Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 1 chapter 4

Hey guys, I know you guys might have been waiting around for a whole month for this chapter to come out. So our apologies, we were busy getting prepared for our new term for universities in Thailand here, so our bad. Well, we’ll just let you guys have it now. This chapter is quite unedited, I’ve got a few editors working on this 4th chapter. Also, if anyone has a close connection to Lorenz Acain on facebook, ask him to please give me his incomplete edit of chapter 3, since he didn’t respond to one of my translators on facebook and he’s now off the team. Warning, anyone who joins the TL group, and does not respond to my messages within a day, gets kicked out of the group immediately. I’ve also made a few edits to it, but I’ve decided to let my main editors take care of it. If you wanna help out with editing and proofreading chapters, then talk to me on discord to make them better with a faster pace. Also,  don’t try and get weirded out about what’s going to happen to Aramiya in this final chapter, but it was close and was interrupted instead. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t get freaked out.



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