Chuuko demo koi ga shitai. Drama CD 1 Act 1!

Hello our followers.

Our team’s drama cd subtitling for the whole first act of the first volume. Please forgive our editor ‘Nibih’ who had some technical issues with his laptop while subtitling the drama cd. 

But here’s a condition: You’d definitely need to wear headphones or get any speakers that can give you a clear audio from the video, due to the fact that we got our audio source downloaded from somewhere on youtube. So we apologize for that. 

If any of you have a good idea of how we can get rid of the sounds that block the audio without remaking the whole thing again, please do so and tell us how. Also ut’s our tlc who did the translating, but will not be named for privacy reasons. We will start the second act, just wait for our tlc after his business is done. Furthermore, do not to support us through patreon! It’s something we can grant to a particular selfish request, provided that you choose to click on that pledge option. Also our editor Nibih will be on hiatus for study leave, but will return on around June!


TLC: Not named

Editor: Nibih

Video link:


One thought on “Chuuko demo koi ga shitai. Drama CD 1 Act 1!”

  1.     ∧,,∧ 
       / ^ω^ヽ THANKS!
     _ノ ヽ ノ \_ NEPU!!!
    `/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
    (  (三ヽ人  /  |
    | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
       |( 王 ノ〈
      / ヽ_/  |
      |  /  ノ


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