Ho ho ho fans!

Christmas has finally arrived. We’ve been preparing these two Christmas gifts for all of you fans out there. My team  and I will be taking a short break for a while to enjoy our xmas break, so you fans can go nuts with these two gifts we laid out for you under this Christmas tree down here. So, may everyone have a very good Christmas eve and a good happy new year too. May all of you out there be blessed with health, good relationships and  prosperity

Kondee Translations team


gift-clipart-gifts003         untitled


One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS 2016!! EVERYONE!!”

  1.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks for everything!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year


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