CHUUKO DEMO KOI GA SHITAI! Volume 1 prologue


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“I’m so sorry…”

 “This is unbelievable, this is unbelievable, this is unbelievable….”

What is this development…? This is such a pointless development!

“Why….! Fujiaki Shiori, you had an ex-boyfriend…!”

Just like that, she kicked his feelings onto the curb. I felt like I was suddenly being kicked down to hell. Or – Just like that, she tossed his feelings aside.

Fujiaki Shirori is was a girl who might be should have been my ideal type….!! Japanese: Fujiaki Shioro was my ideal waifu, but now…

Seichii, I didn’t plan to hide it from you.”

The name I use in the RVS came out of her mouth and through the speakers, as she made a troubled face on the computer screen.

Even with a face like that, she was still very cute. It’s a good thing I picked this game.

But this used good! A Bitch! Defective!

“But that’s all in the past now.”

Her 2D mouth puckered as she talked. There was no sound coming from her hymen.

That’s because she’s a secondhand used good.

“Don’t mind it too much, ‘kay?”

 “Are you crazy? You’re already used!”

I yelled and argued at the computer screen, but there was no response.

It’s not strange. Because, the other party is a character from an 18+ game – an eroge character – inside the monitor.. It’s pretty much a one-way conversation.

“I don’t mind at all, don’t worry about it“

In the text box, the game’s protagonist used words that were the opposite of my feelings. The exact translation is something like “Scripted into the textbox, the game’s protagonist used words that did not understand my feelings.” Either one makes sense. Your original sentence highlighted here needs to be re-edited, regardless of translation issues.

“You too, Mr. Protagonist!”

This protagonist, is meant to be my avatar… or so I thought. Again, I felt like I was being betrayed.


I kicked my PC.

It froze. The background music that have been playing smoothly up till now starting screeching out a constant, unhappy noise.

Maybe it was the impact. The disc tray slided open with a dull sound. On it was disc of the eroge that I have been playing, with Fuijiaki Shiori’s smiling face printed on it.

AND THE DISC? I am going to really smash both the disc tray and the disc right in front of your face.

“Damn it! Damn!”

What “line up of pure heroines”?!?! I am going to report you to JARO (Japan Advertising Review Organisation!)   This is a total scam! Better go check before saying anything, you shit!

I collected all the goods that came with pre-ordering this game and assembled it in my room. After sizing up what I had, I proceeded to destroy everything: shattering some by stomping on them, ripping the books up into little pieces and shattering the discs.

“Shit! Now my room’s messy.”

Though I wasn’t calm, there was still a part of me that was somewhat reasonable. Still, I didn’t know what to do.

Getting my waifu NTR’d like this! Who can stand it!

“Haaah…! Haaah…!”

Soon, I picked up the boxes and put the trashed game and merchandise into them.

I thought of sending this to the developers, but my rationality stopped me. Instead, I went online to contact a local garbage collectors company to come over and pick up the trash here.

“Musashi garbage removalists!”

They told me to give them 5 mins. The removalist arrived pretty quickly.

“Here…This… Please…”

“Ah… yes… Th… Thank you for using our services again

The employee lifted up the cardboard box and left the house. With the dangerous stuff now out of the house, I felt slightly relieved. However, there was still a sense of emptiness that simply won’t go away..

“Girls aren’t chaste …..what value do they have?”

No one replied as no one was home. However, if my little sister had heard me, she would have sent me flying with a flying kick, yelling “SHUT UP, YOU VIRGIN!”

Firstly, people who agrees with my opinions don’t exist in this world, this is something that I know very well. Furthermore, guys like me who uses labels like “virgins” on girls are not acceptable in reality.

“Oh well, I’d better get some sleep”

Hugging the sorrowful betrayal to my chest, I fell asleep wishing I could die.

Sleep… Dreams… Time… They will help me recover from my sorrow, won’t they?The moment I feel sleepy, along with the time to dream that might help heal me from my own sadness and sorrow.

But… a girl’s smiling face appeared in my mind. A beautiful voice. Then, memories of fun moments came tumbling out.

Why did you betray me, Shiori? When I talked to our in-game classmates, why did they have to say such a thing like, “She has dated a guy before,”?

Why… this feels like one of those deceptive moments in the real world. It’s seriously not possible to bring reality into the 2D world. I did not ask for it. Putting reality into the 2D world is just stupid!

To find my ideal heroine heroine, like Shiori, it’s not easy even in the 2D world.

If she’s not a virgin… But that’s my ideal…

And so, I woke up from my despair. I didn’t have any good dreams, but that can’t be helped.

“I will be late home. Please get something to eat outside. Use your own money first, I will give you some this late evening.”

When I saw the message mom sent to me, I went out to get some dinner. I walked to the front of the train station to get my dinner and then went home. But dinner was not important. The goal was a new eroge.

Shiori’s betrayal has left a deep darkness in my heart. Ah… I definitely can’t let Sunday end so depressingly.

I don’t know if the new game I bought would have my favourite waifu”. However, considering the recent trends in eroge, at least, I think, that there wouldn’t be any “secondhand characters”I don’t know for sure, if the new game that I bought, is going to have my favorite (my waifu) or not, but I think there will be a trend from the professionals. I think the characters aren’t used goods

Recently, I have not seen characters who are a day over 20 years old and are still virgins. Although it might not be possible for people to still be virgins by the age of 20, I have decided that girls who are still virgins are better than secondhand goods.

Would you eat chocolates that’s been obviously touched by other people? A proper person wouldn’t.

There’s also the argument that they become secondhand used goods anyways once they have sex with the protagonist. Even if the argument has its merits, or if it’s a strong dose of real life, or just to traumatise me with some negativity, the one in the middle of all these is me. The protagonist’s will = MINE!

For the first time, I didn’t care what I did.

Angel (Maidens), Halleujah! Devils (Used goods), begone!

…well, except for real girls. I have no interest in them nor do I want anything to do with them.

“It’s cold… is it raining?”

There were drops of water on my cheeks. When I put my palm up towards the sky, it started to pour heavily.There’s a drip of water on my face. When I flipped my palm, it started to pour in rapidly.

I need to get home quickly…..better use the shortcut.

I turned around at the corner, passed by the gated private gate area and slipped through the small alleys

If it was earlier, I could have just walked through the building. Since it’s gotten so late, I guess everything’s closed.

There was barely any moonlight in the path I took. “Don’t come in here—ueeg, EEEK!”

There seems to be some kind of commotion further down the path. Was it people who are using the same path as me?Then I heard different noises, people venturing through the building , just like I’m doing?

“You are in for—mmmmmfff”

“Ah… You’ve finally shut up! Oi, you lot, tie her hands up. Her legs too.

“Yes sir”

“You got it boss”

“Mmph mpmph”

“Damn. How dare you give us so much trouble. Making me lose face* (footnote: to crush his ego), do you think that I will just let you go safely?


“This path inside the building… Those sweaty laborers who work in this building have all gone home now. No one’s going to hear your pathetic screams and come. Oi, someone take this bitch’s panties off, then stuff it into her mouth!


“If you behave nicely, I will treat you nicely in bed, but you will stay and have fun with me here first, so I give you permission to pull me”

I couldn’t have walked into an Eroge game scene, could I?

I could barely see anything around me as it’s so dark. However, no matter how you look at it, this looks like the moments before an 18+ situation happens.

I think I have seen it in “Hondo’s road to love”. Or was it another eroge?

No no, I couldn’t have entered an Eroge game. That’s impossible.

Perhaps, Eroge had become a reality?

Nah. Nah. It didn’t.

The cold rain brought me back to reality.

“Oi! Hurry up and take her panties off already!”


“But, this bitch, she’s being pretty violent.”

“Oi, you aren’t a virgin anymore, hurry and stop resisting already.”

In the quiet of the night, I could hear the sounds of something scraping on the ground and people fighting each other.

It seems I have encountered upon a horrible scene.

I took a look quietly, and noticed 5 guys, with a girl screaming in the center, and a big guy who’s stuffing her mouth to keep her quiet.

I hope this is a film for an Eroge game, but I as I looked around, I didn’t notice any cameras. The big guy’s hair is all curly, and messy, but it didn’t cover his face.

To be honest, I’m afraid of it. He gazed at me as if he was threatening me not to approach. In addition, he’s likely carrying a pocket knife as well.

On the other hand, I wasn’t able to see the girl’s face. But I was able to see her wearing ripped jeans, and a Paka shirt. With brown hair and ear piercings, she looks like a girl who enjoys traveling at night.

I think I’d better retreat before the other side sees me. As the supporting role, I shouldn’t show my face as if I were a companion of the protagonist in an eroge game.

“Hey, is there anybody standing over there or not?”

Goddamn it, they noticed me!?

“Sheesh.. This is going to be problematic. Hurry, go and catch him!”

Looks like there’s no other choice!

A guy sprinted swiftly towards me, so I turned my back in order to hide my face.

I grabbed my foldable mobile phone from my shirt pocket without hesitating. I pressed the number 1 twice, following with a 0* and pressed the call button.

“Hello, what is your emergency?

“There’s a girl being attacked by a gang of men at the Yonnomiya station, Center Plaza West Building, inside.

I intended to talk loudly so that those guys could hear me. I called the police without any hesitation. Since I had almost been attacked many times because I’m an Otaku, the authority power is usable at this moment of time.

“Quickly finish them before the police will arrive!”

I heard them yelling not even a little. Then at that time the siren from the police is approaching until it’s loud everywhere before it has gone quieter once the loudness becomes stable.

“Sheesh, you guys are around here since the start right, you shall be attacked by the lower class people… hey, let’s run!”

The man who’s about to approach towards me turned his back on me and quickly ran away. The remaining men then all panicked together.

“Can you hear me? We’ve already sent the police cars, but please give us more details…”

“…I’m sorry, they have escaped already,”

“Oh really? In that case, may I ask you the details about the criminal case—”

A girl being attacked and the people from the agency are still very sluggish.

Now that my business was over, I hung up the phone. People who call to get help from them through by phone happens quite a lot often. So they shouldn’t seem to think that I was calling them just to disturb them.

By the way, the police car siren I was the person who turned on from another smartphone of mine that’s separated from the Foldable mobile phone. If it’s during daytime, it would probably break easily. But during nighttime or when being inside the building like this, just only hearing a loud sound for a bit would already echo everywhere until the other side misunderstands.

Or is it because of the rain as well. Let’s say that we’re fortunate.


No wait, if we think about it carefully, we’re actually unfortunate clearly instead.

…Let’s try thinking carefully, why do I have to get caught in the crossfire by these kind of things too?

The rain would only become gradually heavier and in addition, my bag with my Eroge box game are both completely soaked.


And during when I sighed, the girl who was sitting down crossing her legs then stood up.

Maybe it’s because she got pulled by the men everywhere so her clothes become worn out. Her hair also became totally tangled… her ripped underwear from inside her ripped pants fell down to her knees, maybe she didn’t notice about them at all?

Then suddenly, she turned her head to me.

“…Ah… Eh? You…”

Alright, my business with this place is now over. Whatever shortcuts there, it’s better not to take them now. Also, if the police get here at this scene, then staying here would only be disastrous.

“Eh… wait, HEY! Wh-why are you running away?! W-wait… WAIT!!”

I ran back to where I came from. I don’t care anymore if she’s going to call my name right now.

It’s better to run away first when there’s a disastrous incident. This kind of lifestyle I do know that it has been taken from Eroge games as well.

*End of Prologue*

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[1] Real voice system

[2] This means 110, he’s definitely calling the police of Japan


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