My newest discord chattin server opened

Hey guys. I was busy a bit with my uni, but got it all out of the way. Anyhow, the epilogue is getting finished as well. My editors are still working on editing the OC and chuuko 3rd chapter, since both of them are pretty long to deal with. Any how, i’ve finally decided to take kazuma’s advice into consideration. Here’s the link to join my dscord chat group. This isn’t only for just tl purposes, but a plave where we can socialize and discuss anything related to anime, manga, games, life problems, or any of the sort in life you like. I will usually be online for lots of nights. If you wanna join the tl group, you give me a heads up in here and i’ll talk to you privately.
Thank you,

Kondeemag himself


8 thoughts on “My newest discord chattin server opened”

    1. Also, I don’t mind helping with the editing, but the times I will be available is mostly random, unfortunately… That’s one of the reasons why I recommended the discord chat. Please update the link!


  1. Hey! I saw your response in the comment from the other update, and wanted to talk about the Editor position with the Discord!
    Please update the link, XD.
    I know the two above me said this already, but it’s important~


  2. There should be a permanent link though.
    Plenty of other TLers have links to their Discord and are pretty much always active.
    Maybe he’s suppose to link the server itself?


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