Nonsense, we have official permissions. So we won’t leave.”

“Actually, the school just changed the rules recently.”


“A club for just ‘Meetings’ isn’t qualified for a clubroom. Written on the school rules Article 9, paragraph number 6.”

“Well, but my notebook says that that paragraph states that you can’t carry more than 3 pencils in a single pencil box.”

“Oh sorry, I must’ve remembered the wrong paragraph. Let’s just say that the school forced this rule, so please follow it and get out.”

This isn’t getting anywhere, should we ask Kiriko for help?

To be honest the president isn’t that powerful, just seems so. So we just need a higher authority dominate over hers? That may not solve the root of the problems, but we can still buy some time.


That moment, Hatsushiba that sat on the opposite corner shot up from her chair, which was on the verge of falling.

“Isn’t this too sudden!?”

“Yes, agreed. I also think this is too sudden.”

The colors on the president’s face turned gloomy, changing from the face from the moment before all too quickly.

Her attitude when dealing with me is clearly different. Anyone could see that. Even Hatsushiba cringed back a little due to the sudden change.

Ayame pushed her chair and stood up.

“W-What’s your problem with us…?”

I don’t know how she differentiate manners, but it seems the meeting earlier took effect, as she doesn’t seem so intimidating as before.

Still, her attitude when speaking doesn’t change, but whatever. We don’t need to change that much yet. Ayame can’t suddenly become a new person in such a short span of time.

“Yes, Ayame-san. I am very disturbed.”

She really seems disturbed, slightly tilting her body, her whole body radiating her words.

This time Tozaki thinks that he had the permit to talk, he made a serious face and stood up with force.

“If you listen to our side of the story, it would help a lot.”

This time, the president’s eye turned bloodshot, and quickly snapped back.

“Hey, anonymous student… a boy, you have no right to point that finger at me, shut up.”

“Oh, ok…”

Tozaki sat back, deflated. C’mon, fight it more man.

“Please president, listen to our story.”

Hatsushiba talked, and the president changed her demeanors suddenly to a kind one.

Wait, her reactions to women and men were too different. Damn double standards…

“Yes, I am eager to listen. But as a student president, I really can’t help much. I am really sorry.”

“So we just need to fulfil the requirements, right?”


“Just meeting isn’t enough for a room, but if we were a club, it won’t be a problem. Right?”

“That is correct.”

“If then, I would like permission to start a club!”

“Hah! Wai-wait. Not yet…”

I was about to protest, but then when I think about it. The president’s head was harder than a diamond, so she probably won’t listen to my silly excuses, but if we can fulfil the requirements for a club, then we can secure the room. Actually if we become a club, then things will get more complicated, but if things get bad, I can just leave the club. I’ll just find a new paradise to lurk around in.

“…nothing, go on.”

“So what do you say, president!”

Hatsushiba yelled with all her might, the president used her fans to poke her cheek, deep in thought.

Sighing, she looked at Hatsushiba as if they were her naughty children. Making the ‘fine, whatever, what a troublesome child’

“Fine, I swear that if you can complete the qualifications for a club. You will be allowed to use this room”

“T-thank you!” “Thanks!”

Hatsushiba and Ayame nodded with relief.


“But you must pass every single requirements, ok? At least 6 people in your club, an advisor. If you complete it then you can apply for an official school club.”

Currently, there are 4 people in the club.

We still need to secure 2 more people, and we also require an Advisor.

“And the deadline, hmm… 5 days? No, a month. Yes, a month.”

“A month….”

This is already quite merciful. If the president went all out, we wouldn’t stand a chance in the first place.

“If it’s already clear, then I will excuse myself.”

The president turned to leave.

“Oh yes, and..”

Before touching the door knob, she seems to have remembered something and swung her face towards the room’s habitants.

“Hatsushiba and Ayame, you both are women. So you always have an option to apply for the student council whenever you two want.”

Finishing that sentence, she left. Leaving only her faint odor in the room.

Hatsushiba and Ayame were confused at the sudden invitation to join the president’s brigade.

Uh, so as a conclusion. The president hates guys and only like womem? Now that’s strange.

After the president left the room, everybody slumped down onto their chairs.

“Thanks Hatsushiba, never thought you’d yell like that.”

Hatsushiba didn’t join this just to play games.

She was here to eliminate all rumors about Ayame. Basically, she was here just for her.

Well, seeing her protecting this sacred place of mine is quite noble. I’m very impressed.

“What are you talking about, Yuka is doing this for Aramiya-kun who helped Yuka. Just this much is nothing, from now on you can call me to help on anything. I will try my best for Aramiya-kun.”

“Uh, ok”

Why am I feeling a cold shiver down through my spine?

True that I once helped her from the hands of Songou.

Even though to me it’s more of a ‘I wanna help Ayame so I also need to force myself to help you’ situation.

I told Hatsushiba who was horrified by Songou to trust me and help me.

The result was Songou getting arrested; Hatsushiba was saved from his devilish hands, but…

She was a little too indebted to me up to an unsafe level. I feel that a feeling of wanting to repay her debt was radiating from her body…

I just hope that I am overthinking things.

“But sorry, Yuka decided to start a club on whim…”

“Never mind, that situation has no solution other than yours, its good.”

I can’t use violence, my arms held no more power in the first place.

“Then what should we do? We need two more members and an advisor.”

Tozaki hugged his chest and looked at me with hopeful eyes.

Suddenly, Ayame’s eyes flashed with an idea.

“About the advisor, how about Kotani sensei?”

Kotani-sensei’s—real name Kotani Kiriko, my cousin.

“True Kotani sensei is a good option. I think she also isn’t an advisor for any other club.

About being her cousin, I’ve already explained most of it to Tosaki.

So I decided to explain my relationship with Kosaki to Hatsushiba.

“O-oh, is that so? I’ve never known before… Yuka never knows anything about Aramiya-kun at all”

Hatsushiba spoke in a lonely, sad tone. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like to be out of the spotlight. Why does she seem so sad over minor things like these?

“Ok, if there’s anything else, don’t forget to report to me”

Hatsushiba finished her sentence, this time Ayame decided to murmur. “So he didn’t tell me first…” I was a little scared so I decided to play deaf.

“Why are you so sure Kiriko will join? I’m not really eager for her to be our advisor.”

I wanted to protest.

“Why so?”

Ayame was dumfounded at my sudden retaliation.

“If she became our advisor, things would get messy.”

No one knows about Kiriko’s true form. Even if she’s easy going, from my perspective, she’s… a little loopy.

That girl meddles too much. And loves to push responsibilities in the name of a request. That I am sure.

Whatever, she’s in the school and a famous teacher. If Ayame and Tosaki misunderstood, I now understand why. Hmph, you’ve tricked them well, Kiriko.

That Kiyomi is too cute, and Kiriko is acting a little too innocent. Why are my relatives all wearing some kind of fake persona? Whatever, even I wore a disguise of a normal Otaku too.

“If so, then who do you suggest other than Kiriko sensei, Aramiya-kun?”

“How about Ohara-sensei?”

I tried to think of some random teachers, but Tosaki swings his head sideways. Ohara sensei is our homeroom teacher, teaches English.

“Ohara-sensei was offed. Hmm, saying that seems a bit lewd.”

If we can’t ask Ohara, then I have no other teacher to present.

“See? Kotani-sensei is our best choice.”

Ayame stood triumphantly.

But I still don’t want to walk down that way.

Well, the crossroads of either not getting the room and letting my cousin become the advisor. Well, maybe it’s a good tradeoff. But…

“…Fine, but let’s ask after we gather enough club members, then we go ask her to be an advisor, is that fine with you?”

The three nodded in agreement.

…I need to find other candidates for the role of our advisors. Cause these guys are all intent on asking Kiriko. They won’t think of finding another candidate at all.

“I think the problem lays in finding more club members.”

Tosaki is right, that is the real problem here.

“Do you think Kiyomi will join?”

Ayame mentioned my sister’s name without thinking, as if asking someone out to eat.

“No way.”

This club has me, that girl doesn’t want to be near me in the slightest.

She even went to the extent of ignoring me, doesn’t even meet my eyes. Not even seeing me in her view. Additionally, I don’t want her in my team too.

“If not then no problem. But I want you to try asking.”


I could try asking, she’ll refuse anyways. No way she Joining. I giggled silently.

And that self-confidence brought upon me the most disastrous event of the century.

“If Kotoko is there, I’ll join too! Seems fun.”

After school, I saw my sis watching the TV while chewing on some chips. I asked without thinking but got this unexpected answer. Why did you answer like that!?

“…Hmm, thinking of it again, never mind. Forget I asked.”

“What!? You !#$$!! You invited me so how could you suddenly retract your words!”

“Even you answered what I least expected! I’m thinking of telling the club you said no. But you made my problem even more complicated!”

“You evil brother! It’s because of your wretched personality that you still haven’t found a single girlfriend!”

“Shaddup! No way I’m letting you in! I won’t let a bitch like you in!”

“No matter what you fried tomato say, I’m in! Even if I need to go crying to Kotoko, I will join that club!”

“Why are you so persistent this time!”

“If it makes you mad, then I’ll do anything.”

“Hey, stop acting crazy! Don’t you feel bad to our parents and this world, growing up like this!?”

“I take back one word, with additional echoes on you!”(Translator note: I have no idea what that word in thai or Japanese even meant. Please wait for our main Translator checker to fix this then we’ll repost this)

Finishing her words, Kiyomi grabbed her phone and opened the message app. Before going into typing.

Before I was able to even retaliate, it was already too late.

That girl has already sent the message to Ayame!

I will join the club, Thanks for inviting me in, I’m in your care ~”

She added a sticker of a celebrity doing a thumbs up.


It was all too late, a read sign appeard besides the message, showing that Ayame has seen that message already.

Really? Thank you very much, I’m in your care too! Say hi to your brother for me.”

Ayame replied back, sealing my fate.

“She said hi!”

Kiyomi’s expression was triumphant, raising her phone to let me reassure my nightmare. Before skipping out the room with a smile on her face. I was only able to chew my teeth as she went.

If there was a lesson about “sister” for me to choose, I want grab my sister to enter the place, and teach her how to be a proper sister big time.

After that, the news seemed to flow from Ayame into Hatsushiba’s ears. So I told Kosaki too.

“My sister agreed to join”

“For real?”

“Can you come over to fuck my sister. I allow it.”

“When you talk about your sister you’re always like this. Try loving her more for fuck’s sake. Try approaching her with love.

“My sister has nothing for me to love, I don’t know if I put myself in a monitor if I’ll calm down. But I think 2D is first priority, we’ll talk later.”

“Wait, I didn’t say for you to be that close, I just think that you don’t need to make such a clear stand as her enemy.”

“My sister humiliated me. How can I love her?”

“Wow, you never loved her in the first place…”

“She talks daggers, you too. The S of the legends in the 2D world.”
“It might be a good choice. Just try to be good to her, fighting each other isn’t gonna help close the gap between you too.


“… grow up already”

I never thought I’d be lectured by Tozaki. But if that bitch still acts like my enemy, I’ll never be good to her.

No matter, if good or evil, I have only to find one person left to join the club.”

The next day, which is Friday, people in my class started to make some uncomfortable expressions. Especially the boys, who are texting with their phones around, with each guy receiving comments things like, ‘not bad..’ ‘She’s pretty sexy.’ ‘Those humongous breasts…’

From their reaction, I guess it must be a 3D picture. Of course they won’t share some drawings of heroines in Eroges. I guess that they might’ve taken some pictures of idols or something like that.

“Hoho, not bad… not bad…”

Tozaki received the phone and said that, which granted me some additional information. First off, Tozaki only prefers black hair woman. Cause no matter what dimensions, Tozaki is loyal to the black hair.

I took a peek at the phone in his hands.

“Tozaki, is this picture secretly taken in the teacher’s resting room?”

“Should be, the picture is a little incomplete. I can’t see the background too well, but I think that I’ve never seen this girl in school before.”

“Golden hair, ear piercings, and lots of nail decorations…”

“Her breast has quite a size in it; even from this angle it’s obvious.”

That breast size is already in F territory, so she’s off Tozaki’s grid of preference. This dude loves humble breasts, about A cup or at most B cup. The most important thing this girl wearing an extreme gal shirt. Even I couldn’t take it. I bet her face is full of makeup. I don’t know why girls do this.

“Whoa, this is good.”

Sad that we’re in a class. Can’t say too much lewd opinions else we’ll get in trouble. A bit bad if I’m asked ‘Which part do you not like?’ or ‘What’s your preference?’ Which I have no celebrity names to answer with.

Even if I am an ota-Eroge. I know how to do manners, which is one essential technique in keeping myself under low profile in this world as a casual Otaku.

“Hoh, Aramiya-kun likes those types of girls?”

“Aramiya, you want this girl?”

…sad, someone is not obeying/following the queue.

“You girls, please understand me a little.”

I used that opening to pass the phone to the table in front of my desk, before continuing to question.

“So the bottom line is?”

“They said a new transfer student is moving into our class.”

“From another school? At this time? Isn’t that a little odd?”

Suddenly, Ayame said

“But in the games, these scenarios are very common.”

Good that she didn’t add ‘Eroge’ in front of the word of game.

“In High school, almost no one transfers anymore Ayame”

“Aramiya, you aren’t having an event with the new girl?”

“What event, I am not a protagonist, as if I’m going to encounter such an event.”

I don’t know what she’s worried about… Why is she making such a worried face?


After a while, buzzer sounded off, signaling the start of school.


“Good morning everybody~”


Everybody went back to their seats, and Ohara-sensei, our homeroom teacher came in with the buzzer. She came in with a gentle expression and her soft hair folded up nicely. Today looks like she was still in a jolly mood(as always). Never saw her in a bad mood before.


“Ok everybody, today before homeroom, I would like to invite our new classmate who just transferred over.”


The whole room replied “We knew it a long time ago.” In perfect harmony such that sensei was shocked. “How did you know?” So this is how disparity of information is.


“If so then, come in please.”


The door opened wide as if responding to sensei’s magically gentle voice. Followed by a girl walking through.

The moment I saw her, my 6th sense rang inside my brain, telling me ‘DANGER, DANGER’

My brain has entered critical situation mode.

My heart started beating 10 times faster.

My instincts yelled at me that this girl is dangerous.

This isn’t the same as Otaku and a gal at our difference.

It’s dangerous as in the same feeling as Ayame, as if being touched at places that I don’t want to be exposed.

“Then, please introduce yourself.”

“Yes~ I’ll start introducing myself.”

After talking in a sweet voice, she starts writing her name on the board.

Suwama Tennyo

That second, every piece of the puzzle falls together in my head. My instincts were right.

This name, it can’t be wrong.


I accidentally said it out from my mind.

“Yes, it’s written as Suwama, then Tennyo, but its read Eve~ but I’m very proud of this name, anyways, I am in all of your care! Hmm! Wait?”


Translator’s note: [Tennyo=”Hevenly girl” is read Eve, it’s one of those new ways of writing names(Not too popular). By naming with a foreign language, and choosing a Kanji that replaces the meaning of the name. But uses the same pronunciation as other foreign language.]

…Shit, why did I call up her nammmmee!? What was I thinking!?

My body shivered, coldness crawled up my spines without warning.

It’s like when being left alone to bath in cold air in a park.

“Ah-HA!? Is that Seiichi? Aramiya Seiichi? Oh~~~~~~ What a coincidence! I never thought we’ll be in the same room with Seiichi~~~~! It’s just like miracle, right?”

That girl turned her head to look at me in the eyes.

Her dark skin is quite uncommon these days. As if after bathing in the sun for too long, her face’s make-up is also intended for tanned skin for the era when it was popular.

Her golden hair was bent and tied in a twin-tail. She also wore a color contact lens. Her nails were polished, ear piercings. Truly all these descriptions fit a gal. Her radiance of wanting to go out for a vacation leaked around her.

But the important thing is her spilling atmosphere. Not changing in the slightest.

“L-long time no see, Suwama.”

I don’t want to talk to her.

Just saying that was already filling my mouth.

“Right! We haven’t seen each other since elementary~ And don’t call me Suwama like you’re a stranger~ Call me Eve like just now!”

“Oh, are you her acquaintance, Aramiya-kun?”

Seeing Eve answer with kind, my teacher starts to have a reaction. This is bad…

My stomach starts hurting, really, I’m literally having a stomachache.

“Um, I know her a little.”

I answered as little as possible.

Should I quickly visit the toilet? No, going now seems suspicious.

I want to quickly get over this thing. But Eve doesn’t seem to let me go too easily.

“Hoh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Such a coincidence, right?”

“You already said that.”

“What? Oh really, hahahahahahahaha! Whatever, don’t think too much!”

What’s so funny, this crazy girl…

I tried not to look at her, while drooping slightly on my seat slightly, while she continues to introduce herself.

“Okay, please wrap your introduction up quickly please.”

“Did everyone forget already? Would any of you like to ask me a question or not? You can ask me anything and I’ll answer straight away.”

Right after that, I wasn’t feeling any mood to listen to anything now.

“If that’s the case, then allow me to end this homeroom period now first please.”

I can’t wait for Ohara sensei to call out the signal to end this homeroom period right now before I dash out of here without anyone noticing me.

I’m glad that my classmates took an interest in Eve, since they’ve already started asking her about things between me and her from the get go. If that’s how things are right now, I’d better not make them any worse from that point now.

I then headed over to my club room.

I may head back to my first period of class, but instead, I just sat down on my table, as there’s nothing that could be more repulsive than this.

I didn’t turn on the lights, while I just sat around on the table for a while, then someone who was knocking on the door appeared in front of it.


It was Ayame’s voice. I relieved with a sigh. If this was Eve’s voice, then I would not pass the Sanity test since the Sanity stat would drop down by a hundred instantaneously.






Ayame gently opens the door, and entered the room half courageously and half scared.


The moment she saw me, her eyes widened.


“Aramiya, your face… isn’t it a little too pale?”


“Is my face that pale?”


“To be honest, you’re like a guy who just came out from hell.”


“Is it that bad…”


I raised myself up and place my back on the wall, slowly raising my face towards the ceiling.


The dark ceiling.


Because we closed the curtains, no sign of taint was on it as usually.




Ayame sat down on the other side of the table without opening the lights.


I saw her worried face, trying to appraise my status. I didn’t know she could do this.


“The reason is cause the new girl, right?”


I knew she would see right through me. It’s my fault making such an abnormal expression for this girl.


“What’s your problem with her? I thought you two seem to know each other to quite an extent.”


…Hmm should I tell this girl the whole story?


“It’s the one that I’ve told you before. It’s that girl…. The first woman who tricked me.”


True that her appearance changed by a margin, before she never was this dark-skinned. And she also didn’t put on this much makeup. The most important thing is her increase in bust size. Before it was already big enough to steal some gazes, but now it’s even bigger.


But her personality didn’t change one bit. Always being in the group of good people. Not scared of Zeus, dealing with every single person in the same way, a type that thinks that the other side must know what she’s thinking, what she likes is equal to what other likes. Thinking that she’s the center of the world.


Now seeing that I’ve once fallen in love with such a girl, and want to slice up my past self from before!


Wake up my old self! If I can jump through time, I would change my past so bad…!


But my past self’s standard was that this girl is qualified as cute! What do you want me to do! Don’t blame your past self’s preferences for god’s sake.


“Ok then, I’ll take care of her for you.”


Ayame spoke in a low, menacing tone, before stomping out the clubroom.




……………………………..Hm? Take care?




I yelled as I dashed out the room, Ayame swung her head back in surprise.


“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

“Wait wait wait wait wait! You didn’t forget our club’s goal, right!?”


“Uh, to eradicate the bad rumors around me?”


Good that she remembers, I thought she totally forgot like when I forgot about the eroge’s plot after not playing it for a month.


“If you’re going to take care of her, you’re like adding oil to the fire! NO violence! OK!?”


“Um, choose a language to speak in please.”




“J-just kidding…”


“Please tell me you’re also kidding about taking care of Eve.”


Seeing that, Ayame forced a smile with great difficulty. So you weren’t kidding about taking care of her.


“I- I understand. Sorry…”


“You use way too much violence to solve problems.”




Like during that time with Songo, she didn’t say a single word when negotiatiating.


Using violence is best for last resort. People must talk, even if we don’t understand each other sometimes.


“So….should we return to the room?”


Still, running away isn’t an option.


At first the sudden presence of Eve made me panicked. But now I’ve prepared my heart to face with that girl.


“Really? If you want to skip school today I can skip with you too.”


“Eh, no. I thought I told you that if you skipped school the bad rumors about you would skyrocket.”


Even if I complained, I feel that talking to Ayame purifies me from the poisons in my mind.


I don’t know what Eve has in store for me, but if I approach her normally I should be able to survive.

Calm down me, it isn’t like that time. Just calm down and take it easy.

When I return to my room with Ayame, a group of people made some noices, that group is my classmates around Eve. The first period hadn’t started yet, a golden chance for some Q and A.

“Oh, the first period is starting.” “If we don’t sit properly this period, you’ll get in trouble. Eve, you should get back to your seat.” “Just thinking about it is scary.” “We’ll ask more about you next break!”

And the Q&A session is finished midway. The whole class sat in order before the bell even rang, Eve’s seat is positioned besides the widow out in the back. Followed by Ayame and me, which I feel relieved that she isn’t sitting adjacent to me.

But the people who talked to Eve earlier were sending me ominous gazes.

Something must be going on. I’m feeling it.

The school bell rang, and that same moment, Tadokoro, the math teacher entered the room with his rigid hairstyle and cruel face. Like some kind of Yakuza or some police officer.

Nobody was on their seats; on every desk were only books, notebooks, and pencil cases. Shouting that their ready for the lesson.




Tadokoro stood on the stand in front of the room, looking sharply at the class, and nodded as if this was normal.


Tadokoro is one of the strictest teachers in the school. If someone wasn’t in their seats he would mercilessly slap him/her. He was also always standing in front of the room, not allowing the slightest bent of the back; his brutality was that of the demon lord.


“Hmm…? Oh, the new transfer student.”


Tadokoro glanced at Eve, before picking up the board to check names.


“Suwama Eve… I’ll remember that.”


“Yay! I’m in your care, teach’!”


“Uh, ok”


His temples shook a small bit.


That Eve, even with such a gaze she’s not backing down, in a way that’s swag.

“Why is your skin tan?”


“I tanned my skin, for fun.”


“Your hair color?”


“Oh, its gold, isn’t it beautiful!?”


“…It looks kinda wavey.”

“Well I let the barber do as he pleases? I haven’t visited for a long time.”

“And all your ornaments, what’s with those nails?”

“Oh, oh! This is my charm point!”

The more she talks the more it seems that Tadokoro was chewing his teeth.

I don’t know if she’s stupid or what, seemingly not caring about the teacher’s expression.

“…Too much of those is going to interrupt the lesson.”

“Well, girls should be cute, and it’s a feast for your eyes too.”

“…enough. I’ll start the class.”

True that Eve stood out in the class. But this school has no rules about uniforms, or else Ayame would’ve been had before this.

“Ok, open your books to page 25.”

The first period was math, the blackboard that was written on was soon erased quickly.

Then the first morning period Ended from Tadokoro, as he ended it on lunch break


Usually, I’d get worked up with an appetite over for Ayame’s bentou when I head over to the clubroom, but…

“Here here seiiichii!”


Today Eve here, who seems unusually strange today, barged into the room to call out my name in front of the people who were just sitting around quietly. When did I ever give her permission to call out my name like that, but we have been calling out each other when we both were in junior high.

“What do you want?”

I attempted to hide my expression of disgust right behind my fake smile, before turning around to answer her. These people around me deserve to see some real acting skills, even Hatsushiba would approve of my skills.


“Well well, we haven’t seen each other so long, and this is our chance. Would you mind giving me a tour around the whole School please? Anywhere would be fine, since I’m free during lunch right now, okayy~?”


“Sorry, no. You should ask someone else to do it.”

As I rejected her request, she puffed her cheeks, looking very unhappy

“Geez/Muuu ~ So mean~.”

“I just have business to attend to somewhere else

for a little while.”

Truth is, I don’t have any business to attend to at all.

“In that case, would anyone else like to give me a tour around the School please? You’ll get to hear the story of how Seichi back in primar-”




There’s no way I can let the story of what happened in the past unfold to the ears of my classmates, absolutely not!

“I thought it through, my unattended business can wait, I guess I can show you around the School then.”

“Yaaay, thank you Seichii~, I really like it with how you’re being nice like this, really!”

I then remembered something as I left the room together with her. I was stunned to see Ayame, holding her bentou. Forgive me Ayame, I will eat it after class ends….

“So where are we going? I want a place that’s fun at least, okay?”

I walked around like as if I’m delivering something, with Eve walking right by my side, then she invited me to talk something jovial with her.

“Before I agreed to cooperate and tour you, I went to buy bread for the both of us, I hope it’s enough.”

“Oh, not bad~, please give me the best tour okay~?

We visited one of the food stands, where I bought myself a piece of Yakisoba bread. Eve went ahead and bought an egg sandwich. We strolled on while munching on the foods we just took from the store.

I’ve gotta keep my concentration stable before I lose my mental balance. My face was going to turn into a scowl any minute. My face muscle will be in ruins tomorrow.

“But-, I’ve never thought that Seichii would be here—it’s quite miraculous- like this must be fate or something.”

“It’s probably just a coincidence.”

“Geeez, you don’t wanna play with me~ we were so close together in junior high as if we’re hmmmm..aaah like a married couple, right?”

It’s only she who really thinks that way. She probably doesn’t remember how she tricked me during that time, and she probably doesn’t realize she was even tricking me. It’s definitely for something like “it’s only for fun like how you see on television”; this girl never cared for the victim’s feelings.


Then suddenly, I had a feeling someone was behind us. So I turned my head around.

In that mere instant, I saw a shadow evaded towards behind a post/pole. It’s also like there were two shadow figures.
“That’s it Aramiya, during primary, Argojini is so~”

“That’s true.”
I answered accordingly without too much thought, while still focused mentally about those shadow figures. I could make some educated guesses, but… I’ll let it go for now. It’s not like I’m doing anything illegal.

“But why did you transfer here such a time, hm?”

“ah…”hahaha, well, several reasons”

Seems that she’s hiding something? Is her school transfer a sensitive subject?

Then I should ask her directly then!? It won’t trouble me if she hated me anyways!

“your several reasons are..?”


Her honey-colored skin, stirred up some sweat during her silence. Her eyes drooped down very gloomily and her Lips quivered.
Seems like it’s a very touchy subject.

“Nevermind, ignore my question just now.”

I cut down my sentence, not caring about it since it wasn’t serious. Since I don’t care anyway

“Hahaha F-from now on let’s be best buddies, Seichii~! Promise!”

I responded to her as appropriately as possible, during that moment I feel like someone was stalking my back.
Even though Lunch break was over, Eve was clinging on to me

“Come one, help me study~!”


“School’s over~ let’s go and have some fun!”

(Come one~ let’s go shopping together!!)

She’s starting to bother me a lot.

I’m starting to feel a strong sense of disgust, to the point of having nausea, but if things are to unfold about what happened in Elementary School, then I’m in big trouble

Even worse, when I was walking down the path, Eve came right up to me.

“Ne, ne? Come on, let’s go together!”

She hugged onto my right arm just like that

“Hey, let go!”

“I don’t see what the problem here is.”

“Well, I’m feeling one!”

“ Oooh, or is seiichi the type who thinks very thoroughly like ‘oh, her chest!’ something like that? Don’t think too hard about it.”

“That’s not the problem!”

“It’s nothing serious, even I don’t think too much about it.

Then she started lifting her skirt up

I can see a glimpse of white….. I guess I haven’t seen panties in real life for a long time, but strangely I don’t feel aroused.

“I myself am pretty fluffy right here, why don’t you try and touch it right here as well, come on!”

Fluffy? The thing’s that’s loose is her legs, and the fluffy part is your brain.

Did she forget her vaginal woop in her mother’s belly?

“Look, look!”

Then again, it seems she was just teasing me. I can’t help but feel frustrated.

“My figure looks good right? Go on, touch it”

“I told you to let go, you call this slender? Why don’t you go and lower your waist size less than 60cm’ first then we’ll talk.”

Hahahaha! You can say whatever you want, but I’m not an idol or some model, not even one bit! Plus they were cheating on the numbers as well in the first place.”

“I don’t know anything about celebrities”

I wasn’t comparing her to some famous celebrity or any of the heroines in some Eroge.

Their waist never exceeds 60, even with their incredible chest size. From 70cm cup to over a hundred. But if it’s about the waist, 9 out of 10 usually won’t have a waist size exceeding 60. All hail the 2D world.

I’m pretty confident in my chest size. Waist size won’t be able to make it to 60cm at least, but it should be enough you know~”

“You talk way too much. Your paunch is already like a muffin top you know”

“Muffin top? What does that mean?”

“It means with you wearing your bra like that, your paunch is already sticking out at its edge.”

“Then why did you call it like a muffin top?”

“You know a bakery sweet called a ‘Muffin top’ right? It’s where the top of the muffin overflows on top of its shape over the cup, that’s what you call a muffin top”

“Oooh, so it’s like that right? Seichii, you’re good~”

I was pretty confident in my insult. But why is she kind of impressed instead.

Is her head really empty? If I recall correctly her grades weren’t that pretty in junior high.

“I said let go already!”

There’s no need to be shy, why are you shy right now? Aren’t we pals like this?”

It should be me who asks why you’re shy.  When have we ever been close in such a special way?

…I’m pretty scared of two people who are stalking me right now, keeping their eyes on me right now. I really wonder why.

“Aramiya-kun! What is the meaning of this?”

After class ended, I found a way to dash all the way to the club room. It appears that there was a checkpoint saint waiting for me as well.

Hatsushiba was standing there waiting with her arms crossed, with her face and lips tightly crossed into a  ^ shape while emitting a frustrated aura.

“Hey Tozaki, what’s going on here?”


I don’t know if Tozaki knows himself or not that there’s danger. He’s standing by the windows of the room quietly, with a gaze for people who are not part of the club, like ‘man, everyone’s lives here must be fulfilling now aren’t they?’ it was urging me to punch him in the face. Help me out damn it~!

“Did you hear about it or not? Aramiya-kun!”

“I already did!”

“Alright, then who was that? Why do you look so close with her? You had a good mood going on there with her, and she was nibbling all over you!”

“Geez, you didn’t have to mention that 3 times in a row! She’s someone whom I knew back in Elementary School, nothing else more!”

I also wanted less than that between us

If I get closer to that girl, then my life will go haywire, her presence alone is blocking my brain cell’s functionality.

“Look, it can’t be helped, and she was stupid. I was like an animal to her so she wasn’t shy around me at all.”


Hatsushiba like she’s not pleased. Similar to being unable to fight against such a simple explanation.

“B-but why must Aramiya-kun follow her around too!?”

“Several reasons.”

Ayame who was already done getting explained to probably already understands me. But…

“And what are these several reasons?”

“Well, there are several reasons.”

“I’m asking the reason.”

Even if you say that..

…If I explained it to Hatsushiba, will she be able to keep the secret?

I glanced at Ayame, she nodded, seemingly knowing what I was conveying.

“Yuuka’s not the type of person who lets things loose easily. I think you can tell her too.”

“Eh? Ugh? Eh, what?”

Hatsushiba tilted her neck in curiosity. Tozaki immediately came back to his designated seat, seems like he smelled that there was going to be a scoop. What a good nose.

“If you tell anybody else, I’m cutting my ties with you.”

I warned them, before proceeding to explain about getting lied to by Eve, the result was.

“HAAAAAA!? That’s atrocity!”

Hatsushiba burst out with anger.

“Committing such a cruel thing on Aramiya-kun! Should we get rid of her?”

Finishing on that note, Hatsushiba waltzed right towards the exit door.

“Hold it! What the hell are you about to do!?”
“I’m going to spread the news to around the whole School, let everyone know the whole story, let everyone see her as a bitch. Should I let the whole School know? Or let other people outside the School know about this too?”

“Don’t! The news would rewind back all the way to the guy who was tricked in the first place. I don’t what this to get out of hand. You are equally as dangerous as Ayame for god’s sake.
Her attitude totally resembles Ayame. Is it because her way of thinking was forged like that since elementary?
“But, but, Yuuka can’t let this go on! Something like this-!”


“Hate will lead to even more hate. We need to tolerate.”

If I recall correctly, this is a famous quote from “The battle of Yufemia”.(An eroge)

“What would tolerating to do is no choice but help the opposite side! I know this from the trouble before this! Tricking Aramiya-kun like this, she’s not worthy to stay on this planet!”

“Hatsushiba, calm down. Don’t say such ridiculous things/words.”

Can this girl be this triggered? Tozaki’s shivering in fear, why are you acting as if you’re a baby sheep about to be killed.

“She’ll eventually get bored of me, just wait it out.”

“U, ok…”

Hatsushiba and Ayame were making a worried face.

Even though Hatsushiba is similar to an angry Chihuahua, to the point it made me smile.

Ayame didn’t say a word, which is pretty scary)


◇ ◇ ◇


I think I made some big miscalculations.

First off, Eve’s clinginess is beyond common sense, so much so that she’s starting some rumors.

“What, you’re cheating?” “Are you abandoning your main wife?” “Ara, Aramiya, are you double timing.”

Wow. Originally I don’t really like being paired up with Ayame, but this.


“Wha-what, what is it Seichii?~!”

No matter where I go, Eve follows me. Not even giving me the break I needed.

“Let go off me, I don’t have time to be playing around with you!

“Oh? Can’t be helped then. Hey hey, Nishihara, wanna listen to what Seiichi was like before?”

“Shut up about that.”

When we argued, my classmates seem to giggle.

“Be good to your childhood friend.” “A childhood friend huh”

This is getting out of hand, I don’t want to see this girl as my childhood friend. But knowing each other’s past is a little close to be honest.

If this was a 2D world, The main character and the heroine would probably have some hidden secret together. And eventually pull them together.

But in this 3D world, every secret is used to bound the other with yourself.


Another miscalculation.

Ayame’s face was furious. She was back to being the bully that made little children cries just from getting attacked from her sharp and piercing gaze. Her murderous aura spread out throughout the room.

She made that face and talked.


Just seeing that was already scary enough to make some people pee their pants.

The problem is that her murderous aura only works on regular people, but Eve seems unaffected.

“Ne ne, aren’t you scared, Eve?”

“Scared of what?”

“Uh… that”

“I fear nothing.”

“That’s so cool Eve!” “You could withstand that gaze!” “Your sense of fashion is perfect!”

And so the whole class that once was scared of Ayame, started to welcome Eve.

“Ms. Eve, so cool…”

The biggest miscalculation was Nishihara, a regular shy girl who changed to admire Eve. She started to put on some cute makeup; I don’t know what spell Eve was using.

“It’s nothing strange? Girls should be like this~”

The bigger problem is that Eve was slowly recruiting her fans.

This bitch loves being praised since before, like acting as a queen or something.

“Ms. Eve is already so far ahead.” “Yes yes, Like we’re being too far away.” “Uh, no need to rush anymore?”

“Rush? I wasn’t rushing anything. More like you guys are slow?”

“Really!?” “Wow, she’s so fast” “She’s more advanced than me…” “She went so far ahead of us!”

“You all should quickly find your own boyfriend! At first you may be shy, but if you really feel it then I’ll tell you about my experience.

“Really!” “Please tell us the exact details next time.!” “Is having an affair with many people really better~?”

“We can try loving only in school. When we marry we can only choose one after all.”

“If we can marry 3 people at one, its better. Don’t you think so?” “Hahaha, that’s a good one.”

Why of all things speak of something so stupid. Just listening to it is killing my nerve cells. Please know how to be modest, at least speak in places where no one can hear you, or speak quietly.

“Hey Aramiya, a system where they allow a harem doesn’t exist right?”

“In japan, you can only dream in a dream.”

“Japan has the rule number 732 and 184 about not allowing multiple marriages.”

We spoke quietly about these things. I remember about the game “My harem has no weaknesses.” And if we can marry many times we need to move to another country. But the problem is that they allow only 1 man many wives and no 1 wife many men.

“If you’re a girl you should live freely.”

That girl was so full of herself. She and I will never understand each other…

But it seems my classmates have already placed Eve very high in a social hierarchy.  I don’t know why she’s so popular.

“Huh…” “Tch…”

Ayame and Hatusushiba glared at Eve without letting her off… Hey don’t make those faces.

Which makes the room’s social original hierarchy change a little?

“Hatsushiba-san. Even if she’s a voice actor she’s a little too arrogant.” “Just seeing her like that is so sastisfying.” “Good for her.”

A group of bad mouthers stood and gossiped about Hatsushiba, usually Hatsushiba was highest in the hierarchy, but ever since she became friends with Ayame, she was slowly losing that seat.

“Yuuka does this for cotton. So I don’t really care.”

Hatsushiba doesn’t seem to really care, but Hatsushiba sure has a lot of enemies huh. Thinking about it carefully she was once provoked by an upperclassman. She herself once mentions that she had lots of enemies in the class; maybe she could see the hate behind their smiles.

Another problem was…

“Hey Ms. Eve, are we going to get killed?” “Are we gonna get ridden off?” “Ye-yeah, look at her eyes, it’s scary if” “It’s almost the final showdown, huh.” “Is the wind of violence finally hitting this school.”

At last, Ayame who was gazing around with her dreadful eyes had pushed the people’s imagination further.

We tried to make a club to destroy the rumors about her, but it seems that there is some bad news.

“Um, you see, can you stop making that face?”


I reminded her several times, but whenever I was with Eve, she instantaneously made a deadly bully glare. Even when her hair was in twin-tails.

I may have some fault, but you don’t need to glare at me that hard.

“…Uh, Aramiya, I think that things are starting to get out of hand?”


I accidently yelped so I answered strangely.

Tozaki said this while I was walking up the stairs, I was only to able to answer so much.

“Who do you think will win?” “Normally it’s Ayame, she once destroyed a whole gang of bullies?” “But Eve’s side looks very easy-going. Maybe they have a plan.” “Is Ayame going to take over the school?” “Is Eve our savior?” “I think the chances are 50-50”

The bad rumors without evidence started to spread, in hallways and the class.

“Try getting stared by that face; of course people are going to get confused. Just seeing that face is enough to put someone in the hospital.”

“If I wasn’t in Ayame’s group I would’ve acted sick and stayed home till the matter settles.”

“Try to do something, Aramiya.”


“This is all your fault, Ayame is making that horrid face because of you.”

“If you have a problem then take care of it yourself, I didn’t think that it would come to this.”

“Think or not you can’t undo the situation. You’re now in the status of the MC who raises flags like an idiot.”

“Ugh…… I’m not a MC!”

I don’t care who the heroine was, in fact I try to stay away from real girls…!

If I want to calm Ayame down, I should separate her far away from Eve.

No, formerly I don’t want to flow with that Eve. I just don’t want to be founded out-those embarrassing past where I was tricked.

But at this point I’ve decided, even if I was exhibited I would just get laughed at.  I’m ok with getting told about my past, since my Otaku is already well known, it can’t get any worse.


These days I’ve been sighing more than usual.

At that moment, Eve dashed right up to me. As usual, Tozaki disappeared like a shadow, is he related to Hattori[1] or something?

“Seiichi~ let’s go to the restroom!”

This bitch clung on to me again.

“Do you not know the concept of genders?”

“Don’t use those hard words. Using concepts and philosophies or something like that. Come on, come on.”

…That’s enough, It’s time to stop this madness.

I have prepared my soul to be exposed. This bitch’s threatening is nothing to me.

I braced myself, trying to keep down the shaking.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to.”

Usually, saying no to going to the woman’s restroom is normal.

“Oh? Then I’ll tell the others about Seiichi-“

“Do whatever you want.”

“…Eh? What?”

“I don’t care about your tricks already. Expose whatever you want.”

Eve made a shocked face, as if a loyal dog betrayed her.

“S-Seiichi, wait! I said wait!!!”

“Sorry but no, stop clinging to me already.

“N-no, why are you doing this!?”

Is this girl for real?

“Well, if you wanna know then, I don’t like you threatening me about my past to tell others. You should know that I don’t like talking about it, and still have the face to mess with me. Why must I follow your play?”

“Eh, b-because… I and Seiichi…”

“Oh and your black make-up is unbelievable unbearable. Please can you get that face away from me? Just expose whatever you want about me I don’t care anymore!”

“W-wait! Seiichi, you’re misunderstanding!”

“You’re the one who’s misunderstanding, now release my arms!”

I strained my arms and pulled away from Eve. And quickly went up the stairs to return to the room.

I felt relieved. In fact it seems as if a mountain was lifted off my shoulders.

If it felt this good, I would’ve done this since the beginning.

And so I walked away feeling great, Ayame was standing in the shadows.


When our gazes met, Ayame seems uneasy as if trying to think up of an exuse. Why is she here?

“Were you watching?”

“Ugh s-sorry.”

“Don’t mind it, it’s just that I can’t take her anymore, stop glaring at random people. Or else your reputation is going to get worse.

“Roger, uh, sorry…”

“Don’t need to. I did it so that your reputation wouldn’t go from bad to worse. Come, let’s return to the room.

“U, um, ok.”

Now that’s one smile.

I hope that this awful rumor is going to finally starting to dissipate.



Far away from them two, Eve was glaring at them both.


She watched the backs of the two with an obviously frustrated face.

“…What’s with her, Seems like she’s very close to Seiichi…”

She bit her nails, as if her favorite toy was taken away.

Before, just threatening with Seiichi’s past is enough to make him follow her. But now that trick is useless.

She needed to do something.

She knew for a fact that her head wasn’t too bright, but she wasn’t giving in so easily.

“I need to find a way to deal with that girl.”

Finishing that sentence, she created an innocent smile on her black face.

“I have a spell that could do that. I should be able to do it, if I do so Seiichi would finally know.”

She turned around away from the two people walking away.

Her face hides a burning passion and a hardened soul-

(End of Chapter 1)


[1] I think he’s relating to an old ninja clan that existed during the sengoku era, called the hattori clan.


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5 thoughts on “Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 2 Chapter 1”

  1. Ugh… Never liked that type of girl (if you can call “that thing” girl). He should’ve braced from the get go, not halfway when the seed starting to grow.


  2. Why is she fixated on him anyway? Because of something that happened in the distant past?
    I don’t get it but I almost thought I was seeing a yandere being exposed there…


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