Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Afterword

Chuuko Afterword

From the Author

Hello everybody. Nice to know all the dear readers from GA Bunko Publisher. I’m Gakutada Ota, no actually, Noritake Tao.

This light novel has been publicized on a website named “Shousetsuka ni narou (let’s become light novel writers)” around ten years ago. But right now it has become a book version already. At that time, I was thinking that it could not be printed into books at all. But it was because I was very desperate to write until I could not be patient any longer so I used my alias to upload onto the internet anyway. Then when GA Bunko Publisher asked me to make it becoming a book like this, so I felt extremely excited. They seemed to be truly brave you know!

In that case, I have to thank each different individual from the following. The thing that I’m proudest of is the fact that this piece of work finally has illustrations already! The images of Mr. ReDrop are regarded to be really suitable! Ah, the old person of Ayame is really terrifying. If I see her, I would surely hide from her (shaky voice).

And I have to thank Mr. M for accepting me to be the assistant. Thank you for all the different opinions as well! Each page of the book may probably have to ask for (surely) again. Would you mind helping me.

In this occasion, I have to thank Professor Akamatsu Awamaru for providing me some help as well!

I also want to highly thank all the related people in the process of publishing this book.

Every person who shares the opinions on the website “Shousetsuka ni narou” are truly counted towards my motivation!

And finally, I have to thank every single person that cannot be found at most, for reading this book too.

January 30, 2015


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