Completion of Chuuko Volume 2 and Volume 3 Chapter 1!

Hello everyone,

*Whew*, I finally finished the whole 4th chapter of the 2nd Volume of Chuuko. It was really hard to Translate the words in my language about the word that easily rhymes with “grape”, involving unwanted intercourse. You guys might also wanna thank to both Last_Aeon and Earth2543, who both translated the epilogue and Volume 3 Chapter 1 separately and individually, since they’re both much faster than I am, although Earth did like nearly the first half of the fourth chapter. Anyways, one of my editors “greyknight” will be on study leave for his University final exams. Whilst me and Kondee have midterms coming up for two-three weeks.  Also, you guys might start to understand that why Eve did those things to make Aramiya lose faith in “3D girls”, before you guys go and characters, read their pasts/backstories in the later chapters before you guys start making final conclusions about them, cuz as I read the whole volume 2, I kinda felt like it wasn’t quite Eve’s fault though. Well, it’s not like I can make you guys change your opinions on characters in stories though. Anyhow, I’ll try and work on Nanana for like 3-4 pages a day while studying and doing my midterm, as stress relief from studying alright. Anyhow, enjoy the chapters right below, I’m gonna go and take a huge breather with my PS VITA! *uuuggghh*

Note:  Don’t mind the unedited parts, my 3 active editors will fix them.

Volume 2 Chapter 4

Volume 2 Epilogue

Volume 3 Chapter 1

Credits                           Translators

Volume 2 Chapter 4: Earth2543 (45%), Dannyskr (55%)

Volume 2 Epilogue:    Last_Aeon

Volume 3 Chapter 1:  Earth 2543

Thank you, Dannyskr and Kondee translations team


6 thoughts on “Completion of Chuuko Volume 2 and Volume 3 Chapter 1!”

  1. Thanks a lot for your translation 😀 they are awesome and i know it’s a big effort, keep the great work!!

    Kinda SPOILERS!!!

    PS: En response to Eve, yeah now i feel bad for her too, i knew something was odd but she is not a bad person.


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