Donations page finally opened

Hello our reading LN fans,

As we said a few days ago, we finally opened this up. Please go on ahead and if any of you could, spare a buck or two in this link here below

Most of the money will be used for buying new light novel volumes and raws, but most of it will be used for some members of the team with their needs in their lives. If you guys could please donate about 20$-30$, we might be able to speed up the translation for chuuko in particular in less than 3 or 2 weeks.. Even if you guys don’t make any donations, we still will translate our projects at our steady pace. So do not worry, we won’t abandon our work.

Thank you

Kondee translations team


Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai Volume 1 Chapter 2

Hello dear LN readers

We apologize to make you guys wait. You guys should know that the kanji for this LN series is very difficult to read, so it makes things quite hard for us to translate.  The third chapter will be finished for Outbreak company of the second volume, then we will let finally hand over the entire LN series to let him handle the rest. Youthful lariat’s 2nd chapter will be completed soon. We will be taking a break for a while for about 2-3 weeks. So we will be back in commission on august, since it’s summer holiday for us. I hope you guys can understand us. Anyway, here you guys go, enjoy.…lume-1-chapter-2/

PS: We will be opening up a donations page soon, since we could use your help to help us buy new light novel volumes  in this country. We love your support and thank you all

Thank you,

Kondee Translations team

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai drama cd vol 1 help wanted.

Dear my readers,

I have good news, I’ve decided to fansub a drama cd for the first time. This time, it’s chuuko demo koi ga shitai first vol. I really need someone to fill in for one of my translator’s shoes since he is busy with his uni life and can’t help with fan sub translations at the moment for now. If anyone is interested in helping the team out, please do and give me the word, I’d be happy, since my japanese isn’t strong enough to listen to all the dialogues. I might offer a bit of reward if you feel like you won’t do it for free. Also the second chap of the 2nd vol will be out soon. Just wait patiently pls.

Thank you,


Voting poll for a new project (CLOSED)

Hello, Dear readers

My colleagues and I have decided to hand over outbreak company to Tenshi Translations once we’re done with the Third chapter, since we don’t want anymore release chapter conflicts. So as a sign of sincere apology, we decided to drop it and let him handle the series. That’s why we want you fans to decide for us which series you want us to start or continue to replace outbreak company as a fourth project. You may give other suggestions/series in this voting poll here. This poll will last until the end of July, so please everyone, make your choices wisely. Oh and the second chapter of Chuuko will be done soon, we just need one of our editors to take care of it. Please be patient.

Thank You,

Kondee Translations team