Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 1

Hello our Light novel fans. As promised, we were able to get the first chapter finished. The second is a little bit longer, so we may need a bit of more time than what we did with the first. As for the second volume of Outbreak, one of our translators is working on it. So he’ll be done in about a week or two. So be patient please. So as promised, here it is.

Thank you,
Kondee translations team


13 thoughts on “Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 1”

  1. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)


  2. I can’t open this link to the 1st volume😢😢
    I’m not even sure if link like this even supposed to be opened in the wai i know it…
    Is there any other way? I really want to read it!

    Reading peologue on this website was good btw


    1. Well. Try going into the main page and open the first chapter from there. That should help. Maybe it has something to do with your late updates you were supposed to do, or it was because you live in a different country


      1. Thank you for quick responding!
        Sadly It didn’t help me=(

        I think you’re right about the problem is in my location. I am from Kazakhstan, and I think we use same codes as Russia=(
        Never seen link like this before(But I am not a big pro in this stuff)

        Is there any other way for me to read this LN? Or could you send/put it somewhere I can get it? PLZ

        P.S. Thank you for work here! Appreciate your time spending on tranlsting it for everyone!


      2. We can’t do anything about the blocking protocol, since trying to bypass those manually can be very dangerous for us. Even if we wanted to move all of this to another website, it would be quite impossible 4 you. You’ll have to wait until we’re finished with the entire first volume then let you gave the pdf file of it


  3. CHUUKO DEMO KOI GA SHITAI! Prologue translation…

    i read the prologue of this, but i don’t understand “who only said this once” is it mean?

    “It’s not weird, the person from the other side of the computer screen in the game of 18+, or you could say an ‘eroge’, who only said this once”


    “Shit, this is your first time around here, I got played by one of my own…hey, let’s get out of here!”

    i can’t understand this sentence about what…


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