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Admins MIA

Two matters to bring to your notice:

First, the owner of the site and his little brother, Kondee and Danny are still missing and out of contact. As such, we’re lagging behind in work with no substantial leadership and we have one translator for four projects at the moment, so yeah work’s slow. Till those two come back, we’re mainly going to progress ever so slowly on Earth’s project: Succubus tensei.

That said, let’s come to the second matter. Yeah, remember how I said “we’re back in action… Kind of”? If you don’t, scroll down a bit. If you do, well that still stands. And to show for it, here are three chapters from Rune Troopers, volume two.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Translators: Dannyskr (MIA), Kondeemag (MIA)

Editors: Crywolf941, Pratomoastan

People who sat back to drink coffee while those above worked: Arocks141… Wait where are the other names?!

Enjoy! ^^
– Arocks141


Back in Action… Kind of…

Hello to all our readers and sorry for the delay.

There have been a lot of things going on for the staff here at Kondee’s irl, and as such, none of us have been able to proper finish the TL and editing work on any of our projects. For that, we offer you our sincerest apologies.

HOWEVER!! We are now somewhat back in action and you can now expect some of our works to start getting updated again.

We’re starting off with Succubus tensei’s chapter 15, introducing our probationary Editor, Bethmoonfang.


Arocks141 from Kondee’s Translations ^^

Earth2543 on study leave!

Dear fans of succubus ni tensei,

You guys are wondering why we have not been posting anymore new chapters of succubus ni tensei right? Earth2543 wishes to focus on his university entrance exams. He will be back on March this year. So please be understandable and do not flame us for this. Give him time please. Also, most of our editors will definitely be back in a few weeks to edit all the remaining chapters. That will be all

Kondeemag from kondee translations team.

Apologies announcement

Dear kondee tl fans,

You guys are wondering why there are no new chapters right now ever since our vacation ended right? Because our editors are currently in real life business with their personal problems. So us translators can’t risk posting something unedited until they clean them up. Do you guys wanna read then complain about our grammar mess? It’s not our fault our English isn’t our first language, and we get people complaining to us about our tl qualities. So my apologies for not releasing any chapters right now. Us translators aren’t good in editing as our main editors, as they are unavailable. So please try and be patient. That would be helpful okay?

Thank you,

Kondeemag of kondee translations team.

A fun fanfiction story made up by Arocks141

Hello everyone,

those of you that were following this site. You guys thought a new chapter of a series is out. Turns out, NOT! It’s a fanfiction story one of my Editors decided to do for fun. Personally, I think it’s really amusing to read. This is a story based on a squad within the discord server. Don’t worry you all, we’ll be done with the Chuuko volume 3 2nd chapter by tomorrow, although we’ll need to edit it first before that happens, but the unedited version will be up on Patreon, probably tomorrow for those who are already supporting the team.

Anyhow, please check out the story below our super rookie editor, Arocks141, has cooked up for us.

Author: Arocks141

Editor: Arocks141

Military Otaku Firing Squad

Thank you,

Kondee Translations team


Winner of the Gift card giveaway contest!

Our winner for this contest is: Pietro40. Pietro, if you are online now, please respond on here, or discord or email, that will be fine, and I will send you your gift card very soon.  Those of you who did enter it, better luck next time on the next round. The next round’s prize will be a $50 dollar gift card this time. Hope you all have much better luck by then.

See ya in the next Round!

Kondee Translations team!


Hello everyone,

Like we mentioned. Well, we’re kinda slow with this project. We definitely are going to think about turning Nanana’s buried treasure into a side project, and swap status roles with Rune Troopers instead, because honestly, we can’t make three projects important right now, unless we have one more translator who’s willing to translate this series. As for Kaiman, unfortunately, he’s got his mood swings that brought him to depression again. So we’re doing what we can to cheer him up by having possibly translate a series to his liking for the long time being, so Nibih will take care of the translation of the first volume for the rest of its chapters, until we can find a translator who’s willing to join us and help.

Anyhow, if you all like this series, please support the author for it, even though the series is officially finished. SUPPORT HIM!

Also, please support the team on Patreon here if any of you could to help us speed the translation progresses up.

Translator: Last_Aeon

Editors: Nibih and Aroks141 (Application process pending)

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Thank you, Kondee Translations team