In need of a new Proofreader/editor

Hi guys,

I got bad news. Unfortunately, one of our proofreaders/editors just dropped out of the group all of a sudden. He should’ve told us beforehand that he wanted to drop out of the tl group because of some serious IRL issues. Right now, we’re open to have one more proofreader/editor to fill up the bill, since having only 2 won’t be enough to help release the translations more quickly. Chapter 3 of Chuuko will be out soon. As for OC, you’ll have to wait a bit longer since one of my translators is doing a uni interview as well and trying to study for Hotel management at Dusit univeristy. If anyone out there is willing to help, we would feel delighted then. Oh and, if you’re going to join this team, make sure you respond to every message I send to you, and if you don’t respond to him in three days, you’re kicked out of the team. This is a new policy we now just made up, after one of our proofreaders/editors didn’t do so after the last message we sent out to him.

Thank you,

Kondee Translations team


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