Commenced on ryuujago volume 1

Attention folks. We’ve finally decided to commence on our project for nanana’s buried treasure. The entire first chapter of the first volume will have to wait, since we’ve already had our break from tl and studying for quizes, but our midterms will be coming soon, so our tl speed might be slow a bit. Anyway, we don’t have enough funds to buy all the volumes of ryuujago in Bangkok. We request that you guys please donate 30$ at least, usually i would use my allowance, but i use it for food at my apartment, since i live alone now around near my university. Anyway, hope you guys wait patiently and please help support the group. Either paypal payments or patreon, which will open up pretty soon. Thank you

Kondee translations team


12 thoughts on “Commenced on ryuujago volume 1”

      1. it should be good now 🙂 i’m exited to see the first chapter, thanks again ^^ if u need more for any volumes u need to buy, just tell me and i will help


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