Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 2

Hello our followers.

We managed to get this chapter of the second volume finished for Chuuko. But for Nanana, one of our Translators will definitely get it finished before the 23 of this month (Hopefully so). Our midterms for this semester got in our way a bit. So please understand. Kondee’s leadership will be restored once his midterms are finished. I personally made edits. The chapter isn’t perfect yet, so we welcome any help from outside the time for some extra suggestions and edits

Here is the chapter here, enjoy! Chuuko vol 2 Chapter 2



1.) Last Aeon

2.) Kondeemag

3.) Dannyskr

4.) Vidh


1.) Dannyskr

Dannyskratch of Kondee Translations.


5 thoughts on “Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 2”

  1. After Long Time …… :v Keep Spirit … Next,…
    and Thanks for This Chapter …

    i hope you will Finish this Volume …. (y)


  2. It feels like, Eve wasn’t that bad in the first place, or like something happened the same as Hatsushiba’s case where she’s been controlled like a puppet. Or it’s just me. Plus the Volume 2 Chapter 4’s title is spilling some clues. Well it could be Aramiya doing something deep for Ayame once again, or it’s about Eve this time. Anyways I like the grammar translation. So specific and comfy. I don’t mind the slight grammar errors because rereading a chapter this long is understandable that you might miss some of it.


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