Our newest Patreon website now opened

Good evening everyone,

While my other translators and I are on our midterm period, I have managed to open up a Patreon account webpage. Now you guys can finally donate to us, just go into our newly updated donations box, or just click onto this link here for now: https://www.patreon.com/kondeetranslations

If you guys donate to us, it’ll help us buy new LN raw volumes, and give a huge boost to our team morale and motivation, plus we could hire a translator to do it earlier than us taking about a month to do each chapter for each series. Could be about a week or two for either 2 chapters or a whole volume. Anyways, see you guys after I finished my midterm exams.

Yours truly,

Kondeemag himself


Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai Volume 2 Prologue

Hello light novel fans,

I managed to finish this by myself, but with a little bit of help from my translators. Our midterm exams are coming up, and it will only last about 2-3 weeks here in Thai unis. We only have one translator who’s still in Highschool, but he’s got IRL issues to deal with as well involving Schoolwork. So he will be in charge in translating the first chapter of Chuuko  vol 2. I myself will leave you guys this while the 3 of us other TLs will be off studying for a while, so our apologies. We will resume our TL work after we finished our midterms.

So here you guys go: Chuuko Vol 2 prologue


Rest in Peace Father (เรารักในหลวง=We love you father)

Evening here guys.

The translation for ryuujago, we’re still working on the first chapter. However, our tl speed will be a bit slow. Please understand. The king of Thailands’ life is now in peace. Everyone here is taking his death pretty seriously. So please pay your respects to the king of thailand in any way you guys can do, since we the tls of bangkok here will take a few days off soon, since the Thai unis here will definetely be preparing for the mournings of the death ceremony of our beloved king, but give us a day off from classes. But we won’t slack off from it. So we won’t translate for a while a bit until the people of Thailand have calmed down. Also our midterm exams will be coming up around next month. Please understand minna

Thank you,

Kondee translations team

Commenced on ryuujago volume 1

Attention folks. We’ve finally decided to commence on our project for nanana’s buried treasure. The entire first chapter of the first volume will have to wait, since we’ve already had our break from tl and studying for quizes, but our midterms will be coming soon, so our tl speed might be slow a bit. Anyway, we don’t have enough funds to buy all the volumes of ryuujago in Bangkok. We request that you guys please donate 30$ at least, usually i would use my allowance, but i use it for food at my apartment, since i live alone now around near my university. Anyway, hope you guys wait patiently and please help support the group. Either paypal payments or patreon, which will open up pretty soon. Thank you

Kondee translations team