Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 2



Chapter 2- Love confessions always happen suddenly

“I LOVE YOU SEIICHI, in this whole entire world, I love you the most!”

My ideal heroine had confessed her feelings to me. She was slim and beautiful. My gut was conflicted, it was telling me that my 2D dream girl was better, but it was also ready to admit that she was definitely my dream girl.

“Have I become your dream girl yet Seiichi?”

I wanted to nod my head. Why would I shake my head when she was now my dream girl?


Her features started to sharpen, her black hair tied in twin tails, her sharp pretty eyes, her face is— Like that of an actress’s—

“So, that means you’ll choose me right?!”

It’s Ayame…


I woke up in shock, shaking my head frantically, scouring my current surroundings, but it was just my room. As for Ayame—-She’s not here… There’s no way she could be. How could she? If she was, then it’d be pretty damn incredible.

“It’s just a dream…”

~sigh~, it was just a dream…

I recalled the dream carefully and reminded myself what I did and did not like. Everything in that dream, it all felt frighteningly real. Even in the instances where I died in a dream, I had never been drenched in so much cold sweat.


“Be prepared, I will become your dream girl, just you watch!”

I still couldn’t believe something like that happened yesterday…

What is wrong with her? For her to like an eroge-obsessed otaku like me. Thinking about it now, it all still feels so surreal. It felt like you’re about to get the measles, but after resting for a while, it eventually went away. I wonder how Ayame will react to me now? I definitely need to wait for awhile for the whole incident to blow over…

… I really want to lock myself in my house, until all of this is over, but my parents definitely won’t let me.

“Hey, YOU ERECTIONLESS VIRGIN, WHERE’S MY RICE?! QUIT HAVING YOUR WET DREAMS AND GET DOWN HERE NOW!!” My little sister’s shout from downstairs  echoed through the entire house.

Her mouth was so foul, I couldn’t believe she was a full year younger than me. She was definitely raised wrong! This makes me want to take binary data from the 2D world and shove it into her mouth!

“Uugggh…” I breathed in and out deeply, protesting to myself.

I arrived at school a little bit earlier than usual to get ready. Half the class was empty when I arrived. Tozaki was also not where in sight… Alright, before Ayame arrives, I might as well prepare and run through some scenarios on what might happen.

Okay! If, for example, the door opens with a loud crashing sound, and Ayame dashes through and enters the classroom,

“Morning Aramiya!”

If she were to arrive and greet me this way, then I would—?! she’s here already?!

“Go-good morning… To-today, you arrived quite early today…?”

If felt like I was a recruit, suddenly thrown into a battlefield, I need time to get ready! The stares of my classmates were onto me now.

“Eh, uh, thing is, I have something I want to ask you.”


“The character called Ridi in the game ‘Princess weekday’, how do I win her over to make her fall in love with me and complete the game?”



“Hey Aramiya, are you listening or not? I asked you about the character called Ridi—“


The incident from yesterday, Ayame was a lazy hoodlum, but all of that has changed since then. I got up from my seat and grabbed her by the arm.


Not explaining a single word to her, I dragged her out of the classroom.  I dragged her to the staircase, where there normally wern’t many people around. I did one last scan to see if there was anyone around or not, then—


“Wh-Whats wrong?!?! I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Ayame had a look of confusion.

“Because ‘Princess Weekday’ is an 18+ rated game! Also another thing is, people who aren’t at least 18 aren’t allowed to purchase it!”

“There’s a warning that appears on the opening of the game before you start playing … Anyways the teacher isn’t in the classroom right now.”

“That doesn’t make this any better! NEVER talk about 18+ rated games in class! YOU HAVE TO WATCH WHAT YOU SAY OR ASK!”

“Wh-what? You can’t talk about it with me? Seeing that you’re an otaku, I thought there was nothing wrong with it…”

“Why wouldn’t it be wrong!? If you watch anime late at night or play games, people wouldn’t care! But if you play games where there are girls in them, people will look at you like your a pervert. Right now I’m an open-otaku, but I still want to enjoy my school life peacefully! I don’t want people staring at me like I’m some disgusting otaku!”

Right now, are the other otakus out there living more peacefully than before? Well, yes, other than the otakus who are rather stupid. Don’t think that being an otaku is all about playing Eroges.

There are those that watch anime till late at night, or those that watch shounen anime or even those that watch anime films produced by famous animation companies…

For society, these types are easily accepted. However, the world has never been easy for people who are full blown otakus… As I continued my passionate explanation, I soon began to ramble. After my rambling, Ayame had started to understand my point.

“… I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know about it.”

After hearing Ayame’s apology, it struck me that she was a delinquent. My legs then started shaking uncontrollably in fear…



She stood closer in front of me. What? Do you really wanna punch me?!

“I think that games like that, aren’t something you should be embarrassed about…”


“I was relieved. At first, I thought ‘Oh come on, it’s just a game’ but unknowingly, I got really absorbed in the game and lost track of time. I can see how otakus are interested in these games because the girls in it are pretty and cute and the protagonist is pretty cool. I’m starting to understand what Aramiya meant by who his ‘dream girl’ is.”

What she’s saying… It-it’s true!? For ‘Princess weekday’ to be such a fine exclusive piece of work, able to be sold for I don’t know how many copies exactly, but I can’t believe that a delinquent like Ayame would like the game this much…

“To me, it’s like watching a movie that I can enjoy a lot and I want you to understand my feelings for it and you too…”

“B-But there’s like… An inappropriate scene in it you know…?”

After I explained that to her, Ayame then got all flustered and her cheeks flushed bright red for a bit when I went over the 18+ rated scene she had missed in the game— Teenagers who aren’t 18 yet shouldn’t be watching scenes like that.

I guess most girls use that as a no-go card because of those scenes…

“Th… That’s all to it! B-but that doesn’t seem strange when they love each other, does it?”

She says it out shyly, but with a steady tone. Yep, in reality, 18+ or not, let them be together alone, and… Yeah.

Especially, high schoolers – of which I am one – can’t really complain about that. But boys, are a condensed form of lust. Even though they don’t have girlfriends, they still manage to satisfy themselves of their pitiful ecstasy every day.

So if they are with their girlfriend and the mood sets in, yes. Rather, if it ended only touching hands or a kiss it’d be… kinda weird.

… But that stuff in reality, doesn’t mean anything to me who lives in the 2D world.

“B… But doing that without wearing it is kind of risky…”

“W… Without what?”

“No, nothing! Forget about it!”

Oh, I almost forgot. Those eroge games do those erotic things… That doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand, so I was confused for a bit. She kinda knew this stuff because she’s a girl or doing that stuff lot as part of her prostitution work?

Or I’m being a dumbass and don’t know anything about this.

“B… But anyways, I’m impressed about that. And I played until I got stuck at Ridi. I was really into it, but then suddenly she got into the spaceship and gone. She said farewell and the game ended on a sad note. And I still got that same ending even though I chose other choices…”

Seems like she didn’t make that up and actually played the game. The scene she’s stuck on now, I was in that same position too…

“You loaded and played at another point?”

“Ah, umm, yes. I chose from the save that I made at earlier point a bit, but it still ended that way…”

“Ah, that’s never gonna work. You will need to play it from the very beginning or you will not get the required flag.”


“If I’m going explain that, it’s gonna be a long explanation. So in short, it’s clearing a certain goal. You cleared all other characters except Ridi, yes?”

“Euh ugh..”

“Then, you should press start where there’s all the information about playing other characters aside from Ridi, then there’s a flag that would trigger. Start from the beginning, just that.”


Judging from Ayame’s face, I can tell she doesn’t understand me at all. Well, I didn’t think I could explain it so easily either, so explaining this to other people is really hard. These rules are originally formed differently, depending on the game or its company.

“I’ll put it this way, don’t think about it too much, right now, you should start playing it again, that’s all.”

“O-ok, I’ll give it a try.”

Then at that moment, the homeroom bell rang loudly.

“A-Aramiya, le-let’s head back to class.”

“Aah, mmmh…”

Then we went back to our homeroom together.

… I talked to Ayame a lot smoothly more than I expected, since I’m an expert at this topic we’re talking about now. But for this to happen, I can’t really believe that Ayame would be engaging in eroge games for sure.

No way, I didn’t think that I would play together with her. I heard that online, there are discussions saying that a Yankee and Otaku don’t go well together. Basically, is this happening for real or not?

“H-hey, Ayame, why did you start playing Eroge…?”



“… First of all, I need to know about the enemy first, I wanted to know about that 2D girl you talked about… So, I searched for some info on the net before I bought it. I saw that the game they recommended for an 18+ rated gaming beginner…”


“Yesterday, I said it didn’t I that I will become your dream girl!”

She’s still seriously going on about that?

“Moreover, I would like to engage the same hobbies as yours…”

She said that bashfully, sounding as if she’s disturbed.


He-he-hey hey, this is bad. My body from inside was screaming, my heart was also beating fast huh? It can’t be, It’s coming from the other person who feels that way.

“So, if not including Ridi, who do you like the most?”

I panicked until I asked, what did I just ask?

“Eeh, let me think first… Sildie is a friend during childhood… I like her where she waits for the protagonist, gets all cute and innocent or she would devote herself to him.”

Looking at her sketchily, she’s kind of a person like that, it’s not weird that people would misunderstand that—

“But what I didn’t like about the game, is the way of its presentation being shown, but aside of the protagonist taking care of her, she would fight difficult fights, like it was nothing to her, and I can see her slender figure and is clumsy, but her character’s pretty strong.”



“Aya-No! Just this, thank you for your answer!”

For what’s appropriate to point out, there’s nothing wrong with it, Sildie is a friendly childish character, whom everyone would play and misunderstand about her, but Ayame could see the real essence behind her.

Ayame is seriously enjoying playing these games.

Well I’m pretty happy if she is serious about it.

“Aramiya, if I’m stuck in the game, will you help me out please?”

Hooi! Ayame you, you’re a yankee, a ‘chuuko’, and a prostitute on top of that, But if you’re enthusiastic about playing games, then……

“You’re a fellow friend otaku, so that’s not bad”… I thought teasingly.


“Hey Aramiya, are you dating AYAME?” I spat out coffee from my mouth in surprise.



Our homeroom period just ended, and I was getting my stuff ready for my next class. But Tozaki, geez, could you please lower your tone, but he got me into the conversation with him.

“Well, I heard the news that you dragged Ayame out of the classroom, before homeroom started, you two walked back here together too.”

“Just like that, you think it means that we’re dating, is that how you look at it superficially and conclude so?!”


“Hey buddy, are your ears deaf or what!?”

I think we should stop this stupid argument for crying out loud.

“It’s not like that between me and Ayame, that’s all!”

“Then what happened during the morning?”

“It’s a long story.”

I can’t explain to him what happened, about the fact Ayame asked me about Eroge games, how are people going to react to her if they find out about it, they would gossip about it, but it has nothing to do with me, but…

I will explain it to him, after I find out the reason, but first I have to think of a story of my own in my case first.

Because she said “I will become your dream girl!”

There’s no way I wanna tell him about that so easily.

“Come on, I just wanna hear your long story, if it’s true.”

“… Please leave me alone!”

Then I picked up my stuff for my next class that I need to head to, before I put my face onto my desk and sleep, but—

“Hey Aramiya.”

This voice came from Ayame, the way how she called me, seems to have mellowed down a little bit, or perhaps a lot…

“What is it?”

Ever since what happened this morning, I feel more relaxed whenever I’m around with Ayame. I used to flinch, and feel it was tiring, and be frantic about it, and have my entire body stiff.

“I have something I wanna ask you”

“Do you have to ask me here or right now?”

“ No, maybe after this class is over, so no need to do it here.”

“…Then how about during at lunch?”

“Mmh, that’s fine, remind me.”

After we had our conversation, Ayame went back to her seat.

I watched as she went to her seat and sat in a proper manner, as I sighed heavily “*Sigh*”, at this moment, Tozaki smiled at me playfully.

“So Aramiya, it’s true that you guys are dating, RIGHT? RIGHT!?!”

“Not listening, not listening to you!”

Ever since I was born, this is the very first time I wanted class to start quickly now. Then class ended during in the morning, and lunch break started. I then brought Ayame into a room where we promised to meet at.

“This place is?”

“An assembly room, about that…”

This is a storage room where games are being placed and stored in here, loads of them are disorganized.

In this room, there are two work desks. On those desks are computer screens with terminals. I found this social room for the purpose of creating a society of my own, meant for making a digital gaming club.

… There was a case from the student council president, who’s sweet as sugar, with a girl who was hot as spicy like a Habanero pepper, with a boy, who tried to take down this club room… But am I going to let them have it their way? I will do what I can to defend this room until things are safe and sound.

“No one comes around in here, it’s safe to talk in here, but what did you want to ask exactly?”

“Eh, before that, it’s this…”

Ayame then took out her wrapped cloth bag, before she approached, I wonder why she brought it and gave me a bag.

“A-another lunch box again?”

“Ah err…I bothered you this morning didn’t I? So this is my way of apologizing to you.”

So she’s apologizing to me for what happened this morning? Then, for what happened was pretty weird, but a lunch box should’ve been prepared before this then.

But for this moment, I shouldn’t think too much.

“Errr, then, Itadakimasu (Let’s eat)!”

Her food is pretty delicious, so there’s no reason why I should refuse.

“Today I get to eat with Aramiya.”


“Eh, err… Well yesterday, didn’t I tell you that I would eat lunch with you… But the situation at that ended up becoming…”

Yesterday, it looked as if you wanted me to eat every single thing or you didn’t want me to have your fists, but you wanted to “Eat together with me” right?

Hey hey, this is bad, what is this? I feel that my pulse is speeding up, but why?

“Bu-but none of that matters! You eat your food, while you’re at it, I want to ask you something, that’s all!”

Ayame said what she wanted, looked as if she’s trying to sound bashful, then sat on her seat, and I sat on the desk from the opposite of her side. We opened our lunch boxes together and said “Itadakimasu”, then we started digging into our food with our chopsticks.

“O-okay, what did you want to ask me about?”

“Ah… I wanted you to recommend some games for me.”


“Last time I bought the game for the beginner that people on the Internet told me. But if possible, I want to play the one that you will recommend for me.”

I was nearly going to accuse Ayame’s determined word but after thinking deeply I stopped doing that. Even though that girl’s personality was something I don’t prefer, my personality was not the type to stop a comrade who also likes the same as I do to not shine.

“Ermmm.. There were ‘Fate Arterial’, ‘Azure cross sun shine’, ‘MarsJupiter -JupiterMars’, the one that has darker stories like ‘Yustistear: The Heaven’s Wing’, the older types like ‘Canon’ or ‘From Heart’, and ‘Can’t Find Any Good Things In This Love’ or ‘Give Me Choco, the Love Conqueror’.”

“Wa-wa-wait! Let me at least take notes.”

Then Ayame took her student notebook and pen out.

Oh crap I said too much, and even though she didn’t have much paper, is it even a good idea to write eroge names on a note?? Hmm… It’s up to you yourself, since I won’t know what happens after this.

“Ah… It will cost a lot, can you buy it?”

Eroge is very expensive for high school students since it would probably cost 10,000 yen per game. So basically, high school students can’t afford it. Normally, those are things that a mere high school student can’t just buy willingly.

“At the time when I bought ‘Princess * Weekdays’ it costed me a lot….. Are those games you told me around that game’s price too?”

“Ummm… There are also old games with the ones I told you about. Those games should be cheaper but most are expensive like this.”

“Is that so… I can’t buy it after all, because I don’t get too much money anyway.”

That time I thought about asking “What about your money from your work?” But I’m just too afraid to ask her about it. Because I think it’s not proper or rather, it’s impolite to ask someone like that at this state, even if I told her that I would still be the one who won’t stand it.

“Looks like you’ve got a lot of money that you can even afford it all…”

Ayame murmured with an impressed tone.

“Well I do have part time jobs to collect money for it.”

“Oh well. What kind of job is it?”

“Sales clerk in a Minimart.” (Night shift btw)

“You’re crazy.”

Ayame commented about it and sighed out herself, but it wasn’t like she’s being a snub or something. All she ever heard from me is that I work part time to look for money, and use it for purchasing games—or in fact, eroge games—and she might get the idea and say that she can do the same as well.

“But, my payment should be arriving in today, I might be able to buy 3 of them”

“That sounds pretty rich!”

I decided to tease her a bit.

“Erm, I bet your daddy[1] gives you a lot of money as well”

Her daddy customers could be someone from her prostitution work?—but would I still dare ask her that?

“The thing is, don’t give it to people for free.”

I wouldn’t dare get too deep with the topic about her prostitution work, I might as well change the topic.


“Copy discs.”

“As in burn dvd discs and give them away right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, thing is don’t copy and sell the products.”

That was pretty funny, for a person who isn’t even 18 yet, but playing 18+ rated games, talking about this right now.

But if it’s me, I might have my personal rights to do what I wish and no one can tell me to stop. In the case of copying discs, I can’t it accept at all. I understand that playing games for free, is a great idea. I used to love doing that. But when I admire the heroine in the game that I play it for free, I started to oddly feel ashamed.

“Copying discs, isn’t that really the same as stealing…?”

“That’s correct, but once they start copying digital data, people who did that won’t be thinking it that way and there are lots of people who are like that. I think that letting you borrowing my disc isn’t a good idea as well, and that would be considered as wrong as well”

“I wouldn’t do something like that at all, stealing things isn’t something I do…”

She clearly spoke out, with a heavy toned voice. She spoke as if she’s surprised, because she thought that she could do something without knowing the consequences. But if she spoke out like that, then she fully knows that copying discs is bad.

“On the other hand, even if I wanted to copy discs, I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know much about computers either.”

“Really? Then that’s fine.”

Then when I was about to eat all the food from my lunch box.

“Attention, Seiichi Aramiya, from class 2-4, please, Seiichi Aramiya, from class 2-4, please, please report to Kiriko Kotani sensei, that will be all.”

There was an announcement coming from the speakers.

“Aramiya, what did you do this time?”

“Nothing, I didn’t do anything, coming from it, I think it must be about business involving me.”

Right now, Ayame and I have exited the assembly room, and are headed towards the teacher Staff Room.

Ayame just decided to tag along.

“Did you get called because of me? You hardly ever get into trouble.”

She said before we left.

“But if that’s the case, then I will protest for you…”

After she declared that, she and I got out of the room together.

“What’s this business you have?”

“Well, I think that this case could be complicated.”

I’m trying to assure myself that whatever I’m called for, isn’t what I think I got called for, and didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s been like that a lot for myself. But if it’s like that, I can’t just ignore it just like that.

True, they shouldn’t just announce any announcements for themselves whenever they wish at any time, if they want to call me, then just call me already.

Then we arrived at the teacher’s staff room, that is just ahead, right between for the buildings of first and second years, where students would walk through the hallways there, and the students  just instantly made broke up a path for me to walk through.

“You should perhaps go back to our classroom.”

“… I’m staying here, even if I went back, there’s nothing to prepare for,  so I will wait for you right here.”

Just like that, I became very serious about my situation.

Then I opened the door to the teacher Staff Room, about to enter, since I didn’t say anything to Ayame for now.

“Could Seiichi Aramiya from class 2-4 come in please.”

I got myself ready for it and be normal, and I entered into the staff’s room quickly.

During the day, there are lots of people in the room who are very busy, and the person who’s sitting relaxingly is eating her lunch while in the staff room. My business is right with the teacher who’s sitting right at the very right corner of the room amongst the staff group. I honestly don’t know why my homeroom teacher Ohara sensei is calling me.

“I’m here Kotani sensei.”

“Oh, you’re here Seiichi.”

The person who called me—Kotani Kiriko Sensei, turned her chair to face me.

“Could you please stop calling me ‘sensei’, I’m your senpai and you’re my kouhai, so no need to be so formal and polite, so you can relax, you can call me Kiriko-senpai if you want.”

“But if I start calling you that, then I won’t be able to even consider you as a teacher.”

She tied her black hair very high into a black ponytail. She wore a suit, but her face looks relaxing to approach and talk to, she sat in her chair with her legs crossed, with her hands right on the back of her head, and her back leaning on her chair.

You could say that from how she looks and acts, that she’s easy going and quite lazy, is she really my senpai? She’s like an older sister instead of a mother, who helped me with so many things before, and frequently came to my house. But until now, I didn’t honestly think she would become a teacher at my School now.

“Hahaha, in our School, we are student and teacher. I’m just checking to see if you’re doing well with yours studies or not.”

Just like that, she teased me, well she’s always like that.

“And what is this business exactly that my Homeroom teacher Ohara Sensei have with me?”

“Hmmm, the same thing, I want to checked how Kiriko nee-chan is doing?”

Kiriko spoke gently and clearly, you could say that Ohara and Kirko nee-chan are pretty close with each other. It might be because they are colleagues together.

“Erm, lunch break is about to be over, so let’s get to the point.”

Kiriko Senpai uncrossed her legs, then sat properly now, and smiled very brightly.

“Seiichi, word is around that you and Ayame are dating, right?”

“Where did you get that from…”

“I heard it from Ohara sensei, and ever since School started, I’ve seen the two of you together pretty much frequently.”

… Ohara sensei, why did she have to tell her that?

“Then I asked Tozaki about it, and he said he saw the whole thing as well.”

WHAT?! THAT BASTARD! I already told him that it was nothing like that, but he had to spill it out to the teachers just like that! Why doesn’t that Eroge game bastard friend of mine get it?

“When you came in here, I saw Ayame out there now.”

“… Eh? You were watching out there?”

If it’s like that, does she want me to turn my back and see her? If that’s the case, then it could be because of her being my girlfriend.

“So, I would like you to help and reform her if you would please.”

“… HAAH?”

“Reform her. I’m asking you to please change that ‘lazy delinquent’ attitude of hers.”

“Wh-what are you saying sensei? Why does it have to be me, if you were to leave her to me, that could be a huge problem, and I might not be able to do it.”

“I’ve never seen her become so close with someone before, aside from you.”

“Because of that, YOU WANT ME TO CHANGE HER?!”

Just until that, I was speechless, but she didn’t need to remind me again. Screw this!

“Yes, this is the only chance to turn her life around! If you miss this chance, she might turn into something inhumane! People like her won’t listen to other people either. We can’t do anything. So…”

“Umm, can I ask for a request too? I don’t mean to burden you with all of this, but I’ll try to do my best….”

“Err, Sensei? I remember you feeling scared of her to the point that you couldn’t even speak, right?”

“Err-umm, what you said is true… B… But I too don’t want to lose this opportunity. I feel bad for using you like a tool, but at least it acts as motivation for her to change – even if just a little bit.”

Seeing how this turned out, my homeroom teacher is pretty serious about it.

“Of course, we don’t exactly mean for you to have to do everything you can… Just do something to reform her, that’s all.”

“Do something to reform her…”

“You can go and convince her to study together with you as well, right?”

“Ar-ARE YOU INSANE? You just say whatever the heck you want! I don’t see any good coming out from this!”

“Don’t be embarrassed, since this is your choice from now on.”

…”So, what if I don’t agree to this then?”

As I asked her, Kiriko-nee chan got up from her chair, and leaned her face close to my ear and whispered—

“I’m going to announce on the speakers like I did moments ago, and let everyone in the whole School know about your hobbies.”


“Including the fact that you play your Eroge at your club as well.”

Oh crap, because of this, this is exactly why I don’t like having a teacher as a relative know everything about me! Like barging into other people’s rooms without permission.

“What, wait wait, they’re Eroge games, and you’re not even 18 yet, isn’t that right?”

What the hell is this..!

“Nee-san, are you actually going to help me? Please don’t argue about this assignment.”

Oh man, how am I supposed to win against her in this situation! I’m pretty hopeless in this battle already! Normally, announcements are called, but can an announcement be used for something like this? Or…

She’s definitely saying to me “I’m going to expose your secrets to the whole School about what hobbies you have” something like that…!

“FINE FINE, I’ll do it, Happy now? Geez!”

After our compromise, Kiriko sensei then led me to sit on the other chair.

“Please understand that she… Oh, sensei is very happy.”

Ohara sensei, sitting at my side is disturbed saying “Kiriko, please don’t force him to do this.”

But she laughed and said “I’m not forcing him”, being cheeky now. Wow, I didn’t think she could become this cheeky. I was speechless.

“How about this way, right now, no one is mentioning anything about her failing her classes, but if this continues, she will have to repeat a year.”

“It’s weird to talk about this, but… Isn’t that what the problem is here, that’s it?”

“From what we’re seeing here now, there’s been a huge gossip about it, but we don’t know if it’s true or not, so you don’t need to believe in it.”

If you’re asking me to stop her from doing her side stuff, then I might not be able to pull it off.

“Don’t hope too much from me, then…”

“No, I do have high hopes for you. There’s nothing more for you here now, Seiichi.”

“We’ll leave her to you then, Aramiya”

After receiving my assignment from these two.

“Errr- err yeah, Seiichi.”

After she finished her words with me, I then turned my head backwards.

“Amongst your flipping mobile phone and your Smartphone, you turned the GPS for both of them, right?”

“They’re still on, is there a problem? If you look at them, then you could check if the GPS is turned on or not”

“Nothing, if you were to go missing, then I would be sad…”

“… Aren’t you chatty, huh?”

She’s being kind of all a sudden, I don’t know if she’s teasing me or not.

“That’s true, but the fact that you know where I am… I get creeped out by it.”

“I’m the one who paid for your phones, so don’t complain, because I care about you.”

“Am I supposed to believe… That you care about me?”

I can already tell that Kiriko sensei is definitely not going to back off from this. But, she’s the one who got permission from my mom and dad to pay for my phones. She also used to look for me whenever I got lost when we both were younger.

“Be sure to turn it on when you’re outside of your house.”

“I got it I got it, thank you very much.”

I then exited the staff room, where Ayame is still standing right outside of it.

“You’re finished, how did it go?”

“It’s just private business for myself, that’s all.”

“Why did it need to involve you Aramiya?”

It’ll be even more suspicious if I keep quiet. Better tell her now itself.

“… I don’t usually like to tell people about this, but Kotani sensei is my cousin.”

“Ehh? She’s your cousin, that teacher? Wow, then she must be your biggest supporter then.”

“If this gets out to the whole School, then people would start gossiping about it, so I would appreciate if you keep quiet about it.”

“Understood, it’s not something that you should tell others about it.”

With her understanding about it, helps a lot.

… Alright, even though I didn’t wanna do it, I have no choice with what I need to do with Ayame.

“Ayame, today’s afternoon session, what are you going to do about ut?”

“Ehh? Well, I’ll attend it then.”

Huuh? I thought she’s going to skip it like she usually does.

“…You’re not going to ditch it?”

“If you’re going to ditch it, then I’ll ditch it.”

“Ehh? You’re going to follow me?”

“Well of course.”

Say what?

“…It’s because I want to be with you, as long as I can, even if it’s a little closer to you, then it’s fine.”

I don’t know if this will work out, did Kiriko wanted me to deal with her like this…? Is this going to work out or not?

As Ayame got to the afternoon class session together with me, the entire class got frightened.

Our sensei for the fifth period, his eyes bulged as he saw her, but not that much, meaning that he must be surprised. The problem is, our classmates have their eyes on us, saying that they want to ask me some questions.

Tozaki who’s sitting behind me, tapped/poked me from behind before handing me a piece of paper.

In that paper, it was written “So it is true about between you and Ayame, right?”

… I sighed in exhaustion. I wrote back “NO!”, and passed the piece of paper back to Tozaki’s desk, who did not look at it, since he didn’t want the sensei to see it. Damn, he’s enjoying this isn’t he?

“So, at this X, we then take the calculation—“

Our sensei keeps writing on the chalkboard as he kept on explaining. As moments passed by, Tozaki poked me from behind again. I was annoyed, but reluctantly took the note and opened it and was written.

“It’s awesome that you’re able to get Ayame under your wing, that’s amazing! BY Matoba” “When did you guys start dating? BY Ujida” “I wish you both happiness! BY Sakai” “Take care of Ayame! BY Mikamoto.”

There are other messages being written down. That bastard Tozaki is letting other people read it! It seems that piece of paper is being passed around the classroom, like a friendship book for signing like that!

I then wrote by replying “SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! By Aramiya” then I sent it back

Then after moments have passed by again.


Someone screamed pretty loudly, like there was something going on from the back of the classroom. Sensei himself, turned back to the room to see what was it, and I also did the same.

I don’t know how, but that piece of note ended up in the hands of AYAME. Ayame then looked at the piece of note intensely… Before crushing it. Then—she banged on her desk loud enough for the whole room to hear.

Just from that, I could only tell what Ayame is about to say with whatever mood she’s feeling now. Everyone’s face in the whole room became pale and scared, even the sensei himself was shaking in fear.

Making fun of people for amusement, of course this is the consequence they must accept, scared or not. Then the intense moment has passed by and cleared up, and nothing else happened after that until class has ended.

Ayame herself sat and listened in class obediently, making sensei very confused about it, but there was nothing else aside from that. Our classmates looked at Ayame and are trying to cope if she wants to fight, but Ayame was making quite a moody face.

But when I looked at her, she would change her scrunched up face into a bright smile. It seems that she really wants to sit in class with me.

… Looks like the job that Kiriko sensei asked me to, seems to be going smoothly I guess.

“Ahh, Aramiya, would you like to walk home together?”

Suddenly, there was a polite speech that my ears were listening to, and I turned instantly to see who it was. It was Ayame, who’s in front of me, and I looked around the room, and there wasn’t anyone else who seemed to have said it.

“Wo-would you like to walk home together?”

There’s no doubt it was Ayame, I can’t act like I don’t know who it was. Who would’ve thought that Ayame who would usually talk in a rude manner, starts to speak very politely like this.

“Errr-Uhm, yeah, let’s go home together then!”

I answered her in response, and I walked out of the classroom. Ayame watched and followed me out of the classroom as well.

“Wh-wha but, Ayame, what’s up with you of all a sudden? Why were you talking like that now?”

“N-nothing, when I was sitting in the afternoon class session, I thought th-that, heroines in those games, they wouldn’t talk in a rude manner like I did, so I…”

That’s right, in ‘Princess*Weekday’, there are no heroines who would talk in such a rude manner like Ayame usually does.

“And those heroines in those games, they would talk in a polite speech manner… like this.”

“…Really, so you are trying to adjust yourself to be like my ideal girl right?”


She’s definitely trying to fake her personality, since there’s no way you can change it in a single night. But I’m pretty confused fo about her trying to think about changing herself to become my ideal girl.

“S-so, what do you think…?”

It sounds as if she’s on crack, well I’d better tell her now.

“It’s not perfect.”

She then suddenly changed her speech manner to become more proper, as her image just changed immediately.

“Oooh really? Not proper? But if we continue…”

But instead, she wasn’t angry, not just that, she’s still determined to continue. If others try to adapt themselves in order to approach someone, then most guys would have fallen in love already.

Unfortunately, she has met me, who only cherishes innocent young girls. Please, just quickly give up, this would be better for me. But since I’m ordered by Kiriko sensei, I cannot flare up in any ways.

We’ve been speaking about that until we walked down to the exit of the building, where it turned out that…

“Hey, please I really don’t have any money on me.”

“You usually let me borrow yours. So please.”

“B… But T… T… The money you borrowed from me… You still haven’t paid it back…”

When I heard that conversation, I know that it’s the standard of mowing money by lulling them but not letting have a chance. When I saw them doing it like in the manuals, it’s quite funny.

Two bigger male students stands and blocks the target from escaping. The person who’s cornered is quite small and I can’t see the face, but knowing that person is wearing a male uniform.

From that, I guess that it happened many times, so I will not meddle-

“Oi, what are you doing?”

“Huh? Ayame?”

She walked towards to that group before grabbing the collars of the two male students. She spoke as if there’s an intent to kill in it, and she glares at them too.

“Aren’t you guys ashamed doing something like this?”

“W… What!?”

“We were just asking for a bit of help, now scram!”

“You guys seems to like making excuses, that makes me wanna puke.”

“T…this guy is our junior when we were in junior high together!”

“Yeah, we took him under our wing ever since!”

When they started making lame excuses, she sighs loudly, as though saying ‘Are you satisfied? Boring.’.

And my instincts told me that what she’s going to do next as she let her hands and start to twist.

“That’s enough!”

I yelled, and ran in to lock her from behind with my hands. As I looked at her, she’s looks as if she’s ready to punch them, luckily I stopped her in time.


No, heck, why did I try to stop her!?

Putting myself in this, this isn’t like myself at all.

I don’t know the reason or how to explain it, but… It seems that I don’t want see her brawling on other people. Maybe because she’s trying to be polite.

So I thought- If she can manage that, I can do it too. Even though the polite part has already vanished into clouds!

“What?? What?” “What’s going on?” “A brawl?”

And other students that were about to leave the School, started popping around the area.

“Tsk…Let’s go…”

“Man, what the heck! Remember this, you twat! Don’t meddle in other people’s business!”

And both of them left, looking emotionless. And the boy who was being cornered quickly left too, running back into the building without a word or a chance to see his face.

And then, the crowd dispersed away like nothing has happened. Nothing happening may be a good thing, perhaps?

But that person should’ve at least thanked her before running off… or he was scared of her?

When I was about to calm down, Ayame started to squirm like she’s being tickled.

“A…Aramiya… Y…your…hands….”

Her voice becomes lower and lower. Eh? Hands? I squeezed a little and I found out it’s quite soft.

And I locked her from behind… That means…



And I finally realize before quickly letting go and step away from her. She curled down, hands crossing her breasts and turned her head at me. Her face is red with a bit of angry expression.

“I… I’m sorry! I didn’t meant to do that!”

Even though I said that, the feeling on my hand won’t fade away, even though there’s the student uniform, T-shirt, bra. But the lingering sensation in my hands turned to look realistically grotesque, as the sense cannot be received from the 2D world. My mind was in deep heavy thoughts.

The crowd that was dispersed before, because of the extortion going on, are still gathering and looking. A scream then came out really loudly.


Ayame got real heated and roared scarily for them to hear. Then in a few seconds, there was silence everywhere, and students who were within around the School area, got to their shoe lockers, changed their shoes, and quickly ran away out of sight.

“…There’s no one around here anymore”

Ayame checked to see if there’s no one else around before getting up

‘Ahh, Err…”

When I was about to apologize to her, Ayame shook her head.

“I-If it’s you, then I wouldn’t mind, I was just surprised, that’s all”

… Then, she wouldn’t mind if I did that to her?! I was about to ask her that, but I didn’t want to anyway. She gave me a squinted look first.

“But during that moment, did you like it when you were squeezing them?”

“O-OF COURSE NOT! I didn’t like it!”

It seemed that I was squeezing them like, “Eh? What are these rounded things? WAIT WAIT! I’m so sorry!”


Then Ayame’s face started looking sad, like she understood what she said to them.

“It looks like I can’t keep using a polite speech manner forever, huh? At the end of that, my trait came out…”

When she stepped in there to stop the money extortion, her polite speech manner was instantly destroyed. I honestly didn’t think Ayame would interfere with people who would extort money from others in the first place.

I thought that she wouldn’t interfere ever again, I guess I was wrong.

“B-But I will still try and talk in a very polite manner, and I won’t give up no matter what”

She then talked shyly.

I was then distracted from that.

‘If it’s for me to become your ideal girl of yours, I still have a long way to go, but not—-“

“It’s not like that”

I argued with Ayame, just because she would always talk in a polite manner wouldn’t mean everything is fine.

“I like it if a girl talks in a manner that fits her personality instead”

I think that the most important thing is be yourself or not others. The thing is, I never wanted my ideal girl to always talk in a polite speech manner

“You don’t need to force yourself to talk so politely, doing that is meaningless”

There’s no need to tell her instead, *Sigh*, what am I doing exactly? Ever since in the beginning, I’ve never done anything that’s from my own by myself.

“R-Really? Errm, then, I will be what I was before.”

But Ayame, heard me and smiled in relief and happiness.

I don’t know how to explain this, but it fits better like this, it’s all good. Ayame didn’t understand the concept of polite speech manner, that’s for sure.

I split up with Ayame then went back home before I went to my part time job, the convenience store I worked at.


“That will be 1,580 yen Sir, taking in 2080 yen, your change is 500 yen Sir, would you like your receipt? Thank you for using our service Sir”

Then, I took care of my customers like I usually did, at my convenience store for five days, the one I explained about to Ayame. At evening at 19:00 now, there would be less customers around periodically, because around here, this convenience store is at a Shopping center.

I started doing part time work during last year, until now, after putting things into a shelf, it’s now comfortable for me in my workplace. Because I found myself a new heroine, I started feeling spirited with my work. I placed the things in the shelves in their places, I kept doing it until 21:00.

“That’s enough for today, Aramiya”

That’s the end of my shift then…

“If it’s that, I’ll be going home then.”

I changed into my School uniform quickly, and then exited my workplace.

Man, even though it’s spring season now, tonight is pretty cold. I strided quickly in order to get back home as quickly as I could. I feel pretty bored, stared at my Smartphone’s screen, and saw messages coming into my inbox

“Tozaki and Kiriko-nee chan or”

I checked and opened Tozaki’s message first

“Did you really rape Ayame at the exit of the building where you came out from, seriously?”

If I had the strength to crush an apple with my hand, then it would’ve been the same with my smartphone as well. This bastard, he’s crossing the line, what is he talking about, I wasn’t even molesting her

…But, it’s true that I felt her breasts in my hands, hmmm….

But Ayame didn’t seem to dislike it at all. But why did it turn into a situation where it looked like I raped her. Whatever they’re saying about me, they’re definitely misunderstanding.


Well, I’d better try clear up the misunderstanding from whatever news he has heard it from

“Where did you get this news from? And are there any other stories you heard or not?”

I’d better send this message then. After I clicked send, I then opened up from Kiriko’s message.

“I heard that you were able to get Ayame to finally start attending classes by forcing her right? Oooh, you better keep up the good work. Love ya, Kiss x2!”


I sighed… I get the feeling I’ve been sighing a lot lately

“I’m just glad that things went smoothly. But I don’t know about next time, and I don’t care if this allows you to marry your cousin…”

I replied with that.

And after I send her my reply, Tosaki send back his reply too.

Stop sending me scary shit! And the rumor, I heard it from Mikamoto. She said that she saw you guys at the building entrance, and what do you mean other news?”

The truth is- I don’t care where he heard this from… But the thing is, I don’t like it when people do not mention the good part like about stopping people from mugging other people off, but instead have interest in other things. Even Kiriko-neechan knows the truth, that side of it should have been known as well.


In the end, everyone just make rumors for fun or making things up they want to believe in.

And I’m now at the shopping district. As I see the people are getting crowded together, I put my phone away


And in that moment, I saw a silhouette of a person I know in the middle amongst that crowd. It’s Ayame.

She didn’t wear torn jeans like last time. But a white skirt, grey socks that cover her thighs and a crème cardigan, with her same black twin-tailed hairstyle.

I looked her from behind, and she’s wearing normal girl clothing. I had a thought like: and what? With her being around here now has nothing to do with me. But- the thing I’m very curious about is who’s the man she’s with. It’s not any normal guy, but a middle-aged man in a suit. Even though they aren’t mingling, but are like walking real close.

Well, I got some more cash today. I might be able to buy some of the games in your list.”

“Errm, I guess so, your dad still gives you a lot of money though?”

I thought about the conversation Ayame and I had during on lunch break today.

… This means, this is what her prostitution job is like right!?

Okay, it’s already 9:00 pm at night, seems like the rightful convenient time for that to happen. I don’t know how the procedure is like exactly for this to happen, but I’ll go to where I’m supposed to be at. I’m feeling authentic about where this situation is going, with the two of them walking close together towards a motel.

“… Hmmm.”

If this was an Eroge game right about now, then this would be like a mistaken event or go-in-to-stop event.

… But this is reality, and I don’t have any sense of duty to go in and do any of that.

“But this is kind of uncomfortable…”

With her saying that she wants to be my girlfriend, but then sells her body to another man. So looking from this perspective, she is doing it for money after all.

No, about how I feel right now is really weird, and I didn’t want anything to do with her in the first place. I just wanted to confirm that she’s a bitch, that’s all.

“My homeroom teacher and Kiriko neechan are definitely mistaking about this…”

Well, we aren’t even that close, not even one bit, I’d better reprimand her for what she did, that’s the first thing I’m gonna do.

I got unfolded the fact that I like Eroge games, and with Ayame being enthusiastic about playing them is a pain in the ass.

“But, hmmm…”

Why am I feeling that I can’t accept this, this confusing feeling is weird. It’s not because I’m thinking about Ayame, but it’s more like it has something to do with the fact that Ayame’s behavior change has been big news about her.

For me, I don’t care much, I just stayed inside my room on the 2nd floor getting my dried PE uniform into the bag.

“Seiichi!! There’s a guest who’s here for you”, I heard mom’s calling from downstairs.

Who? A guest would mean not the delivery officer, since I didn’t order any eroge on delivery though…

… I got a bad feeling about this, so then I got my bag on my shoulder and walked downstairs

Suddenly there’s someone who walked to the shoe-cabinet and made an anxious face and then

“H… Hi Aramiya…”

It’s Ayame! For real, WHY IS SHE HERE?!

“There’s a girl here for Seiichi?” “Eh?! There’s a girl coming for that piece of s**t??”

My Dad and sister looked from the living room… Hey wait what? That was mean of her!!!

“Hey get away!! It’s shame get back to the living room”

“My my, mom is so happy that today mom will cook Red Rice for you” “I didn’t think  Seichi would ever have a woman coming for him in his lifetime” “Wahh you’re so beautiful! Why choose that eunuch virgin?!”

“I said that this is embarrassing! Dammit, I gotta get to school.”

I stop trying to push them back into the living room on the side before coming out from the house. And we walked to school normally.

“Did I cause you trouble?”

She ask with concern, but I think the folks in my house are the ones who caused the trouble

“I’m sorry, the folks in my house are a bit weird…”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

Aside from that, I’ve got more important things to ask her.

“But why did you come to my house?”

I already know the reason, but as I asked her, she replied.

“The heroine in “Azure cross sunshine” did this as well, so I …”

Just as I thought, she got it from the Eroge but played it instantly after she bought it?

Not bad. I thought I was wrong, but it looks like you used your extra time to play instead of sleeping, since you look really sleepy alright.

“I checked the name on contact list by map app in phone and found that it’s not far, so…”

My school contact list even has the address?

“You don’t like it? Did I have to be a childhood friend to be able to do this?..”


Umm… Let’s let the things that Ayame talked about pass.

If you ask me whether I hated it, I would have said no but I am surprised. To tell you the truth even normal people would be happy to have a girl come for them. If I say that I’m not happy, it will be a lie. I feel a bit happy… maybe.

“Ah-oh! I forgot to say this, Good Morning Ayame.”

“U-ummmm… Good Morning.”

I just realized that I forgot to reply to her and there were other things that I forgot about.

I saw Ayame in the shopping center yesterday. I looked at her, looks like nothing’s changed, no sign that she did the her prostitution work.

… Nah it looked suspicious….

Did she do her job, go back home and play eroge, then woke up early after a bit of sleep? Isn’t she forcing herself? Looks from her face looked sleepy, and stayed up until dawn. Huh, and she made up for it.

“Aramiya, why do you look so unhappy?”

… Keep it inside and stay calm,  I feel like I’m gonna explode! I should make it clear for tomorrow too!!

“Umm… Ayame, last night you were at the shopping center right?”

“Eh? Oh yes I was there, how did you know?”

“I saw you there …”

“hee~h, is that so, you could’ve called out to me back then.”

… Eh? Why is she so calm? Didn’t she went into that hotel with her customer last night? Did she mean that I can come with them, so that it would’ve been a threesome? Whaaaa! THIS IS CRAZY. Just stay calm, this is not the time to think like it was an Eroge.

“Ummm,  I saw you going with some guy, so I…”

“If it was about that, there’s no reason why you should be all worked up about it, that was my papa and all.”

“Your papa…?”

“Papa is just papa, he’s my dad. If I see him going anywhere means it could be when he went to the car park.”

“Your father?” Then that means I have made a huge misunderstanding, right?

The fact that people rumored her as a bitch, travelling without saving and yes, doing sidelines have made the word ‘papa’ to be referred as “customer buying service”. But normally the word papa should be referred to as father anyway.

…I’m screwed,

I just realized that my perception of Ayame is very biased right now.

I don’t have the rights to criticize my friend like this or like that, calling Tozaki that for making rumors just for fun or believe in a way that makes it trustworthy. I am actually just like him. I am such a horrible person.

Ayame continued talking without knowing that I am feeling very guilty.

“Meeting each other once a month is kind of lazy, but I don’t hate my papa. Additionally, he gave me money too.”

“Once per month? Is he really busy?”

“Well… My parents got divorced and I chose to stay with my mother while my sister stayed with Dad. Looks like my dad and mom made a deal for meeting with us separately.”

She said like it’s nothing but the story is heavier than I expected.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Hey you don’t need to apologize. When they got divorced, even I felt sad too you know, and I have gone wild too but for now it’s alright.”

“No! I need to apologize”

I feel sorry for looking at her with such biased views.

“That girl’s got many rumors but whether the gossips are true or not, it is another story. So you shouldn’t believe it that much.”

Just like Kiriko-senpai said, I misunderstood her too much with biased views/opinions.

But I can’t be so sure since there could still be a chance that “She might have done that”, so I can’t confirm that “She hasn’t tried prostitution already”.

“No need to make a big deal out of it. How about instead of apologizing to me, why not already accept me as your girlfriend, and I would be happy then”

“… About that, I might have to say no to that.”


“You’re clicking your tongue at me!?”

“Hahaha, I’m just kidding”

So in the end, I was distraught about what I said. The thing is, I didn’t even understand or know anything about her history, not even one bit, but the Ayame I know now, isn’t the type of girl who would just wanna become my girlfriend.

Well, if no dyeing hair is allowed, the previous Ayame would be doomed for long time ago already.

“Hello Seichi! Oh, Ayame’s here too! Oh well.”

“Good morning teacher Kotani.”

“…Good morning…”

Once I and Ayame greeted each other, Kiriko then smiled cheerfully.

“Wow Ayame greeted me for just the very first time, I’m so happy.”

“I just greeted like Aramiya.”

Am I really being used as the standard? This time not only just the responsibility that’ll be great, but embarrassment would be much greater than expected.

“Right now let’s say this much is enough. I don’t actually want her to change the way she talks or her behavior completely. To be honest, really, if you don’t want to greet me, as long as you don’t make others in trouble, I won’t say anything at all.”


“I heard that you stopped someone from using violence to plough money out of others. I may look like I’m being bossy, but to interfere with such activities is not a bad thing, as long as you yourself don’t use violence.”

“The reason why I didn’t punch him is because Aramiya stopped me instead.”

“Really, so does that mean being a companion is actually a good thing you know,”


I felt like I was being praised, in a strange manner, but I make a confused noise since I wasn’t able to tell.

“Ayame, let’s go.”


“Hahaha, it seems you’re cruel.”

No, I don’t know how to continue walking and I took Ayame walking past the school front gate with that kind of feeling.

Once we have reached the classrooms, everyone doesn’t have any new or particular reactions to why I and Ayame came together. It seems they are already starting to get used to it, which is a good sign and then we each split up to find a seat each.

“Yo Tozaki.”

“Hello Aramiya, today you guys come to school together as a couple?”

Tozaki has sat in this room faster than notice and playing stupid jokes.

“What, I told you already that we’re not a couple, I told you already that we have a little issue,”

“I didn’t say anything, oh by the way, take this, this thing I found while I was cleaning up my room so I’m giving you this.”

I knew it that Tozaki handed me a large paper bag that contains something to me. While I’m glancing, it seems inside contains a large book but, in fact, it is a legendary Eroge that I have been searching for ages.

“Oh really? I have been searching for ages, thanks, once I finish playing I’ll return it you.”

“Take your time to have fun with playing the game. I’ll tell you beforehand that there isn’t some snazzy female protagonist like Ayame.”

“You want a piece of me?!”

I quickly put the paper bag into my bag while whispering at the same time.

Normally, borrowing someone’s porno game for playing is an action that is much prohibited. But this game I don’t have a choice.

This game was released a year ago, was produced very little and also has already stopped being produced.

Additionally, one day before selling the merchandise, the producers of the company went bankrupt and also without a clue as well. But the game was still sold as usual and received good applauses. The main female characters also performed very well.

I used to try booking it online but wasn’t quick enough. I got a reply via mail saying calmly that “Unable to provide since the products are limited”. That’s why I decided to stop buying online but instead I went out to find at the shop.

But this game turned out that it was sold out within a day even in other prefectures. Even though this game had already been sold for a year ago but there hasn’t been anyone doing any online auctions as well.

And right now I, who’s feeling lay down, have told this story to Tozaki and coincidentally found out that he had managed to buy this game. So I begged him for borrowing the game from him.

Even if I had been waiting for long as he said that “I’m sorry, I don’t know that I was hiding it a corner of the room”, but getting to borrow it together with this box is such a great gift.

But is borrowing a game that has discontinued from production an illegal action?

I do know that this story is quite grey. The right is with whom I don’t know but I do really want to play it.

The selling distribution right doesn’t cover the software around the household. On the other hand, the permission of reselling has shown that borrowing between people in a limited circle should be legal.

But these issues once they are turned into computer programs or digital information sometimes may not be the same anymore. If you want safety for sure you have to be patient. But not being able to play the game that I want to play is something that’s intolerable. Why did the company have to go bankrupt?

“Good morning! Long time no see everybody!”

And right now the atmosphere inside the room suddenly changed once a new little girl entered the room together with many other children’s cute voices.

The long hair that is tied with a ribbon that looks very cute and attractive reflects the morning sunlight that passes through the window forming sparkles. Looking at it, it seems that she looked after it very well. Her face looks very young which I heard that people thought that she’s still a junior high school student.

She’s got a nice body. Top-class compared to my other classmates. And her curves are right where they belong.

Tozaki told me before that looking from the haunch seems to look chubby and making him felt lusty too. Whoa, you guys are mad about the buttocks.

“Good morning Hatsushiba!” “Yuka, long time no see since last week right?” “Are you still busy with the work?” “It seems laborious right, being a voice actress is like this,” “Don’t you ever hurt your throat?”

Everybody in this classroom is poaching for greeting Hatsushiba massively.

“Yes I’m fine! The work is stressful! But Yuka never gives up.”

Everyone likes her, she deserved her high social status in society.

Her voice is bright like a child and also her attitude is very jovial that she could grab the guys’ attentions tightly. Also even though she’s still not famous but she performs well. After that she’s likely to become famous. I’m just thinking about something aimlessly.

If I heard that voice in the game, falling in love with that character isn’t strange.

But anyways, this story isn’t related to me. No matter how good her voice is, since she is a 3D person, I don’t care.


And suddenly, that girl gave out some weird noise with her eyes staring at Ayame. Ayame just changed her hairstyle the day before yesterday.

Once Hatsushiba, who doesn’t know about this change, has arrived would feel astonished is something normal.

After that she started to whisper among the group of girls. I cannot hear what they’re talking but she’s probably asking what is going on. It seems I like the gossips.

Those girls, while they’re talking also turned to face me occasionally.

Well, I’m the reason why Ayame has really changed. I can’t help, umm, I really can’t help.

Damn it, I just thought the people in the room have already started to become used to it. I don’t like being outstanding because being outstanding tend to be screwed by others. In addition, being outstanding would make the bad side become outstanding as well.

This means my secret hobbies have a higher chance of getting exposed. Once Hatsushiba, who’s the idol of my class, stared at me, I am being watched until I stood up gauntly.

But that doesn’t always mean there’s something special. From the past she was never the person who caused any disasters or anything. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, I’ll try believing in it like that.


Wait, why did she just turned back to wink at me?

Normally, it was probably a coincidence so I tried to act like I know nothing…but looking from the situation.

Why am I intuitively feeling uneasy?

After third period ended, which was music class, I then got back to my homeroom classroom from the audiovisual room.

“Say Aramiya, are you free like right now?”

Just then, Hatsushiba, who chose the same music class as I did, came closer to talk to me.

Listening to her voice, sounds as if she’s actually a heroine of an Eroge game is coming to me to greet me.

Ayame and Tozaki who aren’t here right now, chose art class.

“I’m not busy with anything right now….”

“Rumors are going around saying that you and Ayame are dating, is that true?”

For less than a minute, I already have the definite answer for her

“No, everyone is just misunderstanding the situation.”

“Really? But everyone is already talking about that Ayame is behaving more appropriately is because she’s your girlfriend…”

“Well I can’t argue against the fact that her behaving more normally is because of me, but we’re not dating, there’s only Tozaki and everyone else in my class who knows about this”

“Eh? If that’s the case, you Aramiya were able to make Ayame completely change.”

Geh, her being so interested about this is already difficult enough to deal with.

“Why are you so curious about it anyway? This is none of your business Hatsushiba-san.”

“Hehe, well Ayame was pretty scary that she might kill you, everyone of course wants to know what did you do in order to make her well-behaved.”

Judging from how she answered me, there’s no way I can respond to that, if this conversation drags on, it’ll get to the point about Eroge games.

“Greedy aren’t you?”

“Don’t you dare even get the wrong idea, I have my right to not talk to you any longer.”

“Okay, then some other time and day, I would like you to explain to me, how you managed to change Ayame from someone who was dangerous ever since Elementary School, this has been a big topic around School, will you?”

“Hm? Elementary School? Hatsushiba, did you really study in the same Elementary School as Ayame?”

“That’s right, when we were in Junior high School, we used to play with each other”

Then that means, you must’ve lived around in the same place as Tozaki, which can be similar to between Hatsushiba and Ayame

….”Then that girl was like that, ever since from Elementary School?”

Really, then I might as well ask her if it’s really true or not, so I’ll go ask Ayame straightly right away.

With that said, Hatsushiba made a playful face as if she’s having fun, then she made a circle with both her index and thumb and rubbed them together

“….So you want me to give you money?”

“HAHAHAHA, I don’t want your money, but there could be something for us to trade to make us both even”

“You just want me to tell you why Ayame is behaving properly now?”

“That’s correct, my aren’t you pretty clever.”

Urk, what now…wait, I think I might as well tell Tozaki about this instead.

“I’m just kidding with you. The other thing is, there’s only the fact that all of my friends now know about this.”

She smiled devilishly like she wants to tease me, like she’s telling me this for free.

“When Ayame was in 5th grade, she was held back, she changed completely during at that time”

“So she was always lazy?”

“That’s not the case, at first, she was quite gloomy, then slowly bit by bit, she became lazier, there wasn’t anything we could do for her life…”

“Gloomy like that eh…?”

“…Eh? What, she didn’t tell you about her story from her background?”

“Why would she want me to listen to it?”

“I already thought you knew, if you didn’t know it yet, then it’s best for you not to hear about it.”

So it’s something I shouldn’t listen about, but from the rumors I heard about, I guess they aren’t true after all then.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but what about the story about Ayame’s mom and dad?”

“Eh, I already know, that it’s true about what you heard about Ayame’s mom and dad”

“When they got divorced and parted ways, I was pretty sad about the news as well, I was pretty angry about it as well, but it’s just how it is…”

Ayame did mention something like that before; the reason why she’s being lazy before, could be because of that instead

“In the past, she used to be violent with lots of people, and there were lots of people that used to get into fights with her at night, during back in Junior high, and that was how it went”

“Then she’s been like that until junior high school.”

“Right, but, she didn’t enter junior high school just recently—–”

Then, at that moment, before Hatsushiba could complete her sentence, the bells rang out.

Hey, when she was able to get into junior school not too long ago, what happened next?

“Oh, if we don’t hurry, we won’t make to class in time!”

Just with that, she dragged me along with her

“Ah, hey, wait a sec, HATSUSHIBA, during that time, what happened next?”

“I’ll explain it to you more later!”

After that, Hatsushiba didn’t explain any more than what she did.

But when she’s going, she turned to see face me and said to me.

“But I would advise for you to be with Ayame for now! What they’re saying about the two of you could be true!”

After saying what she said, she ran off.

But if they want the news to be true, then let them be about it, the past doesn’t mean anything, since I have to face what’s in the present now.

I finally got back to my homeroom, and my classmates gave me glaring stares weirdly.

I was about to say something to them lie ‘what is it?’, but I would rather keep it in my mind instead, and got my things ready for the next class during fourth period.

Then when the bell rang loudly, when the next class started–

Tozaki poked me from behind, and handed over a piece of paper, what is it this time?

“Hatsushiba is ours, BY Tozaki” “We don’t mind if you’re with Ayame, but no way we can allow you with Hatsushiba, BY Matoba” “You think we’re happy with this? Go KILL YOURSELF, BY Uchida” “So you’re going to take Hatsushiba for yourself huh? By Sakai” “Tomorrow, you won’t live to see another day. By Mikamoto”

GEEEZ! You’re all way too jealous and sad.

These messages are written in red. I wonder if it’s either ink or blood, just one look at them and I already got the shivers of fear.

… No way, what’s wrong with these people who want me to die. I ripped out a page from my student handbook, and wrote a message in there,

“What are you all talking about? Why would it turn out that way? BY Aramiya”

After I wrote my message down, I passed it back to Tozaki. Just a few moments later, another piece of paper was sent to me.

“When Hatsushiba came to our homeroom, she was so happy to see and talk to you, and managed to talk just the two of you, that’s how. BY Tozaki”

… Aren’t they just overreacting? I wrote another message and sent it back to him

“Just because we were talking together, you think that’s the case? The truth is we were just talking about Ayame! BY Aramiya.”

“When we saw Hatsushiba looked so happy, it was so uneasy for us to look. BY Tozaki”

“I can’t figure out why would Hatsushiba be happy with me. BY Aramiya”

“I don’t know, but you two were talking like as if you two are so close already, I can’t stand this. By Tozaki”

“Look, you’ve got the wrong idea, you’re missing the point here, I don’t have anything to do with Hatsushiba, Hatsushiba would agree, chill out, think carefully, you honestly think I have a chance to be close to her? BY Aramiya”

“You’re right, but did you have anything to do with her before? BY Tozaki”

“No, not at all. By Aramiya”

We exchanged message notes, and of course Tozaki started to understand bit by bit, and what’s important that he’s no longer angry with me. But, how did they know about it?

Thing is, when Hatsushiba and I were talking together, there could be students who just finished music class who might’ve seen the whole thing. I guess that kind of news spreads fast when they see it at first sight. Why did Hatsushiba have to talk with me anyway? I thought about it, and I spotted Hatsushiba right at the front and to the side of the left, who just finished copying notes into her student handbook.

I looked at her and thought something. She is pretty cute, and a pretty good seiyuu, and is pretty much a celebrity in the homeroom. And because of that reason, she shouldn’t be involving herself with an otaku like me.

Let’s say we do have a connection, then there would be lightning strikes coming down and hitting it until it burns up away, then I would need to pull the breaker. When it was lunch break, there were glares stabbing me, so tiresome, all because I got involved with Hatsushiba.

I quickly dashed out of the homeroom class. If we were to talk to each other some more, they would be more than jealous, something worse perhaps. Then during at that moment—there was a knock on the door lightly, enough for me to hear.


When I heard who it was, I was relieved.

“You can come in, it’s open.”

After I told her, she slid the door gently before she came in.

… Last week, I honestly didn’t think I would get to see Ayame and feel relieved like this. I sighed out as I saw her.

“I saw that you were running away from the homeroom, I thought you didn’t want to see me again.”

Listening to what she’s saying, it seems like eating lunch with her at midday feels like an obligation.

… Having that said, I shouldn’t think too much now.

“There was news and gossiping all over the School, I just feel safe from running away from all of that”

“… You mean the news about you and Hatsushiba?”

“We were having a small chat, that’s all”

“Is that true?”

Why is she looking at me with a doubtful look on her face?

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“Yo-you, with Hatsushiba, I think that’s a pretty cute thing going on between the both of you, and it’s fine that an Otaku like you likes a voice actress like her, are you thinking about going out with her…?”

“I told you already, didn’t I? I don’t have any interest in people like her, if it’s an idol or a seiyuu, they’re just normal people…”

Having said that to her, Ayame then sighed in relief.

“… I see, but you’re also a normal person as well…”

“About with me and Hatsushiba, I’ll take care of it myself. Ah, I see you made lunch today.”

She took out her same wrapped cloth bag.

I was swallowing my drool without any attention. Well, it’s because her lunch boxes are really delicious. You really think I could get my tongue to resist all of that?


I reached out for her wrapped cloth bag, but she wouldn’t let me have it, but she unwrapped it and took out a lunch box, and opened the cover for it, while I was confused for a moment.

Then she used her chopsticks to pick up some food, before she said

“Say Aaa-Aaaaah…”

I refused her, but Ayame just kept on poking the food on her chopsticks onto my mouth.

Her chopsticks on her hands are shaking. I can already see that the food on the chopsticks are about to fall down. I definitely don’t want any food to fall onto the floor, so I quickly chomped onto the food on from her chopsticks.

Oh, so today’s menu is stuffed cabbage rolls. The cabbage is fresh, there’s meat inside it, and the flavor is pretty well mixed.

After that, Ayame didn’t say anything else. She looked as if she’s going to pick up some other food with her chopsticks,

“W-wait, hold on a moment! I wouldn’t tell you to do this, but it’s not right…”

“Wow, don’t you like doing this? I saw something like this in the game of ‘Blue Cross the Dawn Light’ doing that very often…”

“Indigo light (Crossing the Dawn Light)” again that game!

“Yes, I am not disgusted with this kind of situation, but I was just surprised as well.”

“Oh really, then I’m sorry then I should say stop first.”

“I mean that thing! This girl, usually it’s a couple who’ll do like this.”

“Eh, but in the game, my friend since childhood also did it,”

“Well whatever, let me tell you something, you shouldn’t mix things between the game and the reality together!”

“… Can that be trusted coming from Aramiya?”

Once it’s opened we’re doomed! She managed to contradict me strongly.

“Ok, let’s say I’m embarrassed and we’re not in any kind of relationship like what people tend to do,”

“Yes, you’re right, I’m sorry,”

I think I have relegated Ayame too much since she sobbed in front of me quite clearly.

Nevertheless, she still handed me the lunchbox without hesitation.

“If that’s the case, then please finish this lunchbox I made? I actually made it just for you….”

Oh boy, this looks really bad, why did I have to make her sad like this now? In those eroge games, I don’t see any events like this happening.

About Kiriko-nee chan that ordered me to this first, the thing is that if Ayame decided herself that she wants to become my Ideal girl, but I managed to make her to make me a lunchbox for real, I would still accept it from her then again

I would tell her to not do it a lot, and that would just too cruel.

She then took some food out from my lunchbox, and the lunch in these lunchboxes is really delicious. For me to accept a lunchbox from her, and having lunch with her like this. Maybe I might have been quite harsh on her.

Because of what’s happened, I might have to find some way to compensate her for this wonderful lunch…

“Th-the thing where you feed me my lunch, I can’t do it with you…”

I talked with Ayame about having lunch together.

“But today, would you like to come over to my house? Because, I might have something to show you that could be helpful for yourself”

“Ah, er ah errr, is-is that alright with you?”

Was it alright for me to ask her? I don’t think so. I didn’t mean for her to come over to my house and do things that are good or not. I’m worried about the folks at me house much more.

If my house is free, and there’s no one at it now, then I’m happy, I wouldn’t know when they’ll be back and at what time exactly. I don’t have any intentions like that, but a guy bringing a girl over to his house, suspicious. But I can never do any of those things if it were at my house of course.

“Ju-just come, it’s a way for me to say my thanks to you for making me this lunch box that’s really delicious for me to eat”

“Ahh-MMMMHMMMM, I will, I’ll go”

Ayame then exclaimed in excitement


… It seems that, I myself am able to receive a positive reaction from her, or I might be able to come to like Ayame for myself.

After School has ended for today, Ayame and I walked out of the School building together, she then changed clothes from her School uniform first. It looked like she’s staying at her own row house in an area, and it looks small. She then told me to wait for a moment, and no more than five minutes she was back.

She wore casual clothes. A white blouse with light purple cardigan, cream chinos and white sneakers which looks fitting with her hair. It’s totally different than when she got attacked. She looks like a normal girl.

“If I had clothes like those heroines in the games, I’d wear them, but sadly I don’t have any…”

“Nah, this is okay.”


If she wore cosplay out here in public, I’d feel troubled.

This is getting hard

I feel that I need to start teach her about manners in social more than playing Eroge. Really, wearing cosplay isn’t wrong. If you want to wear, wear it. Just wearing it in the public is embarrassing for me.

And on the way back to my house, we saw a group of men about 7-8 person laughing loudly like they saw something funny.

Hairstyle, clothes and their way of speaking. Those are thugs. Well, if I just keep quiet and walk away, they wouldn’t mess with me.

(TN: “Thugs” word is used here instead of “Delinquents” because “Delinquents” term refers to a person belonging to a school but here these are grown up Men so that’s why “Thugs” is used.)

I took out my foldable phone just in case before walking past them.

“Hey, Ayame. Is this wimp your new guy like the rumors said? Just like some fuck face as the rumors said”.

”Is that really Ayame?” “I Totally can’t remember”! ”Some clothes you’re wearing there.” “They totally don’t fit you.” “Faking as a good girl eh?” “Gahahahhaha! That’s so funny!”

Please stop meddling! Are these guys Ayame’s friends? Why do I have to get dragged into this!? And seems they aren’t friendly at all too, this is looking bad.

No, what did they mean about ‘new guy’? But before that knowing this sends a chill down my spine. And where they heard the rumors? Some kind of thug network? That’s scary.

“None of your business, Songou. Now f*ck off.”

Ayame shows aggression that her eyebrows twitched at them. When she swaps into this mode, she’s quite scary.

And they start making circle surrounding us, what are they going to do?

“What are you guys going to do? Attack us? We’re in middle of the city!”

I said that out loud but they ignored.

“Hey, let’s  continue from where we left off last time. Last time there was some brat poking in.”

“ ‘Continue’ my ass. Stop messing with me, this is getting annoying.”

“Nah, how can I? When you and that brat date like this.”

A very large man from the group got closer who seems to be the leader. He’s quite loud too. “Say, this voice and shape. Have I seen from somewhere?”

Hey, or is this guy-?!

“Oh? Hey! This guy is that brat from before!”

One of the lackeys shouted out. Seems that he realized at the same time as I did.

This is getting totally bad. In that second, I yelled into phone in my hand.


Even though Ayame eyeballed at me, I was still doing it.

“HELP, I’m being attacked by a group of thugs, I’m right beside a 7-12, Nagata-cho branch!’

I didn’t feel embarrassed or losing my pride at all. If I feel unsafe, I immediately use the emergency call.

To be correct, I already called them when they greeted. Waiting to call until when they start using force might be too late.

“Get him!”

The leader shouted out like last time, and pointing his hand at me.


“Emergency calls from phone will tell the location to police through GPS! If you don’t want to get in jail, better run off now!”

When I said that, he shook his hand back. Banzai! The emergency call with location tracker on GPS! This is totally handy!

“When did he-“

“Law number 106! Go back Google search it!”

The answer to that is crime for threatening to assault other people in groups. Well, this wasn’t that much of a proof, but I’ll use everything in my disposal when I’m in danger.

If they noticed my words beforehand, it would be more hectic but they didn’t notice so it’s easy to call the police in secret. This is the best way to explain the situation without them knowing.

This number is prepared in case the caller can’t speak or talk so they won’t drop the call and if they hear important words that may pose a risk, they are ready to come out.

“This bastard called the police with no hesitation!”

“Dealing with you bastards, there should be no hesitation!”

I looked at them, ready to run at any time with that end of my eye and I took a clear picture of them. Now I have proof for the police.

While they were hesitating, a siren sound came closer and closer.

It’s a real sound this time and not a fake one from my phone like during last time. The police did quite a good job this time.

“I’ll remember you for this! Next time you come out walking, you’d better watch out for yourself!”

They leave with words like at the end of some TV show- like they changed personality before they went back from the way they came.

After that, I gave the information to the police quickly before going home.

Ayame made a troubled  face and said “Sorry for causing you trouble”  but when I said “It’s ok, I’m already used to it” She looked more relieved.

I thought to myself she has enemies like those brutes, which is quite dangerous and scary. But promise is a promise, and leaving her here would be awkward. Besides, dad is still at work, mom still hasn’t come back from her part-time, and my sis could be hanging out with some guy somewhere, that bitch.

”T-then, excuse me”

She took off her shoes hesitantly, seems like she is quite a neat tidy person from how she placed them.

“Don’t need to be shy, my house is just like any other house.”

“Well it’s been a long time since I last visited other people’s houses.”

Come to think of it, She seems to stay alone. I never saw her hang out with other people.

And I thought that things called gangsters like to stay in groups. Maybe in this point that gangsters and otakus are kind of the same. I thought that jokingly, but in the end, it still depends on each person.

“Huh, anyways, welcome to my room.”

I opened the door for her to enter.

Come to think of it, this is my first time I let a girl in my room, except my sister.

My sister said for few recent years that  “Your room stinks! You SHAMELESS VIRGIN!” and she never came close again even when I sprayed the room conditioner. Such words there.

“Huh, I heard that most of guys room are messy, But yours is quite clean.”

I always keep my room clean and neat. Also I keep posters, pillow sleeves and picture scrolls in cabinets very safe so their color won’t fade.

“Make yourself comfortable, I’ll go get some drinks.”

“I-It’s Okay”

I went out to living room.

And I had some thoughts that “should I take her shoes into my room to avoid being questioned? But what if they find out? Then maybe It’s the best not to do it then.”

I took a bottle of barley tea and two glass cups before heading back into my room.

When I entered my room, I saw her sitting on her knees and looking very stiff.



I handed her a drink before opening the pc. The screen flickered before turning into a desktop screen.

”Hold on a second.”

Then I opened a program.

“Come over here.”

She came over and sat down, and the window opened at that time.

The warning screen popped up before turning to a title screen with panorama screen of the school with a logo “My Heart will Go On (Till Tomorrow).”

I confessed that I opened a Eroge.

This game was on the shelves for a recent while, and it started getting hard to find.

Also, this game checks the registration on the pc. If I install it on another pc, it won’t install as it will violate the regulations. So I need to ask her over to play this. Well, I do feel a bit bad though.

”Me?  Play this?”

“Uh, yeah. The heroines in this game are kind of my ideal girl.” When I answered that.


She bursts into laughter.

“You invite a girl over to play an Eroge game? *laughs* You have quite some serious issues! *laughs*”

Seems that I saw some rare picture here. She smiled like I never seen before.

“You don’t need to laugh that hard about it you know.”

Well, what she said made me thought that I DO have some problems that I can’t talk anything back about.

To current date, I never played an Eroge that has a story that has a protagonist invite over a girl to play a Eroge over at his place. There might be that game, but I guess that’s  cruel action to the girl for sure.

But she didn’t mind about that, she laughed about it too.

“*sigh* I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time now, you are really something.”

“Did you only just notice?”

”Well, today I wore my best underwear-“

She stopped after that.

“I-It’s nothing!” before pushing me away, her face flushed with red.

What was she saying? I couldn’t hear her properly.

“So you want me to play it?”

She calmed herself down and asked me.

“Ah, yeah. Start a New Game then save it in any empty slot.”


And she started to play the game. The main protagonist started narrating and the heroines popped out. The BGM and narration rang out of speakers.

After many clicks….

“Umm, uhh, it’s kinda embarrassing that you are looking at me play”

Well, come to think of it. I’ve never forced anyone to play an Eroge game before. If  I was in her position, I’d feel the same.

“Ah. Well, I’ll go and do my stuff in that corner. And if you’re stuck, feel free to ask.”

“Okay, will do.”

And I took out headphones, plugging it in before handing it to her.

“Here, the sounds won’t get out.”

“O-Ok, B-but until I ask for help. Don’t look this way, understand!?”

“Okay, okay.”

Before I took out my laptop on the desk and turned away.

Well, time to play the game I borrowed from Tozaki then.

But for a guy and a girl sitting in a same room and play Eroge… It’s quite a weird situation.

And about five hours passed, the sky is almost dark. Dang, this legendary game I borrowed from Tozaki “Appeal Time” is quite fun.

I just completed one character, but the heroines in this game are really good.

And then when  I was about to find some info because I was curious about something-

Someone poked me from behind. So I took my headphones off.

“I can’t get the ending” Ayame talked with a depressing tone.

I looked at the screen with credits scrolling and a sad tone playing.

This game isn’t quite hard. Just focus on one character and  you’ll clear it just like any other games.

Except for one character.

In the very last moment of the game that the options just have a different ending image. But this character, the ending will be good or bad after they well, I’d say it needs a parent advisory for that scene.

If I ask this, it might be awkward. But I guess I need to ask for her sake.

“Uhh, that last scene in game. What did you choose? O-out or I-in?”

I was embarrassed that I couldn’t say it out straight.

Even if someone didn’t know about that, they might be able to imagine it.

“That scene?”

She had a puzzled look before she realized and her face to neck turned red.

”W-what!? W-why did you ask that!? Are you trying to sexually harass me!?”


If she said I’m sexually assaulting her, I’d be dead when I invited her to play the game!

“You have to choose “In”! Or you’ll get the bad end if you choose the other option!”

“H-h-h-how can I choose that!? I-i-i-i-i-f it’s i-i-i-i-in s—she will get p-pregnant”

As she spoke, her voice became lower and lower.

If I’m the kind of a sadist protagonist, I’d ask her like “What’s wrong with pregnancy eh?” and make her face redder than that. But I don’t want her to feel like that and I don’t have that kind of taste. That kind of dialogue might be one that used a lot in real life.

“I-it can’t be helped, you’ll know when you see the ending.”

When I said that, she mumbled to herself “In! In!” before turning back to the table.

And I turned back to the laptop, then after a while.

“Got it!”

She announced and the screen showed “True Ending”.

“I didn’t think that she had to get pregnant before they marry to get the good ending.”

The character she tried to get was the one from when it was set that way in the story, so that can’t be helped.

“Caan-can I ask something? If you are in that kind of situation, then you would always choose the out option?”

“W-well, YES! W-What’s w-wrong with it!?”

“W-well, it’s not wrong.”

“I’m terribly scared of that! Doing it without protection is bad enough!”

She said that out with a bit of tone. Seems that I need to stop her before things get real bad.

”I get it. Enough with this?”

“No! Since we got this far, I’ll just ask everything! I’m curious about many weird things in that!”

Oh no, she’s infuriated.

“W-Why is there no hair around that part!? What are they like that for? They’re so sick!?”

Oh, my, god. She started out with something really hard!

“The mainstream is that type for now!”

I struggled to answer that, even I have to resort to the answers that I shouldn’t resort to.

“Why did it turn out like that!?”

Some say it looks messy or maybe sometime it’s being eyed down which I don’t know the details!

For me, I’d say it looks pretty clean to me.

The real life wasn’t like that? I don’t want to know about that! How can I be interested in the real life stuff!?

“Then, next thing! Aren’t there too many girls that are virgins!? No, all of them!”

Here it comes.

“It’s the same as well!”

Well, it wasn’t like everyone is into that kind of genre. But there was one incident that the characters aren’t virgins and I ended up smashing the game.

I would say I got outwitted by an ad. That saying that’s an army of virgin girls! If I had known that before, then I wouldn’t have bought the game in the first place.

“W-why!? I heard that they said virgins are really picky, isn’t it!?”

“I don’t know too!? Maybe we don’t want to get compared with past boyfriends and the like! Or just really want to have first-time with first-timers too!”

“Well, that wasn’t all of it. The root of people who are in Virgin genre like myself are also with overly pure love too.”

“And what’s heavier? The feeling that want to be together with someone who’s a first-timer too is wrong?”

I know this feels sick saying out. And I know very well that people like myself are a rejected part of the society. Saying stuff ‘like we don’t have maturity, no self-confidence’.

These days they’re saying it like as though they’re having problem with relations, confused between real world and 2D world, daydreaming and such. But let them say what they want to say. I want to find my ideal girl, even if it’s only in 2D.

“So you like virgins more?”

She look me in my eyes and asked. I know this answer will judge my future, but I have the answer for that.

“Yes. I like them, yeah.”

When she heard that she said “Really?”

She calms down like all the rampage before that is nothing.


If she’s not a virgin, then that means for me to say I have no interest in you. Or she believes that she can have the charm like 2D characters, but she couldn’t believe that girls that aren’t virgins can come back to virgin.

Is she shocked of this? Or she’s-

“I’m baaaaaaack. Eh, these shoes, Oi! Ya SHAMELESS VIRGIN! Did you abduct a girl!?”

And my sister just got back home. Why at this time right now!?

”There’s tea here! Eh, that’s the person who came at our house last time!”

”Just shut up and go back to your room!”

”Whaaaat? Or did some character jump out of one of your games!? So she’s pretty!”

”Hell no! Look at her! Where are the polygons? She’s a real person!”

Ayame looked at us arguing with interest, making me uncomfortable before I gave up.

“Uhh, I guess I’ll introduce her. This is my younger sister, a first year. Her name’s Kiyomi.

”Aramiya Kiyomi, a first year! Nice to meet you!”

She’s acting out so cute and so lively innocent, I wanna slap her face now.

”This is Ayame, Ayame Kotoko.”

”Ayame-san is it? Eh, are you the person that people rumored about that you took out an entire biker gang and that big delinquent guy?”

Are her rumors spreading that far? This is the first time hearing about some big legend story about her in school.

“N-no, about the bike gang, that’s not true.”

”Then, what about you take 5 thugs out cold?”

“So the first years have been spreading rumors about that too? That one might be true.”

“Really!? Taking out 5 thugs isn’t something local anywhere!?”

“Wow! And why is someone like you hanging around with this douchebag!?”

“Don’t point at me! That’s rude! And what do you mean by douchebag!?”

“Eh, why are you getting angry? Even a group of paramecium or dung beetles don’t get that angry.”

Gah, if she was been born as a guy, I’d gladly accept that.

“W-well, he saved me and taught me a lot of things. So, he isn’t a bad brother.”

“Oh really? But the part about him saving people is not something he usually does.”

“He really did saved me in a dire situation from terrible men.”

“Did he really do that!?”

She is amazed that her jaw looks like they’re unhinged from their joints.

Really though, I only called the police. But for the sake of being a brother, I should shut my mouth about this.

“This guy must have only called the police as far as I know?”

Tsk. She knows about that too. Whatever, even if me and Ayame didn’t say anythimg. All of the truth would be in the shadows.

“But this is a waste for you. You should find someone who’s more better than this guy.”

“No, I should be a woman who’s good enough for him.”

Kiyomi’s face then looks like she was being struck by a lightning.

“EH!?!? This totally like heaven and hell!”

“Then I’m the hell?!”

“Have you been brainwashed!? Open your eyes!”

She’s getting ahead of herself now.

“Okkkk, thanks very much for bringing the tea! That’s enough and get out!”

I pulled Kiyomi and dragged her out.

“Eeek! Don’t touch me you pervert!”

“Shaddup, just get out!”

When my sister left, the room become more calmer. That was a waste of energy. I felt that she still had many things to ask, but forget about it. Besides, the atmosphere didn’t  look quite good. So she went back home for the day.


Next day, while I was on my way to school like usual. I saw Ayame waiting at the Mikata Kosaten.

(TN:   “三方交差点” or “Mikata Kosaten”  means a three-way crossroad.)

If she makes her way to my home, then my family will make a fuss about it. And letting her detour to my home is somewhat uneasy. And if she didn’t decide to do anything, we could just go in our own way to school, which might be the best thing to do.

“Lemme pick you up, please.”

But she won’t back out.

So I planned something with her. If she have to go the same way as me, so have her wait at that midway point.

And when we arrived at school gates. When she heard that, she says : “It’s like the game I played yesterday!” That kind of reaction like in some educational anime. Really, I didn’t meant for it to happen but… oh well.

“Morning, Aramiya. I was playing ‘Fate Arterial’ and…”

(Parody of “Fortune Arterial”)

She started off with the Eroge game right off the bat. I had a feeling she’s getting into it bit too much but I’m the one who gave her it to her. So I can’t complain about it.

“Oh, for that character, you start off with…”

We talked about those mature game stuff on our way to school.


I heard a childlike voice from the side and I knew to whom does this voice belongs. I turned and saw Hatsushiba running over this way.

“Morning~ Seems that you are getting close with each other,  eh?”

“No comment on that.”

Anything I say will end as a tease material for other people. So I better be quiet about this. But when Hatsushiba heard that, she suddenly looks gloomy. I don’t know  the reason why she made that face, but I didn’t expect it.

“What a pity…”

She said that before going through the school gates. Why did she say that?

“Aramiya, is it true about you and Hatsushiba…”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ayame looks quite a bit scary too.

After PE class, we headed back to classroom. I reached my hand into the desk, and started preparing for the next class. I took out all of the textbooks and took only the math textbook -and I quickly stuffed  all of them back in. I calm myself, before reaching my hand in again.

…I feel that thing in my hand, seems like it wasn’t just my imagination.

I start sweating, rapid heartbeat, my hands shaking. All of my automatic systems shut off my cool. I took that thing out, putting it in shirt pocket quickly. Before I slowly stood up.

“Hm? Where are you going?” Tozaki asked me.


“Why didn’t just you go on your way back here?”

“Nah, I just felt like it now.”

“Mmm, that sounds like some pop song. And that’s kind of lame.”

I let Tozaki say whatever he said and left the room.

I went to a nearby toilet, checking if there’s somebody in there before I went  in it.


My heartbeat was still going rapidly, and I was sweating all over myself.

I took the thing from my pocket out and looked at it. It was a light pink envelope with a ribbon sticker on it. I checked it again, looking at it again. It’s a love letter for sure.

…O-o-o-k, let’s see if this is just a prank or not.

Something that’s dusty in my heart puff up but… enough with it, don’t think about it. And I decided to open it, with my trembling hands. In there, it has a small note with cute cartoon animals. It’s written in curly letters saying:

”I have something to talk with you. Today after classes. Please come to the empty classroom at third building on third floor. I will be waiting.

The letter was written like love letter. Something that follow after manuals like these, I’ve  never seen once from the games I played and seen.

But the problem is…the name of the writer.

-Hatsushiba Yuuka’

“…Wait, what? Are you kidding me?”

What is going on with me??? After the classes were done, Ayame invited me to go back together but I declined. Saying that I have some business to do and told her to go home first. Then I went to wait at the library, but I can’t sit still.

Even though today is Friday, and after it is weekend that I can go back play games to my heart’s content. Luckily she made an appointment in school, but if it was a prank it might be:

“Wow! I caught a large idiot!” “That’s a large idiot indeed!” “Gahahahhahahahahahah!” for sure… If that’s was the point. But if this letter is real… I should go.

Because it said ‘I’ll be waiting’.

‘I’ll be waiting.’

Those are really some words there, like a curse. I might imagine it as a love confession but sadly, she wrote just only for a talk. Hatsushiba confessing can’t happen, it’s impossible to happen from the very beginning.

But not all the impossible. In a small chance of one in million, she might really confess. I’d turn her down for sure, but what words do I use for?

“Well, I’m… only interested in 2D Girls.”

This might work on Ayame who doesn’t talk with other people that much. But with Hatsushiba… this might spread throughout the room or whole school. It’s totally on a different scale.


I kept thinking and thinking until it was time. I prepared myself before walking to the meeting place.

I peeked into the room -and there she was, sitting on the table, not on the chair. The room was bathe in yellow-gold evening spring light with her, which looks really matching with the atmosphere.

If this was  in game, this will totally be in an Event, like PV of Makoto Kai.

“Oh, you came~”.  She greeted me like she usually does.

“I was wondering that if you don’t come, what should I do.”

“While I was wondering if this is a trap and such.”

“Hahaha! You are so cruel! What Yuuka-tan says is the most important thing for girls!”

When I heard her tone of voice, I felt something heavy in my stomach slowly pushing up before she continue speaking.

“I like…” She said like in a trance, like she’s joking about it.

“I like you, Aramiya-kun.”

She totally meant by my name, and I can’t run away from this.

Saying ‘I like Tozaki-kun, please help me.’ might be better than this.

Her sweet voice, that I almost mistake with a heroine in game speaking. Now I know exactly why Tozaki wanted to record her voice this bad.

“…Isn’t it too quick for this all of a sudden?”

“It’s always been like this. Yuuka-tan also gets confessed by some strangers quite often too.”

“Don’t compare yourself with someone like me.”

She chuckled.

“I’ve liked you for a long time, you didn’t know?”

“… Nope, not at all.”

Grr, there might be cameras in this room. But… I only have one answer for this.

“Sorry, but I-”


I was about to reject her proposal, but I couldn’t.

She looked away a bit, her cheeks flushed with red before saying:

“I know… that you like ‘those’ kind of games.”

I heard that and stuttered about.

“Wait!Wait!Wait! What are you talking about!? Really, I watch anime and play games but-”

“I know this from Tozaki-kun?”


That guy is a freaking parrot! Is his goddamn mouth made from feathers!? I curse him to the seventh Hell! [2]

“Yuuka didn’t expect about that. But Yuuka is a CV, I’d be happy if you like my voice.”

(CV: Character Voice. It refers to a person who voices characters in animes or games. It’s mostly used by Japanese magazines related to anime and games.)

“A… About that…D-did you tell anyone else about… it?”

“I didn’t tell anybody about this. I am still keeping it in my heart.”

She crossed her chest like it’s an important thing.

“D-did you know about this for a long time?”

This is bad, this is bad! I’m getting confused. Now it’s like telling her that I’m into that stuff! First off, the scene that’s like straightforward love confession. Eroges these days don’t include them a lot, so I don’t know how to deal with this.

“About last year. I started following you from that time.”

“I-I just recently knew about this.”

“Hmm, how dumb are you?” ( >3<)

I never thought that I’d hear the voice of a heroine from Eroge calling me dumb…

No, stop that thought! It’s still weird! I can’t see this coming! When Ayame was in trouble, and it was ‘I helped her’ situation so I could understand that! But in this case, there’s no connecting events and the like!

Even though ‘the future is unpredictable’, this is taking it way too far! If this was in game, everyone would be mad about the overtly self-suiting plot-writing! Also, I’m mad too for this in real life!

“Well, I didn’t see that from the start…”

“Umm… Yuuka has been good at acting for a long time. And Yuuka was scared that you’ll reject me. So I kept this in and hoped that you’ll come and confess to me… So I’m a coward, ehehe.”

Well, we did study in the same class last year, but have we ever talked? What I have ever done, to make her start liking me? I don’t remember anything that I did, not even any minuscule tasks like passing the documents or some sort.


She got down from the table before walking towards me while I walk back without knowing before I got cornered. This attacking aura is hella annoying!

“When Yuuka saw Aramiya-kun with Ayame-san. I got a bit of courage to ask this. Especially in the morning, you both look like a couple.”

“Uhhh, I already said that me and Ayame don’t have anything.”

“Then why do you stay around her?”

If I think about it. Yeah, why did I stay with her? Because of Kiriko sis to ‘change’ her? No, it’s because she’s sticking with me, saying she’ll be my ideal girl. And then, she got into those Eroge. So I helped her-


She poked her face in, interrupting my thought.

I smelled the sweet tangerine scent from her hair. The smell that wasn’t in the 2D world messed up my mind like a popcorn.

“If you don’t have anything much with Ayame-san, why not try going out with me?”

“Errr, ummm… N-no. I d-don’t have any interest in 3D girls…”

I collected what’s left of my mind to reject her outright/confession. I was driven to the corner that I had to say something I didn’t want to say. If she told about my hobbies to the class, my current state will totally be ruined. Really, just rejecting her will totally shake my school life. But to date a real girl… Just no, I can’t!

But Hatsushiba… did something I wasn’t expecting. She smiled before saying.

“Yuuka thought you would say that. But, you know~. There are some things that even 2D girls can’t do~.”

“W-why? Dating someone like me who’s an Eroge Otaku dude won’t do you any good.”

“Well~ it might be easier if love could be explained. I’ll teach you many fun things that real/3D girls can do while Aramiya-kun could teach me about ‘those’ games~.”

I now don’t really know  how to get out of this situation.

“Or~ are you that type that only accepts virgins?”


“Yuuka has done cover voices for characters so I know there are those types of people. But don’t worry, Yuuka is still a virgin. Not like Ayame-san that has those kind of rumors around her.”

“H-hey, Wait! Wait! Wait!”

Is she in these kind of departments!? That she knows about this really well.

I didn’t think that she knew that I’m into Virgin types!

“Please stop, I beg of you!”


After I said my desperate plea, she decided to head back

“Sorry, but Yuuka won’t give up”

Then she gave me a cute wink.

“Bye Bye Aramiya, I will be more aggressive after this, so prepare yourself.”

Before she walks out of the classroom with a cheery face.

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AN: Itadakimasu: A comon line Japanese people say before eating. Basically means “ Let’s Eat “ or “ Thanks for the Food “ in context to food. In general it translates to “ I humbly receive “.

Sensei: Means “ Teacher “ in Japanese.

Red Rice/ Sekihan: It’s sticky rice steamed with adzuki beans which gives it a red color. It’s a Japanese traditional dish often served on Special Occasions.

[1] Yep, this part is definitely referring to Aramiya thinking Ayame has customers from her (Rumored) prostitution work

[2] Arocks Edit: Aramiya is basically cursing his best Otaku friend to this,

Dai-jounetsu Jigoku, the hell of great burning, is much the same as Jounetsu Jigoku, only much hotter. The suffering here is equivalent to ten times more than all of the higher hells combined. This plane of hell is reserved for sinners who have committed all of the crimes listed previously in addition to physical crimes against Buddhist clergy — for example, raping a nun. The screams of the tortured souls here are so terrible that they can be heard up to 24,000 miles away. The power of this hell is so great that those who are to be sentenced here begin to feel their suffering up to three days before they actually die. The punishment on this level of hell lasts one half of an antarakalpa — a unit of time in Indian cosmology that is so unfathomably long that it defies mathematical description.

Yeah, he’s pissed.

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