Donations button can’t be used

Okay guys. When you guys tried to give me donations through paypal? I really get now why I can’t receive donations from any of you guys whatsoever, no matter where you guys are. The thing is, when I called paypal customer support, they told me that Thailand’s paypal regulations hasn’t let any Thai Paypal account have the option of receiving donations yet. They can only receive payments online instead. Paypal is still working on with negotiating with the government to allow paypal in Thailand the option of donating to Thai paypal accounts from anywhere in the world. So yeah, I hope this works. So please, send your money through this email account instead:

Also, I’m getting real hyped up about the Anime festivalthat’s happening this Friday, so please, lend us your donations by sending payments to us on paypal, so that we can get some merchandise from Eiri Aoi. It would be a real help.

Thank you,

Kondeemag himself


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