Omae o otaku ni shiteyaru kara ore o riajuu ni shitekure volume 4

Hey hey guys. Sorry that we did not respond to you fans and your needs in these past 3-4 weeks. Kondee and I have been prepping for our finals exams for this semester. So we didn’t have time to be playing around in this website or tling at this moment. But we’ll both be finished on July 22nd, which is Kondee’s birthday. So when that day arrives, be sure to wish him that. But here’s the fourth volume. You can expect the fifth volume to arrive in probably around next month. Anyways, I gotta go hiatus for 2 weeks for me ot make sure kondee and I don’t get kicked out of uni. So support us through patreon in any way you guys can. Got it please? Thank you

Dannyskr, Kondee translations team.