Outbreak company Volume 2 Chapter 2

Dear readers.

Hello, If you all were wondering where was I. I was on a Graduation trip with my classmates on an Island of Krabi in Thailand. Search that up if you guys don’t know where that is. So I wasn’t able to get on my laptop and manage the website. Also I was busy with preparations with orientation for Pre college course programs. So I will mostly leave the translation to my translators of my team. So The translation progress could be a little bit slower. One of my 2 translators are doing what they can to get the second Chapter of Chuuko finished. I will still come back online almost everyday. Just because I have programs to doesn’t mean I’m going to completely stop for a while. Also, we have decided to leave the rest of the first volume to Tenshi translations, since he told us to do whatever we wish. But we’ve decided we’re gonna give the whole series to him after we do our parts on the Second volume

Here it is as promised https://kondeesite.wordpress.com/outbreak-company-volume-2-chapter-2/

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Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 1 Chapter 1

Hello our Light novel fans. As promised, we were able to get the first chapter finished. The second is a little bit longer, so we may need a bit of more time than what we did with the first. As for the second volume of Outbreak, one of our translators is working on it. So he’ll be done in about a week or two. So be patient please. So as promised, here it is.


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New series we decided to work on

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we decided to work on a new series, but as for the others, we won’t drop it. As for the Outbreak company. We decided to work on the second volume, on some parts of it. Because of real life stuff, we might not be able to keep with with tenshi with a steady reliable pace. Kondee himself is graduating soon in a few weeks, so he needs to prepare for orientation and interview, so one of us will take over for now until he returns. Anyway, here’s the page of the new series. Hope you enjoy it. We’ll try and work on some other chapters. But please do not expect quicker releases and top class translations.


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Kondee translations team