Dear readers.

Starting today, kondee will temporarily step down from his leadership, due to his rude behaviour towards redgaara. So I as the vice administrator will be the new administrator until kondeemag learns to behave properly. Redgaara, I apologize for kondee’s rudeness towards you. So feel free to cancel your subscription if you wish, and whatever chapter you wish to view for any series is now yours from now on earlier than anyone else, so you may talk to me. I am so sorry for his rudeness everyone, and to those he picked on. I’ll be sure to make sure he gets disciplined properly, rest assured that he won’t show any of that again. We know we can’t release chapters fast like the other tl groups, due to our uni, but we will try and release a single chapter for each series every month.

Yours sincerely,



5 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Hi vice administrator,I’d be happy to receive any chapter of nanana
    ^^ here my email : & about Kondee, i don’t want to unsubscribe because he works really hard to make this site active
    also i plan to give around 100-200$ for each nanana volume translated, from vol3 to the last volume

    ps: sorry for my bad english

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