Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 4



Chapter 4-  You may become my ideal type of girl

The next day, Ayame didn’t show up for class. I thought it was because of what happened yesterday.

“Since Hatsushiba has work to do, she can’t come to school today. This sucks!”

After homeroom period ended, Tozaki came over to chat with me.

“What is it?”

Tozaki asked with a puzzled look on his face I didn’t need to panic or be hasty about anything. It’s been awhile since it’s been this peaceful here.

“Tozaki, wanna go and grab some lunch?”

“Uuuh, sure I guess.”

When it was finally lunch time, Tozaki and I headed down to the cafeteria.

“It’s been awhile since I had lunch with you, Aramiya.”

“Yeah, it has.”

We sat on opposite sides facing each other on a very long  table in the cafeteria, and ate our lunch. I ordered fish and chips.

Tozaki on the other hand ordered chicken karaage.

(TN: Karaage is a Japanese Cooking Technique in which food is Deep Fried in Oil. While the technique can be used for other meat dishes and fish, it is mostly used for Chicken.)

Lately, I’ve been eating bento that were handmade by Ayame and Hatsushiba,  So I wasn’t too excited to eat our schools lunch.

(TN: Bento is a Home-Packed meal usually in box-shaped container. There are various types of Bento in Japan.)

“So, how’s everything been lately?”

“I don’t know, there hasn’t been much progress.”

I just found out that Ayame doesn’t do any prostitution work at all. But, if I told him about it, he wouldn’t believe me anyway. The rumors in school were already set in stone.

“I’ve got something I need to ask you, Tozaki.”


“Hatsushiba and Ayame were friends, right? Just before she had a boyfriend.”

Tozaki just sat there, chewing on his chicken karaage.

“… It might be true, Since Hatsushiba is looking after Ayame even though Ayame seems annoyed about it. Those two have always been close with each other since primary school.”

… True, I’m finally starting to get the picture bit by bit.

“Ever since that guy started claiming that he was Ayame’s boyfriend, those two have been quarreling right?”

“Hmm, I’m not really sure, but that might not be the case. At that time, Hatsushiba was close with Ayame. But by the time that I met them, they were no longer together. It must have been after that guy came into the picture that both Ayame and Hatsushiba ended up becoming estranged from each other.”

So that means, it seems like Tozaki doesn’t know if those two were having a fight or something.

I used to think that it was a trustworthy story that Hatsushiba liked Songou according to what Ayame had said, but it turns out that Ayame was in a relationship with Songou instead. That’s why both of them were quarreling… or something like that.

But perhaps Hatsushiba separated from Ayame after Songou and Ayame broke up. If it’s a love triangle story or something, then Hatsushiba not separating from the group once Ayame and Songou started getting into a relationship is actually a bit weird.

No, but that part might’ve gotten complicated. After what had happened it might as well be like that for now.

Moreover, the timing of the rumors spreading about the supposed scandal is still weird regardless of the situation.

“Hey, is it true that people have been spreading the rumor that Ayame has been called ‘used goods’ since primary school?”

(TL note: The Word used in Japanese here is “Chuuko” which means “Secondhand” so it’s a direct translation.)

“Yeah it’s true, I hear this regularly.”

Tozaki seems to be a hundred percent certain, even though she had never done any prostitution. And even if she had done something with Songou before, the rumor was more likely to start during junior high.

“How could she have gotten that nickname during primary school?”

“Eh? I don’t remember that much, by the time I knew it, they already nicknamed her that.”

She became a gangster only recently, do people become like that because they feel despised?? But even if I think about it a lot, I still won’t know anyway.

“Oh, on the other hand, didn’t Songou try to enter this high school too?”

“Yes correct, you seem to be very well informed.”

I just guessed but it seems like I hit the nail right on the head.

“Initially he studied at a private school but his exam results were getting worse until he had to come and study at my junior high school. When I knew that he applied to the same senior high school as mine, it made me feel kind of frustrated.

But when he went to take the exam, I still wasn’t relieved at all. I heard that his results were rather severe as if  he wouldn’t be accepted anyway, but he was still stubborn enough to take the exam.”

The average entrance exam results in our senior high school aren’t really that high which implies that our school doesn’t have high standards at all. Basically, Songou is a total dumbass.

After eating lunch, Tozaki and I both headed to the club room to go get the USB memory stick.

There’s still some time remaining before the  end of lunch break. I entered the building where the club room is located—

“How arrogant can you be?!”

“Who do you think you are?!”

I could hear malicious yelling coming from somewhere nearby, so I turned that way.

Three or four people are surrounding and yelling at one person. On the other hand, the person who was being yelled at didn’t say anything at all.

Apart from these people there’s no one else here. Most people who went for lunch wouldn’t come around here because there are only art club rooms around here. People usually come around here when classes are done.

The person who got surrounded seems unlikely to survive. Only, can you not stand in the way?

I can’t be bothered to start an argument,  even if you guys aren’t satisfied today, leaving this for next time would be better.

“Don’t try to be quiet! You stole someone else’s lover, and you still have the guts to act arrogantly as well?”

“I didn’t do anything; he just came to confess his love to me himself…”

Finally, the other side started to argue as well. I know that voice.

… Well I can’t do anything else. I suppose I’ll help her. If I leave it like this, I won’t be able to enter the club room ever again.

I still owe her a meal. I still haven’t apologized for yesterday as well. I pushed some buttons on my phone to send a message and after a while, Kiriko-senpai arrived.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?”

“What, why did Kotani come here?”

“Hey, you’re calling my name impolitely, do you really want me to teach you a lesson? Should I drag you to the faculty room right now?”

“No please, I’ll behave!”

The side who started the issue then exited the building immediately. Thank you, Kiriko-senpai.

“Hatsushiba, if you don’t have business here anymore, please go back to class now. You too, Seiichi.”

And then Kiriko-senpai called me out, like she knew where I was hiding.

She shouldn’t have called my name at all. Hatsushiba hesitates before coming towards me..


“Hi, you done with work already? Then, I’ll have to go now.”

I raised my hand and was about to leave, but she grabbed my belt resulting in a loud ‘snap!’

“You came to help Yuuka, right?”

“It’d be terrible if I wasn’t.”

“Aramiya, you’re such a terrible liar.”

“Don’t joke with me, the important thing is that you didn’t steal somebody’s lover right?”

“I didn’t steal him and I didn’t try to initiate anything either . Out of nowhere, the guy just came to confess his love for me … To be honest, I don’t even know the guy’s name.”

Serves her right for having a decent face. Even a stranger came to confess his love…

We’re standing and talking continuously but her hand was still holding onto my belt rather tightly.

“Oh, and also… I’m sorry about what  happened yesterday.”

“About trying to kiss? Don’t dwell on it too much.”

Alright? You know what, I won’t let anyone trick me anymore.

“Can you let go of me?”

“Please let Yuuka say thank you first.”

“I already told you that I didn’t come to help.”

“No matter what your purpose was, you helped Yuuka anyway.”

“Why are you talking like Ayame?”

“Eh? Ayame-san has also said something like this as well?”

I made a slip of the tongue once again.

“Forget I said that.”

“Hurry up and say it already, Yuuka wants to know!”

Whoa, this girl is really annoying. I give up.

I made an “ok” sign with my fingers then showed it to Hatsushiba.

“You want Yuuka to pay up first?”

“What are you saying; I don’t want money. I want to ask you a question as well in exchange.”

“… About what?”

“About the past. You don’t need to say anything if you don’t want to.”

Hatsushiba then contemplated for a while and then nodded willingly.

“Alright, should we talk here?”

“There’s a club room around here, let’s go there.”

We entered the club room. I told what happened before  in this room to Hatsushiba  while setting the chairs down.

“Alright, you’re going to ask about Ayame, right?”

I explained to her how I saved her when she got attacked during that particular night. I told her about Ayame’s confession, which I still don’t understand. Right after that, a teacher came to see me and asked me to reform her whole personality. But the bit about eroge, I decided to exclude it.

“Oh I see, then you two aren’t in a relationship then?”

“I never said that we were, I rejected her already. Do you believe me now?”

“Okay, thank you. So she just went over to thank you, what a relief.”

It’s great that she understood. Though the part about it being a relief is…

“How does that relieve you?”

“Well, you were with her all the time, so Yuuka thought like, ‘are you guys truly in a relationship’?”

Please don’t make a habit of thinking too deeply into it.

“It’s Hatsushiba’s turn now.”

“Please try not to be too hard on Yuuka, alright?.”

“If I may I ask, is Songou the reason your relationship with Ayame turned sour?”

Hatsushiba eyes widened in shock… Eh, was I mistaken?

“Umm, but, how do you know his name? During junior high school, you guys weren’t studying at the same place right?”

“Tozaki told me many things about you and Ayame, and yesterday I met Songou as well.”

“…You met Naosumi too?”

How you manage to act like a total dick in front of this cute childhood friend of yours is beyond me.

“But… Yuuka and Cotton… didn’t have any sort of disagreement.”

“Wait, Cotton?”

Where did the name of a clothing material come from?

“Ayame was quite sad at the time, so we gave her that nickname to try to cheer her up. Her real name is Kotoko, but I call her Cotton because during our childhood, she was fond of wearing cotton clothes.”

She actually has a nickname like that too? The fact that Ayame being sad was mentioned, is Hatsushiba talking about her parents’ divorce?

But let’s leave it at that for now, that’s not the issue here.

“Hey Hatsushiba, you said the story is a bit more complicated than that. So it’s not because of jealousy or anything…?”

Hatsushiba exhaled deeply as if the truth was quite difficult to say.

“I’m deducting points from you, Aramiya. Yuuka and Naosumi didn’t have any sort of relationship like that at all.”

“… So it’s not that you used to like him?”

“We just stuck together since we’ve known each other for a long time. Yuuka likes him too, but it’s not like feelings of love or anything. How should I put it? It’s like, he’s a little higher than me in the social hierarchy, so falling in love with him is out of the question.”


I’m still doubtful as to whether she has feelings for him or not. But I’ll keep that to myself.

Ayame, you’ve been thinking about it wrongly. People like me aren’t well versed in this particular topic.

However, using the phrase “falling in love with him is out of the question” isn’t exactly normal.

“Once Naosumi moved up to junior high school, Ayame started getting into fights quite regularly. There was even that one time when he was surrounded by five guys, but Ayame managed to save him.”

“And what happened next?”

“Naosumi said that he fell in love with Cotton, but she rejected Naosumi. Then everything started to fall apart. After that…”

“So if it isn’t a love triangle, and it’s not a disagreement of any sort, then what exactly is going on between those two?”

“Yuuka can’t tell you. What Yuuka did was unforgivable… The worst part is, those unforgivable things, Yuuka is still doing them.”

Hatsushiba doesn’t seem to have anything more to say. I get the feeling that Hatsushiba’s taking orders from Songou.

During the time when I was in the school infirmary and she suddenly got a call, or that time I saw them together right after I got off my shift, it seemed like she received an order from Songou—It felt something like that. Maybe I shouldn’t be hasty in thinking about that…

But if that’s the case, why did Hatsushiba choose to listen to Songou then? I just don’t understand.

Personally, I think that if she likes him, she would follow his orders. But judging by her reaction and the conversation we just had, that doesn’t seem to be it. No, wait, she might be setting me up for a trap. The problem isn’t just  Songou after all.

“… Hey, it’s been a long time since that happened, shouldn’t it be alright to have a chat with Ayame about it? Is it not possible to reconcile with each other anymore?”

It seems that the rift between Ayame and Hatsushiba is quite deep.

But, I don’t think it’s impossible for them to reconcile. I believe so.


Hatsushiba didn’t say a word. Wait a second. Why am I interfering in other people’s business so much?

I feel that ever since Ayame consoled me, my thoughts have become quite distorted. But right now, I want to do something about Ayame’s rumor.

“Huh… then at the very least, please don’t spread rumors about Ayame anymore. It was you who did that right?”

“…Why do you say that?”

“From what I’ve learned so far, it all points to you.”

I tried to conclude by eliminating the choices. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs to mark your path. The outcome’s result would depend on Hatsushiba’s reaction…


No reaction eh, I’ll press on with the attack.

“Another thing, after she confessed her love to me, the rumors about me and her started  spreading everywhere, but the story about Ayame disappeared.”

That rumor shouldn’t have spread so fast, since I never came to school with either Ayame or Hatsushiba, and it’s not like I’m surrounded by girls either.

“It’s true that it was Yuuka who did that, but Yuuka only said the truth, Yuuka never meant to isolate Cotton. People just happened to twist the truth for their convenience. Yuuka only said those things for something else.”


“But, since entering high school, Yuuka didn’t do anything at all. The rumors during high school also didn’t come from Yuuka either. Yuuka also doesn’t know who actually did it. Since entering high school, Yuuka stayed alone most of the time.”

“What did you say?”

Really? If Hatsushiba’s telling the truth, does that mean I’ve been going about this the wrong way?

Hatsushiba said that she isn’t the source of the rumors. But, whether it is true or not, I can’t tell solely by looking at her face……

Then, the bell signaling end of lunch break rang.

“Then, Yuuka shall go back to the room first.”

Once our conversation was over, Hatsushiba swiftly exited the club room… What on earth is going on?

Just a bit more then I’ll truly understand. If that’s the case, rumors about Ayame are still being painted pitch-black behind the scenes, right? And when Hatsushiba came to meet me, wasn’t it to make Ayame become isolated? Is there still more that I still don’t know? Is Tozaki the person who’s the real dictator… In this case, I’m probably not sure.

We can conclude that the story is flowing smoothly, but there’s something coming to interfere once again.

After school, I didn’t need to work at my part-time job because it wasn’t my shift today. So, I headed over to Ayame’s house. I coincidentally passed by her house once, which I confirmed to be hers by looking at her address in my contacts.

“Oh, here it is.”

In front of me is a row of old houses that were probably built over forty years ago.

I looked at the house number and the nameplate. The plate that has ‘Ayame’ written on it indicates that this place is definitely it.

I’m thinking up various reasons to explain why I’m here—only to realize that I’m overthinking this and that there’s no point to it. So I gather my courage and press the doorbell until I hear footsteps coming from the other side of the door.

“Coming, just a moment!”

I could hear an unfamiliar voice and then the door house opens. It’s an old lady who appears. Her face looks similar to Ayame. Is she Ayame’s mother?

“I am Ayame Kotoko-san’s classmate. My name is Aramiya.  Is Kotoko-san at home or not?”

“Oh wow, a classmate right? Right now she’s outside buying something but she should be back home soon. Would you like to come and wait inside first?”

“Ah, oh, it’s alright.”

But Ayame’s mother then dragged my arms to make me go inside anyway. If I refused, it might be ill-mannered.


And at that time, Ayame was back with a plastic bag from the market at the right moment. She was wearing a papa shirt and a long skirt. It seems she’s used to wearing this. Normally at her home she might be dressing like this.

“Mum!? What are you doing?”

“There haven’t been any classmates coming to visit for a long time already right? Then you’d better welcome them properly.”

“No, there’s no need! No actually, if you’re ill please don’t go anywhere then!”

“Well I’m not really that sick.”

“There’s also getting tired without realizing as well!”

Both of them were really arguing and finally, it seems her mother is the one who had to give up on the conversation.

“Alright, then I’ll head off to bed first.”

“Yes, that’s better.”

Her mother went back into her house, only to leave Ayame standing outside.

“I know that you’re standing and talking, but please come inside, you can’t stay outside in case I have something.”


Then I entered her house again. Inside her house is very neat and tidy, unimaginably so judging from the outside of the flat…

Her house is very spacious; there are two rooms. Wait a second, are there two rooms with a kitchen in each of them?

“Please come in.”

Ayame asked me to enter her room. It has a bed, bookshelf and a writing desk. A computer monitor sits on top of the desk. Her room doesn’t seem to look like it’s a girl’s room but it is very neat and tidy.

“You can sit wherever you want.”

I placed down my bag and sit down wherever I wanted like she told me.

“No one has ever visited my room for a long time, so there aren’t any cushions. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s alright.”

Then Ayame sat down as well.

“There’s nothing, it’s just today I didn’t attend class.”

“… Are you trying to be worried about me?”

“That thing well… yesterday I also had some chaotic issues too.”

“Don’t tell me that you just came here to bring the sheets for me only and then go home?”

“Yes, the Eroges also have that situation frequently.”

Once I said  that, Ayame then smiled with happiness.

“Aramiya, you seem to blush very often nowadays.”

“No I did not!”

This thing again! But seeing her looking happy makes me feel relieved. Anything that made me feel dubious when I was in school had suddenly disappeared.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t go to class today not because of what happened yesterday.”

“Or is it because your mother is not feeling well?”

Once I asked, Ayame then nodded.

“My mum also told me to go to school but I’m secretly afraid what I did stupidly made my mum tired for several times so I wanted to be grateful to her sometimes as well.”

“So, for these days, you won’t be attending class first?”

“No… But tomorrow my elder sister is going to come and help looking after my mum. Actually, she already has a job but once I told her about the incident, she temporarily left the job to come. Tomorrow I might go to school as usual.”


After that we both went quiet. Well, if I know why she doesn’t go to school and seeing that it’s fine already, then my business is over. There’s only the atmosphere that turns out to be kind of distressed as well.





Ayame averted her gaze away from me slightly, holding her skirt in a very bashful manner until her face turned very red. What? What’s going on?

“You, don’t you know how to tell if someone’s sick or not?”

“*Cough* *Cough cough*!”

I swallowed and gulped my saliva right down my throat! Geez, this girl, just what the heck is she trying to say?

“A-about yesterday! Please listen to me and understand!”

“Well…how did it all come to this exactly?”

Then Ayame became dejected in an instant.

“I’m just not so sure for myself.”


“I’ve never slept with that person, nor was it my intent to do so at first for sure, but…”

Ayame clenched her nails on her hand, as if she looked like she’s injured, until she clenched her nails deeply into her skin.

“So what really happened back then?”

“I was drugged to sleep…”


So this story has now turned into…

“It wasn’t going to put me to sleep immediately like it happens in dramas but my body was numbing as the time passed. Then I fainted. By the time I woke up, I realized I was sleeping behind the school building and Songou was also there but I only fell asleep for twenty minutes at most.”

Ayame continued telling the story about that time. She was shaking so badly even her voice was unsteady.

“But during those twenty minutes, I was totally unconscious. At that time, even if someone did something to me, I wouldn’t be able to know at all… My school uniform was all torn apart and when I checked everywhere there seemed to be nothing, but I couldn’t be sure yet either. I couldn’t remember what happened at first and wouldn’t know what was going to happen either.”

The atmosphere is very tense and then Ayame turned her face towards me.

“Th, therefore! If, if you know then please tell me!”

“Y-y-y-you idiot! How am I supposed to know!”

“Wh-why don’t you know! You played lots of those games!”

“I don’t know the secret that’s hidden under the censor tab!”

“Yes, you know the truth right!? Please, can you help by checking it—ah.”

Just now, this girl almost said something eccentric!?

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

Ayame breathed in deeply and then calmed herself down.

“Does your mother know about this story?”

“What the hell! I’m embarrassed, how could I ask her?”

Isn’t letting a guy look even more embarrassing?

“But, if I didn’t help look, I wouldn’t be sure either.”

Ayame bent down her head. When I looked at her, I couldn’t see what kind of face she was making. But I think she seems to be very hurt.

Huh, well that can’t be helped.

“Ayame is probably still a virgin.”


Once I said that, Ayame lifted up her head. I don’t have any clear evidence but I didn’t actually mean to console her feelings either.

“I’m not going to repeat that, the word once it has been spoken it makes my mouth bashful.”


And then Ayame said,

“What a relief.”

She said shortly and quietly just only that. I saw her relieved face so I could loosen some of my anxiety as well.

Actually, there’s no evidence in terms of physical stuff or clear evidence, but if it had actually finished its business, then the attitude after that would look quite suspicious. I understand a bit better now of how the rumours of Ayame’s prostitution came to be.

The clue given is not enough. But if the rumors about her still spread, she’s going to have to face the consequences eventually.

Even though I feel like, “Why do I have to investigate?” as well.

If I want to erase the rumor right now, Ayame and I could only refute the news one by one then. This work seems to be tiring… Hey wait!? By the time I realized, why did I choose to collaborate with Ayame then…?

“But it would be great if somebody believed in my words.”

Once I said that, my nerves loosened.

“You don’t just become curious, I’m already satisfied.”

She then answered me with a mass destructive sentence like that. Once I finished visiting, I left and went straight home. I sat down recumbently for a while once I was back home but then the telephone rung.

“Who’s calling me?”

Right now at home, I’m alone so I have to get up and answer it. Why are you calling through the home telephone? If you have any business with somebody, then please call via that person’s phone number then.

“Hello, my name is Hatsushiba, I don’t know whether Aramiya-kun is at home or not?”

“…Hatsushiba? Is there anything?”

I didn’t expect her to call via my home telephone number. But anyway, Hatsushiba doesn’t seem to know my mobile phone number.

“A, Aramiya, what a relief, Yuuka has something that I need to talk to you.”

…I just talked about that kind of story today, what other business do you still have? I cannot stop being doubtful.

“About what?”

“…About the rumor.”

If that’s the case, I also wanted to talk.

“Really? I also want to talk about that thing as well.”

“Then we should sit and talk together, can you leave your house?”

“Yes I can talk, but why do I have to go outside?”

“Yuuka doesn’t want to talk via phone that much.”

“Then let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

“…But, we have to talk right now.”

It seems suspicious. But for her she may try to imply that if we don’t enter the tiger’s cave then we won’t get the cub.

But I don’t think we need to go risk by reasoning at all. Initially, I’m not in a hurry or anything.

“I’m sorry, but please leave it for tomorrow. I’ll give you all the time you want to talk.”

I said that and was about to hang up the telephone. But…

“Then Yuuka shall spread the rumor about you being interested with only 2D girls to the rest of the school, okay?”

“… Are you trying to intimidate me?”

This girl doesn’t seem too obscure anymore.

In that case, should I discard the trump card to intimidate the standing point of Hatsushiba for some time? No, it’s too soon.

“That’s just gossip, Yuuka isn’t intimidating..”

Apart from the fact that she wanted me to go talk outside from home, there’s nothing terrible about that at all.

But I feel that Hatsushiba sounded strangely stressful when she said that just now.

Her voice seemed to sound flurried by coincidence as well. But if this is an acting by a Seiyuu, I can’t argue with it anyway.

I’m doubtful about this a bit but I don’t have any choice.

“Me and you, just the two of us right?”

“Eh… ah, ah umm…”

“Excuse me. Umm…”

I listened to the meeting point and the time. Then I wore my coat to go to that place. Moreover, I sent a message telling anyone home and Kiriko-senpai that I’m about to go outside as well.

Hatsushiba was sitting on the bench in the public park that’s just away from the train station. Once she saw me, she stood up and ran towards me.

“Hello Aramiya.”


“There’s no need to so paranoid.”

Of course I’m paranoid, why do I have to come to the park at night like this? In addition, Hatsushiba looks strangely panicked too. Is she still afraid? Or is there anything that she’s still doubtful about?

“And what do you want to talk about?”

“Aramiya can tell first.”

I rushed her. It turns out she said like that… what, okay fine.

“About the person who spread the rumor.”


“I’m not one hundred percent sure but I think it’s Songou.”

Once I said that, Hatsushiba turned astonished with her body shaking.

“No, no way…”

Hatsushiba herself is also curious about that as well? Because it seems she has spoken with a soft voice.

“At least this situation isn’t totally clean like a normie’s flag been raised by me right? But anyway, this thing… If I don’t ask her, then I won’t know what will happen next.”

But I think that it is very likely to happen. Hatsushiba bends down her head.

“Well, I did listen to him, but I don’t trust him at all. It’s not about his attitude or dressing, but I did hear that he had drugged Ayame with sleeping pills. I think that no matter what excuses he’ll come up with will not work anyway.”


Hatsushiba yelled as if she couldn’t believe it from what she just heard, then a few seconds later—

There’s a solid sound that suddenly happened that it even startled me. Making my head feel a severe aching pain.


I already knew that in a few moments later, I would be hit by something pretty solid and hard.

“Na-Naosumi!? What are you doing!? I told you already to let Yuuka handle this…!”

Hearing from where the voice is coming from, I could already guess who’s approaching. In addition, there’s also a noise that perhaps is coming from a group of people walking with their shoes clomping on the floor loudly.

For god’s sake, It’s so painful that I’m unable to scream at all. I grab my foldable mobile phone from my shirt pocket immediately.

“You’d better be careful!”

Songou raised his voice and something hard hit my arm.


My phone dropped. I drew my legs preparedly and kicked the foldable phone, that was just dropped, into the flower beds that had overgrown grass everywhere.

“I told you already to be careful when walking in a secluded alley.”

Secluded alley your ass! This is a public park!

Then I got hit on the head once again. My consciousness gradually faded away as time passed. I could no longer stand. I fell onto the ground. God damn it. Was it really a trap? Should I have brought a helmet in the first place?

At least if I had met up with somebody to talk to in a place where there were people around, then…

“Yuuka, thank you so much for calling him out here.”

“Naosumi, this is—what!? It isn’t—like this!! And—”

I could hear a conversation between Songou and Hatsushiba before my consciousness completely disappeared.


I got woken up with force with a noise sounding like “za.”

I slowly opened my eyes, then saw Songou carrying a bucket of water.

“Are you awake now?”

He splashed water onto me. I looked around and the room was as big as my classroom but there are no windows. Then there’s only one door for both the entrance and the exit. I saw that there were six people altogether.

Hatsushiba is also in the corner. She looks down seeming to be really uncomfortable.

“This place is…”

Aha, we’re actually in the ambush area then, the underground section of an abandoned building. There’s no network base station. Which means that the GPS signal cannot specify the current location where I’m at.

“Why can’t I move?”

I’m sitting down on a chair with a backrest.

“Committing a crime like this, what do you want?”

I could probably guess something but I didn’t expect him to do this much. No actually, I also know that he’s chasing Ayame and trying to rape her or dope sleeping pills on her. I should have been more aware this.

“You should watch your mouth, you Otakimoi!”

“You’re probably trying to tempt Ayame to show her face or anything like that right?”

“Ha, you’re correct!”

It seems he’s making a face as if he was being interrupted while talking to the point to where he doesn’t know what to boast anymore. He seems to look frustrated. Why does he think I’m not going to find out? Probably it’s true according to what Tozaki said. That Songou seems to get annoyed easily.

I wanted to run but, I’m tied up right now. In addition, there’s only one door.

It may have to be miraculous when the rope becomes loose. Then I can escape through the door. Maybe I have to pray for miracle.

“If you’re thinking of escaping, it’s useless anyway. I have brought people to look after the entrance of the abandoned building already.”

Yes, I deserve it. But personally I secretly want Ayame not to come.

I have experienced some scenes similar to like this in Eroge games before. If I’m not wrong, the male protagonist would tense his muscles first before getting punched and loosen them while trying to escape. We can conclude that the male protagonist can penetrate through the ropes beautifully.

But I got punched when I was unconscious so there are no gaps oranything. In addition, I also just have only flabby muscles. Even when they are tensed, they are still useless. Hence, I could only hope for the God Of Sky to cast a spell on me to have buffalo power so that I could beat the hell out of these people, making them fly in the air.

“Songou-san, she has arrived.”

The guy standing in front of the door then opened the door.

And then Ayame entered. She might have come quickly because it seems she’s still wearing the same clothes as during the evening.


I was only trying to wave my hands but I still couldn’t do it.

Ayame tried to run towards me but got blocked by the guy standing near the door

“Hey, you ain’t gonna get to do what you want to—”

As his threat only ended there, that guy then flew into the air after he got punched by Ayame. It was estimated from my eyes that he could probably fly into the air at least two or three meters away. Then that guy became stunned.

“Hey where do you have the guts to continue getting punched? You guys are messing with things that are no longer touchable anymore.”

She stared at Songou with penetrating eyes, furious as seriously as she had never in school before.

Songou clenched his fists and punched into my temporal lobe.


Ayame gnawed her lips with rage. Damn it, I’m really edgy that I couldn’t do anything at all.

“What do you want?”

Ayame put down her fists and spoke quietly.

“You know it, hey, you guys!”

Those four jackals let go of the companion that fell down to continue lying down and came to lock Ayame’s body.

After that, they pushed her to lie down, face up on the ground.

“Take off her clothes!”


“Aha, you can disobey me, but I’ll still stand watching you until you become nude anyway.”

This guy is truly dirty.

“Na-Naosumi! What is this about!?”

And then Hatsushiba, who has been quiet for a long time, now yelled out loudly.

“You’re so noisy Yuuka, you should just be quiet and follow my orders. That would be enough. Doing that is much more beneficial towards your family you know?”

“What are you doing this for? From what you told me to make Aramiya and Ayame separate from each other, is it just for this!?”

“Ha, it’s because you failed. That’s why it became like this, you’re a bit unfortunate, Aramiya. If you would’ve have separated from Ayame already, you wouldn’t have to face this consequence.”

Hatsushiba became quiet once again. Why do these rubbish people have Hatsushiba as a friend since childhood too?

No actually, I better need to ask why Hatsushiba accepted this guy as if she was unable to raise her head?

“Alright, let’s get started.”

Then the four guys started to take off Ayame’s clothes.


Ayame disobeyed with full force. She tilted her body at the part where she didn’t get pressed actively. She might be able to survive for a while, but…

“Yes, disobeying like that is even better, this would be a bit more thrilling.”

Songou looks at her as if he was being more advantageous. Damn it, is there really no chance of survival? I tensed my legs and kicked everywhere. My right leg now has a bit more space!?


My shoes had fallen off as well, but at least my right leg is free to move now! I forced myself to stand up with the chair being tied but apart from having to carry the chair, I only have my right leg so I couldn’t walk normally like a human being yet. I could only approach them little by little. But it’s very ponderous, even more ponderous than a turtle crawling.

Another thing, for a while, Songou then realized and looked towards my way.

“Don’t you interfere!”

Then he yanked my legs and punched me into my stomach. I flew away together with the chair, rolling on the ground more further from Ayame than previously.

“Don’t you dare do anything to Aramiya!”

Ayame’s Paka shirt is about to become completely ripped and she’s still worried about me. Hey, damn it, it’s really pathetic.

“You really like him that much, you even did your hairstyle to twintails? But I think I like pony more. Hey, after you guys untied her hair then please tie it back to the same place.”

He probably did this in order to boast that he has time to hurt her. One guy untied her hair and tied then back in one place.

Her hair got tied into one place becoming a ponytail with her Paka shirt being ripped and thrown away.

“That’s enough, if I’m not a virgin, that guy would not pay attention to me anymore!”

“I told you that you have already lost your virginity, please stop running away from the truth.”

Ayame started to become disheartened. Not only that, she still tried to accept the fact that I’m obsessed with virgin girls as well.

If I was not tied, then I would…

No actually, being pressed on the arms and legs everywhere like this, even if it was Ayame herself then she wouldn’t be able to fight too.

God almighty, I beg you.

That girl didn’t do anything wrong at all. Even if she used to cause many different problems, she did them for reasons most of the time.

She doesn’t deserve to lose her innocence without any reasons like this at all. Therefore, I beg you, can anybody come and save her right now please, no matter if it’s a Buddha or a savage beast.


“Damn it!”

What am I thinking? How would pleading for sacred things going to help anything! If I don’t do it myself, then it won’t do any good at all! Didn’t that protagonist of  the eroge games say that before?!

“Hey Yuuka, go and tie his right leg now!”

Songou said like that as if he knew something and turned back to continue paying attention to Ayame.

Hatsushiba slowly moved towards me with hesitation.

“I’m really sorry, Yuuka didn’t expect that it’s going to happen like this!”

She apologized with a quiet voice.

“But I still find it quite clear no matter how I look at it.”

I answered her without letting Songou hear it. Without stopping, they kept on laughing. They probably cannot hear what we’re talking about.


“What happened?”


“Looking at it, your attitude seems pretty strange no matter how much thought I put into it. This has obviously entered the crime level already, but I believe that you’re not the type of girl who does anything shamelessly. Then why would you do that?”

Once I realized this, I saw her making a difficult face. No, wait. She actually made that face when I met her last night as well.

That isn’t an act for sure. If Hatsushiba had knew about this since the start, then she wouldn’t be making this kind of face at all.

I have to make Hatsushiba open her eyes and get myself able to move. Come on, think…!

“Hatsushiba, please untie this rope.”

“Eh… Yuuka cannot do something like that… If I got dumped by Naosumi, Yuuka won’t have anything left!”

I used to be curious about why she had to rely on others secretly. But is it exactly what I thought?

Is she thinking of relying on a person who’s brave enough to commit crimes like Songou? What is she thinking? No, it could be something like the Stockholm Syndrome. Initially, they were very close since childhood too.

If we disobey, we’ll get threatened by Songou. But if we collaborate or trust him, then we won’t. Does she have to collaborate just because there’s a higher chance of survival? Are our human instincts actually like this?

But right now, those reasons aren’t enough! The fact that Hatsushiba permitted herself to do this much implies that there must be a greater cause than this!

“Like this, Ayame will lose every important thing completely you know! In that case, don’t you still feel anything about that at all?”

“Yes I do feel… Yuuka also doesn’t want to feel like this either…”

“Songou isn’t going to be on top anymore! You as well!”

“Right, but Yuuka cannot disobey Naosumi! Another thing, if Yuuka doesn’t follow his order, my papa would be fired from his job!”

I also have been considering that the cause is probably not about relying on others only. But in fact, it actually comes from this!

“Houses next to each other, both parents seemed to be close to each other, I remember that I told you that her father worked at the same place as well.”

If I’m not wrong, Ayame did tell me something like this.

“You were threatened?”

Hatsushiba nodded hesitantly.

“After Naosumi and Cotton broke up, there were then strange rumors about Cotton spreading everywhere Then Naosumi came to tell Yuuka to spread that news out. Then if I did that much and Aramiya kept hanging around Cotton, then Yuuka had to go and interfere in order to make them break up. If I didn’t follow that order, Naosumi would attack Aramiya and force papa to leave the company.


“This is our ambush area. Do you know the abandoned building is in the marketing area, right? This is on the underground floor!”


“I understand now, and once Songou and Ayame broke up, then Hatsushiba separated from Ayame.”


“Ya, of course! Yuuka spread the bad rumor about Cotton like that and how could I still move my head from side to side while talking! Yuuka myself also didn’t want to do it… like that actually! Yuuka did something really cruel! But Yuuka couldn’t disobey Naosumi too!”


That’s why she couldn’t tell me the story.


“It’s not about something that’s unforgivable, but it’s secretly a bit complicated.”


Ayame and Hatsushiba’s mind weren’t in conflict between each other at all. Hatsushiba only felt guilty, so she became too distant. On the other hand, Ayame herself understood that Hatsushiba separated from her because she herself “Dumped Songou, who Hatsushiba loved.”


So we can conclude that it is only a misunderstanding. Misunderstood too much, but once it’s revealed, it’s not that complicated in the end.


But once the mystery is solved and then the situation is able to recover by itself, I would probably wouldn’t be tired anymore.


“Hatsushiba, I’ll repeat this one more time, please untie the rope.”


“But, but…”


Right now, Hatsushiba is shaking fearfully. Sure, she feels that Ayame doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.


It’s just that she has something complicated that’s pressuring her. If I could push her to do it, that would do the trick. But I’m still missing a bit of something that would make her do that.


“Another thing, even if I’m able to untie the rope for Aramiya, it might not be enough to help with anything…”


“I’ll help Ayame Even if it’s me, I might be able to delay the time.”


I’m only able to do that.


But if I’m able to delay the time to make it slower before Ayame has to face the most horrible situation…


Then maybe, maybe I’ll probably have my chance to escape.


And that would be it. But I can’t do anything because I’m still tied up! She’ll face that horrible situation!




At that time, Hatsushiba didn’t  want to nod her head. Right now I don’t have the time to repeat the same thing over and over again. I might have to activate my showdown.


“If you don’t do it, I’m going to tell the entire school that you dubbed the female protagonist of an eighteen or over game called ‘Appeal Time’!”


Hatsushiba’s eyes then become filled with tears clearly. She started to hesitate.


“Ah! w-wait, how did, Aramiya, know, about this?”


The games are on sale for only a few and in addition, they changed the sound without anyone’s notice. But we can conclude that it’s actually true.


“I could say recording the wailing noise in the screen to announce it for the school isn’t bad actually. If I don’t remember wrongly you said that ‘Release everything inside, master’ or something like that—”


“Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Please don’t expose Yuuka’s secret! Yuuka begs you! The camp told Yuuka, so I had do it! You really do know too! I thought only Tozaki knew?!”


Hatsushiba face became confused. I could continue attacking, but then—damn it.


No I cannot, even if I lull with this intimidating method like this, it’s still pointless! I have to untie the ropes Songou tied on me right now!


“You’re a Seiyuu, am I right!? Are you proud of this work!? And you used the voices that helped the thieves who had committed crimes to share the dreams with the fans!? Wow, I want to laugh out loud until my teeth break!”


“A-Aramiya… but…! My dad he…!”


“You should also know that before you can actually become a Seiyuu, it requires money, tuition fee, credit fee, etc. And your father has great skills that he could use to afford to look after you that much. Do you think he would be pressurized to quit his job so easily? Have you ever thought that if the company fired your dad who’s a very great worker, the company would also be damaged too?”


Both about being pressurized and also business insider, it might have just been Songou joking around.


If the police line is truly that fragile, then doing anything wrongly isn’t truly wrong. They’d not going to run away from the police anyway.


Tozaki also said that Songou is a really boastful person too.


“And you forgot about yet another important thing, between your father being forced to quit work from the company and yourself getting involved in a crime, which one do you think will he regret more?!”


“…Which one he’ll regret more?”


“And please listen? If you untie the rope right here, I can solve this situation for sure.”


“How? How will you solve it?”


“I don’t have time to explain the details! Let’s say instead that if you follow Songou’s orders, then your life will be in ruins. Please believe in me and keep fighting so that you’ll have an enjoyable life in school. Won’t it be hundred times better if you get to study!?”

“A, Aramiya…”

“I’m going to repeat this for the last time. Let’s risk it together, Hatsushiba-san. I can help both Ayame-san and you as well for sure!”


I saw Hatsushiba, who seemed to be hesitant for a few milliseconds. But a few milliseconds seemed to be extremely long.


Please, Hatsushiba, I am not an athletic protagonist. So, I can’t rip up these ropes into pieces by myself.


But I only need the rope to be untied so that I can close one case! I waited and prayed for Hatsushiba to answer. And then—the facial expression of Hatsushiba suddenly changed.

“Yuuka can trust you, right?”

“Yes! You can trust me! I’ll show you how this side of mine that is at least trustworthy looks like!”

The eyes which used to be gloomy dark now have the lights of justice illuminating… Umm, saying this is probably a bit too over-exaggerated.

But if in that case, now I know that Hatsushiba is no longer hesitant.

“Thank you Aramiya, Yuuka thinks that Yuuka has finally opened her eyes now!”

If I have to say, this message has been taken from a conversation in one of the eroge games. Maybe Hatsushiba would feel very impressed.

But this quote is taken from somewhere that’s neither high nor low, but overlapping. How should I claim? From which media? ‘If you’re able to guide the astray people back to the right place,’ it’s also a quote full of pride.

“I’ll untie the rope right now!”

Hatsushiba started untying the rope.

“Hurry up!”

Looking around, I could see Ayame’s paka shirt about to fall off. Then after that, it fell off. The only piece of clothing that  remains was a long T-shirt that stops at the shoulders. On the other hand, the skirt has been pulled down to the point to where both upper and bottom parts of her bra could be seen. After a few more minutes, Ayame would become nude!

“Ah, almost there…”

They still haven’t noticed my actions. They’re still focusing on taking off Ayame’s clothes without stopping. Songou is also staring at it while with smiling flirtingly at the moment.

“Untied now.”

And finally, I have a total freedom for my whole body.

“Thanks Hatsushiba! You can become a goddess of Seiyuu for sure! I can guarantee!”

I checked the pockets of shirt, my smartphone is still okay.


From now on, it’ll be my greatest acrobatic of my life. Don’t worry, just act bravely. Just like a male protagonist in the climax scene of eroge games and that would be enough

In the end, just moving a little should be enough to solve the problem for sure. These terrible events, there’s no need to continue towards the ending.


I yelled from my stomach until my yelling reverberated the entire room. Everyone stopped, then they all looked at me with a single eye.

Songou frowned once he saw that the rope has been untied. Hatsushiba had been staring at him until she became frightened.

But I ignored it and continued talking.

“If you don’t want to get arrested by the police, then let them go right now.”

I lifted up my smartphone that was inside my outside shirt pocket. But…

“Hahaha, Hahaha, Hahaha!”

They bent their necks and laughed maniacally.

“Right here, we’re underground you know? Why don’t you look at the signal, you little Aramiya? the wave signal is unable to reach the surface. So will you be able to call the police?”

Songou boasted greatly. That’s not it, he’s also making a mocking face as if he was a dog. Man I really want to punch him.

“You guys are really idiotic. I already knew that for a long time. Underground? So what?”

Once I’ve spoke flouting, the entire gang suddenly made grimacing faces..

“The smartphone has a function called a transceiver. Have you ever heard of the word ‘transceiver’? It is a wireless function for talking via phone without using the network.”

“Don’t you dare—”

“May I ask you guys something, where is my foldable mobile phone? It seems that I left it at the public park. Umm, once I pressed my smartphone, I could tell that it’s actually there too.”

They’re starting feel hot and cold at the same time. Songou stared at me with savaging eyes.

“Calling the police via that foldable phone would be a complete task. I didn’t kick the foldable phone randomly. I just sent it to the center of flower beds without making it look spectacular.”

…Apart from intentionally kicking it, the remaining facts I just used them as jokes.

There are only PCT devices and some phone brands that installed transceivers inside their bodies. This smartphone brand doesn’t have it. I also have another method which is communicating via Bluetooth (wireless connection at a distance).

But in this case, from here to the public park seems to be even further. This communication signal wave can only travel the furthest at approximately a hundred meters. There’s no way it can reach the public park at all.

But, in this situation, I just need to buy some time and that would be enough. Just ten seconds is still good. Then if it’s just a second it is still fine.

“Hmm, are you done fooling around with us? I dare you to call them.”

The plan didn’t work. It seems he’s not that stupid at being tricked with this thing. He’s right, if I could call the police, I would’ve called them already.

“Seriously, you Otakimoi. You’re crazy about virgin girls aren’t you? Why do you have to be very adhered to Ayame who’s no longer a virgin?”

I answered by shaking my head with that speech from Songou.

“It’s because Ayame is still a virgin.”

“What? Are you trying to say that her heart is still a virgin? Hahaha!”

Songou giggled as if he could no longer hold it anymore. For god’s sake, if deep down to the heart is still a virgin, then that would be terrible. Listening to him talk feeble-mindedly makes me want to throw up.

“Please admit it, Songou.”


“You are still a virgin aren’t you? You were just joking to people for them to listen?”

Songou’s eyebrows jiggled a bit, wriggling like that is actually satisfactory.

“Where did you hear that from?”

“Well you, I heard that whether you were in relationship or not, I’m not sure either. You kept going around, telling everyone that you were Ayame’s boyfriend, didn’t you?”

The information in this style, Tozaki didn’t seem to lie for sure.

“That guy is an evil tongue, he’s proud of anything that he has told such as stealing things from the shops or bullying senior high school students to death or something like that.”

Even if there’s some misunderstanding or incomplete storytelling, if talking through the mouth seems to be annoying, then it seems to be true.

“You are definitely the kind who’d boast about having done that kind of stuff with Ayame already. But at that time, during junior high, you stopped.”


“There’s only one reason. Which is, that you didn’t have the guts to start doing it. No actually, the birds don’t crow because of something like this. You decadent piece of rodent, or should I better call you sponge muscles?”


“You couldn’t sacrifice your virginity, so you were depressed. By claiming that the other side isn’t a virgin, you minimized your feelings right? In addition, if Ayame sees you like this, then she’ll be dead serious. Whenever you try any guys, they’ll think you want to accept those dirty services. If you could get punched to where you fly in the air, let’s say that you could kill two birds with one stone. Well, Ayame didn’t lose her chastity either! The person who’s actually obsessed with virgin girls is you, Songou! And for that case, you made one single girl become isolated, didn’t you know?”

I don’t really know how the brains of these stupid bastards work or function anyways…

“But because your brain is as dumb as a dog’s, you weren’t able to enter the same high school as Ayame, which ruined your plan. So you had to make Hatsushiba do all the dirty work. including the information gathering and along with the plans. Wow! You are truly an idiot! Are you even able to memorize the ‘nine-times’ table!? And do you know that Europe doesn’t have just one country!? Songou, you damn idiot!”

I emphasized on the word ‘idiot’ once again to the point to where Songou became furious. Let’s say I could guess quite correctly. Wow, easily guessable, I wanted to laugh my head off.

“Shut up, you Otakimoi!”

“I’m not going to shut, let’s have fun to where it’s explosively enjoyable.”

“I told you to shut up, Otakimoi!”

He threw the words at me intimidatingly. Oh for God’s sake, I’m so frightened that I don’t know what to do. My legs were still shaking at the moment as well.

But this great acrobatics show… How could I throw away this opportunity? The eroge games didn’t teach me to be a coward in this highlighting scene.

“Even if I’m still a virgin, so what? you’re also obsessed with 2D girls! Why do you want to stick to a 3D person like Ayame!?”

Stick to? Really?

It’s true, I really did stick to Ayame.

Ever since I was tricked by girls, I didn’t even think of glancing at 3D girls. I was truly stuck to 2D girls for most of the time.

The cause isn’t because I’m able to talk about the eroge games with her or now I have chosen to accept 3D girls already.

But there’s only one reason which until now, I just understood.

“It’s because Ayame has the right to becoming my dream girl!”

Previously, I used to excuse myself for several times. But if I could conclude within one sentence, the reason why I’m on Ayame’s side for most of the time is because of this reason.


Ayame claimed quietly while being in a situation like this. She’s making a little happy face. Huh, this kind of reaction is truly not bad at all.

“Dream girl? You’re retarded.”

“Yes, it sounds retarded but if you try having a fantasy story or something to make Ayame become a 2D girl, and that time if I let her go, I would regret it for sure.”

Even if it’s impossible but I’m fortuitously attracted to Ayame until it made me daydream like that already. I still can’t be bothered to approach 3D girls like as usual but in that case, if it’s this girl then it’s not certain.

“And you, Songou, tried to take away Ayame’s innocence. If there’s a chance that there’s a 2D version of Ayame then there’s a right to truly be my dream girl. Therefore, you’re my enemy and that’s enough of a reason to help Ayame.”

The last part is me hoping that Ayame would come to accept being my dream girl…

“This is why I hate Otakimoi, who always enjoy gross talks, insanely nonsensical.”

all the time

Songou claimed, irritated. Alright, it may be the time. Then I shall start telling a story that nobody knows about.

“Because they hate the same side?”


“You’re trying to hide it but you should practice concealing it more. Since just by looking at your face, I could already sniff the rotting smell of an otaku.”

“What evidence do you have!?”

“Well your attitude is totally the same with an Otaku. The way you try to protect Ayame is something that has been taken from Eroge; The way you talk is very boastful and even the atmosphere here is like an otaku.”

When I got chased by Ayame for the very first time, she was also like this.

“Just only that and you tried to talk—”

“It’s not only just that, you use words that most people do not know the meaning of. As well as being obsessed in seiyuus, like “like the coward you are”, like “Otakimoi” or “Buhi” like this. The word ‘coward’ as well, you seem to be very familiar right? Wow! Gangsters that know all these obscure words are really hard to find.”


“And the biggest hint is the word ‘twintail’ that you said just now! Only otakus would know these kinds of words! And even ‘pony’ as well! Nowadays, apart from otakus, there’s no one else who uses them! Why don’t you look at the yourself now!”

I said it like this I was honestly not sure. It would be too soon to judge what the truth is with just this.

I fell down together with the chair and a shock ran through my body. Not waiting for me to take a breath, he then pulled my head up once again.

“That’s enough! Stop hurting Aramiya please!”

“Then follow what we ordered, Ayame. Since you did hurt me and my group-, I’m going to punch and kick this guy, isn’t that fair?”

“You vicious guy!”

Then Songou punched me once again. Goddamn it, that hurts…!

“Watch what you say!”

The manner of speech she normally doesn’t use has now returned.

“You shall dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

But I can trick and trap an idiot like him. Songou might have taken a blow into his evil heart. His face was now full of revenge. What kind of person doesn’t know how to lie at all?

“Admit it, you closet otaku! what kinds of eroge games did you buy recently? Molesting on a train or lolicon style? I should recommend you a great game where the protagonist wins but turns out to be a coward… Are you interested?”

Songou’s face continues to contort more and more with anger. And then I seized that opportunity.


I punched Songou.


My right fist dug right into his chin. He might’ve thought that my fist would miss the target, so he didn’t put his guard up at all. I was a little bit gratified when I saw him in pain.

But my right fist was hurt too. Humans’ chins are quite hard. After that, Songou’s face looked angry once again.

“You guys! How long will you guys be screwing around with Ayame?”

“Eh! But…”

“So noisy! Shut up! Hurry up and catch this guy and stop him from moving! If you still want to be alive.”

Songou’s minions stood up and come towards me to lock my arms and my legs. Although he has weird rumours about his sexual orientation, his minions still serve and respect him. Maybe he really has a good leader’s attributes.

“Let’s try like *panting* *panting* …. …. ……. …”

Whenever I provoked him, Songou’s face gradually becomes flushed and he hits my stomach.

“Ugh…! Huh huh huh… Hah Hah Hah”

I won’t let myself be defeated by this pain. I stomach it. Right now, I want him only to be interested in me.

“This guy! What’s he laughing at?”

“Did I hit your complex? Please don’t yell. So, you closet otaku, let’s sit and talk together about the difference between long socks and stockings till the morning? You know what big muscle shrinks down on the thigh, right?”

“Shut up!”

He punched me again. He was hitting the spots he had already hit. My body was numbing.

“You can punch me as much as you want, your punching makes it feel good until it can make the pain disappear, you masochistic cherry Boy.”

“Hah, Hah…”

“Oh! Have you given up already? SO WEAK!”

After I said that, Songou looked at me before he turned to look at one of his minions.

“Hey, if I’m not wrong, you’re okay with anything, right?


“So, what if it’s him?”

“He is a little bit too thin, but he is quite alright”

… What are you guys talking about? Is that normal Japanese? Then Songou slyly smiles.

“Then I’ll get somebody to have  fun with you and then I’ll take photos for people to see on the internet.”

“Hey wait!” “What?” “No!”

And then the three men overturned me against the floor and the fourth man crawls towards me. The three men are about to try and pull down my trousers.

“S… Stop! Please stop I’m serious!”

“What? This far, what is there to be ashamed of?  I’ll set a scene that those rotten gibbons want, there’s no need to worry!”

No need to worry about what! What they like are good looking men who are good at clenching others and handsome men — not otakimoi or gangsters! They don’t like those for sure!

“Woiiiiiiiiiii! Get outttttttttttt!”

“You went to help a virgin girl, but you are about to lose your virginity! Are you crazy!?”

“Stop, don’t pull my trousers down!”

Being punched, I can tolerate. Being stabbed, I’m ready for that. But being raped I didn’t plan to deal with this before! And I don’t want to get raped! I could hear the sound of zipping down the pants from the back.

“Stop! Wait, this is not funny! Don’t take off the underwear”.

The guy who zip down his pants come to stand at the back of me.

“Don’t touch other people’s prey damn itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!”

Then at that time, that man who stood at the back of me got kicked away. Following that, the other men around me got kicked away too.

“Argh!” “Aff!” “Urgh!”

Once I’ve become free, I quickly wear my trouser and stood up immediately. I saw Ayame— who’s liberated from the bondage of those guys, is finally back to the normal state once again.

Her ramshackle clothes have been put on again so that her bra could no longer be seen anymore.

“Aramiya’s virginity, both front and back, they are all mine!”

…Wait, at the front is still understandable.

“…Are you trying to take my virginity from the back as well?”

My bottom becomes constricted.

“Ah, uh, I made a mistake, I meant everything of yours is all mine only…”

You seem to be wrong very often. It seems the demeanor is exceptionally good.

“You guys…”

Songou’s face becomes deformed. If there’s a contest for doing weird faces, he’s guaranteed to be ranked first for sure.

“Just go die, I’ll kill every single one of you!”

“If you can kill me, then go ahead, Songou, then you’ll see how much I have become stronger since that time.”

If I’m not wrong, the fact that I have been bothered, is it because I rescued her, am I right? Ayame looked very calm and relaxing. Once I, who was a hostage, had been liberated, she was much more lively.

Songou’s angry but he doesn’t let anybody press Ayame at all. Songou really doesn’t seem to think carefully at all when he does anything. Even if I’m the person who taunted him to be like this, I didn’t expect it to this effective.

“No matter what, there won’t be anybody coming to save. I’ll see how long the hope from you guys will last!”

Then Songou dashed to punch but Ayame managed to dodge and punched his stomach once.

Songou is able to handle the punch that can beat the hell out of those supporting roles… However, he’s still doing face warped with pain anyway.

“You guys! Stop squatting on the ground now!”

Songou’s jackals then stood up staggeringly.

At that time, Ayame is still strong enough to be able let herself into trouble anyway. Whoever attempts to punch her, she’s dodges and beats them until they’re flung aside. For me, I only need to run away in order to avoid getting caught and becoming a hostage.

“Damn it! Damn it! Hey, why? Everything I did, why did they all went wrong? Ever since I got rejected back in junior high school, everything totally collapsed! Goddamn it!”

Looks like  Songou seems to be extremely furious. Finally, he took out a small pocket knife.

“You seem to be quite desperate, having to resort to those kinds of things already?”

“Shut up… just shut up…”

While they were arguing, I moved to stand in front of Ayame.


“Getting stabbed is a man’s duty!”

I might be unable to handle seeing a girl’s body getting getting stabbed. Things like this, no matter if it’s 2D or 3D it is still the same.

An eroge protagonist… would probably have had to do something like this and hence, I’ll do the same too.

“Then you shall get stabbed first!”

I closed my eyes, preparing myself.

“Come on, if I die—”

And at that time, the door opened loudly.

“Everybody, FREEZE!”

Many policemen carrying batons invaded with loud noise everywhere.


Songou looked shocked and then got arrested by the policemen who swept the knife from him before pushing him down onto the ground.

“H-how do you know that it was here…!?”

Songou shouted, not listening to the police who are telling him to shut up.

“Was it you who did this!?”

Songou stared at me looking confused, but I did completely nothing.

“I don’t know too!”

I shrugged my shoulders. This kind of thing thing was not necessary to tell. It’s better to keep quiet.

“Damn itttttttttttttttttttttttt! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Songou yelled while being dragged out from the room. Songou’s lackeys all got arrested as well.

“Did, did we survive?”

Ayame said confusingly.


I answered by nodding as well. Then one of the policemen came towards us.

“You guys can come along now.”

He said so we followed the police. Another policeman said that we needed to be interrogated. Huh, it’s really tiring. And while I’m getting out of the abandoned building along with Ayame and others—


Kiriko-senpai yelled together while dashing and then hugged me while I wasn’t prepared.

“It’s alright nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!”

“I know, please don’t hug me, I’m embarrassed!”

My entire body is still in pain right now! And Ayame is still looking irritated too!

“But, but, but!”

Kiriko-senpai enters the mode of an egg inside the stone already. Her eyes are almost full of tears.

But this event, the person who actually saved me is Kiriko-senpai. Hence, I should do something good for her.

First of all, the reason why the police accepted the mission is very simple.

“I saw the information about the GPS being separated into two points. That made me very worried about whether you were alright or not?”

If both my foldable mobile phone and smartphone, which should be together at one place, turned out to be separated from each other, Kiriko-senpai who received the GPS signal should be able to notice that something is wrong with it. Then she should be curious about whether what was happening or not.

When I dropped my foldable mobile phone, I quickly kicked this device in order to not let them pick it up. Leaving the two devices separated was more convenient for me.

“Thank you Kiriko-senpai for calling the police.”

“Okay… I was actually hoping not to let you face something terrible, I’m really sorry.”

Also, the reason why she knew that I was at the underground floor inside the building is even way easier.

It’s true that the phone signal may not be able to reach the underground floor of the building but this area is a marketing place.

The GPS from the mobile phone might’ve been able to locate where I was going all the way and told Kiriko-senpai anyway.

The other reason was all she had to search for those different places that the signal wasn’t able to reach.

Because of that, the underground area of the building under here, I was sure that the police would come and help, and I trust Kiriko-senpai very much.

Right now, I might need to go and help Ayame out first. To be honest, if Ayame didn’t come in the first place, then there could be no telling what could’ve happened to me. Maybe something worse could’ve happened.

“Excuse me, but could you please get into the car here?”

The police officer here let me, Ayame and Hatsushiba into his police car. It’s been long time since I’ve been in a car, was the last time when I was dropped off on the street or something?

Thus the scenery of this long night event had already come to an end now.


Previous Chapter (Vol 1) (CH 3)

Previous Chapter (Vol 1) (CH 3)



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Next Part (Vol 1) (Epilogue)


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  1. I am about to 1v4 against dudes who molesting and about to rape the girl I like.
    Rather than trying bullshitting their leader’s mental weaknesses, I’d go straight up murdering them. I got rope and human bite force.

    I believe the police will understand and label this case as self-defense.


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