In need of another new editor please!

Hey guys. I know that i’ve posted a post similar to this, but i’m repeating this is because two of my editors are really full with their hands. One of my editors has college work in the way, and he’s doing his best to get the 3rd chapter of chuuko finished with all the corrections. While my other one is working on the 3rd chapter of 2nd volume of outbreak company + editing chapters of amagi brilliant park volume 3 for an anonymous group out there god knows where. Anyhow, my translators and I have already finished the 4th chapter of 1st volume of chuuko, and we really need someone to make corrections to it. Drop by an email to kondee himself and we will decide who gets to read the 4th chapter of chuuko first while editing with interviews.

Thank you,

Kondee translations team


3 thoughts on “In need of another new editor please!”

  1. Kondee, I highly recommend you start a Discord group, and conversing about edits might be easier there, and also you can post your progress for the editors/public to see. Not only that, if no editors are present, you can ask for feedback/edits from the public. Just my suggestion..


  2. Hey! I just read the email and might be interested in becoming an editor for this project.

    Secondly, similar to what Kazuma said, I’d highly recommend getting a discord!
    It makes communications between the teams and fans much easier! It’s definitely one of the best things that you can do.
    Please get back to me as soon as you can, thanks!


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