Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 3



Chapter 3: 2D faith sure is painful

“Hatsushiba confessed her love to you…?”

Tozaki dropped all the french fries that were in his hands, mouth agape.

“What do you mean by that, Aramiyaaa!”

With the burger sets placed on the table, Tozaki was yelling until his saliva was all over the place. Honestly, it’s bothering the other customers around us. Besides, his saliva is just disgusting.

“Ya know, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this situation, that’s why I decided to call you out here.”

Around an hour ago, I was on the receiving end of Hatsushiba’s sudden confession. Stumped, I was probably lingering around the classroom stupefied for a while after that. Once my sanity returned, I wanted to collect my thoughts, so I called Tozaki out here. And so, today’s evening settled into this place.

“Tozaki, look me in the eye, and tell me, What do I have that would make Hatsushiba fall for me?”

“……………There’s nothing. Your looks……well, it’s rather plain. Not only is your personality bland, your conversations aren’t particularly interesting either.”

He was blunt, but he was right.

The truth was, I wasn’t hurt by what was said, because I am not a protagonist in some Eroge.

“I am also quite aware of what I am like. No matter how I look at it, I am not compatible with Hatsushiba. Which means this is not possible.”

“You’re not hallucinating or being delusional right?”

“If that was the case, what a good thing it would’ve been…..”

Inside my bag, was the envelope that Hatsushiba left under my desk . Everytime I touched it, it reminded me that this was reality and there was no running away from it

“Anyway, if I was delusional, wouldn’t it be a 2D girl? Why did it have to be a real girl like Hatsushiba?”

“Well, considering your interests, that’s true too.”

“We both share the same hobbies dude.”

No matter what, me and Tozaki both have the same hobbies as Otakus.

Especially those who can talk about eroge games, if it’s in this room, there’s only this guy.

“You were in the same class as me during our first year of high school. Have you ever seen me fortuitously doing anything to girls to make them like me for once?”

“What, were you daydreaming? No, not all.”

“No I wasn’t daydreaming! It’s just that I don’t understand why would Hatsushiba like someone like me, that’s why I’m asking you about this right now!”

“Damn it, you Otaku always get lucky with everything huh? You should just explode and die!”

“You really like to drag me to that direction huh! If I could trade places with you, then I would’ve done that already!”

“…You really are an Otaku down to the bones. If it’s me,  Ayame might be thinking about something that we don’t know right now. But if Hatsushiba comes to confess her love, then my heart would beat so hard it explodes.”

Tozaki doesn’t fancy innocent girls as much as me, but doesn’t have an interest in 2D girls too.

“I myself also don’t really know how people in real life choose based on their preferences or once she has met you, it becomes love at first sight like this?”

“Does love at first sight really exist?”

“What? Even since ancient times, there have been words like ‘seeing you for the first time made me fall in love right away, or something like that.’ ”

“Eh, do lyrics like that apply to the real world as well?”

“Well since they exist, don’t people then feel like they want to join and enjoy those songs?”

Well it can be seen in that aspect.

But personally, right now I still believe that Hatsushiba’s confession may have a deeper meaning behind it.

A part of me thinks that even though she’s just a rookie, she’s still a Seiyuu nonetheless. This level of acting is nothing for her.

“But did you call me to only listen to these stories? Bringing me to listen to these social stratification stories?”

“If so then that would be terrible~ I actually have something else to discuss”

The main story could probably be the next story instead.

“Did you talk about my hobbies with Hatsushiba?”

Once I started talking, Tozaki became stunned like a stone statue.

His forehead was soaked with sweat, his eyes were furtive, whoa! Why is it so easy to catch this!

“Wha-What do yo-you me-me-mean?”

“Can you speak proper Japanese?”

I smashed a joke on him. Tozaki sighed like being laid down before showing his solemn face.

“I’m telling you the truth, do you have any problems!?”

“Do you dare shout back at me or Are you trying to be smart with me!?”?”

I replied while staring daggers at Tozaki

“…Okay, I’ll stop, alright, I’m sorry. At that time, I couldn’t do anything right as well,”

He gently stroked his face seeming to repent his guilt.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, it had already happened during our first year of high school. It was when I carried an Eroge in a paper bag to school and I fell down on the walkway, so the game inside the bag fell out.”

I found a pervert here, Somebody call the police.

“And when I thought, whoa, fortunately nobody saw me! It turns out there was one person who saw it.”


“At that time, I thought I could say goodbye to my peaceful high school life…I could hear angels singing, there was also Kazumasa Oda who came to sing the chorus as well.”

I had no idea what Tozaki meant, but he definitely didn’t die back then.

“You see, I thought I would’ve been insulted from something like ‘You’re such a pervert!t ’or ‘go die! ’Something like that. But unexpectedly, she asked me ‘Oh, Tozaki also likes this kind of stuff?”


“And she also asked me ‘is there anyone else who play this kinds of game too? Does Aramiya also play these games?’”

“I understand now.”

“So I nodded my head.”

“You should apologize to me right now (in a Chinese accent)”

I then snatched two pieces of chicken nuggets from Tozaki’s table, he didn’t say anything as expected.

“But from what she told me, she liked me since last year. Which is why I went to ask her.”

I think that Hatsushiba probably knew more than she was letting on.

But once Tozaki finished his story, he did a 180 and…

“You disgraceful guy, you should have been blown up by a plastic bomb along with Hatsushiba—“

“The person who should die is actually you! I thought you swore that we weren’t going to reveal our hobbies to other people!”

“Hey, I already repented my guilt! Look, you can take another chicken nugget! And since none of our classmates know about our hobbies, which means that Hatsushiba is an angel!”

“How’s that a problem?”

I received a nugget together with thinking at the same that Hatsushiba is actually stubborn with the way she is in my school.

“I’m so sorry…”

Come on, let’s stop with these stories.

“Then as an apology, may I ask you something about Ayame?”

“Yes you may, I can answer any question you ask,”

Oh wow this guy recovers fast; it seems he has become very conceited.

“Tozaki, I heard you and Ayame used to study at the same primary school, and how about during junior high?”

“Yes, the same place.”

My and Ayame’s houses are closer than expected, only living in different educational districts.

We live in a different district during both primary and junior high school. Between my house and Ayame’s, her house has a highway that separates between the two districts.

“And was Ayame hot-back then too? Was there news about her being a prostitute as well?”

“Well yes. She’s hot headed especially during fights. Every time rumors about her being a prostitute became news, it spread everywhere.”

“The rumors about fights, was it Ayame that started the fight or did someone else start it instead? No, actually, there are many inconsistencies like why didn’t they get suspended from school or expelled at all?”

“Now that I think about it, every time it always turns out like that, so people started gossiping, there was once that the period of suspension wasn’t over but Ayame still turned up to class as usual. No actually, now that I think about it, was it something like this…?  Anyway, people started gossiping that she sold herself for prostitution with the teacher, Something like that.”

They really gossiped about her like that?

“And was there anyone who had seen her doing or about to do prostitution at all?”

“Many of my friends also said they used to see Ayame walking in the marketing district with some old man. I often heard story like this.”

Was that Ayame’s father?

But even if I tell Tozaki right now, he still wouldn’t understand anyways, so I continued asking him.

“Apart from that, there have been rumors spreading from person to person, like “that mutual friend who paid thirty thousand yen to get Ayame” or “the friend of mutual friend  doing too much until losing oneself” or “the friend of the person who died on the bed”, something like this?”

Listening to these rumors already gave me goosebumps. If I was listening correctly, there were some incredible things mixed into those stories too.

“And all of you guys believe in those rumors?”

“It’s because I hear these stories so frequently, about Ayame walking with an old man.That even if Ayame herself actually did that, it wouldn’t be strange at all. The point is she herself did not refuse at all, she just only sat down and watched.”

Ayame didn’t refuse at all right?

Is it because it’s all true or that there’s no point in arguing?

But all the rumors back then are no different to those right now..

“Even you Aramiya, I thought you yourself said that you would no longer meet or be interested in Ayame?”

“…It’s that I feel doubtful,”

“Doubtful?, doubtful about what?”

“Even if that girl may speak rudely and is a hot-tempered at times, the Ayame in the rumors and the Ayame in reality don’t seem to match at all..”

“It’s because the situation is different now  then  in junior high. And~ right now she likes you too. When she’s in love, her behavior may change—Ah!.”

Tozaki exclaimed like he just remembered something.


“No, no, nothing.”

“If it’s nothing, then just tell me,”

“If I tell you this, will you explode?”

“Right now, wherever I go I tend to explode anyway, so don’t worry.”

Tozaki still hesitates but finally commits himself to tell me.

“She used to have a boyfriend,”

“Boy-boyfriend? That girl?”

“It was when I just entered junior high. There was a big guy with a deep voice. He announced everywhere that ‘I am currently dating Ayame, do you dare challenge me?’ I remember that he was really annoying.”

Was it the guy who I had met recently. That guy looked big and had a deep voice as well.

“But even then, Ayame still didn’t change at all.”

Ayame had a boyfriend right, I could have sworn Hatsushiba had said something like this too.

“But I could say when she entered junior high school for a while, it turned out that—“

In the end, I still don’t understand what she meant.

“…And why did you say that I’m going to explode because of that story?”

“What, you also like sexy girls don’t you? If we talk about your girlfriend’s ex, you’ll become boiled for sure.”

“Fine, I don’t even think about making out with her, never thought about it.”

Then it struck me, maybe the truth behind it all had to do with this “boyfriend”.

“The last question, during junior high, was Ayame alone most of the time?”

“Umm, yes, hardly saw her talking with anyone,”

“But she had a boyfriend right?”

“Those stories back then, I’m not very sure, but I think that she might have had one temporarily and then broke up.”

“How do you know about that?”

“By the time I knew, that guy was no longer with Ayame anymore and that story had gone quiet as well.”

“They split up because of something right?”

“That guy was always driven to say something. He was always showing off about things he did like stealing stuff from shops or bullying children. During his senior year of junior high, it was bad, if you so much as spoke wrongly about him, he would get mad.. It was damn exhausting. It was such a relief to not study at the same place as him in high school.”

“Only listening already makes me feel like I don’t want to be associated with him…”

“I heard that his parents are big-shots in the business world. He kept saying that committing a crime was very easy to get away with, like being released from the villains’ socket, but almost everyone knew he was just boasting.”

“It’s like he went to boast to others and they didn’t believe him?”

“When he boasted that he was going to steal some stuff from shops, there would be some brave people that would  follow him. Those people would generally say that he just bought stuff regularly. Even then, without fail he would come into class the next day boasting about his daring theft..”

“He sucks, what a coward.”

Why did he need to lie about stealing things so much? Does he have a brain? Oh yeah I forgot, he might not have one.

“When I received news that he was Ayame’s boyfriend,everyone believed him. At that time, I was thinking that the dragon shook hands with a tiger. In fact, when he said that he was good at punching, it wasn’t a joke. This only further complicated the situation.”

To be honest, the information about him having a girlfriend is something I don’t really want to know…I don’t want to know…Do I want to know?

The story behind Hatsushiba’s confession…let’s leave it there. Even if I want to know why she came to like me, or if there’s a deeper meaning behind it.The information right now was not enough to come to a conclusion.

The biggest problem are the rumors related to Ayame that existed since junior high. I think that if I think about this carefully, it isn’t reliable at all.

“You told me that the nickname “Second Hand” has existed since primary school right? Even the prostitution work rumors as well?”

“Eh, I don’t know that. The story was a long time ago so I can’t really remember. At the time, I didn’t even know what prostitution meant..”

It’s true, if there are primary school students who knew the meaning of that word, it would probably be the end of society as we know it.

“But previously when there was news that said something like ‘I had sex with Ayame,’ did you know that Ayame was actually trying to prevent people from extorting money?”

Once I started talking, Tozaki then started making a face like a pigeon being hit by beans. This tells me  that he doesn’t really know anything as expected.

It’s late at night already but my mind was still not at peace yet. I am still shocked at Hatsushiba’s confession so I couldn’t sleep.

I don’t even know what I should do from now on.

Right now, I know that I cannot rely on Tozaki. Looking on the internet doesn’t help at all.The more I look at it, the more time I waste surmising. Maybe I should ask someone for advice…. Maybe… a girl?

I definitely cannot ask Ayame for advice and definitely not anyone related to Hatsushiba as well…in that case!

“Don’t come into my room, you erectionless virgin! Or else I’ll contract limp-dick disease from you too!”

“Girls that have erectile disfunction would be immorally inhuman! You idiot!”

I only have a younger sister, Kiyomi, to rely on. Damn it, I never thought before that being friendless would result in this.

We moved to the living room where our parents could not hear. I sat on the floor, while kiyomi sat on the couch. We silently sat there staring at each other. Kiyomi had a displeased expression like she wanted to kill me.

“What, what do you want to consult about? Life problems? If you gave me a Yukichi* note, I would be able to concentrate on listening to you.”

“It is not that a big deal, another thing is if I want to give you Yukichi, I’d rather buy you ‘The Ambition to Study’ book.”

I then explained to her the story of Hatsushiba’s confession and how I rejected her .

“You’re still a cherry boy, and you still dare to claim that someone confessed to you or that you’re going out with a girl again, are you crazy? Just go die and rot on the floor.””

“You, apologize to all the cherry boys around the whole world right now! Even if I’m a cherry boy, if I don’t go out with a girl, then humanity would become totally extinct!”

I may not be able to help you but keep fighting cherry boys of the world!

But if in the future there’s an expert that can allow the world to make families via the monitor, I would be fine with that.

“I’m insulting you, idiot! Don’t you dare combine the cherry boy in front of me and all the cherry boys in the world!”

“Do I and the general cherry boys really differ from each other that much!?

“Well it’s like the difference between men who pick up girls at the bar, and men that have to hire an escort!”


“Are you even old enough to understand these things? And were you listening carefully? I told you that I want him to forget about her.”

“A virgin like you, who doesn’t go out with girls anyway is no different to when the sun goes dark.

Why did I choose to ask this girl for advice? If the discussion ends up like this, looking up advice on the internet would be much better..

“Why don’t you go live in a different dimension? This is the real world, you shameless virgin.”

“I know! If was a different dimension, you would be my younger sister who admires her elder brother already!”

“What? Yuck! Admire you, as my older brother!? Do you really believe that me as your younger sister would like you as her older brother that much? Even if you, a cherry boy gave me trillions of Yen, I still wouldn’t accept it! I’ll never accept a problem-maker like you. Go get yourself sterilized ASAP!”

“Is this how you speak to me? Like hell I’ll accept as well! Go away and sell yourself as antique stuff on Yahoo! Not satisfactory, no refunds!”

“So noisy! You leftover rotten cherry boy! Don’t you dare make Ayame-san get into trouble!”

When she said that, Kiyomi’s expression went from an unsatisfied expression to an irritated one.

“What do you want then! Just tell her right now!”

“How can I stay in the school if I do that? The other girl is the idol of the classroom.”

“No matter who the other girl is, instead of you letting that girl waste your time, won’t sacrificing the time you have, living your school life for yourself make you look more unmanly?”

If I’m the protagonist of this Eroge game, I would have done it just like that.

But I am just a supporting role, not the protagonist of the story. I want to live my life peacefully being suited for a supporting role more instead.

…But what she said did sound reasonable… or not… I’m not sure.

The point is that I won’t budge on this. Neither me nor the other side wants to do so. If we didn’t go insane, then we would forever be stuck at this impasse.

Just like that, Monday morning of a new week arrived.

To surmise my activities this past weekend, I didn’t do anything productive at all. Even when I was playing my Eroge, I wasn’t able to concentrate at all.

…Today I thought that if I had to face anything, my mind would not be focused at all.

“Good morning!”

On the way to school, I met Ayame, standing and waiting at the usual intersection.

But as I approached her, I noticed that she had a troubled expression.

“…Is everything alright? You look really worried.”

“On Friday…you didn’t walk home together with me…so I thought that you started to hate me.”

This is bad!, was Ayame actually secretly a Yandere??

No actually, Yanderes are like “rare monsters” in the real world.

No, no… the real problem is I’m confusing the real world and my imaginary one.

I quickly realise what I just thought and snapped back to reality.

“We don’t have to be together all the time. If I really did hate you, I would have told you to stop following me already.”

“Oh yeah…, I guess it’s true, ~sigh~”

In that instance Ayame’s facial expression instantly relaxed. Why was it so easy to read her expression?

…Recently, I’ve started to forget that Ayame was a delinquent.

And while we were walking together silently with this story in mind, I felt a strange tugging on my shirt.

When I turned to look at it, I noticed Ayame grabbing onto my shirt, but she only grabbed a tiny bit of it between her two fingers.


Ayame quickly turned her head away embarrassed. An awkward silence then fell on us.

Now that I think about it, wasn’t this a common scene in Eroges? .

“What, you don’t like it?”

She glared at me with sorrowful eyes…what a cheater.

Additionally, when I try to pull myself away from her, she would make a desperate, anxious looking face, , like a puppy that just lost its master.

“Un-until we reach school….”

“Th-Thank you…”

Recently, I think I might have gotten soft when it came to dealing with Ayame.

Well… recently Ayame has done a lot in trying to change herself to be a better person.

I don’t know if it’s because of the Eroge that I told her to play was very good or if Ayame had that much determination.


I hear a sweet voice floating from behind. Without looking, I could recognise it was Hatsushiba’s voice.

Even with the knowledge that she wasn’t on good terms with Ayame. She doesn’t hesitate to approach us and playfully walks to my side. What a troublesome person to deal with in the morning..

“Good morning Aramiya-kun, Ayame-san, wow it looks like you both are very close to each other.”

“…Good morning…Hatsushiba-san.”

I choked on my words, replying as best as I could.


But Ayame was silent. She looked at the ground with a downtrodden expression. It seems like she was anxious.

“Then, may Yuuka join you both as well?.”

I didn’t really understand her use of the word ‘then’. She clearly would end up doing what she wanted anyway.This thought flowed through my mind as she readily grabs the vacant side of my shirt.

But, truthfully, she really does have a cute voice, which didn’t sound forced or exaggerated. They say sweet voices will always be pleasant to the ears no matter how much you’ve been listening to them. Perhaps hers is one of those voices.

“P-Please stop!”

“Why? Ayame-san can do this to you…”

“…But I never said that you could do it too.”

“Come on, just let me, please?”

Hatsushiba doesn’t stop pestering me, she continues begging me with a sweet cat-like voice while tightly gripping my shirt. Almost as if she was a cat asking its owner for food in the morning.

“Hey, Aramiya doesn’t like it, can’t you see that?”

Since I still haven’t told her to go away, Ayame raised her voice harshly to Hatsushiba first.

But Hatsushiba wasn’t retreating at all.

“Ayame-san, are you Aramiya’s girlfriend?”

“No, but it’s like…”

Ayame became flustered the moment Hatsushiba retorted in her usual cheeky manner.

“Hmm… you’re not a couple, but Yuuka saw that you were allowed to grab onto his shirt? Then Yuuka thinks that she should have the right to do that as well.”

“…Hatsushiba, what did you want during primary scho—“

“Yuuka also confessed her love to Aramiya already, therefore, it doesn’t concern Ayame-san at all.”

Hatsushiba interrupted Ayame mid sentence with a bombshell.

(Greyknight editor note: This term sort of makes sense for this sentence, but I can’t think of a better one. It kinda sounds really weird.)

Ayame turned towards me with a face of pure astonishment and disbelief. Her expression said it all ‘really?’

“…what she said is true, but I turned her down.”


“Even Ayame-san got rejected, but is still stubbornly following Seiichi around? Why can’t Yuuka do that too?”

The moment Hatsushiba spoke in a genuine tone that was different then before, Ayame instantly became silent.

“…If you guys want to argue, please let go of me first, both of you.”

“Okay no more arguing, holding onto the sleeve is much more enjoyable.”

“I also want to grab the sleeve much more…”

…If it’s like that, I feel like I’m tied to a spider web, literally.

Somehow we managed to reach the school gates while still being stuck in our weird formation..

Once I stopped walking, both of them that were grabbing my shirt also stopped.

I told Ayame that once we were near the school, I had to separate from her. It would be way too embarrassing if somebody saw us like that.

Nonetheless, even if we did walk through the school gates like this, there’s a chance that we would get detention from the teachers.

“Please let go off me!”

“Yuuka doesn’t want to let go first.”

Hatsushiba responded, while pouting.

Looking at Ayame, her facial expression implied the same.

“…The other side should let go first then I’ll let go.”


“It’s, it’s because I con-confessed…first.”

“Oh really? but Yuuka liked him first, a year ago.”

Sparks of lightning could be seen as they glared at each other and I was in the middle of it. Somebody please send help!.

Even if Ayame was being polite, her expression turned full gangster mode.

She revealed a glare that was full of pressure, like she wanted to squash Hatsushiba like a bug.

But the deadly glare that would render most men peeing in their pants had no effect at all.. Hatsushiba was completely unfazed. Do we chalk this up to her experience as a Seiyuu??

But no matter what, I’ve got to them to sto…

~I can’t take this anymore…How was I capable of handling a situation like this!

None of my Eroges ever had a scenario like this. I’m not prepared to handle this!


I found the opportunity to stop those two arguing by pulling my sleeves free from both of their fingers.

And kicked it into high gear, dashing to the school gate immediately.

Right now, the only thing I could do was escape. It’s because I’m an ordinary Eroge Otaku with no knowledge on how to be the protagonist from said games!

But what I really couldn’t fathom was how fast the rumors had spread in my classroom. By the time I had arrived, everyone was busy chatting with each other.

“What! Hatsushiba and Aramiya!?” “Holding hands together on the way the school!” “Hatsushiba is mineeeee!” “She’s not yours!” “No, isn’t this way too unexpected? Are you on drugs?”

“Yuuka and Aramiya!?!” “What? I never heard of that before!” “There weren’t any signs like that at all!” “What does she like about Aramiya?” “How is this possible?!”

I stood in front of my classroom door. The voices of my classmates could be heard echoing through the hallway. I’m not mentally brave enough to enter the room without shaking. You could say I suck at confrontations; I’m a coward, full of hesitation who doesn’t dare challenge anyone who insults me. No matter how big a loser they were, they could still insult the cowardly protagonist at anytime.

But once the situation became reality, anyone in my shoes wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Go ask anyone in Japan, how many senior high school students would ever want to be in this kind of situation!

I slowly headed to the old section of the school building, continuing this train of thought as I convinced myself that running away was justified.


She’s the kind of student that gladly welcomes all kinds of rumors about her.

When it’s Ayame, they gossip about things quietly. The moment it’s about Hatsushiba, everyone goes into a flurry, like it’s the latest scandal.


When I’m next to Hatsushiba, the existence of rumor about us isn’t strange. I could say it was only natural for things like that anyways. .

But now I’m holding hands. No I’m not. Now I’m walking with both Ayame and Hatsushiba, who are both sandwiching me on my way to school.

Being surrounded by girls.If that’s how it is, can’t I join in on the discussion as well? can’t we talk about this story together? But from what I heard just a moment ago, there wasn’t anyone talking  about Ayame at all.

“But…once again,”

It is more probable that it’s just a coincidence. They might be bored with the rumors about Ayame and me already. Another thing is that Ayame’s and Hatsushiba’s social standings are completely different.

Either that or some people are really scared of Ayame beating them up for talking about her.

On the contrary for Hatsushiba, No matter how angry she was, there was no fear that one would get hurt.

But whatever the case, I’m definitely going to be stressed out for the next few days.

If I say “stop messing with me, you 3D girls!” Are those girls likely to stop?

But even if Hatsushiba stops talking to me, people in the classroom probably won’t let me off the hook that easily.

I feel like my peaceful life is gradually becoming more distant with each passing moment.

As the bell rung, I dashed into the classroom hoping to avoid attention.. As I happily entered the room. Every single eye in the classroom looked at me…

On the other hand, the homeroom teacher, Ohara sensei, was already here, spoke.

“Aramiya, you are almost late, please give yourself enough time next time,”

She said, without reading the atmosphere of the whole classroom at all.

While sitting down, it felt like I had a pit in my stomach. I could feel everyone’s glare on me, they were like daggers straight to my heart.

I breathed in deeply, trying to keep myself calm, but my breath was still ragged.

The teacher was doing something during the homeroom period, but I couldn’t pay attention at all.

Not long after, Tozaki gently poked me and handed me a piece of paper.

Who sent me this? Did the court issue another conviction?

Tozaki answered on my back by writing the characters for “Ha-tsu-shi-b-a”. Maybe Hatsushiba sent this letter.

And then I unfolded the paper with my fingers shaking.

“Sorry for causing a ruckus, I explained it to everyone already, don’t worry. I told them to stop causing trouble.


Once I read it through, it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Damn it, I am such a coward. I am like the protagonist of a story that always chooses the wrong options…

Soon the bell rings, signifying the end of second period, and the start of break time. There was nothing crazy going on right now. Nobody was asking inconsiderate questions either.

Hatsushiba may have really done what she wrote on the paper.

But how much of the story has she told them?

Did she tell them about her confession and that I rejected her? Or did she say that she wouldn’t give up? Anyways, let’s just say that she has helped me a lot instead.

Her eyes still have a hint of curiosity in them. but if it’s “that,” I might have to be quite patient.


Did I let her know too much? Because this morning, it was much more chaotic than right now. Will I be able to be calm and patient? Isn’t this the technique called “The Interface?”
” The method of persuading people using psychology?  If I ask about being rejected first and then ask for something less troublesome, people would have an easier time answering the second question… I think that I read that theory in an eroge game too.

If Hatsushiba wanted this to stop, she probably could have a long time ago.

…But since she wasn’t giving up, we could conclude that there’s no difference anyway.


I can hear that cute canary like voice calling me by my first name, like a female protagonist in the eroge game that you could flirt with so that she would become your girlfriend.

The only person who called me by my first name in school seems to be Kiriko-san only.

“Seichi-kun, the next period is music. Do you want to go with me?”

She came in and pulled on my arms, and the rest of the classroom just stared at me silently.

“Hey, don’t you see that Aramiya doesn’t like that!”

“Oh~? none of this is Ayame-chan’s business right? Wouldn’t it be better if Ayame-chan quickly went to art class with Tozaki?”

Tozaki’s face became pale and his expression could be read as“Why are you dragging me into this for no reason!?” After seeing this, I also started feeling pity towards him.

“Hey stop, stop!”

Damn it, I don’t even want to stand out right now…!

“I’m not going! Another thing Hatsushiba, please don’t call me by my first name, it makes it sound like we are close.”

Once I announced that, the whole classroom started to cause a ruckus.

“Eh, Hatsushiba invited him but got refused?” “What happened?” “Or is he actually making up with Ayame?” “Eh, but those two said they weren’t in a relationship…” “Hatsushiba is mineee!” “I told you already that she’s not yours, idiot!”

Even if they didn’t berate me loudly, I could still hear their gossiping anyways.

I quickly picked up my exercise book and textbook for music lesson and then swiftly exited the classroom as quick as possible.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem so that I can live my school life happily and peacefully??

If there are any out there, please come quickly and help solve my problems. I would gladly worship and pay my respects to them.

I want a newly renovated version of a protagonist to take my place. If not, I at least want a save and load function…

During today’s music class period, I played Japanese drums. They made each of us come out to the front of the classroom and hit the drums to the beat of the music. But today, I was sloppier than usual.

I really wasn’t that good in the first place. But today, I was at least two times worse than usual. No matter what, I was always off beat.

Hatsushiba, along with a few of our classmates were playing the japanese drums as well They however, were able to hit the drum on beat consistently. It seems that she had a good sense of rhythm.

I also liked the way she fully commits to everything she does, but…

“Hey, what do you think about my performance? Seiichi?

Once she had finished performing, she called out to me with a smooth voice and sat down right next to me. Maybe she became encouraged when no one could stop her. Another problem was that we were free to sit wherever we want during this class.

The next person was about to perform so the teacher was looking in the other direction and Hatsushiba was not scolded at all.

“Why do you have to come and sit next to me…? And I told you already to stop calling me by my first name,”

I warned her quietly. The sound from the drums may be a bit noisy, but we were still able to understand each other and communicate.

“Umm, that’s a shame. Then I’ll call you by your surname. And the reason why I wanted to sit next to you is because I wanted Aramiya to look at my face.”

“…Even if you flirt with me directly, I still won’t change my mind, so can you please stop,”

“Why are you so afraid?”

“It’s because Ayame flirting with me is more than enough. I don’t do very well with stress. And I definitely cannot handle two girls who never stop thinking of their crush.”

“Everything seems to be going in Ayame’s way right? In that case, Yuuka is also hurt as well. But for my feelings, let’s just leave it there…but why? I thought you said that she’s not your girlfriend.”

“…There’s a little bit of a problem,”

One of the problems was kiriko nee-san’s request, but could I tell others about this?

“Which is?”

“I cannot tell you, I’ve never thought about wanting to become Ayame’s boyfriend anyway. I also want her to give up on me as well. I hope that one day she’ll become bored and move on.”

Once she heard this, Hatsushiba then made a “Hmm?” sound, as if she didn’t believe me before nodding doubtfully.

“Is she keeping any of your secrets or anything?”

“Not at all.”

“Hmm.., that’s strange.”

The fact that she came to like me is equally as strange, I exclaimed in my mind.

“Or, somebody asked you to do that, right?”

“…I don’t know as well.”

I know that she’s guessing, but her guesses are clearly one sided and did not fluctuate between the two possibilities. There is only one reason that it is guessable.

But when I think about it again, I can’t explain that story in the same way I just did.

I, myself have no idea how to explain what kind of relationship I have with Ayame.

We could say that even best friends know it too much. But if you’re going to ask me if the friendship is going to evolve into some form of love, the answer is no.

Calling us good friends would be much closer.

“Huh, why would you say that?”

Hatsushiba questioned me and then smiled cheerfully.

I caught myself accidentally thinking about her crazily beautiful smile so I felt a bit bad for thinking like that.

And when I was returning from the music back to my homeroom, I met Tozaki at the stairs.

“…Your face looks so pale, it’s as if you’re about to die.”

“You can tell? Yes, I am so tired that I really want to escape this world and enter the 2D world where it’s more peaceful.”

Let me try and get some advice from him…

“Tozaki, I want to talk to you for a bit, are you free now?”

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m free.”

And I brought Tozaki to the stairs at the end of the building where no one else was around.

I looked around to see if no one was around the resting area near the stairs. Then I tried asking him in a serious undertone.

“What should I do to stop Hatsushiba from having interest in me?”

“If you are ready, then go hug a balloon tightly until it explodes and kills you.”

“Come on, please don’t give me that kind of answer! Goddamn it, I really wanted to ask you a serious question!”

Now I understand a human’s feelings when people get told to go on a suicide bombing.

That’s not the way I want to die! Why do I have to die by bombing?

“What? Aren’t you satisfied with—oh yes I almost forgot, you are not interested with real people whatsoever.”

“I know, but I told you before that Hatsushiba still won’t stop thinking about me.”

“No, I don’t want to believe it, what does she see in you that is attractive to her?”

“I also want to know as well, but I want that girl to quickly lose interest in me so that it’s compromising between both sides.”

After he heard this, Tozaki then started to think more seriously. This guy is not useless for being my friend.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you announce in front of everybody that you’re not going to have anybody as your girlfriend?”

“That thing that you said,  I was considering about it before. However  what do you think would happen once I announced that? Like, what would happen?”

“What would happen is…”

“Hatsushiba’s friends would come around chasing for reasons like ‘what are you not satisfied about?’ like what you said before.”

“Umm, yeah it’s possible…”

Tozaki nodded because he used to do it. That story is just my own imagination, but looking at the condition of the people around Hatsushiba, it isn’t strange if that’s going to happen.

And even if Hatsushiba forbids anyone to do this, there might still be people coming to ask me because of their curiosity.

“When that time comes, my life at school is likely to be ruined.”

“So what?”

“What, if I tell people that ‘I’m only interested in 2D girls’, what do you think will happen?”

“…Those girls will discuss it and ignore you, and the guys would mostly look at you as if you’ve insulted them.”

“And what if I say ‘it’s my problem, its none of your business.’ what is going to happen?”

“They would, say: ‘If Hatsushiba is one of my friends, then it’s relevant!’”

“And if I say ‘I don’t care about falling in love’, then?”

“Then you’ll be taken as an arrogant attention whore and ask, things like: How dare you say that you don’t accept Hatsushiba.”

“I know right!?”

For sure it may not be like from what Tozaki had said, but my peaceful lifestyle in school from now on is basically gone anyways.

The worst case scenario would be if I reject Hatsushiba in front of everybody. My reputation  in school would become completely wrecked.

I may be thinking too much by myself, but I still couldn’t help but worry.

Like if I was in my final year of highschool, I would still be able to come up with a valid excuse like that I am busy with revising for my university entrance exams. But at this time, even if there are good methods of rejecting her that can persuade the people around her, I still cannot think of any methods that could work.

From the past, I tried living my life peacefully…I just only wanted to live a peaceful life until I graduate from school.

“…I understand, this task requires careful and clever planning.”

“Thank you for trying to understand my point.”

“But I can still think of some good ideas.”

Tozaki is trying to act cool, as if managed to grab an idea. Looking at him I wanted make fun of him, but I have to be patient first.

I’m already like a drowning man trying to grasp at straws, so I should be more patient, or else this strawman’s gonna run away.

“That is?”

“It’s very simple, and you are here too. Once it’s done your life won’t be ruined, for sure.”

“Oh really, there’s a method that exists? Wow you are truly a genius.”

“You can call me Kong Ming.”

“Oh Kong Ming, if you want me to call you that at any time just let me know. You may let me call your tender swan or sleeping dragon as well, …and the method that you mentioned is?”


Tozaki is trying to be dramatic by being silent to build tension, before revealing the method.

“You should say it’s because you like Ayame.”

“Oh, screw you!”

Damn it, what kind of haystack is so fragile! Only touching it makes it fall apart instantly!

“Are you going to run away right after listening to me!? Hey, otherwise it confirms that you do have a thing for Ayame!”

“Yeah I get it already! I also don’t know how to explain it, but I’m trying to arrange the thoughts in my head! Can you understand my feelings, like those friends in the game ‘Making the Sky Pink’ for a bit?”

“How could I become those crazy scientists! It’s far too difficult!”

Somehow it always feels satisfying, when I use Eroges as references and Tozaki always seems to understand them .

Tozaki and I both glared at each other before releasing a long and drawn out sigh.

“I know that it’s painful,  but this problem is something that I can’t help with much since it’s only your problem.”

“I know that…but I wish someone had written a walkthrough for this on the internet.”

“The path of 2D faith sure is painful.”

“Other religions are also suppressed regularly like this too.”

“Well, if I can think of something great, I’ll tell you. I’m actually considerate and on your side, but in some cases I might not be able to help with anything.”

“I know.”

For me, to be honest, I feel much better right now.

No matter who, they’ll tend to prioritize their own lives first as the main priority. Tozaki shouldn’t collaborate with me that much, let alone sacrificing his life.

If accidentally I dragged him down with me, I would become even more stressed out.

“Then can I head back to the classroom? What are you going to do next?”

“I’ll be calming myself down here first for a while.”

“Okay, then I’ll see you later, you can call me anytime, if you want me to go to the dining hall with you, it’s a piece of cake.”


And then Tozaki returned to the classroom. This guyWhen he’s not thinking, he’s such a good guy. then again, it’s only when he’s not thinking.

I looked up at the ceiling without thinking about anything at all. The environment in this school is too cruel to the 2D faithful people. …No actually, the real world outside of the school is a lot crueler than here.


The sound of footsteps could be heard approaching me, however these footsteps were loud, “thump!, thump!, thump!”. Each subsequent step got louder and louder..


Ayame is standing at the top of the stairs that head up to the classroom. She walked down the stairs to the platform.

“Whats up?”

“I saw and noticed that you hadn’t returned to the classroom yet so I just wanted to come and check . I assumed that you would be somewhere around here.”

I could say that when Ayame came to ask me about eroge games, I randomly made it my goal to convince her that I was extremely insane.

“Here you go.” Ayame said.

Then she handed me a fruit juice contained in a carton that was sold very often at the vending machine.

“…Why did you choose banana juice?”

“Wh-why? Because I like it and  when you drink it, it makes you stronger.

Is she worried about me?

“Really? Th-thanks.”

“I saw that you were really tired, and realised that it was probably because of me.”

She scratched her head and smiled shyly. Actually, the person who makes me feel tired most of the time was Hatsushiba.

“Then I shall go first, please don’t be late to class.”

And Ayame walked away from me as if there was nothing more to discuss. She walked up the stairs and I soon lost sight of her.

…I would’ve never expected that Ayame would be reminding me to attend classes on time.

No actually, she cares about me in many different ways , Ayame seems to be

I have to thank Ayame I think to myself. And that’s when I poke the straw into the banana juice container.

I slowly swallow the drink.

“It’s so frickin sweet.

But once I drank it, it made me feel a bit more refreshed.

It was soon lunch break, based on the past few days, I would head to my clubroom with Ayame to eat lunch together.

I was expecting that today would no different, but at that moment…

“Aramiya-kun, Yuuka made a lunchbox prepared just for you! Let’s go eat lunch together!”

Hatsushiba spoke out loud without hesitation as if she was announcing to the whole class to hear.

Her voice was tender. It sounded very intimate as if we had been friends since childhood. Her voice was small and sweet which I fancied. It’s a bit of a shame that the voice did not pass through a loudspeaker.

The whole class reacted to this  but I was not in the position to listen to what they were saying anymore.

At a time like this, Tozaki had already flew out of the classroom to buy bread from the cafeteria which was very competitive.

This guy seems to know how to escape with his tail between his legs.


Hatsushiba placed the two lunchboxes on Tozaki’s table and looked at me.

“Umm, Hatsushiba, it’s…”

“…Don’t you want to eat?”

She leaked her voice anxiously and looked at my face with worry. Just listening to her made me suddenly feel guilty.

I knew that once I ate the lunchbox the situation would become even worse than it already was. There were people watching me too, so I couldn’t act recklessly.

Everyone in the classroom was watching me as well.

I would embarrassed if people start to gossip about me and Hatsushiba eating lunch together…but now wasn’t the right time to be thinking about that..

If I said I didn’t want to eat, what would happen to the lunchbox?

I bet she wouldn’t go and give it to another guy instead of me.

She’s more likely to go share the lunchbox in a group of girls…

But this is too good of an opportunity to waste and there’s nothing wrong with the food. In the game ‘Indigo passes the Dawn Light’ I learnt that there was no event that was more painful and frustrating than getting their personally made lunchbox refused.

“…Alright, I’ll eat.”


Hatsushiba smiled with signs of relief and cheer.

“However! I have a deal.”

I looked at Ayame.

As expected, she was hugging a cloth bag and bending her head down sadly. If any stranger walked by and saw her like that, he or she would probably think that she was some sort of possessed girl that would frighten anyone who saw her.

“The deal is you must sit with Ayame too.”

The whole class starts murmuring and the class started to stir. Ayame then looked up because of what I said.

Her eyes widened to the size of goose eggs almost as if she could not  handle the current situation.

Hatsushiba also had no idea what to do. She probably didn’t expect it, so she was at a loss for words too.

…Umm, I can’t believe I’ve become brave enough to suggest something this crazy.

Would this be called delaying the problem or not? There’s a chance that this time  both boys and girls will come after me saying saying things like like “You’re ruthless!”.

“We are friends aren’t we? There shouldn’t be a problem right?”

I intentionally said this loud enough so that everybody in the classroom could hear.

I told everyone in the classroom with a clear and loud voice that me and Hatshiba were not in a relationship

Hatsushiba frowned for a bit and then suddenly smiled sweetly.

“Sure. Umm, if Aramiya prefers it like that, then there’s no problem for Yuuka.”

She already allowed this, so I’d better ask Ayame to join us.

“Ayame, let’s eat lunch together.”

“Eh, ah, uh… will it be fine?”

Ayame came towards me. She’s still hesitant but she is still moving towards me.

“No problem.”

I borrowed a table next to Tozaki’s to connect to mine and Ayame is sitting down hesitantly at the table.

…If I think about it carefully, these kinds of situation are in many eroge games right? Clearly…but even if I’m forced to enjoy this situation, I have seen it all before! I still wonder how I should act.

“Sitting and eating together would be better right Ayame-san?”

Hatsushiba then smiled at Ayame without any doubts.

“Ah, umm, pl-please bear with me. It’s been awhile since I’ve done something like this…”

But Ayame still looks quite nervous. But if she hasn’t done this for a long time, then it isn’t exactly strange for this sort of reaction.

And Hatsushiba then replied by cheerfully saying “Oh I see!”.

I, myself am also feeling nervous, but Ayame is looking at me. If in that case, I can’t let her know that I’m nervous. But when I look at Hatsushiba I am reminded why I need to be nervous.

So I took a deep breath to calm myself down.

The problem is that everyone in the classroom is eyeing Ayame so she now feels uneasy for no good reason.

“What’s happening?” “Three people?” “When I saw it, I couldn’t even believe my eyes…”

I could actually hear them talking quietly from the corners of the room.

And I didn’t know if Ayame could hear the voices or not but she turned her head towards me and made a face of anger.


“Ayame, please don’t.”

I grabbed her arms to stop her.

“A, Aramiya…”

“I know what you’re trying to do but just let them be.”

Right then, she was trying to intimidate the owner of those voices for sure but there’s no point of doing that.

Doing that would only result in making people directly insult Ayame. I want clear up the misunderstanding between everyone and Ayame and this is a good method to achieve that. It doesn’t have to be a lot as long as it works.

I’m not doing this for Ayame, I’m actually doing this for myself. My cowardly personality has lead to creating rumors that directly contradict  the real Ayame. in that case, Hatsushiba might coincidentally make things better.

I feel bad for using her as a tool, but it’s Hatsushiba’s fault for not losing interest in me…I have to endure this which also makes me feel guilty.

“Right, let’s eat, Ayame. Hatsushiba as well,”

“Ah okay.”

“Okay, let’s exchange the food with you,”

The classroom was basically empty except for the people still eating their lunches.


Then Ayame picked up her lunch box.

On the table, there were two of Hatsushiba’s and two of Ayame’s lunchboxes.


I made a strange noise. Next time, can I please think a plan through before carrying it out?

My lunch was the two lunchboxes prepared by them.

“Eh, you can leave some food behind.”

“Eating the entire thing might be a pain.”

Both of them are considerate, but these are their food that i normally couldn’t eat and it also didn’t feel right to intrude on their kindness


The vocabulary that I got from my eroge games did not have the words ‘that’s enough’ anyways.

“Don’t worry, I can eat a lot.”

I simultaneously opened both of their lunchboxes. It was like opening a treasure chest from a game. The contents completely overwhelmed me with surprise.

Ayame’s lunchbox looked bland on first glance, but I knew that the taste would be amazing, just like a mother’s home cooked meals.

On the other hand, Hatsushiba’s lunchbox looked colorful. It had a feeling that everything was meticulously planned, from the arrangement to the packaging, even the color was arranged.

“…Then I shall start with Hatsushiba’s.”

The moment I said that, Ayame quickly got depressed, please bear with me Please forgive me since I asked Hatsushiba to follow my deal.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I received the chopsticks from Ayame and picked up some rice from hatsushiba’s lunchbox.

I tried tasting beef meatballs with sweet sauce on one spoon.


…Why are both of you so good at cooking?

You guys are in high school aren’t you? Don’t you guys let your parents do the cooking for you? Or are you guys practicing for maid’s work?

Even though the flavor is quite intense, it was still within the acceptable boundary.

Hatsushiba smiled happily. I still don’t really understand why she really likes me.

“Next, I’ll try Ayame’s.”

“Ah!, umm, please taste.

I sampled the grounded chicken in Ayame’s lunchbox. The chicken meat was very tender. As i was savouring the taste, the smell of plum,  the flavor of plum seeped through the meat  so it was delicious as usual. There were no mistakes at all.

I could appreciate the thought that went into each of their lunchboxes. I have to say that some truly miraculous gifts have come to me.

…I definitely have to find a way to reward them for what they did today, or I could be considered a failure of a person. It definitely wouldn’t sit right with me…

I try to think harder. Will I be able to find good and suitable gifts for them or not?

“Ayame-chan, you can eat as much as you want!”

“Aramiya, you should try this one!”

I slowly eat,  following their recommendations as they come along. No matter what it was, they were all delicious. I couldn’t even rest my chopsticks.

“This one has a perfectly mixed flavour.”

“This one is also really good.”

The food from the lunch box slowly but gradually disappeared into my stomach.

But the truth is my stomach had its own limit.

I wasn’t a person that ate a lot. My stomach began to scream as I continued to force food down my mouth..Normally people would eat more as they grow up, especially for kids my age. But, unlike most kids, I couldn’t eat as much..


I didn’t want to offend the girls who did their best cooking for me, so I put on a front and continued to stuff myself.

And when our lunch break was almost over,

“It’’s all done…”

I had eaten all the food .

“Oh wow, Seiichi-kun, seeing you have a stomachache is pretty pitiful.

I got a stomach ache after I couldn’t hold in any more food. This meant that I had to go to the nurse’s room. Maybe my stomach wasn’t as strong as an eroge game protagonists.

During sixth period, my stomach started to calm down.

I was more or less fine now, hence our school’s nurse had no reason to stay..

Kiriko-nee was sitting next to the bed. She currently had no classes to teach and sat on a stool next to me, like a guard watching over a criminal..


“When I heard that you had a stomachache and got sent to the nurse room, my heart almost stopped beating.”

Kiriko-nee said in a haughty manner, like she was some bigshot. It was almost comical how silly it sounded.

“You’re kidding me.”

“I’m going to punch your stomach.”

“Hey, please don’t. Seriously speaking, please don’t. Otherwise I’ll throw up.”

A few moments ago, Kiriko dashed to the nurse’s office, opening the door with a loud bang and yelled “Are you alright Seiichi!?”.

It made me jump at how sudden it all happened. Of course, Kiriko-nee got told off by the nurse later..

“But if you think about it, it’s only two lunchboxes… and I still couldn’t finish it all. I’m a very incompetent eroge game protagonist.”

“Okay, it’s my fault then…”

I’m truly suffering, it’s like that time when I was trying to eat a kilo of rice at the GoGo curry restaurant.

Well Kiriko-nee, I cannot conclude whether you want to lecture me on my wrong doings or worry about me like I’m a fragile child.

“Eating with two people like Ayame and also Hatsushiba? It seems like a joyous situation.”

“For Ayame, it was Kiriko-nee who asked me to help with her, didn’t you? As for Hatsushiba, she doesn’t want to give up. Come to think of it… Ayame, also doesn’t’ want to give up. ”

“Goddamn it why would they be interested, I can’t think of any good points about my cousin right now.”

“If I wasn’t in this situation I would be talking with the other people in  class just like the others.”

Especially about Hatsushiba.

“If we don’t do anything now, you’ll be hurt again just like in primary school.”

“Please stop digging up my terrible memories, I beg you.”

I could say that during those days people were still friendly with me. But that doesn’t mean that I want to go back in time and fix anything.

“Don’t worry, I know that it’s impossible to blindly fix my problems.”

But I have a goal to go through school without collapsing.

“About Ayame,  you’ve actually helped her out a whole lot. I haven’t received any new reports about her.”

Kiriko-nee said with a smile.

“Uhm… Kiriko-nee, as someone that Ayame has fought before, was there ever a reason for her violent outburst?”

“…Why do you think like that?”

“It’s because I don’t know how she was like before. But right now, the Ayame that I know wouldn’t use violence for no good reason.”

“Oh, I see.”

Kiriko-nee continued with a gentle smile.

“That girl always resorts to violence whenever there’s injustice. Like to stop students from extorting money or students bullying others. If not, then it may be because the other party made the first move.” But, even if the other party is at fault, violence is still not the answer. She really is a short tempered person…”

“She seems like a good person…”

“That’s why I’m telling you about these things, so that your better informed about things.. Well… let’s make her a….  what do they call it?, a “love slave”?”

“No that isn’t what it’s called…! And if you’re a teacher, please don’t say things like creating a love slave.”

Brrnnggg! The bell rang, indicating the end of sixth period..

“Well, lets leave it here. I gotta go to my homeroom class, I’ll come visit again later. If you’re still not feeling well, you should probably go to sleep. I’ll inform your homeroom teacher for you. Anyways, please do get some rest. There’s no need to force yourself.”

Kiriko-nee said with a gentle smile as she exited the nurse’s room..

My stomach however continued to whirl in disapproval.

Well… let’s try and get some rest.

There’s a special event later today. But before the event would start, there was still plenty of time left.

“Aramiya, are you alright?” “Aramiya, are you okay?”

And both of the girls entered the nurse room. Obviously, it was Ayame and Hatsushiba.

Both of them were holding one handle of my bag.

“…Well, bringing my bag to me is nice of you guys, but why do you both have to carry one bag…?”

Both of them stared at each other.

“Because Hatsushiba/Ayame doesn’t want to let go.”


And both of them expressed their concerns at the exact same time .

Let’s reflect on what happened for a bit. The story went something like this…..

Both of them were about to visit me in the nurse’s room so both of them wanted to be the person to bring the bag to me..

And while they were fighting over the bag…

“Ah, uh, why don’t you both carry the bag? Otherwise, the bag is gonna break apart.”

Tozaki suggested.

After that, the two girls came to a compromise, and here we are…. Well done Tozaki. I’ll give you some brownie points for that.

“Thank you, both of you.”

I said thank you, but both of them had a sorry look on their faces.

“It’s because I forced you to eat, so it turned out like this…”

“Yuuka too… I was only thinking about beating Ayame, not even considering about how you felt. I’m sorry.”

Looking at them, it was like the chaotic events at lunchtime didn’t happen.

“It was my decision to eat everything, even then the food was delicious. So there’s no reason for both of you to apologize, actually it should be me apologizing for making you guys worry so much.”

I really wanted to make tea from those two’s nail dirt and serve it to my younger sister. What kind of person uses a magic ingredient like an egg, to make the omelet taste so sucky? Oh man, what a genius. After I finished eating it, she didn’t even tell me what ingredients she used. My tongue had probably been numb from what I ate… actually, to even make a comparison between my sister and those two is just pointless.

“You still can’t move?”

Ayame asked with great concern. Agh, I don’t know what to do.

“If I force myself to move slowly I can bear with the pain.”

“Umm, then no problem, don’t force yourself. I’ll…..stay with you until you feel better.”

…This girl can say some embarrassing things sometimes.

Uh oh, my face is starting to get redder.

“Ayame-san, you seem to different from before…”

Hatsushiba said this with an emotionless voice.

No it wasn’t actually emotionless, It was more like there was a hidden meaning behind it.


Ayame hesitantly spoke.

“But over here, Yuuka also doesn’t want to give up. Yuuka never wants to surrender.”

Hatsushiba smiled sweetly. Her voice returned back to its cheeky playful tone.

Her voice was completely different form before… Whats was that change in tone?

“…No one is gonna win or lose, because neither of you are my target.”

“Aramiya, you are heartless.

Hatsushiba laughed with a sweet voice. completely ignoring what I said.

“And I’ve already decided that I’m going to become your ideal girl so that you’ll look at me.”

Ayame also announced this, accepting the fight without giving up.

Damn it, you girls, please go back into the 2D realm right now.

“I’ll tell you right now, I am never going to look at you at all,”

“Hahaha, Aramiya, did you prepare your jokes?”

“Yes or no, if yes I’ll stop throwing jokes at you, Aramiya.

“Then Yuuka shall like you instead.

“No, I’m supposed to like him instead.

“Go ahead, since when!”

“It seems Aramiya doesn’t want to play with me.

“If what I just said is true, then that is great.

“Enough, enough! Please be silent!”

Why is it only at times like these, that these two are so in sync. Isn’t it actually true that they are very close!?

“For god’s sake…”

And while I’m thinking, suddenly, there’s a sound ringing in the room that sounds unfamiliar to me .


Hatsushiba quickly grabbed her phone and stared at the screen. Her expression quickly turned pensive.

“Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”

Hatsushiba said that and proceeded to walk out of the room.

I tried to eavesdrop and heard different sentences like “I’m still at school,” or “That issue? not yet.

Can’t she speak a bit more quietly?

“Hatsushiba may still be busy with her voice actress work.”

Ayame claimed.

Oh, yes that’s true.

“Just now I saw a gloomy expression, is she getting tired of her work”

“No it isn’t, she herself said that she wanted to become a CV for a long time ago even during primary school,”

“Wow, that long ago?”

“Her father praised her amazing voice so, she suddenly wanted to be one. I clearly remember her father telling me that with a smile.”

Ayame’s facial expression looks pretty gentle.

Right then, I just started to speculate that the two girls were good friends. Or is it actually true…

“…Could I say that Ayame knows Hatsushiba well?”

“Yes I do, we’ve know each other since primary school where we were in the same class. Sometimes we used to play together as well.”

When I heard this, it reminded me of what Hatsushiba had said before.

“Yes, sometime around early primary school, we both used to play together.”

Hatsushiba also said something like that.

But that’s another thing, for people who knew each other since primary school, both of them seemed to be quite distant from each other.

Or when time passes, do all relationships decay like this?


Hatsushiba returned to the nurse room. She’s making a tired voice which does not fit a Seiyuu before her face showed worry.

“Excuse me, Yuuka has Seiyuu work.Thus, Yuuka has to go back home first.

“Then I’ll see you later Hatsushiba, today’s lunch was very delicious.

“Thank you, Aramiya, and please don’t do anything bad to Ayame-san okay?”

“Of course I won’t, come on just go home.

“You’re such an unempathetic person, but anyways I’ll go now. Ayame-san please do not be opportunistic while Yuuka isn’t here!”

Ayame who was usually trusted didn’t say anything at all.

And then Hatsushiba walked out of the nurse room while carrying her own bag.

Now only me and Ayame were in the nurse room. Ayame’s face becomes a bit duller as Hatsushiba exits the room.

“Was it really because of that incident…?”

She put her hands on her chest and said something unhappily.

“What wrong?”

“Ah ugh… it’s like… I may have threatened some of the people important to her…Uh, I’m sorry. Can you try act like you didn’t hear that?”

I secretly hesitated but, I think that Ayame probably wasn’t going to tell me anymore.

If she wants me to keep quiet like this for a long duration, I can. But since I’m free anyway, I’ll ask her as much as I can ask for.

“Then I shall not ask about that Instead let me ask you this. Did you play with Hatsushiba often when you were younger?”

“Oh, umm, yes…but that was during my childhood.”

“What did you guys like to play?”

“We did things like going to the public park or playing  at each other’s home sometimes.”

Wow it sounds casual like she mentioned.

“But when we entered junior high school, we became very distant from each other.”

She her face showed a sad expression as I had expected. During that time, wasn’t she living alone most of the time?

But the story from here onwards, I may not be able to ask her anymore.

“…Well I’m not going to ask you anything offensive, but if you have anything you want to say just say it. You made food for me. Therefore, anything that you want to complain about or seek advice with, I am more than happy to listen to. If you share some stories sometimes it relieves stress.”

Ayame seems to look confused.

“…Why are you so kind today?”

It turns out that she doesn’t trust me instead.

“Because I want to reward you for your obligation. From the outside, I am just an ordinary human except for the fact that I don’t care about the 3D world at all.”

“…Saying something like that, what do you even mean by that? No actually, about the outside…”

“Never mind.”

Once I said like that, her face seems a bit more relieved for.

“Umm, okay.”

She answered faintly but honestly.

“…By the way, would it be better if you go home first today?”

“No, even if I go home there’s nothing for me to do anyway,”

Once she said that, Ayame dragged a chair in the nurse room to sit beside me.

…I thought in my mind that if she threatens me right now, there’s no way I could disobey her.

But I could say in most eroge games, the nurse room is like the second branch love hotel of the school…

On the other hand, the first branch is the storage room inside the gymnasium. That branch has stuff like  mats, jumping horses and other equipment.

…She probably won’t do anything to me right? When we are alone, I pretty sure that I am not capable of fighting with Ayame.

It’s truly a struggle of a person who’s used to staying in his own house.

“How’s your stomach?”

“It’s still heavy.


Once she says that, she then sits at the rear of the bed. She places her hand on the blanket that’s on top of me somewhere just right on my stomach.


And then Ayame rubs my stomach through the blanket without hesitation. I don’t know what to do to respond to that so I just lay there.

…Ah, I feel a little bit better, it’s better than me doing it myself.

This feeling that cannot be sensed in the 2D world isn’t that bad I guess.

“You like it?”

“Umm, I feel great.

“This is just my first time doing this. I’m not certain about it as well.”

“I like it, I like this.

“Really…I can also tell from your movement that you like it too.

This girl really does enjoy saying something that makes me blush every time.

My stomach expands and deflates depending on the rhythm of her hand. It seems Ayame secretly enjoys it.

But the only thing is that it feels better for a bit until I feel that the food inside my stomach start to move downward constantly.

“Ooh…I’m sorry, it’s about to come out.

The enemy attacks.

“Hey wait, you, just a moment.

“Sorry, I can’t hold it any longer.

Agh, I need to use the toilet urgently.

And at the moment I lifted up half of my body—

“You guys! What are you guys doing in this sacred nurse room…………whoa.

Suddenly, the nurse room door opens with full power following with Kiriko-nee dashing into the room.

She came in angrily…before changing her expression the next second.

I don’t know what she is misunderstanding, but I don’t care about Kiriko-senpai anymore. I have to quickly use the toilet first.


What a relief. Why does taking a dump feel so good?.

But just now, what did Kiriko-senpai misunderstand?

I tried to think back to the conversation I just had with Ayame.

“I feel great.” “I’ve just did this for the first time.” “I can feel your movement.” “It’s about to come out.” “I can’t hold it any longer.

…Umm, that doesn’t exactly sound very good, if we listen to those words again behind some closed doors, then people are very likely to misunderstand the situation.

That’s why I need to ask people to listen carefully and not assume.

…Anything related to lust Kirikio-senpai always seems so sensitive to. That thought crossed my mind as I walked with a smile back to the nurse room.

“Please don’t talk like that and cause a misunderstanding in the nurse room again!”

I got hit by Kiriko-senpai who was extremely embarrassed. Why is this world full of pretty injustice?

Once my stomach-ache gets better, I am now able to do my part-time job more efficiently.

After my part-time job, I visited a beef rice restaurant that’s pretty cheap. I wanted to find something that would fill my tummy. Even though I ate an excessive amount of food at lunch, after work I still feel very hungry. My body expends fuel really fast.

Usually after my part-time job, I’ll go eat dinner at home. However today, my mum sent a message saying “Go eat out today.” So today I’m buying my own dinner.

After I started doing part-time jobs, whenever I had to pay for this kind of stuff, it kind of made me sad. Past that, I was already spoiled beyond belief.. I have a foldable phone, smartphone which can be used for using the internet. Kiriko-senpai paid for both of them.. My smartphone has limitless internet. Recently I just asked for a receipt, both devices combined cost over ten thousand yen monthly.

I could buy eroge with that much money. I asked her if I could just get ten thousand yen instead of a smartphone and mobile phone but got rejected with a  “In your dreams ★”.


I was planning to go home right after leaving the restaurant. However, I met somebody I know instead.

This time it isn’t Ayame, but Hatsushiba. She changed to wear non-uniform clothes. She’s wearing a night dress, cardigan and a mini skirt. She really dresses like a woman.

(Personal note from Editor (Jaskills): My ex dressed like this for one of our dates, she looked really nice)

Has she finished her Seiyuu work yet? She’s with a man but he doesn’t seem to look like  a manager.

The atmosphere doesn’t seem to look good. This might not end well.

That man is saying something, but Hatsushiba seems to have a difficult face.

It’s because the more cheerful Hatsushiba acts, the more distress you can see from watching her.

…No actually, if I look closer I remember him.

It was the person attacked Ayame before and who was going to swarm me too.

If I’m not wrong, his name is…

“I’m not free to play with you guys, go away, Songou.”

Yes, Ayame calls him Songou. Does he know Hatsushiba too?

…I have a feeling there’s going to be some trouble.

I’m a little curious about what they’re talking about but I cannot hear them.

Going closer would get me noticed, and that would be trouble.

Something else happened. Once the man finished talking, he started walking away, but Hatsushiba pulled his shirt back. It was like a scene from a drama where a woman got dumped by a man and she wanted to reconcile .

Hatsushiba’s face become pale. She tries to say something seductive, but the man flicked his hand and left. Then he disappeared into the crowd of the marketing area.

Hatsushiba is left alone there, bending down her head. It’s painful to watch.


I sighed. The male protagonist of an eroge would say that you shouldn’t go interfere with other people’s business… But once it has reached a certain point I always had wanted to interfere. If I didn’t interfere, it would be a bad ending.

However, I’m still worried about why Hatsushiba is making that face. And why was she with the guy who attacked Ayame? It’s not because I’m concerned about Hatsushiba or anything.

…But I still owe her for her food earlier today. Even small acts of generosity shouldn’t be forgotten..

I approached Hatsushiba and greeted her. Hatsushiba had a shocked face on until she saw me.

She had a paranoid expression, but the moment she saw me her face relaxed.

“Oh, it’s just Aramiya? You scared me, I’m glad it’s just you..”

“It’s already pretty late, what are you still doing here? Are you meeting up with suspicious people or something?”

“Why would Yuuka do anything like that? Actually, what’s Aramiya doing here so late?”

“I just finished my shift at my part-time job.

“Eh, Aramiya has a part-time too?”

“…Wait what, didn’t you know?”

I thought that everybody in class knew about this.

Once I have started my part-time job, all my fellow classmates— especially the guys like to come to me and ask me to pay for their meals regularly even though an hour’s wages is barely enough to buy five bottles of water…

I had completely assumed that she had already known all about this already…but anyway, never mind.

“I’m doing a part-time job at a convenient store, I’m doing the job for the money to buy games.

“It seems you really like them.

“Of course, I really like eroge.

“…Don’t you trust real girls?”

“I don’t really trust them.

When Hatsushiba was saying that, she made a curious and lonely expression.

“Have you ever gone through any terrible events before?”

“I’ve experienced some during primary school, like being betrayed until I got in trouble at least three times.”

Hatsushiba spoke quietly.

“And about those people in the stories, are you able to forgive yet?”

Why is she asking this?. However, I don’t even need a second to think about this answer.

“There’s no way I could…no actually, even though they caused these incidents, they have indirectly caused me to start playing games. If I put it that way, I just may be able to forgive them. I’m just angry with myself, not the people.”

“Are you sure it’s not the other way around??”

My jokes did not sit well with her so she responded in a cold tone.

Do you also have something that cannot be forgiven or what?”

“It isn’t about being forgivable or not but it is secretly a bit complicated than you think.”

I’ve been in this situation before so I might be used to it. However Hatsushiba probably hasn’t so she looks quite vulnerable. Maybe I’ll try tease her a little.

“Or is it—”

I haven’t even asked about Ayame’s story. Hatsushiba already warned me about this topic beforehand.

“Hahaha, most girls hate guys who like to dig up their past, you know?”

So her card is still stiff.

“I’m sorry, I won’t ask anymore.

If so, I should change my plan of attack since right now, there’s an opportunity to have a private conversation.

“Hatsushiba, are you tired because of Seiyuu work?”

“Not actually…”

“That man that I saw previously, he didn’t quite look like a manager.”

“You’ve seen him?”

“I only saw it when you guys were separating.

I lied a bit in order to not let Hatsushiba realize my reasoning.

Nonetheless, I didn’t actually hear what they were talking about so there’s not much of a difference.

“We were friends since childhood, our parents are close to each other and our houses are close together too.


“Are you jealous?”

“Nope, not at all.”

“From what they said without any concerns is actually like right… Yuuka just experienced this for the first time ever.

Her eyes are glaring at me with cold calmness.

“Being friends since childhood then means that guy just a while ago had studied in the same primary school as you right?”

“No actually, he was in primary at a private school. But during junior high school we both studied at the same place.”

Weren’t they together during primary school? Ayame, Tozaki and Hatsushiba probably used to study in primary and junior high school in a public school. So does that mean that guy moved from a primary private school to a junior high public school?

I could say it sounds strange because the district where we live has  a lot of different schools. Looking from the location, it seems there’s no need to choose whether you want to study at a private or public school. I secretly have a feeling that most people who have chosen private school would’ve probably chosen to continue at private school.

…This fact is something that I may be looking at the other side pessimistically myself. There may be an issue with the entrance exam results as well.

“Then should I go home now? Actually, I wanted to go home with Aramiya like this more.

“I think I’ll go buy something first before going home,”

“What are you buying? Yuuka wants to go as well,”

“An eroge game.

“…Well Yuuka can handle with that thing, but if having to follow you together may be too soon or not…”

If she follows me, I would be in trouble. Then I shall come up with an excuse so that she won’t go back home together with me.

“Then if I can go home alone with secluded heart and I shall see you tomorrow then, Aramiya.

“Okay, see you and please stop being worried soon.

“…You also know that I’m anxious too?”

“Well I might know a bit.

“If we don’t love each other, it’s unlikely that it can be seen.

“Oh you’re being funny, just go home.

“Hahaha, bye-bye.

Hatsushiba said like that and waved goodbye then went home.

And since I’ve said that I’ll be going, then I’ll visit the Eroge game shop for a while.

The shop is probably still open.

I headed to the electrical appliances wholesale shop, at the computer games department right on the 18+ corner.

The shop separates each area with a barrier. The entrance is covered with hanging clothes so that nothing inside can be seen. Then I entered without any hesitation. I tried blending with the working age people with young faces. This still might work.

…I do know that doing this isn’t a good thing to do.


But I didn’t expect somebody I know right here.

“…Ah, Aramiya?”

I met Ayame. Even if she wears a hat that covers her eyes and a scarf, it’s her for sure. Even if she wears jeans and a long-sleeve shirt that are colorless and not attractive, her face and her head are standing out too much anyway.

Additionally, in her hand is carrying an eroge game box too. Wow, this girl seems to look insanely suspicious.

The game that she’s carrying is called…no, I can’t say it.

Well, I didn’t expect she would appear at the Eroge corner.

But her characteristics don’t look extraordinarily young so it’s unlikely that she’ll get caught.


We both became quiet tumultuously. No actually, if we’re not quiet then what can we do?

I think that when we meet somebody we know in an eroge game shop or anything like that, we knew already that we shouldn’t greet, maybe, I’m not sure either.

Therefore, I could only lean out my head to see if there’s anyone walking pass by.


But she quickly grabbed my arms tightly.

Wait, wait, I sent my eye expression to her saying that ‘hey don’t’.

But she could only shake her head swiftly, oh for god’s sake…!

The last result of ours is leaving the shop without buying anything.

“What are you doing here?”

Once I asked, Ayame’s face becomes redden.

“Nothing, I just finished playing my game so I wanted to buy the next game…”

“That game?”

I meant the game that if I say the name it’ll make my mouth coy.

“Na, na, na, no! Th, that thing I just picked up and coincidentally Aramiya came at the same time instead…! No, it isn’t like what you’re thinking!?”

“Okay, okay.

“Please believe me…”

Ayame is delighted with tears. I just saw her doing this depressive face this much for the first time as well. Previously, I have felt before that girl does an angry face most of time.

“It doesn’t matter at all, I haven’t told this to others yet at all.

I’m also not that evil-minded or anything. I myself also have eroge games that I don’t want other people to share as well.

“I don’t want you to look at me in that way instead.

“I’m just kidding, and looking at you, you don’t seem to look like a person who plays these kinds of games.”

“What, you’re just kidding? You’re very evil.

Ayame said and then was able to smile with relief. She constantly changes, that’s nice. She’s such a person who’s truly rich of emotions.

When she was in that room, I could only see her tedious face and it turns out like this is something strangely new.

“Then I shall go home first, Aramiya?

And we have reached the intersection road.

“Sure, goodnight Ayame.

Once I said that, Ayame then made a little bit of astonishing face before she replied with happiness that.

“Okay, goodnight Aramiya.

And then Ayame disappears onto the streets during late night at this hour.

I thought in my mind frivolously that I got an inhibited behavior again then gone home.

Today, there won’t going to be any problems like yesterday. I won’t perceive people’s eye expressions or gossips at all until the end of homeroom period.

I am prepared for period one tomorrow with a peaceful mind. About the eye expression it would probably be me who’s familiar by myself. But if that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter. The only thing I want right now is peace.

“Hey brother! Have you got any handkerchiefs and tissue papers yet or not? If not, Yuuka shall give one for you!”

My nosebleed is about to spurt. Hey no, how’s it going to spurt but why is the peace really fragile like this!

“Hatsushiba, that’s enough!”

She spoke with a too sweet voice until it’s up to the point to where I get annoyed. This has already stepped over the cuteness line for a long time. Nevertheless, I’m still able to handle Hatsushiba well enough until she can’t be hated. Huh, if I have to listen simultaneously with the music accompaniment, how well is it going to be?

“Hey brother, you like to say something like this don’t you—”

The sweet voice calling like that, the people are going to misunderstand.

My younger sister also studies in this school but she never calls me sweet brother or anything. Hence, only one flash of people would know what the story is about.

Even if all the fellow classmates still don’t know what is happening anyway.

In the group of girls, there’s only Ayame who’s doing a face showing that there seems to be jokes as well.

“Hey, it’s like this, it’s not about whether I like it or not.

“It doesn’t matter at all brother! Yuuka shall look after my elder brother by myself!”

Damn it I’m feeling tired.

I quickly grabbed Hatsushiba and escape from the classroom as soon as possible to the staircase where there’s nobody once again.

Even if over there is a sacred place for me to calm myself down, but recently it’s starting to be seen more as ancient ruins.

“Please don’t do that when there are people in the classroom!”

“Why, why not?”

“I’m in the classroom as an Otaku quietly!”

But I could say there hasn’t been anybody calling me brother for a long time already. I can’t even remember since when as well.

These recent two years, my younger sister likes to call me a virgin for most of the time. Before that, she used to call me a piece of crap, even before that she called me an onii-chan. The memory that she used to call me onii-chan became just a thing of the past. When I think about it seems pretty sad.

“Let’s say, please don’t call me an elder brother or anything like that.

“Then how about Aniki? Or Aneue?”

“It’s no different at all! Please stop playing jokes about oniichan!”


“That’s even worse!”

“Alright, you damn virgin!”

“Hey! Are you really my imouto?”

Additionally, she said something really insulting as well. She really deserves to be a Seiyuu.

“Hahaha, I’m joking, just joking.

She suddenly switched back to her normal voice.

Hatsushiba, you seem to enjoy fooling around with me.

In addition, she also was talking to herself as well. But if we think about it, it seems pretty strange. The thing that’s actually strange is her brain.

I thought she was going to be a person who’s more decent than this. But in fact, she might be crazier than I thought.

Or is she naïve? …But at least it’s great that she’s no longer sorrowful like yesterday anymore.

“But is it true that you who was asked by a teacher, stayed with Ayame?”

Then Hatsushiba asked that without letting me standing up to the point.

“…where did you hear that from?”

Once I responded with that reaction, Hatsushiba then smiled more widely.

“Yuuka just tried throwing a stone to ask only, but it is concluded that in fact that is actually true right.

“…Why do you think like that?”

“Because during the music class period previously, once I asked ‘did anyone pleaded?’ I saw her face looking a bit hesitating. When I think like that it’s approximately like this.”

At that time, was she able to tell that I look hesitant. Her eyes are really sharp.

“Shall Yuuka go complain instead? But please don’t throw this story to the students or anything like this.”

“No need, firstly, I’m not with Ayame because of that only.

“…Really? Then because of what actually?”

“Well I don’t know what to say.

“It’s probably because you really like her right?”

“Are you joking? Please don’t drag me into that story. Even 3D I don’t want as well.”

I don’t think that this is love. If that feeling likes infantile such as during primary, I can still call it as love.

“Umm, if I don’t know why Yuuka is secretly distressed.

“If you can break your heart, I would be very happy.

“I ● won’t ★.

“Even if you smile while talking, it doesn’t help at all.

But I think she’s looks interested in Ayame a bit too much.

The fear that I and Ayame would get into relationship—I do understand. But

…Okay, let me try.

“May I ask, what does Hatsushiba like about me?”

“If you ask me where, it’s already difficult to hide. By the time I realized, the eyes have already followed.

“Love at first sight?”

“Do you like that kind of atmosphere?”

What is that, I’ve never heard that before.

Well, from now I may require braveness and acting skills that when they are seen, people would think that ‘hey, you can do it’. It reminds me of the eroges that have been eaten regularly with bread every day. I just have to act like a flirting male protagonist would be enough.

But will I be able to trick Hatsushiba or not?Hey, but no actually, even if I get caught, then it doesn’t matter.

“If then.


“May I kiss you?”


I moved one step forward to Hatsushiba.

“Well I’m a bit interested as well.

And then I grabbed Hatsushiba’s arms without letting her go.

“I just been interested by somebody for a bit, you like me, don’t you?

“What, I thought you’re not interested in 3D world…”

“Hatsushiba myself is wrong, at first I was never truly interested at all.

I flick away the responsibility. It seems like from what I become interested is Hatsushiba’s fault.

“Are, are you messing with me? Aramiya, it doesn’t seem to look real at all…! Yuuka only knows this too…!”

“Once I kissed, it could look serious.

I added a tension to hold Hatsushiba’s arms, pressed her against the wall and then moved my head towards her.

And at that time.

“No! Stop it! Why do you—”

Hatsushiba then disobeyed with feeling fearful on her face. She pushed me away strongly to show that she doesn’t accept it.

I let go of her and separated from Hatsushiba.

“Ah…I’m sorry, re-really Yuuka isn’t disgusted but it’s too sudden and I also wanted to wait until we truly like each other first before we kiss rather than kiss first then feeling interested in each other…”

Hatsushiba has smiled again and said minimally.

But the attitude of “disobedience” that she showed for few seconds just now, at that second she came back to be herself again for sure.

Moreover, right now she hasn’t despised me and also acting as if she doesn’t want to despise me again.

I just tested whether if she truly likes me or not only. But in another aspect, the result obtained may be more than expected.

…Anyway, it’s still can’t be concluded with this. Saying that she wants me to actually like her first before kissing rather than kissing first before liking— if I say this is normal, it’s actually normal.

But actually, if that had happened and being despised on me totally, that would be better in another way too.


And I heard a familiar sound so I quickly turned my head to look at it.

Ayame is standing absent-minded right there …or did she just saw that incident?


And then Ayame ran away without saying even a single word. Oh no, that facial expression just now is a total misunderstanding.

“I’m sorry, Hatsushiba, from now on I shall not do anything to test your heart anymore!”

I bent down my head to apologize to Hatsushiba and after that I quickly run with full speed to catch up with Ayame.

Ayame is running very insanely fast. Not just only unable to catch her up, but also gone out of the vision.

I just saw her ran past the front of the room. So that means she probably didn’t return to classroom.

A few seconds later, the bell rang.

“Huh huh… damn it, the first period bell rang again…”

What should I do? If I let her totally misunderstand, it might make her separate from me. Actually, I want it to be like that .

But if I let her misunderstand, it’ll make me feel concerned. However, why am I running after her? This is more than what Kiriko-senpai ordered me already. I didn’t expect at all that I have to taste the flavor of an eroge game male protagonist that has to run after the female protagonist.

For god’s sake, isn’t something like this called being totally insane or not?

“I think I have to skip class for once…”

I have decided. Damn it, this is just the first time that I have ever skipped a class.

And where did that girl go after skipping class?

In the school there’ll be teachers on duty walking around to examine without certainty. So the chance that we’ll get caught is quite high.

Thus, it has to be a spot that’s eye-catching for the school and the teacher doesn’t go to observe.

I’m thinking of the meeting room, but it’s unlikely that Ayame would go to that room.

If I talk about the outdoor that has nobody’s shadow, it has to be—

“I finally see.

Ayame is sitting down looking crestfallen.


Right here is behind the school building where nobody comes to observe. It’s also the place where Ayame confessed her love.

If we talk about a place where people would rarely come or even teachers come to walk around, I tend to think about this place suddenly.

Ayame’s looking tired like she run out of energy to run .

“I have to tell you first. From what you’ve just seen previously was a misunderstanding.

“Wh, what are you saying! We– weren’t you trying to kiss her!?

“Yes. well if you’ve seen, it could be like that, but since the beginning until the end, I didn’t intend to be like that at all!”

“Then what do you mean!?

And then I told all the reasons for her to listen in detailed that I actually tested whether Hatsushiba truly likes me or not.

“Oh really?”

Ayame sighed with some signs of relief.

But suddenly she’s making a furious face and stood up in front of me before there’s going to be loud noises ‘slap’ echoing after that. And the pain has passed to my cheeks.

I got slapped by Ayame.

“But you are such a cruel bastard, don’t you know? What do you see in a girl? What do you see Hatsushiba as?”

…What she said is correct, that action a while ago in terms of male status… No, actually as a human status is very cruel.

I don’t have anything to argue. I’m really too overjoyed.

This fact even there’s a reason, it is still not appropriate to do so.

The facial expression of Ayame that slapped my face doesn’t contain only anger, but also has complications that cannot be described briefly. I think there must be a story about me threatening Hatsushiba included in there as well.

Ayame probably had warned me.

Because when she slapped me, my eyes were open wide. Another thing is when there’s somebody who teaches me something reasonable, it makes me feel more relieved.

“Okay, I don’t think that what I did was wrong, but I shall go and bend my head to apologize to her properly.


“I shall go and apologize to her properly again.

Until there, Ayame then becomes more peaceful as well.

“I’m sorry that I slapped you, did that really hurt?”

“It doesn’t matter.

She then uses her cold hands to rub my face. I feel more relaxed.

After that,the weather then becomes vivid at the right time so we both chose to skip class.

I’m afraid as well if Kiriko-senpai knows about this. But anyway, just only once shouldn’t be a big deal.

This is just the first time I skipped class so I secretly feel a bit nervous too.

We both are sitting together leaning against the wall behind the school building, and skipping class together.

“Hey, Ayame, I have something to ask.


“Do you think Hatsushiba really likes me?”

She’s making a face as like, eh?

“Didn’t she confess her love to you already?”

“It’s true but because of what I don’t know. I think she likes me since the previous year. But I almost never have spoken to Hatsushiba at all and I don’t really look that decent or anything.

Additionally, looking at the case of kissing attempt a while ago, I think that she doesn’t really like me.

“Re..really? But I think you do look cool.

Beauty is in the eye of the holder alright…

“Please don’t judge by your personal aspect and no need to compliment as well.

“I didn’t compliment you…”

She mumbled.

“Or have you ever saved her like when you had saved me before?”

“There has never been any event like that for sure, I can guarantee.

“It isn’t because of you just have forgotten right?”

“…I don’t think so.

If there’s actually an event like that, I can still understand.

For people like us, if we’re not outstanding in studying, playing sports, appearances or behaviors, it’s unlikely that there would suddenly be people coming to fall in love naturally except that they have knew each other for a long time. I could still understand that type of situation.

“Then I don’t actually know why.

“I also said that I don’t know too. Is Hatsushiba a person who’s interested in other people easily? Or does she like especially Otakus?”

Once I asked that, Ayame then started to consider for a while before claiming that “well”.

“Is there anything?”

“ During primary school, it seemed like she likes to tell her dad about praising her. During primary School, once people started to tease about that thing, then she stretched out to say that ‘Because Yuuka is a Father-con!”

So Hatsushiba is a father-con. Looking like this, the truth may be that she must rely on others right? Well previously during on the way back from my part-time job, I saw her staying with Songou, her attitude is really curbing like someone being afraid of getting dumped…Wait, I’m going off topic already, let’s stop thinking about it.

“No, it is not like that…other things that are not related to that style at all?”

“Umm, liking especially Otakus or not, I don’t know either. but if they are friends since childhood, she does have some. The houses are nearby and the parents seem to be close to each other. I remember she used to say that her father also works at the same company too.”

That story I heard from Hatsushiba herself already. But the information about her father working at the same company is a new thing.

Ayame then continued explaining with a smooth voice.

“During primary school, she studied in a different school from my childhood friends. In that case, during childhood she kept telling stories about that guy regularly… I also thought as well whether she likes that guy or not but this thing I’m just thinking by myself.”

“Really… And the guy that you just mentioned, is he Songou who just recently carped her or not?”

When I revealed that name, Ayame’s eyes then widened like a couple of goose eggs.

“Y-you. How do you know about that?”

“There’s one place where I saw him talking with Hatsushiba for two people so I tried asking her to discuss about that.

The guy that came to attack Ayame is Hatsushiba’s friend since childhood. His body is built with a deep voice according to Tozaki’s information. And even if it was just a short period of time, he used to be Ayame’s boyfriend too.

“And Songou that you just mentioned—”

I was about to ask her if he used to be her boyfriend, but it appears that—

“Seichiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Did you skip classsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!?”

Kiriko-senpai yelled from a very far distance with an image of her running from the other side. She’s making a face of a giant.

How does she know that I’m here? Oh, it’s because of the GPS .

Damn it, the GPS is accurate around here too… I should have left the device in the classroom before leaving the classroom.

Then myself and Ayame got dragged to the parents meeting room very swiftly.

Ayame and I both got dragged to the parents meeting room to listen to  asermon for a long period of time before being released.

I stretched my body after waiting to be released for a long time… while we were being chanted, Ayame was only complaining that it was her fault which delayed the time of us being released. But the other side was Kiriko-senpai. I had some stories I might be able to say, but I’m still unable to tell the truth anyway.

“I’m sorry, Aramiya…”

“Eh, sorry of what?”

“Well because I ran away from you so this thing had happened.

Oh, she meant about skipping class?

“No actually. Uh, the cause is that I made you misunderstood instead.

If I didn’t test Hatsushiba’s mind, this wouldn’t have happened.

“… but why did you try to run after me then?”

I got asked by a question that secretly was unintentionally to be asked.

“If you think about it carefully, for you, if you let me totally misunderstood, would it have been better or not…?”

What should I do? How should I answer?

…No actually, why do I have to be impatient? Just answer to what I was thinking is enough.

“Letting you misunderstood makes me feel concerned.

“…Your idea seems to be difficult to understand right?”

“It’s not as difficult as yours.

“Or is the chance that I’ll become your girlfriend is starting to pop up a bit?”

She secretly looks at my face constantly.



Ayame squinted her eyes unsatisfactorily.

“Then please tell me more about what is your ideal looks like.

“Why do I have to tell you then?”

“Well, have you ever seen your ideal girls in the real world?”

“There’s no way anyway.

“Right? But if I really see it then it’s not bad as well.

…There’s no way.

“…Then maybe there’s no way you’re going to betray me or make me feel dissatisfied right?”

But if I think about it again, this is called an ideal that’s a bit too vague.

For sure if I got these things as well, it would be great too, but…

“There’s no way I’m going to betray you for sure and I’ll try not to make you become dissatisfied too.

“Well I’m not sure if you can do that for most of the time or not.”

People like us at last tend to change our minds. The 2D has an advantage that there’s no change.

If there’s a next episode being released, it would be a different story. But even in that case, it is still existent in the closed world anyway because the game plot has only been chosen for the interesting parts.

About the story of the male and female protagonists getting married. After that, they’ll live their lives without anything special for the next fifty years which I’m not interested to watch. The needs for that style I think is that there are hardly any.

And if I’m not single, I wouldn’t have accepted it since the start already.

…Oh, that’s right.

If the rumors about doing prostitution work are possible that they aren’t true. So that means Ayame may still be a virgin?

Well right now, it is believed that she hasn’t done it yet but the previous story is still a mystery.

Actually, no matter if she’s single or not, the literal person I still wouldn’t approach her anyway!

But it is still stuck in my mind anyway…


I looked around, okay there are nobody. If I’m going to ask when, should I ask right now?

“Hey Ayame, may I ask you something that makes you a little bit worried?”

“What’s the matter with you? You seem to be very opinionated about the matter…”

“For you, have you ever been doing any prostitution like from what they rumored or not?”

Once I finished talking, then she smiled beautifully and asked that.

“Do you want another slap? This time do you want a whole punch?”

I knew it. She’s also holding her fists. In my head, I could only think that I shouldn’t have done it seriously.

Since the day I was born, I just saw a girl who smiled fearfully for the very first time right here!

“Hey wait, wait!! I’m sorry, I have looked for trouble too much!”

“No, actually you didn’t look for trouble, but I was shocked that you looked at me in that way instead. I knew this for a long time already that people have rumored like that, but normally who’s going to believe…”

She’s making a very sad face.

I may be very fortunate that I didn’t get punched.

Do I have to thank the trustworthiness that has been accumulated until now?

“Well it can’t be helped. Don’t you know how many people have rumored you about the prostitution thing? But even if that’s the case, I’m still certain right now that you didn’t do it? Really I swear.

Once I said that, Ayame then gave out a big sigh.

“No matter if it’s now or before, I still didn’t do it. Not even once as well. Are you satisfied yet?”

Before, she was going to tell with a serious face like that.


“The people who do prostitution are doing it to find money, am I right? But in this case I think that guy may be worried so he gave a lot of pocket money. I’m not that hungry for money that much and even if I am, I wouldn’t do that either.”

“Re, really?”

I sighed with relief …eh?

“Hmm? Did you just feel relieved?”


“Did you just feel relieved when I haven’t done that at all!?”

“No, not at all!”

“Then why did you sigh?”

“I sighed because I’m fortunate that I didn’t get punched actually!”

“You said something and it means another, are you Tsundere?”

I didn’t think that I got called as Tsundere by a gangster girl!

“How am I a Tsundere!?”

“Well you’re Tsundere for the entire body aren’t you, once you’ve started to want for tenderness, I also feel happy too.

“No, it’s not true I cannot accept it at all!?”

Hey! It’s actually true!

“Alright, okay.

Damn it, once she started playing eroges, she seems to become much cleverer in something not sensible!

But if she has never done prostitution work, doesn’t that means Ayame is still a virgin?

But during junior high school, she also used to have a boyfriend. But wait, that’s just when we’ve newly joined junior high school. So that means it was during the first year of high school then. Isn’t it too early to be well-mannered since?

But no actually, I think nowadays children have experiences very early even if the information is completely wrong.


It seems Ayame’s emotion has risen up since a few minutes ago. At this time, it isn’t the right time for sure to ask whether she’s still a virgin or not right?

Just only saying ‘have you still been doing prostitution recently?’ already makes her angry anyway.


Another thing is that it seems once Ayame has happiness, then I became stunned.

Then why was I worrying at the start that the girl is truly a virgin or not…?

And the school has dismissed and I went to do my part-time job. There weren’t that many people in the store today, it’s countable by fingers.

About the fact that I skipped class, right now Kiriko-senpai is keeping that to herself without telling my parents. I think I would be intimidated by this story for me to do something insanely crazy again for sure. But right here ,I have to admit it.

She said to me while Ayame isn’t here that

“It isn’t because you inhibited Ayame’s behavior am I right?”

But I suddenly refused.

By the way, once I came back from being dragged, I wanted to go and apologize Hatsushiba once again but it appears that she has an urgent job coming in so she had to go home first already. Tozaki brought a lunch box with a half size of yesterday’s and a piece of paper to me in a paper note saying that

“I’m sorry.

It turns out that I have to sit down thinking a bit more of what is she saying sorry for.

Is it about her refusing me or other things?

…But I could only think that.

I don’t know if it’s true or not but all the recent events seem to link with each other everywhere.

Ayame, Hatsushiba, Tozaki and also Songou, all studied at the same primary school.

In addition to Songou. During primary, we both studied at the same school .

Ayame and Hatsushiba also seemed to be friends before as well during primary school.

Hatsushiba and Songou are friends since childhood. On the other hand, Ayame and Songou used to be in relationship for one month during junior high school.

I can gradually see a bit of what had happened.

But it turns out that there’s a basket being put down with a loud bang at the cashier until my concentration scattered. What kind of person doesn’t know the circumstance?

I lifted up my head.


It appeared that it’s Ayame… how many times already.

Finally, she came to visit me at my part-time job workspace. No actually, when did she enter the shop?

Well, I didn’t pay attention to the customers at all for several minutes as well.

“Why are you here?!”

“Kotani-sensei told me.

Kiriko-senpai keeps snooping into other people’s business once again…

“What? I’m a customer right?”

She grins with a smile while talking to me. What kind of girl is she, could she be evil?

But today it turned out that I asked about strange things until she became furious again so I cannot be doubtful.

“One hundred and thirty yen for one order, two hundred and thirty-two yen for one order—”

“And how about sushi?”


“Aren’t you going to heat this food for me?”

“…Ah, would you like me to heat it for you?”

“Oh, umm, no thank you,”

Then why the hell were you asking that!? Also, Ayame was grinning with a smile constantly as well. Damn it, does she find me doing a part-time job that funny? Or is this her way of getting back at me from what I’ve done to her back then?

“By the way, what time will you be done with your part-time work?”

“The store has some strict rules. Employees are not allowed to go home. Please pay the bill quickly and go away as far as possible,”

“Okay I’m sorry, but can you please talk normally if you can.

For god’s sake

“only fifteen minutes until I finish my shift.”

“Then I shall wait.

“For what?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m still free. I want to sit down and talk as long as we want.

Anything naïve, this girl seems to be very brave. If she was only a 2D person, then I won’t complain at all.

“Eight hundred and seventy-four yen.

“Eh, I’ll pay with NANACO-CHAN then.

“In that case, please insert your card right there.

…Once we’ve talked like this, then I handed the goods to the customer.

At that time, there’s a teenage customer who opened the automatic door to exit my store without buying anything.

In my mind I thought that ‘never mind’. Anyone can exit the store without buying anything. However

“Hey you. What did you hide in your shirt pocket? take it out.

Ayame shouted at that customer and suddenly started chasing after him.

That customer became astonished and turned his face back. It seems he’s a senior high school student like us. He made an astonishing face.

Ayame then walked with long measured steps to grab his shirt. Wow, that’s creepy.

“I told you to quickly take it out.


It appears that the things that he took out from the pocket are many packets of small snacks. Whoa, he truly is a thief.

“Hey, do you know how difficult it is to make money? Thinking of grabbing the money easily without putting effort that suits the difficulty, aren’t you embarrassed at all?”

…This isn’t the time to be absent-minded.

“Boss, something has happened.

I asked someone to look after the robber and went to call the owner of the store.

In this case, I have to thank Ayame for catching that thief before something worse would’ve happened.

“Here you go, I have to thank you for what happened just now.

Once I’ve finished my shift, I exited the store to meet Ayame who was waiting outside and gave her a can of coffee.

“Thank you.

She carries the can with her two hands cherishly.

“Even if I could tell that it was a thief.

“I could tell without any clear explanation actually. Another thing is how is it unforgivable for stealing things, and here is also Aramiya’s workspace too.

“You seem to look very serious, I couldn’t believe that the thief was going to be a misbehaved child.”

“…I myself may not be like that because I just wanted to try being it.

“Then because of what that made you became like that?”

“You are so questionable today.

“…Well maybe.

I asked about her being a prostitute rumors and even about Hatsushiba. It seems during these days I’m a bit too curious about many things.

Even though my life is only curious about the female protagonist,this should be enough.

“Finally, you have started to become interested in me am I right?”

She spoke cheerfully.

“No, I’m just curious.

“You’re really black-hearted.

She stared at me with squinting eyes. It seems that during these days she stared at me like this very often.

“But if you’re just curious, I might not be able to tell you. I also have something that I wanted to ask you as well. If you tell me first, then I’ll tell you after.”

Well, it seems very compromising for exchanging ideas.

“If I could tell, I would be able to tell you.

“Okay, it means you’ve made a promise then.

Then Ayame opened the coffee can and took one sip before turning her head to look at me.

“How did Aramiya became interested to go to 2D world that much?”

She came at with this style of question.

“Well, are you trying to ask me why am I addicted to eroge games right?”

“Yes, correct.

The cause isn’t something that I can go talk to anyone and additionally, saying that is like showing off my own bad luck as well.

But telling Ayame should probably still be alright.

“By the way, you do know right that I don’t trust 3D girls.

“Umm, well that is…”

Ayame nodded doubtfully.

“I’m also not like that since the start actually.

“I also didn’t know that you’re interested in Eroge games since primary school or something…”

I myself also didn’t think like that. If I’m correct, no matter if it’s true, I still couldn’t enter the shop and buy it anyway.

“It seems it’s a concealed story like I got tricked by a girl during primary school.”

“Wait, being tricked that is…”

“I received a love letter from the person I had a crush on.


Hey, I didn’t want you to be shocked with that story.

“On the letter it said something like ‘Please come to this place, I’ll be waiting for you’. I fell into it and I didn’t think that it was going to be a trap.”

Thus, I have to be aware of Hatsushiba’s love letters quite carefully.

If we didn’t meet in school, I would never go there for sure.

“…Are you waiting in vain?”

“If it’s only that, then that’s great. The place where we planned to meet up was only the bus stop. Once I went there, I would be waiting there all of the time. It was a day during winter, it was so damn cold.”

Until now I still could feel my hands were totally numbed.

“Until late at night, I thought I was going to go home but once I walked to the bus stop, it appeared that the last bus had departed already so I didn’t have any transportation to take me back home. At the place I’d just seen it for the first time. It was dark and I was afraid so I continued walking and chose a way that there were vehicles passing a lot. Then for sure, I was lost. Not even one police station could be found. And then once I got onto a bus, I used electronic money since I didn’t have any money in my pocket at all. That was why I couldn’t call from the public telephone as well. We can conclude that I couldn’t ask for help from anyone at all.”

When I think about it right now, being unfortunate is actually being screwed. But at that time, I could still think of finding ways without stopping too.

In fact, if I actually had sought help from someone or anything, it would had been done already.

“And then what happened next…?”

“Unfortunately, no policemen came to find me or take me back home. My parents informed about a missing person already by themselves didn’t think that I would have went to that kind of place. The letter that was written that I went there at that time, I was still carrying it with me. And it seemed like my classmates including the person who tricked me also told that I didn’t know where I’d been to. Finally, I got to sleep on a bench in the public park until morning that a policeman came to find me. Thinking about it, it was fortunate that I insanely didn’t die first but I felt like I got pneumonia.”

Ayame holds her fists tightly and doing a stressful face.

I could feel the violent fury deeply in her eyes like as if she’s trying to be furious…

“What was that? Don’t you get scolded or something for doing something like that?”

“In the end, I just got warned. I gave the letter to my teacher to see already but that girl turned out to act minimally by saying that she neither mentioned that she sent it to me nor intentionally tried to make a fool out of me or anything whatsoever. In addition, the guy who was close to that girl, was collaborating with her as well.”

When I think about it right now, during that time, I was also very boastful with many things that people could disapprove of me.

After that, I heard something mouth-to-mouth saying that the guy who’s close to that girl was the person who forced her to do it.

“Right now, the problem is…”

In one aspect, the story from now on would become my move.

“Eh, there’s still more?”

“After that, it turned out that I became addicted to other girls that were the same during my primary school time again.”

“Wait, what?”

“Hey, please don’t do that doubtful face yet! Because that time I was innocent!”

“No, no, it’s not like that…”

“When I got tricked the first time, I thought that girl was a devil! But once I got tricked by other girls like the same way once again for the second time, I had to conclude that no matter which girls have guys next to them, they’re all devils anyways.”

When I got tricked for the third time, my parents were fed up. Kiriko-senpai was the only one who was truly worried about me. Once it had reached the third time, she let me carry a mobile phone with me and then set for enabling GPS to work so that whenever I got lost, she could go and save me as soon as possible.

It might be because Kiriko-senpai felt guiltier than when I received the love letter. It turned out that she couldn’t tell that it was a trap until she couldn’t stop me in time.

“Then after that, I started doing things whatever I wanted continually. I became addicted to games and manga. To say it correctly, I probably got this stuff to sooth my mind. Unlike in real life, the female protagonists didn’t betray me and also talked gently. I also gained some love experience indirectly with true love as well.”

That’s why I started to gradually stop being interested in girls in the real world.

This is because all the 2D female protagonists have better affections than in the 3D world in every aspect.

Then I gradually started to check out girls that are bright—innocent—flawless—like an angel.

I don’t want to find those that got created once again by the hell.

“During my time in during junior high school, I played one flirting girl game and really enjoyed it. The girls were cute, so I went to search for some information.  It appeared that this girl had been taken out from the ‘eighteen or above category’ to ‘for everyone category.’ I faked my age on the internet and bought that game as an eighteen or above version to play. After that, I was in that category from now on.”

During that time, I didn’t have that enough money so it was quite painful.

Even right now, it is still painful but if this is compared to during that time, they are as different as the sky and the earth.

“Oh it’s like this right…?”

“Nowadays, I don’t hate girls as much as I used to already. But nevertheless, I have already decided that I still can’t be in relationship anyway.”

The fact that the hate was lesser than before isn’t because of me forgiving the girls, but it’s because I’m not that interested in real life girls than before.

In the 2D world itself, female protagonists that trick each other do exist too. But in my case, at the end they’ll tell each other why they had to trick each other or something like that and then become friends once again. If not, they would trick continuously and there’ll be other female protagonists coming to appease instead.

But in the real world, there were only girls that tricked me and after wouldn’t come to clean up anything at all.

So my ideal would be female protagonist that is innocent which is still a virgin and not passed through anyone yet.

I could say it isn’t strange that I prefer the innocence without any doubt.

“Well, such a concealed story right? Then it’s Ayame’s turn now.

“Ah, umm, but before I’ll start.

“Hmm? Up until now please don’t say you’re not going to tell.


Ayame put down the coffee can that she drank onto the ground and then hugged me without realization. Ayame’s head is exactly right at my chest.


“Excuse me, when the same gender did the same to me would make you feel painful.

Is she counting too broad or not!?

“No, well I don’t want you to apologize or something…”

“When I hear it, it makes me really angry, I’m sorry.

“You’re not wrong at all… right?”

“Yes, but I don’t know, I feel that no matter what there must be someone consoling you anyway.

…Right, it feels very warm, if I didn’t hug anybody like this, I would have forgotten already.

It seems that it is actually warm like this… Those ideas are flying past my brain. Whoa I really feel too embarrassed.

Then Ayame separated from my body and smiled delightfully.

I became blushed over the limit until I have to trigger Ayame to tell me the story instead in order to reduce my emotions.

“Affirmative, but it is just an ordinary story.

And then Ayame started telling the story jerkily.

“Have I told you already right that my parents had divorced?”


“Before that happened, my parents got along together very well. If I say it correctly, they might have shown it that they were good together until there was one day where they just suddenly divorced. My dad and my elder sister then separated and I was studying at a primary school at the same place. During those days were incredibly painful.”

Ayame is making a mournful face like as if thinking about the past while telling the story.

“Those alimonies I didn’t understand at all even a bit. My mum went home very late every night. Therefore, I had to go home by myself all the time. Thinking of that time, I started to change in a strange way gradually since those days.”

“The strange thing is…”

“If I have to say it, it’ll make me feel embarrassed in a way, but it was like kind of lonely maybe. The fact that I didn’t get to see my mum and there was one day I broke the school’s window, the emotion was like what was I pranking, so my mum was called to school.”


“So at that time, I was an idiot.I thought of doing anything terrible so that I could meet my mum. It was incredibly stupid. So I chose to skip classes and had some fights… I wanted to see my mum so much until I intentionally did something terrible like that.”

Even though this story sounds normal, it is still not funny.

“Once I moved up to junior high school, then I truly became a gangster. Apart from that, I was rampaging as well and there was once I was thinking of stealing something from the shop too. I entered the mall to see if I could find a way and planned to do the task on the following day. But at that time when my mum was ill from working too hard, that was why I managed to know that my mum worked very hard until being soaked with sweat in order to gain some small amount of money to look after me, even if the whole story already does seem to look obvious.”

“So you did turn over a new leaf… right?”

“Yes. Once that had happened, I managed to repent myself that from what I did so far were very stupid. My mum also contacted my dad. After that, I then got to meet my elder sister and dad regularly. So at that time, I felt a bit better than before.”

But when she said that she turned over a new leaf… Ayame in senior high school still looks like a gangster.

And then Ayame explained as if she’s about to answer my curiosity.

“But by that time, it was already too late. The guilt of being a gangster has been ingrained already. I also had made other people got into trouble so I was thinking about the nemesis.”


“Even if you try to change your image back to normal, no one would still talk to you anyway. Moreover, it may turn out that those idiots like me may come to start a fight with me more often. Hence, I soon wanted to become a gangster once again and return to the past that I couldn’t stop fighting. This is why I had to wear earrings, dressing to make it look true when actually I don’t want to do it… The emotion makes me act like a rogue gangster.”

“And then once you’re back to become a gangster… those fighting issues were reduced?”

“At least those idiots who came to make fun of me have significantly reduced.

“…Since that time right?”


“For you, you seem to have issues with others in order to help somebody all the time right?”

“…If you look at me in a pleasant way, I’m glad to hear that. But actually, it’s not always like that. When I saw it, it just makes me feel annoyed that’s it. I excused that I wanted to save others in order to reduce my temper only.”


“You seem to be very stubborn. Anyway, if you think like that then I’ll take that for granted. From now on, I’ll do something like that then.”

“Hey no, I actually wanted you to quit having arguments.

“I know, once I stay with you, I do realize as well that doing that would only make me tired for no good reason.

The reason truly suits of being Ayame, but would it truly she is like that or not? I don’t know either.

“Because of that.”

Once Ayame said like that, the light on the streets shines for me to see her faint red cheek.

“Well it’s true, however, I lost all of my friends including Hatsushiba as well…”


“When I was in junior high school, I was isolated all the time. During senior high school, I was also isolated too. Not even one person came towards me. I also knew that I had no more standing point. The reason why I come to study junior high school here is because my mum complains all the time that I must come here. Well, coming here still causes problems constantly… or skipping class something like this. No matter how much I studied, it still doesn’t feel enjoyable even a bit…”

So far during senior high school, I’ve never actually seen Ayame talking with anyone closely at all.

I thought in my mind that during junior high school, she herself may be something similar like this.

“And at that time, there had been someone who came to save me,”


“Those idiots were chasing after me. I had been tempted to go into a narrow space and got surrounded. At that time, I laid myself down that well it seemed I wouldn’t be able to survive. It was time to face the karma already. I was alone until that time, and thinking that somebody would suddenly come to rescue me would be too fortunate… I thought like that but it appeared that.

…Wait, don’t tell me that you mean.

“Suddenly, somebody just appeared to call the police for rescuing me. At that time, how should I say, I didn’t believe in god or anything like that, but I could truly feel the destiny.”

She actually meant me too— but Ayame misunderstood already.

“I didn’t intend to help you by going to rescue you, I did that for my own survival only.

I told the truth to her. If she still misunderstands that story, I’ll quickly solve it as soon as possible.

“I do know as well, if you were actually thinking of saving me, you wouldn’t have escaped when I still hadn’t called for help right? You ran away before; you didn’t look after me until the end.”

…Ayame, you already knew it right.

“Then why?”

“In that case I was still helping anyway.

“Well, it is actually true, but…”

“I was isolated for fourteen years already and you came to rescue me. Saying that you didn’t purposely help sounds impossible.”

…I tried asking myself, even if I was never in that kind of situation before, I could only imagine.

She felt very warm-hearted as if when I got lost and there was somebody who came to rescue me.

I feel like I wanted to let go of my heart for those people…

“After that, it made me feel inconclusive and distracted until I didn’t know how to tell. Then I came to confess my love… and you said that if it’s not a 2D girl so you don’t want it, then I had to start fighting.

Then Ayame turned to me nicely.

“At that time, I was still unconscious, but.

Then she stared at my eyes.

“If right now I can talk utter with my mouth.

She opened her mouth a bit.

“I like you, Aramiya.

She said simply and directly with a bright voice and a strong impression.

The words that flow with that voice make my heart beats out of the rhythm.

Ayame didn’t imitate any attitudes in the eroge games but she revealed the truth inside her heart for me to perceive.

Not letting me vacillate, I cannot do it.

“Ah, ooh…”

“Obviously, you don’t need to answer me right now. Initially, I still didn’t feel like I was following your ideal at all. Therefore, I’ll try approach you more, closer and closer than this.”

I couldn’t say anything. I was boastful for all the time that she’s just trying and that one day she’ll get bored of me.

But just now, the truth inside her heart has sent directly to my heart for the very first time.

Oh damn it, no, my pulse is starting to accelerate.

I have to say something—

“Oh hey, Ayame.

Then there’s a thumping noise interfering from nowhere, I and Ayame quickly turned to look at where the noise came from.


Ayame roared.

The guy with that time is standing there alone. He really came at a bad time.

It seems he didn’t bring any of his gang, but I’d better press the number 110 on my phone first just in case.

I’m prepared to press the call button.

“You two seem to be having a good thing going on there, not bad at all.

“If it’s good, then does it bother you? Go away.

“Yes it does. I was thinking that we should go home together tonight.

He said with normal looking eyes. So he is actually her ex-boyfriend then.

But Ayame is very brutal with the other side who’s her ex-boyfriend. Or is it because of her ex-boyfriend that she was made to be brutal?

“Goodnight you ghost. I don’t seem to remember at all that I used to be your boyfriend. You just suddenly followed me by yourself didn’t you?”

“You’re just acting too shy.”

Then that guy said that…

“We did reveal our innocence of each other, didn’t we?”

He said with a still face like as if it isn’t a big deal.

My eye vision then moves to stare at Ayame instead.

“It’s not trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Her face is full of burst like I’ve never seen it before.

Her eyes are very sharp until I could feel the sense of killing.

Her whole body radiates a savage color like it is ready to attack at any time.

…Eh, then it means that… it actually had happened before right?

“Well it is true, if you go argue in order to provoke the celibacy, it’s not going to re-germinate again.”

“You’re being illogical! Shy about your parents! It’s already your fault since you used those kinds of methods…!”

“No matter what method, you and I will still be together anyway.

“No, no! Those things I cannot accept it at all!”

Ayame turned out to be in disadvantaged… what does this actually mean?

“Well it’s true that my skills are terrible. That time, I was still little and it was just the first time too. Then I had waited for you to fall asleep first before I did it. If I did that had made us hate each other, I’m really sorry. I myself also liked you for a long time already.”

“…Shut up otherwise you’ll die for sure.

Songou made an eye contact on Ayame and then gazed towards me.

“Hey you, you’re actually a coward!”

Suddenly, he called others as a coward as well. But anyway, I myself am also a coward, who no matter what, calls the police immediately whenever something happens.


“What’s your relationship with Ayame?”

“…Why the hell do I need to tell you, you damn thug!?”

“…Hey, who are you calling a thug? Otakimoi[1] like this, how is it great for god’s sake… Otherwise this Buhi[2] is better going to tell the police again.

That guy still doesn’t bite his tongue once again, and acting that he’s going to go.



“Are you seeking to find the rhythm? You seem to have found the right rhythm.

“…Hey you, don’t be too overconfident? Like you, I can punch you until you don’t have an appetite for the rest of your life. No matter if I started the fight, my dad always said one phrase to me that I would be released from the crime case anyway.”

“Then why are you afraid if I’m going to call the cops? All at first, previously and just now too.


Songou frowned, ignored my words and then walked away. I don’t know whether he can’t be bothered to argue or actually got stabbed in his black heart. But it seems previously, this guy’s style seems pretty dramatic.

And then Songou’s shadow slowly disappeared in the darkness already.

“A, Aramiya!”

Suddenly, Ayame interfered into my sights.


“No, nothing, I didn’t do something like that…!”

“Umm, you don’t need to emphasize that much…”

I didn’t pay attention to her that much. Actually I didn’t. Right.

Just only thinking that type of guy and Ayame was in a relationship before, I don’t know why it makes me feel annoyed right away.

“I did not do it, I did not do it, I did not do it! When I woke up I was putting on my clothes, and didn’t feel any pain at all!”

When waking up? Do you mean after that night had past?

No actually, I have a feeling that the story isn’t like that…

…But, if I bring the story that Songou and Ayame had spoken to combine together, or it is a way to force my heart…?

And at that time, I thought like that.


Ayame who’s looking at me is making a sorrowful face before running away.

…I left all the things that I bought from the convenient store.

The feeling that ended with a person confessing her love, by the time I realized, it had gone into the wind already.


[1] It’s a short slang in Japanese that defines at “Kimoi Otaku”, in Japanese, it translates as a disgusting otaku

[2] Refers to the sound effect or SFX, meaning “oink”, possible to refer someone like a pig in a very bad way

*Yukichi Note: It refers to the 10,000 Yen Note which includes a portrait of Yukichi Fukuzawa a Meiji Era Philosopher and founder of Keio University

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