About me

I am a proud Otaku living in Thailand, happy to spread happiness and joy to those who can’t find light novels that are supposed to be published after anime were adapted from them. Established in 21/2/2016, after trying to find a couple of online light novels to read for free, but ended up getting frustrated because no translation web page is doing anything. After this page first got created, more people started joining this group, but it’s not flourishing enough yet. Although, we are happy to accept any assistance from anyone who has talent in being fluent in  English, Thai and Japanese. I’m still learning Japanese in most of my free time, in hopes that I can easily read light novels in that language

In other words, we are now a small group trying to start a translation project website, to satisfy those who couldn’t find what they wanted to read online.

On the other hand, we know some Japanese, but a few of us are still learning with our best as we could to get better, but use light novels that have been translated in Thailand to compensate our lack of Japanese. All of us are students in college, so we may not be able to release the translated chapters of some series quite frequently, since we’re still a small group in Thailand, but we are still proud the be the first though. And we will still do our best to give your light novel readers what you wish to read to your hearts content.

I kondeemag myself am now in the prestigious University of Mahidol, who hasn’t decided on a major yet. I fell in love with Anime when I was in my Sophomore year of High School, since life felt pretty boring during at that time. I graduated on June 23rd of 2015 from an International School in Bangkok.

My little brother, joined the team and is Vice administrator on September September 18th of 2016, when I couldn’t run the whole team by myself.

If you wish to speak to me about anything, if you have questions. Speak to me through this e-mail:


Or you guys can chat to me on discord


One thought on “About me”

  1. Keep Up the Good Work! I can understand u as many don’t do translation. I want to learn Japanese but because of school and other personal stuff, I barely have any free time. Hopefully this group will continue to grow.


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