Outbreak company volume 2 chapter 3

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sorry if I made you all wait too long. Since we’ve finally managed to get this chapter done, due to some circumstances from one of my editors, but now we’ve finally reached and finished this chapter. Tenshi, if you are reading this, the Outbreak company is now and officially yours, you many now do whatever with the series in any way you wish. But please, leave both chapter 2 and 3 here on my group’s website. From now on, we will drop outbreak company and move onto Nanana’s buried treasure.  I advise you readers to wait until the first chapter of volume 2 from tenshi is out before reading the second and this third chapter.

Link here: http://wp.me/P7geH1-9z

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Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 1 epilogue +Afterword

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As I promised that I will finish the 1st volume of Chuuko demo koi ga shitai, here it is. Outbreak company’s 3rd chapter of 2nd volume is now at 87.79%, thanks to one of our newest and latest editors. Anyone, please do not make a pdf file yet until I give the say so, since I’m letting one of my editors proofread and edit all the chapters for the last time, so wait for them to do their job. You wanna say something? Then talk to me on discord. Anyways, here you guys go. Enjoy the completion of the 1st volume (Not completely edited). We will want out break from translating btw, since our new terms for uni will start in a few days soon.

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Chuuko demo koi ga shitai volume 1 chapter 4

Hey guys, I know you guys might have been waiting around for a whole month for this chapter to come out. So our apologies, we were busy getting prepared for our new term for universities in Thailand here, so our bad. Well, we’ll just let you guys have it now. This chapter is quite unedited, I’ve got a few editors working on this 4th chapter. Also, if anyone has a close connection to Lorenz Acain on facebook, ask him to please give me his incomplete edit of chapter 3, since he didn’t respond to one of my translators on facebook and he’s now off the team. Warning, anyone who joins the TL group, and does not respond to my messages within a day, gets kicked out of the group immediately. I’ve also made a few edits to it, but I’ve decided to let my main editors take care of it. If you wanna help out with editing and proofreading chapters, then talk to me on discord to make them better with a faster pace. Also,  don’t try and get weirded out about what’s going to happen to Aramiya in this final chapter, but it was close and was interrupted instead. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t get freaked out.

Here: http://wp.me/P7geH1-8L

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Okay guys. My apologies if you guys were waiting for me to fix the link for anyone to join. I finally manged to figure out, but I was out with my family for a bit for the past few days, so my apologies that I wasn’t able to come online yesterday and on Wednesday as well. Anyway, you guys can now join the chat box group of Discord anytime whenever you guys wish, that way the translations and edits/proofreading will be done a lot faster for us translators. The epilogue of the 1st vol of Chuuko is finished, and my editors are busy with their business in IRL, So anyone who wants to give me a hand with editing and proofreading, feel free to do so


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