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Nanana’s buried treasure volume 1 chapter 1

Ok guys. I know you all have been waiting for this for a very long time. But we finally got this chapter finished. Sorry if our tl speed was slow, but we had other chapters to deal with and edit for chuuko. So you all can stop complaining about our progress. We did get chapter 3 finished, but needs editing and chapter 2 isn’t finished yet. So we decided to release this unedited. So please enjoy!

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Translation volume 1 chapter 1

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Hey yall. Well, new years eve is already over, so we’ll definetely resume our tl activities soon enough. Our editors needed rest, and so did my other translators. But we’ll be up and running real soon. So no need to worry. We have tls working on nanana. It’s pretty hard to tl, but we’re doing what we can. So chillax and wait. Even if it kills any of you!

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