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Rune Troopers Volume 1 Chapter 2 Finished!


that took me a while to get it done. Honestly I wanted to do complete tling this tomorrow, but I figured it’d be best to do so now, instead of letting you fans of Gate jsdf wait around impatiently Anyhow, I’ll get started with the third chapter with my Brother when we have the extra time, so you guys enjoy it. Anyway, I think things are going to get real intense with some action in the third chapter, since there are only 3 parts of them, which may take a little bit longer for us to tl them than the parts of the second chapter, but I think we’ll manage just fine. Also, do not forget to support us on our patreon page if you truly want to support the project. So, this post wraps things up for the whole 2nd chapter, better wait for the first part of the third chapter to arrive then.

Translators: Dannyskratch

Editor: Crywolf641

Part 13

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Hello Everyone,

Here it is. And once again, be sure to thank Earth2543 for his hard work on this chapter, . Earth is going to be quite a bit busy with School, but he will not abandon this side project of his, along with the editors as well. And be sure to support us on patreon, should help us translate faster or if you guys truly want us to turn this project into one of our primary ones as well. So here’s the link below or the chapter. Be sure to enjoy if you guys really can.

Chapter 4

Translator: Earth2543

Editor: Dannyskratch

Thank you Kondee translations team (Earth2543 in particular)


What up everyone?

As you can see here. We’ve managed to finish up 2 more parts for the 2nd chapter of vol 1 for rune troopers. . Nanana’s tl progress is still going fine and should perhaps be done before the end of this month for chapters 3-4. Earth2543 is doing fine for his side project too. As I have said, we’ll turn Rune troopers into an official project, if we can get at least 20 patrons in total on our patreon page here. Once we have finished the first volume, we won’t continue onto the second, unless you guys seriously want us to. Only one more part after this, then we’ll drive you guys into some exciting action of the third chapter of the first volume. So here you go folks, and ENJOY!

Chapter 2:

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Translators: Kondeemag+Dannyskratch

Editor: Crywolf641

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Rune Troopers Volume 1 parts 7-9 of chapter 2

What up everyone?

As you can see here. We’ve managed to finish up some parts of Rune troopers for the second chapter. Nanana’s tl progress is still going fine. Our other translators have started their work, this includes both Last_Aeon and Earth2543. Also, once we’re done with the whole first volume, we’ll stop it for a while, unless you guys want us to make it an important official project for us. If you really support it, then subscribe to us on Patreon here. If we can at least get 20 patrons, of any pledge option, then we might consider it. Nonetheless, we’ll keep translating the whole volume 1 until it is finished.

Anyway, here you guys go

Chapter 2

part 7

part 8

part 9

Translators: Dannyskratch + Kondeemag

Editors: Crywolf641+Greyknight

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Rune Troopers Volume 1 parts 5+6 of chapter 2

Hello hello.

Well, things are getting interesting as we keep translating through the parts. Forgive us if you find a pun which you might find amusing or you may not get it. We had a hard time cracking the pun, but do not blame us. If anyone knows what the pun actually is trying to imply as a joke, feel free to tell us and point it out. On the other hand, don’t forget to support us on the patreon page if you want us to make Rune troopers equally as important as our main 2 projects.

Translators: Kondeemag +Dannyskratch

Rune troopers volume 1

Chapter 2:

part 5

part 6

Editors: Crywolf641

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Rune troopers Volume 1 Prologue+Chapter 1

Hello everyone,

as you could see in this post, apparently someone on discord pointed out to us that hellsatan never actually completed the parts that were supposed to be translated for the first chapter. So my brother and I did what we can. For the prologue, our editors decided to make the prologue a much better version than hellsatan’s. Also, you enjoy this light novel side project and really wish to support it (possibly converting it into our third official project), please consider checking out the team’s Patreon! Most of the money will be going to kondee and Dannyskratch to suppor their parents.

Translators: Dannyskratch+Kondeemag



Chapter 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyarukara Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure Volume 10 chapter 1

Hello everyone,

we’re so sorry that we weren’t able to get this series updated in a while. But, someone requested that we finish off the 10th volume for the sake of letting people know what happens in the end. We also did this tl mostly by ourselves, but our tlc gave us assistance with our translation. Also, Baka tsuki is starting to pick it up starting from the 6th volume. So we kind of fear we may never finish before them. But, if you wish to support this seris and increase the speed of releasing chapters? Check out our Patreon page, you’ll have access to early unedited chapters of the series of any volume we try to tl. The donations mainly go to support kondee and Dannyskratch’s college and family life. Anyhow, here’s the link so enjoy.

Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyarukara Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure Volume 10 chapter 1


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Editor: Dannyskratch

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