Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 1

(Chuuko demo koi ga shitai)

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Chapter 1 – I’ll be the girl of your dreams, goddamn it!

Because I played eroge games last night, I didn’t get enough sleep even though today is Monday.

Yesterday, I was in a place where a sudden rape incident has happened, which had gone messy afterwards. Still, I managed to get back home and play my eroge games like nothing happened, but I had to fix the terminal that I broke earlier.

The broken computer is finally back to normal. I’m feeling a bit sorry for it after suddenly hitting it when it wasn’t even guilty.

But I’m putting all the blame on Fujiaki Shiori, that flawed girl… *Gahhh*, why did everything have to turn out like this?! If I knew this was going to happen, I’d rather be born as a tree or a weed. And why do these kind of bitches need to crush on my Utopia? For what reason?


I then arrived at my school, taking out my textbook for my first class as usual.

I looked around the noisy homeroom, before yawning again.

“You look sleepy, Aramiya.”

Tozaki Keita who’s sitting in the back greeted. I turned around my head only to see a medium sized dude. If it’s about his looks, it’s almost the same as ‘me’ that is common but the freckles on his nose are the difference.

“That’s because I played the game the whole night man.”

“The game that has your dream girl-like character?”

“..Don’t talk about it, I meant the next one.”

“Next one?”

“I’ll just explain the details later along with why that game is crap, classes are starting.”


The thing is…I’m an open-otaku, which means everyone in the room already knows about that. They think I watch anime, read manga and know a bit about computers but the part that I do play eroge games…I haven’t told that to anyone.

Well, talking about eroge games in the middle of the room at school isn’t quite the place. Still, a provincial school like our Mikage High School is a normal school, which has nothing special in particular like leading prestigious school. It’s like a delinquent confinement area or teaching some 18+ stuff.

So in this school, we have to keep our manners good, which we know very well.

Some stuff like this need to be kept as a secret. It’s the stuff that can’t be talked about in public.

I also can’t handle it when there’s someone shouting in the room about 2D-Girls, horny or about those types. And I don’t want to be counted as one of those and being trampled around. Just being an otaku, some people even declared that they are having nausea because they can’t stay in this world.

“Well, I’ll wait for it then.”

After I talked with him, the bells rang at the same time.

Tozaki started looking around the room.

“…Hmm, Hatsushiba isn’t here too? What a bummer.”

“You seem to like that girl.”

Hatsushiba is one of our classmate’s names, if I recall correctly. Her full name is Hatsushiba Yuka. If categorized, she’s one in the cute types. But that’s only one of the reasons why this guy likes her.

“I didn’t hear ‘Good Morning~♪’ and it doesn’t feel like a new day has started.”

She’s a seiyuu (CV : Cover Voice) but she only got the roles of background-like and secondary characters. Ah, come to think of it, she already got a secondary character role of an anime. If I recall, her voice is like the type that’s heard in eroge games.

She doesn’t come to school that often, due to her work.

“Tozaki, you should give up about it.”

“C’mon! Only her voice is fine! *sigh* the next time I see her, I wanna ask and record her voice.”

“…Err, bud. You can like someone and keep it quiet, that’s fine. But…”

Even though she’s a seiyuu, I can’t handle hearing her real voice. If from the speakers, that’s ok though.

While we’re talking, the classroom door opened.

The homeroom teacher arrives when the real classroom bell rang, so that person wasn’t the teacher.

The person who came in is a girl. She has long dyed brown hair and sharp eyes that might intimidate other people. But her face is in good shape that everyone says that she’s pretty hot, but none dared to speak about it.

I glanced at her a little bit but tried not to look at her eyes, while turning my whole face away.

I do what I usually do, trying not to get into trouble directly.

This girl is the infamous delinquent of the room- no, the whole school.

The girl who makes kids scream and cry, Ayame Kotoko.

And with that said, that person walks through the center of room, holding her bag over shoulder.

She walked passed my table- but instead she stopped in front of my table before looking down at me.

That stirred up an awkward moment in the room. People around me gave pity stares like ‘You are in BIG trouble.’…Wait, what!? She still didn’t do anything!

…But why is she in front of me!? Does she want something with me!?


She speaks bluntly, while her face blushed a bit. Well, it’s her talking to me.

And the class went into havoc.

“…What are you guys looking at? Who said you can look, huh!?”

But when she glared, the surrounding people become silent instantly.

And then she went to sit at her seat, making an angry face.

“Oi, dude. What did you do to her?”

Tozaki asked me in the most confusing tone.

“N…No! I didn’t do anything!”

Even though I study in the same room as her in our second year, I didn’t do anything to make her angry in the past.

Her legend has already spread towards the other rooms. So about me talking to her? nuh uh. I wouldn’t even dare to get close to her.

But why did she…Eh, wait?

If I recall, she looks like the girl who was assaulted yesterday. Her voice also seemed quite the same… Nah, it can’t be. It might just be someone else who looks almost the same as her.

And if it really was her, I still didn’t do anything that made her angry anyway.

I felt really bad and I looked back- at Ayame.

As I kept guessing, I don’t know why she stared directly at me. I felt a chill down my spine.

“You are so unlucky, being marked by some bitch like that.”

Don’t give me a pity whisper, damn you.

“She often causes trouble.”

He continues talking. I know about this and this really is a sticky situation, which I can agree.

Her behavior and actions that I heard were quite terrible.

“Getting into fights, skipping classes and doing anything whatever she wants.”

In reality, I never saw her getting into fights except skipping classes.

But yesterday, to think that was her is quite fitting because she seems to have a lot going on in her life.

Even in the end that she was ambushed. But being chased and able to, if it was me, I couldn’t do any of that.


For me, I only can ask the police and get on my knees and bribe them. If I bribed them, then I’m out of trouble, I’d say that’s worth it. Even though I secretly took a picture of them and quickly reported them to the police to get my money back.

“I don’t know if you know about this, but I heard it pretty often that she does some side stuff. Like a friend of a friend of hers paid her like 3 grand to her.”

A friend of a friend? Isn’t that like a freaking town legend? But according from the other rumors of her, if it’s true, then I’m not surprised. When she has that brown hair, wearing light brown and red school uniform of our school without any buttons on, and has no bow ties and folding sleeves. If the designer of the uniform sees this, he/she would be damned. She even wears accessories all over the place, that doesn’t make her look like a student at all. What’s more, she modified her skirt to be so long that it reaches down to her ankles along with a large silver chain.

“But losing 3 grand to that person, I feel bad for that money being wasted…”

I really feel that way. That much money can be used to buy 3-4 full priced eroge games.

But losing 3 grand on Ayame for what? She’s good looking, her body’s banging- her boobs are pretty big that you can see them, even with her wearing her uniform. Her hips are like some model… but when it’s a real person…

“Aramiya, your opinion is kinda…well. Whatever, her title is ‘used goods already”

“Who has that kind of title?”

“She already had that ever since from elementary.*sigh* It’s still on another level from Hatsushiba.”

“I don’t know why do you compare her with that, but…why did Ayame do that kind of business at during that time? Anyways, how did you even know that?”

“Well, I studied at the same place as her during in elementary school.”

Really? But whatever, even in elementary school, anything spreads fast…

(Hahahahahahahahah! Are you stupid? Who cares about people like you-)

…Ah, stop. With me recalling some bad things that happened there, I should stop now.

“But 3 grand for a second-handed stuff is still crazy anyways…”

When I said that, the bells rang, we stopped talking and Ms. Ohara came in.

“Let’s start the homeroom then.”

And the homeroom started with a sweet voice that doesn’t even fit for a 20 year old teacher.

After the 4th period, which is music class in which I chose, I came back to the room. I was planning to get some lunch with Tozaki like usual, but he’s nowhere to be found.

“Him? He got dragged away by Ayame.”

My roommate told me, but the context is kinda weird that I don’t get it.

“Got dragged- Wait, what did that guy do?”

“Dunno, when that guy came back from his arts class, he got dragged away instantly.”

“Wha- I gotta find his dead body then… Do you know where he went?”

“Hey, he’s not dead yet. I dunno where did they wander off to but I know they went to the opposite from the classrooms’ locations.”

“Ah, thanks. He’ll always be in our hearts.”

I don’t think he got kidnapped, or…has she heard us talking before homeroom?

Nah, no, we talk like even the nearby table can’t even hear us, how the hell will she be able hear that anyway?

Getting pummeled or assaulted for no reason, guess not…I hope?

And after the afternoon break ended, Tozaki came back.

He seems to look tired, but no bruises. So I was relieved for that.

“Hey, I heard you got dragged off. Have you lost like any parts of your body?”

“Oh, I still have all of them, only my body.”

He talked weirdly and looked at me like some sloth. What happened?

“Hah? What did you just say? I don’t understand.”

“You will know soon, I don’t know about that. Whatever, I’ll send you some offerings after.”

I feel that I don’t know what’s real or not real anymore.

“Has she heard us?”

“Hell no! I don’t know what will happen but please don’t hold any grudges against me for what I did.”

In the end, I still didn’t understand.

In the afternoon, I guessed Ayame skipped classes. So I didn’t see her for the rest of the day.


Next morning, I arrived at school normally. I sat in my seat and took out my textbook.

I do things I normally do at school which other classmates do as well, like talking with their friends or reading textbook before classes.

Usually it’s raining frequently, but today the weather looks good.

And then, the classroom door opened.


But it wasn’t like I needed to even care about it.

“Eh?” “What?” “That’s- are my eyes deceiving me?” “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

But then the whole room started looking as if they saw some monster coming into the classroom. I lost to my curiosity which made me look at the opened door.


I made a weird sound. For a moment there, I didn’t recognize that person.

But when I focused, I knew who that was.

Those eyes, that face. Those are the points that still haven’t changed. Along with the way she holds the bag across her back.

There’s no mistaking it. That’s Ayame.

But the things that she has changed were her hairstyle, coloring and the modified uniform back to normal uniform w/out chains.


I spoke without looking at the circumstances.

As I said, she changed from letting her hair down to tying her hair on the left and right with small, red ribbons –those are twintails that you usually see in anime and manga.

And her brown hair, turned jet black.

Looking closely, she didn’t even wear her earrings too.

Her changed appearance changed the atmosphere of the room into an awkward situation.


She gazed the whole room with her stare. Her face was saying ‘Don’t look at me.

…When I saw that, I’m now very sure that’s really Ayame.

Everyone quickly turned away and acted like nothing happened. The people faked conversations with the not so smooth voices like “Today’s weather looks good, eh?” while people who are reading have their textbooks upside-down. Seems everyone started to get REALLY confused.

“O-Oi! Aramiya!”

Tozaki grabbed me and turned me around.

…Seems I got way too confused too, that I forgot to turn around too!

She dominated all the people in the class with just her stare, and then she entered into the room.

Before, she stopped in front of me and looked down at me like yesterday.



That word came out immediately that my brain can’t even process it correctly. She went and greeted me. I might have misunderstanding this. So I rolled my eyes around and it seems that she really was talking to me.

“Ah…G-Good Morning.”

I replied with the most formal language tone as possible. Normally, when people greet, you greet back. And in this kind of situation, if you ignore or didn’t care about it, you are one step near into the grave- No, half of you would already be in the grave.

But her face showed hesitation.

I should be the one making that face! What the hell!? What’s going on!?

“I…I…didn’t lime u, you edieot!”

She really DID talk to me. I don’t understand, I just can’t understand. Also, did she got her tongue twisted when she’s saying that!?

Then she quickly went to sit at her seat without giving me a chance to reply.

My other classmates are acting like they didn’t hear anything.

In the end, I’m still in the bushes.

Answer her.’ Tozaki is giving me that stare and replied to him with a stare saying ‘Are you crazy?

The whole room went silent that the sound from the nearby class can be heard. Everyone was in a calm state that made the atmosphere even weirder.

“Oi, Tozaki.”

I squeezed my voice so low that only the two of us can hear. In this case, only this guy knows what’s going on.


He tried to avoid eye contact. His face looked kinda dubious for sure, actually, this guy’s face is not dubious but it’s like ‘How should I explain to you about this…?


“I…I didn’t tell her anything.”

“If you didn’t tell her anything, then what about yesterday that you said like ‘Don’t hold a grudge on me’ or ‘Send offerings.’ Huh?”

And his face showed as like ‘I can’t cover this anymore, eh?’ before he gave a large sigh then started talking.

“I got dragged by her to ask me about what you like, hairstyles you like or what hobbies you like to do.”

“W-Why did she ask you that? No, leave that aside for later, what did you answer?”

“I said like you like twintails, games and anime…if put correctly, 18+ games.”


I almost shout that out but I managed to lower my voice.

“You idiot! Why did you tell her that!?”

“Then what I’m suppose to do!? If I’m not honest, I’d be a dead man!”

“Being honest has its limits too! Didn’t you hear the proverb ‘Being too honest and you’ll have a long hard time’!?”

“But if I’m not honest, I’ll be in for a long hard time!”

Are you trying to make a good proverb? Nope, NG at all!

“Lemme tell you! I don’t understand what really happened yesterday! Being asked about you! I still am thinking that I was going to get for what stuff you have done!”

Well, it’s true though. If I got dragged by her, looked at me in my eyes and said ‘Tell me about everything Tozaki, and don’t lie.’ I might’ve done the same as him.

So, Tozaki isn’t wrong about this…but I’m still pissed.

“Wait, but about what? And yesterday you didn’t tell me what happened.”

“I can’t really recall it.”

What relationship do I have with Ayame? Wait, was it…the person who was being assaulted on Sunday really her?

I’m imagining that it was true or not. But I didn’t see her face.

“You really can’t remember?”

“I can recall it a bit, but not that much. I don’t have proof and I didn’t do anything that made her hold a grudge against me!”

“Just that? That means I’m gonna get unlucky with you?”

“I promise to the eroge game god that I’m not sure.”

“Eroge game god? Eros? Wait, that’s not important.”

He’s still playing jokes in these circumstances.

“Well, if you say it like that. That might be true.”

“Right? Right?”

Having people agree with you is a good thing.

“Aramiya, Tozaki, when will the two of you be done with your chit-chat?”

I jumped and looked at the source of the voice, where Ms. Ohara is standing there, making a troubled face at the podium in front of the board. Was I absorbed into the conversation that long, that I didn’t hear the bells or saw the teacher?

“I’m sorry…” “Sorry…”

Me and Tozaki apologized which she replied “It’s Ok.” And gave us a smile.

Then before she called out to the class, she looked around at my other classmates.

“Ah, Ayame. I see you dyed your black hair back, I’m happy to see that.”

“Huh? I didn’t do that for you.”

“Eek! I’m sorry!”

She got terrified so easily. Well, she’s just being a teacher. A teacher this young and having to deal with a student like Ayame –maybe she was forced to do it- I suddenly felt pity for her.

“T-T-T-Then, let’s s-start the homeroom.”

And the homeroom started with a stuttering voice.

During classes, that atmosphere that was still lingering until afternoon break withered a bit.

Even though everyone forgot about it, I still didn’t think that I have auditory hallucination that Ayame said “I…I…didn’t like you, you idiot!” (My translation). But, she’s kind of a tsundere like in the manuals..

Only the word, Tsundere. Currently it has many meanings for it and they are different for each person. I haven’t heard this word in a long time that it slowly turned into something original.

But I felt that Ayame spoke like a quacky Tsundere. Those kinds are not otakus and guessed by themselves how tsundere people are by mimicking them. But she was tongue-twisted on that, so she can’t even imitate it perfectly.

But whatever, everyone has their own meaning of it, just whatever they will do, I’ll accept it.

“Tozaki, let’s get some grub.”

“Ah, ok ok. All this talking makes me even hungry. I wonder what they have for today.”

Usually we eat at the school cafeteria. The food tastes quite decent but they are given out a lot and are quite cheap.

Besides, when I first started doing part-time work, my parents didn’t give me allowance since then. So, cheap is good and if there’s nothing in my stomach, I’ll have no energy for today’s afternoon lessons.

“So then, what should we eat? Let pick those before going so-”


But when I was about to leave, I just heard an extorted sound from behind.

And that weird atmosphere came back.

The surrounding sound became a bit quieter.

Just like in the games, the BGM tones down when there’s a conversation.

We slowly turned around.

It was Ayame.

It was her for sure, I recognized her voice.

But when she changed her hair to black twintails, she did changed a lot even though I would’ve preferred it if she let it down if it’s black hair.

…Wait, why did I think about real life girls and besides she’s some already used goods already.

Now I have to evade this girl who seems to be investigating or trying to chase me down. Those games tell me that I need to look at another person’s behavior and dialogues. Also, I should be aware at all things, even with the tiniest bit of details.

“Are you going to eat at the cafeteria today?”

“Eh? You mean me?”

“I didn’t mean you, Tozaki. F*ck off.”

“As I guessed…Well, I’ll take my leave.”

And he quickly left like he was prepped for it.

Tozakiii, why did you give me that ‘Good luck, pal!’ face!? Grahhh, why does he get to survive from this!?

I answered him back with my stare of ‘Good luck, my ass!’ but I don’t know if he understood that or not.

When I slowly turned back to Ayame like a robot that’s about to break down, I saw her making quite a scrunched face, not like she’s angry or anything, but flustered.

“You mean me?”

I asked her in fear, which she nods.

“Are you going to the cafeteria? Or not?”

“I-I’m going…”

I accidently responded politely to her, even though she’s a classmate. But what can I do, I’m scared.

I’m too scared that I don’t even know when her fists will fly into my face. Every movement, every action she shows becomes a stance ready to throw out a fist. Her eyes look like ‘I’m ready to fight whenever you want.’

Will a hunter who lost his gun in front of a wild, dangerous beast feel the same way like this?

“T-Then, T-Take this!”

Ayame said as she took out her fist- No, a quite large wrapped cloth bag.

The size of it is quite big enough for a lunchbox…Eh, a lunchbox?

“Is t-that…a lunchbox?”

“A-Ah, ummm, yes. I m-made it.”

A girl making a lunchbox for you, is quite a dreamy thing.

But I’m hesitating and scared more than happy.


Let’s see…what If the person that I saved on Sunday REALLY was Ayame.

Even though I helped her in a dire situation, I didn’t intentionally helped her. I was going into a dangerous situation myself too and I decided to do something which turned out like that.

In real life, there aren’t any flags that can make that kind of situation happen. There’s no such situation where you like drop your napkin then some girl picks it up and return it to you or a girl childhood friend or even a sister who adores her brother. THOSE. ARE. IMPOSSIBLE. There’s only my sister who said to me, I can’t even get up to a teacher!

So, saving a girl doesn’t give you any flag! No, someone like me doing it is pointless anyways!

“F-For me?? Why?”

“J-Just take it! Will you take it or not!?”

No answer too? This game is really crappy. Gimme the wiki page for a walkthrough now.

  • “Refuse.”


I have foreseen my future that if I decide to refuse! I know that I’m just imagining it..but!

At this point, it’s only ‘Accept’! Or the three choices that appear are ‘1 : Eat’, ‘2 : Munch’, ‘3 : Stuff it down’. So it still ends up with one choice anyways!

“T-Then, I-I’ll take it then?”


And with that, I just got the pale green bag from her, which is quite heavy.

“And l-let’s…”

She mumbled like she wants to tell me something more.


She said that before running away.

I ended up standing there, in the middle of a pit of gazes from my classmates that are stabbing me.

Seriously, should I dump this?

But food isn’t wrong for anything. For me, do I have a crime that needs to be cleared? ..Maybe?

“What does she want from all of this?”

I asked myself, as my voice dissolved into the air.

I carried the bag to some hidden corner outside of the building. If someone sees me, they would be aware about this. But whatever, it’s still early spring, and the air is quite ok. Eating outside is just another experience. I can’t eat this with all of those people eyeing down like that after all.

“Let’s see what’s inside…”

I sat on the grass, unwrapped the cloth and saw a 2-layered waxed lunchbox.

When I opened the cover, an array of colorful food was seen. Egg rolls, sausages, hamburger, potato salad, and even stewed bamboo shoots.

“..Wow, this looks tasty.”

I complimented straightforwardly without me realizing.

Even more than that, after I removed the first layer, the second layer’s filled with seasoned rice.

This looks tasty too, did her parents cook this? But…wait?

“A-Ah, ummm, yes. I m-made it.”

Made? Cook? Ayame? Cooked all of this?

“I…I just don’t get it.”

Even with the egg rolls, she might have burnt them to crisp, but this is a beautifully yellow-gold.

“I guess I’ll try it? Hopefully she didn’t put poison in it?”

And I held the chopsticks that came with it.


I picked the egg rolls, took a bite of it, while fearing for what’s about to come after.


Even it is slightly a bit sweet, the taste is good and there’s no poison or anything at all. Overall it’s delicious! Even more delicious than my mom’s, what the heck?

Then I tried the side dishes, and all of it was really delicious. She didn’t make new flavors or any other specifications, but it’s just normal with mellow taste. Especially the stewed bamboo shoots, those were super good. The ingredients are all good, but it’s the flavor that I liked the most. The Shoyu, with its light taste of fish stock and mirin. Also, it goes in very well, and the taste of bamboo spreads in my mouth.

After 5 minutes, the food’s gone.

…I guess I’ll clean it before giving it back.

When I headed back to my classroom, I found her at the door to my classroom.


She greeted hesitantly.

“A-Ah, thank you for the lunchbox, it was really delicious, I mean really.”

When I said that, she looked surprised.

“R..Really? T-Thanks for the compliment…W-what did you like the most?”

“The stewed bamboo shoots.”

“T-That’s my best dish. That’s a relief…”

Then she sighs, did she really tried making it for me?

“A…And you gave your lunchbox to me? Is that even ok?”

“Ah, umm, don’t worry. I made mine too.”

So she made 2 of them?…Just don’t think anymore than this.

“Then I’ll clean it and return it back…”

“N-no! No need to!”

She snatched the bag from me.

“W…Well, see you!”

Before she ran off..Again.

Our classes aren’t that way, or is she going to skip the classes?

…And she did.

The afternoon classes ended smoothly for now.

After school, I’m not sure but because of her skipping classes, the atmosphere became unusually normal. Even though everyone is still looking at me with pity or curiosity that I can’t even stick to my seat secretly.

“Students who don’t have club activities, please go home immediately, don’t dilly dally. All right then, class dismissed!”

When class has ended, there are those that started going to their clubs. Some went home, while others are doing classroom chores or student meeting.

Today I don’t have to go for part-time work, so I can go to my club –actually it’s a gaming club, or going back home. But wait, I still haven’t finished with the game yet, so it’s decided that I’ll go home then.

“I’ll be going first then.”

“Ah, see ya tomorrow.”

I gave him a farewell stare before I packing my stuff before leaving.

But when I headed out of the door- I bumped into her again.


Me again!? How many times- no, are you still in school!?

…But wait, come to think of it, her bag was still at her seat…

Hey, nononono, forget about that! What does she want with me? My sixth sense, please help me about the forecoming danger.

“W-What do you want from me?”

I said it out politely again.

“C-Come with me for a sec!”

Then she grabbed my arm. Gah!

She held me so tight that I can’t shake her hand off.

Students who are preparing to go home peeped at us but she looked back at them like “What?” that made them move out of the way as well as look away. Is she Moses reincarnated!?

There are a lot of stone figures that are standing faced into the wall.

…But there wasn’t a hero who would come in to save me. So cruel.

But I already predicted this. If I wasn’t her target, I would do the same as well.

And if I resist, then I’d get a fist planted into my face. So I didn’t resist and went along with her.

Even though we reached the place, I might get pummeled by her. But making that certain moment end faster, I’d trade everything for that.


I got dragged to behind the school building, which is the spot that people don’t pass by that much.

Should I yell if anything goes wrong? How many punches will I get until help arrives?

…And why is my brain processing everything and ends being punched in every case?

Even though, I don’t know what reason is.

Is it because I’m afraid from the pressure coming from her?

….and I am trying to figure out what’s this all about.

I don’t even know what’s going on at all.

Is it because I’m scared of the pressure coming from Ayame in front of me?

“S-Sorry that I dragged you out here like this….”

“I-it’s okay…Ma’am.”

“Look, stop talking so politely already. We aren’t even in class right now.”

“I-I’m so sorry—ahh, eeeh, uuum, sorry..”

I went and apologized to her politely again.

She went through the trouble to say this. I guess I won’t get punched until I crumple.

But if it’s that, then I might have to be careful for her to not beat me too much…


But both of us are suddenly quiet, just let me go dammit, I’m in a hurry…!

“The thing is..”

Finally, Ayame spoke up.

“Ah, Errm”

My mouth kept shut, until there’s no sound coming out from me.

“Are you going out with someone or not?”


This girl, what is she saying?  If I was seeing someone right now, would she drag that unlucky person out here then!?

“I-I-I’m not right now!?”

I answered as I was awfully scared, so scared that I don’t know what I should be scared of.

…But why should I be so afraid of someone like her?

When those gangsters assaulted her on Sunday, I got the shivers much colder than this.

Is it because this girl is way more terrifying than those gangsters?

Right now, I’m thinking about what’s way scarier right now, but what could it be…? The kind that’s freaky?

“It’s true that you’re not dating someone, right?”

“Ah, err…”

Stay calm, I’m not sure if it’s about that’s the case. If she hasn’t spoken yet and I just assumed, I might embarrass myself, and hopefully that something I recalled from my past that traumatized me, doesn’t haunt me forever.

But after all of that thought of thinking, my mind then became blank.

“Then, let me get to the point.”

Ayame pretended to be bashful, but is going to say something anyway.

“I want to be your girlfriend.”




“How many times do I have to say it!? I-I said, I WANT TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!”

“B-because why?”

I accidently asked why. I can’t even accept what just happened.

“Y-y-you s-s-saved me d-during that time….that’s why!”

“Whe- Eh…t-then the person who got assaulted yesterday was…”

“Y-You didn’t know at all or what!? W-well neither did I! Because you saved me, I managed to easily survive! You came to save me when I thought I wasn’t gonna survive, and here I am now!”

Her explanation is finished—b-but, hold on a minute…!

“I-is that all?”

All I did was save her when she was assaulted and with that she fell in love with me? That was too easy for me to do!

“Am I wrong or what? I-I-I was so happy t-that you saved me…!”

Ayame’s face became all blushing red, she’s really serious?

“I-it’s true, I wanted to thank you ever since then, b-but, this is my first time experiencing this kind of feeling, I can’t understand it myself that it’s distracting me…”

When Ayame finished what she said, she then pressed her lips together, I calmed down.

“S-So…! What’s it going to be!?”

Then she tried getting an answer out from me, but I’ve already got an answer for her.


After I gave my answer to her, Ayame’s face that was all blushing red at first faded away and became pale.

…Coming from Ayame, I can tell something’s wrong.

“…Can you tell me why?”

She spoke in a low-toned voice…Aah I might definitely get a beating from her.

But I did have a choice I could make here!

“I..I’m only interested in 2D girls…”

“Eh- 2D girls…?”

“Let me say this clearly, I’m only interested in girls who are from games that are +18 rated.”

Why did I have to explain it to her? Didn’t she know already?

“H-Haaah? So you’re interested in girls from games than me!?”

“Y-Yes! What’s wrong about it?”

“Those kind of girls aren’t real!”

“So what!? The girl of my dreams only appear on my computer screen (She’s not real), that’s all that matters!”

“I-I even went through the trouble of changing myself! Hobbies, hairstyle, even the way how I speak!”

She definitely got this info from Tozaki! She’s right spot-on. I really do like girls with black hair, which are tied into twin tails..

She’s taking it too far and with conveying her feelings to me, but I have no interest in real life girls whatsoever.

But it seems that there are some things Tozaki did not tell her, like that I do not like secondary goods, condemned goods, defected goods or ‘Used Goods’!

Why did I have to talk about my interests and hobbies with him, when he wouldn’t do the same…!

If the girl is not like someone in a game or is a 3D type, I would drive her away!

For now, I might either get beaten up or verbally insulted  in anyway—there’s no way I want her to do this to me!


Aaah, oh crap, I reflexively looked at her with fear on my back.

“That’s fine…”

She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. Oooh, please don’t punch me too hard!


EEEEEK…! I can’t run away! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!

“You just want me to become much cuter than those girls you see in anime and games, that’s what you want right!?”


Ayame just said something pretty unbelievable for me to take, but I couldn’t get that in time

“I will become your dream girl! I will become her, just you watch!

No way, why isn’t she giving up!?

“Wa-, be careful. T-there’s a dark void between the 2D and 3D.”

“That doesn’t matter. I won’t lose!”

Ayame then let go of her hand.

“Be prepared, I will become your dream girl, just you watch!

She declared her declaration, and then she left me all alone, just by myself.

“For her to become my dream girl? She’s serious…but how is she going to become my ideal exactly…?”

She’s definitely serious for sure, or will she transform from herself (The real thing/3D) into a 2D?

Let’s say at least I didn’t get punched, so I’m already lucky. That’s what’s important.

But even so, I must do what I can to make sure she doesn’t even try a single punch on me…

But if I think about what might happen later, I might get a socking, so I might as well let that happen and get it over with…

I could become a target for Ayame for a while.



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  1. Just read the manga and hoped that there was a novel version, used google and here i am, thanks for the chapter and the hard work in translating & edditing!
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  2. First, thanks a lot for all the hard work with your translations, i know it’s not easy.

    Now i just wanted to report that most of the ilustrations of this novel are gone :/, it would be great if you can uoload them again.

    I hope you guy see this message, thanks.


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