Ho ho ho fans!

Christmas has finally arrived. We’ve been preparing these two Christmas gifts for all of you fans out there. My team  and I will be taking a short break for a while to enjoy our xmas break, so you fans can go nuts with these two gifts we laid out for you under this Christmas tree down here. So, may everyone have a very good Christmas eve and a good happy new year too. May all of you out there be blessed with health, good relationships and  prosperity

Kondee Translations team


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Hello our dear readers. This is a message from the team.

Our latest updates:

Nanana’s buried tresaure vol 1 ch 1: 30%

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai Vol 2 ch 2: 15%

Also, our two translators will be out of the town and country for a while. This leaves Last_Aeon and the other (whom does not wish to reveal himself), will take care of our two main projects. We also have mixed feelings and are definitely tied down about our choice of what should be do with the teaser project of Nee chan wa Chunnibyou, ever since we found out it gt licensed by J-novel. Kondeemag and Dannyskr on Discord won’t be online very actively, since both of them are spending Christmas holidays with their parents in North Carolina (Kondeemag), and Dannyskr will be at Goh samet island. So they will be limited from their opportunity to come online, but their xmas trips won’t stop them.

Good news, on the exact day of Christmas eve, we have been preparing a special Christmas gift for all of you readers out there, so please be patient until the day has arrived. Also, Dannyskr attempted to finish the whole volume 1 of Nee chan wa Chuunibyou, and only got this far: He’s not so sure what he wants to do about the series, but we understand, DMCA is every fan tl website’s natural enemy, but he doesn’t like waiting a couple years for all the current volumes to be tl by the company itself. So you guys talk to him and give him suggestions or perhaps a new series for us to give a teaser on. Then we’ll decide. Also, we’re getting complaints from most of our fans about not releasing the pdf file for the first vol of Chuuko. WE GET IT! It’s not our fault that we don’t have enough editors to speed things up. So please help us find more if you guys could, we’d appreciate it. That will  be all.

Kondee Translations team


Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 2 Chapter 1

Hello our LN fans,

Sorry for quite the long delay. Our midterms, assignments and finals are getting in the way, but I scraped enough time with Last_Aeon to get this done. Ryuujaagou is still being handled by one of our translators. He’ll get the first chapter done in a jiffy after his final exams are finished, I will continue translating after my final exams. Also, after my final exams I will be heading off to America to visit my sister for new years eve. So I might be able to continue translating when I’m staying at my sister’s place in North Carolina when I get there. But I’ll be back in my home country after Christmas and New year’s eve. All of the edits have not been made yet, but will be after my editor gets the 4th chapter of the 1st volume finished, so please expect some mistakes we made in this chapter.

Chapter 1 of volume 2:


Translators: 1.)Last_Aeon (75% on his part, approximately)

2.) kondeemag (25% on his part, approximately)

Editors: 1.) Kondeemag

2.) Gabrielle Fransicso (he’ll edit all of it after the 4th chapter of the first volume)