ํYouthful Lariat Volume 1 Chapter 1



Chapter 1:  Mr. Coward and Ms. no-manner

Kaoru Tsukishima,

Due to his destructive actions he committed to the peaceful School , he was therefore ordered to be suspended from the school for a whole 5 days.

“….Well, it was done well properly I think…”

It was at a boarding house located at the sideways, right at the entrance of the school building

And the person who’s standing to look at the announcement of the suspension on the board, given to Tsukishima, is Miyamoto, who just arrived at School.


Right now, it’s the month of April, the season for the Sakura trees to be gone, that are linked on the lined walkways. Where the connection between the big door and the entrance of the School building that used to be colored pink, until 10 days ago until now, it became like a Sakura leaflet that turned into dazzling green.

“…Even though they said it’s 5 days, but that doesn’t include Saturday and Sunday. So when that guy comes back, it’ll be on Tuesday. But try and keep this a secret alright? His Suspension may only 3 days around that.”

Kuroki, who’s standing besides, is talking while eating his salmon rice ball.

“Then what’s with the 2 additional days then?”

“Well, Tsukishima dared to poke his friggin finger into that muscular guy’s bag’s back hole, during the time when he was stopping him from  climbing onto that stage, people did say that the depth of his finger second joint,  not to mention that guy had terrible diabetes as well.”

“It’s just that muscled guy who’s punished that heavily bad right?”

“If you wanna stay here peacefully, then don’t ever try and poke into that muscle headed guy’s butt ever again, got it? If you ever do it again, then your future in this School could become worse then, right?”

“That’s right, that’s pretty much worse than your lame jokes you know, don’t try and say anymore got that?”

After refusing to listen to him like it was nothing, Miyamoto then walked straight towards the School entrance, Kuroki also followed right behind him

“But, is it okay for you not to worry? Tsukishima got rejected by a girl ever since his second year in High School, he might be drop out from School again.”

“Well, I’ll visit him while going back home.  I didn’t bother calling his phone, cuz I doubt he would pick up his phone when I tried calling him, but it’s just for today, so he could be better”

Miyamoto took off his shoes and put them in his shoe locker and then suddenly turned around


“No…it’s nothing. It’s just that I felt a gaze from my back, it could be as if someone’s watching me from far away.”

“A Gaze?”

“Watched? Being watched by girls? Are you really being watched by girls? Don’t joke around man! You already have Miyako-chan, don’t you!?”

“I didn’t say I’m being watched by girls. Also, I already told you: I treat Miyako is like a little sister to me, nothing more.”

“Close, too close man, you really reek of salmon.”

Annoyed Miyamoto pushes Kuroki’s angry face away.

“You’d better care about Tsukishima more than me. He got friggin’ rejected in front of every student in the school. Hope he doesn’t commit suicide.”

Miyamoto says jokingly.

“That guy? Nah, he’s not the type to commit suicide. I guess he’s gone off hunting lovebirds right now.”

Kuroki says and took his second rice ball by his cheek. This one’s kombu seaweed.

“Hunting lovebirds? That Tsukishima? Nah, I don’t believe that. If that dude’s angry, it might be like that. But mostly that guy’s calm though.”

“You guys study together in junior high and you still don’t know the hidden wildness inside that guy!? About last year, when I was walking in the corridor. Tsukishima ran into me like super hyperactive, and then used a Romero Special [1]on me. Can you believe it? It’s freaking Romero! He used THAT in a friggin corridor!”

“I know, I know! Don’t spray your food everywhere!”
Miyamoto puts his hand up to guard the spraying rice from Kuroki.


“In summary, Tsukishima is now not in his current state of mind. He might turn into monster mode like last year anytime. So if you are going to check on him, be extra careful or else you’ll become a victim of his Romero Special. ”


“So that’s the reason for you to NOT come with me?”


Miyamoto seems thought of something but Kuroki let the conversation continues into another topic.


“Romero Special, that’s one thing. Wrestler Tsukishima, no, Andrew freak. Even confessing his love, he’s act like Andrew. No surprise.”


“For him, Andrew’s like God. He wrote it in his essay during his junior high.”


“God, eh? How much does he like that big-jawed?”

“I guess from the bottom of the heart? What about yours?”

“Hmm… Maybe, curry?”

“Wha? What the heck is that? Then I wish you well with Gods of Curry then.”

Miyamoto chuckles before closing his shoe locker.




The evening orange light of Sun beams through windows of the train.


Miyamoto who’s done with classes sitting in the train which leads him to his destination, Tsukishima’s house.


Even though Miyamoto and Tsukishima live in the same town, but their place is so far apart that they can’t even be called as neighbors. So if Miyamoto needs to go to Tsukishima’s place, he have to get off the train at the next station which is the station after his usual station he gets off.


After some time passes, an image of familiar town passes the train windows. Less than a minute, the train arrived at the station.


Miyamoto stood up without thinking and he stops “Ah…” before sitting down again. He almost get off the train in that state.


“That was close…”


The familiarity of daily life is a scary thing.


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After that thought, Miyamoto felt the vibration in his pockets.


He set his phone in vibration mode, the screen lit the name of caller “Sazaki Miyako”.


Miyamoto puts his finger on the receiver- after hesitating for a bit. He puts his phone back into his pocket.


“Receiving calls in trains is a bad etiquette, I’m a man who keeps his word about social rules.”


He whispered to himself, then crosses his arm and closed his eyes.


“…Don’t stick with me, do like the usual.”


After the call in stops. Miyamoto lies down on the train seats like he’s hogging the seats. His state looks like half-annoyed, half-guilty.


‘-I really mean it.’


Under his eyelids, her serious face popped up.


Both of their fathers are close friends since they were a kid. Even though their houses aren’t too close or too far, so to speak, his time with her might be more than his time with his parents.

When they were young, they were said they are look like close siblings. He thought that kind of relationship will last forever. He hoped that.

But however…


Miyamoto open his eyes before getting up. Then his eyes catch something.

“Wait a moment… Did I saw something?”

He turns his head to the side he felt something weird.

Suddenly, the girl in the next bogey that’s looking at him knows that he’s looking back at her, so she quickly hide herself. Even he can’t see the face clearly, but the uniform she wore, he knows it’s from Tokinomaya High.


Miyamoto raised his eyebrows in question.

Then, when the train stops at the station.

Miyamoto walks past shops in front of the station which bustled with people before reaching living areas.

On the linear road which there’s few people, if he walk 30 more meters, he’ll reach his destination house.


“That’s kinda bad habit, ya know? Stalking other people like this.”

Miyamoto says in fierce voice before turning back.

In the middle of the road, a large blue basket is sitting there.

“Really? Are you really hiding with this?”

Miyamoto felt headache while he opening the basket. But- there’s no people in it.

“Wha? An empty basket?”

Miyamoto felt surprised.

In that moment.

“…He, this is one of 70 ways to conceal yourself, ‘Surprise! Empty Basket!’. By using a basket with closed lid to attract the attention of target to the object in the basket, which makes during that time gap to hide.”

A small sleek-haired girl came out of the shadow of nearby electric poles.

-But, her face became gloomy all of sudden.

“Ah, I made a mistake because I overjoyed with the success of the plan that I showed myself. So let’s reset and go with the second technique!”

“…I’d want YOU to reset your whole life.”

Miyamoto squint his eyes at the girl who trying to get another attempt.

“Why did you follow me? If you have any business with me, then you should ask me directly…”

“Nope, I don’t have any business with you in, not in one million centimeters.”

Even though she has a doll-like face, the answers are really saying otherwise.

“You think I followed you because I like you? –Haha, you are so easily mistaken. That’s calling being too confident.  Say, Mr. confident, people like you should be happy about self-indulging yourself in the mirror. ”

“..Urk. Th…Then why did you follow me!? If you have, then make it quick because I’m really starting to lose my patience with you!”

Miyamoto answered holding his right hand that looks like it can punch in any second.

When he does that, she sighed.

“The reason why I followed you is – Tsukishima Senpai that is. I… for whatever reason, I really want to see him.”

“See him? Why?”



“Why …..well it’s because I am in love with Tsukishima-senpai and with his wild side, is that wrong or what?”

Her face started to blush in red on her face

“A one-sided love….?”

Miyamoto who heard every single word come out of her mouth, seems to made his face feel so uncertain about it. But nevertheless, the girl in front of him is pretty cute, isn’t even interested in one bit about it, who is continuing to explain her reason.

“I just want to help console Tsukishima-senpai, who got suspended from School,  but I don’t know where is he right now. When I was thinking about what I should do, I heard you talking about tsukishima senpai, at the Shoe locker cabinet area,  then  after that, I thought ‘I just need to follow him, easy piezy’ , that’s all”

“If you told me that, then I would’ve let you then, why do you have to hide about it huh?”

“That’s because if I to tell that to someone like you, someone who’s suspicious and the flirty type, you would agree to take me to Tsukishima’s house, but instead take me to an abandoned suspicious house, then do something immorally or who knows what to my body”

“I wouldn’t do something like that, what gave you the idea, well I think that this situation tells me that you need to grow up for crying out loud.”

Miyamoto is going all out to try and obliterate her in talking, but she isn’t going to stop either.

“…Also, you took a video when you assaulted me, and use it to threaten me. Threaten me! You monster! Are you even a human!? You are the worse!”

The girl then crossed herself and crying to the evening sky without care of making a ruckus for the neighboring areas. Few seconds later, she looks at Miyamoto even she’s huffing.

“So… you… know… the real reason…that I… followed you?”

“Nope, but with thoughts of people like you is already too much.”

…But maybe some people like this, may remedy the sadness that Tsukishima is facing.

Miyamoto nods in his mind, and start walking while looking back at her.

“Oi, I’m going. That’s guy house is nearby here.”

“Eh!? Why you let me go with you? Do you want something? Or is it my body!?”

“Hahaha, precocious people like you aren’t my type. If I say so myself-”


Just then at that moment, there’s an image of a girl popping in his head that got him to stop talking any further.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“….aaah  I t’s like this, I don’t have any interest in you, so be happy”

“During a few moments ago, it was like something weird was going to happen, but I wasn’t thinking that it might happen for sure, right?”

The pretty girl with beautiful long hair then stared at Miyamoto’s face with full of suspicion.

Then that, it made Miyamoto lose control of himself unconsciously that caused him to persecute her,  and said

“Haah! Think again, I slapped your face, like slapped it loads of times,  IN YOUR FACE!!”

“Why are you so cruel like this,…buut,  I was thinking about drowning you in a pool, filled with sharks, then watch as you scramble around in it desperately from then side of the pool triumphantly, with a glass of wine in my hand, then when you’re about to try and get out of it, I would push you back into the pool,  and laugh at you—that way we’re both even then!”

“Like Hell that’s going to make us both even!”

Miyamoto felt that it’s a bad idea to allow her to tag along with him.


The interphone caused a loud sound to say that there’s a guest coming to visit Tsukishima’s house, that’s only limited with just a garden and a parking lot, along with 2 floors that the house surrounds.


Miyamoto is waiting for a response from the other side of the door, then thought of something

“By the way, I still don’t know your name, I’m Miyamoto Kaito, a Second year, and you?”

“I’m Nagase Mizuki, a first year, you can just call me Mizuki. Alright, why don’t you try and get him to respond.”

“No way, I can’t do that, how about you do it and get him to come out instead Nagase”

“—I might as well leave it to you instead, Miyamoto-senpai liar[2]

When they were both recommending each other, they ended up together in a very hostile atmosphere

“….He’s not coming out”

Even after pressing the door button for the fourth time, but still with no response from within Tsukishima’s house

“He’s not here then”

“But his lights in his room are still turned on, he could be using an automatic lighting system then, or perhaps not.”

“Why don’t you try and throw a small rock at his window then?”

“Nagase?  If a small rock like that were to compare to the world, then it would be small very still, but if normally speaking, about how big we need. I’d say we need the size of a sculpture at least to make it happen, right?”

Miyamoto, who was rambling on with his speech from what’s from his mind, while Nagase is gathering rocks around from the flower garden

“Aaand, you aren’t supposed to enter other people’s flower gardens without permission, that’s considered trespassing”

“I’m going to marry Tsukishima-senpai, if you were to look at this way from the view in the future, then this would be my flower garden as well, so there would be no problems then.”

Miyamoto attempts to reach out his hand towards her hand, Nagase then twisted it slightly to dodge

“You’re trying to find an excuse to touch my beautiful moisturized bright skin, by claiming that you just wanna reach out to my right hand to take me back home, so that you  could do something fun for yourself, isn’t that right? …..So disgusting!”

“Okay, that does it, I’m going to call the cops on you, don’t you dare try and move anywhere”

Miyamoto then reached for his phone from his pocket


There was a shout coming from behind

After turning around to see who it was, there was Tsukishima who’ wearing a white t-shirt, standing and bathing in sunlight from the sun from behind.

“What are you guys doing at my house?”

“…..Aaah, the….thing is, because after I pushed the doorbell for many times, you weren’t coming out, and we were thinking that it would get your attention if we threw small rocks at your window of your room.”

Miyamoto explained while secretly trying to use his feet to rake the big pebble rocks to roll away back into the same flower garden  where they were.

“Sorry, but I did manage to buy the ice cream from the convenient store like you wanted”

Tsukishima smiled as he lifted his plastic bag, but in the blink of an eye, there were eye bags under his eyes, it looked as if he didn’t get any sleep from last night for sure.

“So, what is it today?”

“I brought the School handout sheet for you, uuuh, it’s math, finish it before Tuesday”

Miyamoto showed concern like a grown up, and to not try and ask anything about what happened

“Oh, thank you, come on; let’s eat ice cream together then”

Tsukishima himself, therefore looked as if he understood that it’s as if it’s nothing on what’s going on

“Uuuh, before other things, there’s a hot chick here who wants to meet you”

Miyamoto pulled Nagase out who was behind him, who was squirming for a few minutes before she stopped, it’s as if she’s acting like a benefactor who came to reside here like a cat that does not matter at all

“This kid?”

Miyamoto responded by pulling the beautiful girl who was shy , out into the front

“Ahh, she’s a first year, her name’s—“

“Na-Nagase Mizuki you dumbass! All ready!”

Nagase got into a fighting stance of a fighter, and saying something while extending her chin to many feats


Tsukishima whose face started blushing, whose eyes gaze with one eye at an underlying question of asking ‘This is what you call being ready? Oi oi’


Miyamoto waved his arms around until it’s like they’re going to fall off from his arms and rejecting with force here

It’s as if to mock for the efforts, with Nagase who snatched it from the plastic bag, trying to open the ice cream of the brand named ‘Kirigiri soda flavor’ and used it to point at Tsukishima

“Tsukishima! Tsukishima Tsukishima Tsukishima Tsukishima Tsukishima Tsukishima Tsukishima! I like yo-“

Nagase used the ice cream to try and draw his attention, then straight out confess smoothly to him

But, before she could confess her feelings straight out to him completely, he put his hand on her face

“Heuheuheuheu…..that or you really wanna hurt my feelings by hammering up my heart a lot right, you guys!”

Tsukishima who was shedding tears out of his eyes, end up having blood veins on them , used an ‘iron claw’ grip on Nagse  first, before he grabbed Miyamoto’s neck

“Aaaaaaaaack! I told you already, it has nothing to do with—Aaaack!”

The screaming sound of miyamoto sound through into the evening sky, hinting that the weather tomorrow  might be bright tomorrow


when the clouds turned blue, the only way in lower area that lead to the train station was shopping center the street can’t be pretended to compliment how it was big or long but it was crowded with  housewives that came for shopping, employee that came back from work, even students that just finished club activities.

The people who just got off the train, are finished with whatever business they had to do at the shopping center, either then departed back to their homes or some of them would get back to the same train station.

Amongst the people who headed towards the opposite direction, could be the kind who have never visited this train station before, are Miyamoto and Nagase

“Damn, you think our break is going to get deducted again?”

Miyamoto who sighed while massaging both of his temples

“A stint huh?”

Nagase who’s walking behind him, talking while eating her ice cream”

“I don’t understand whatever it is you’re saying, you’re either gonna eat or are you going to talk. Pick one”

“…..Nom nom” (Eating)

“—Eat first then”

It seems pretty much that Nagase would rather eat her ice cream than chat with Miyamoto

“Go die, because of you, I’m having the worst day, couldn’t eat my ice cream with relaxation all day long. Also, you’re the first person to come and visit my friend, who ended up disappointing you about your love life, and then the first to use the iron claw grip right in front of the door of his house. So for now, it’s just us”

“Is that so? In that case, I think that 1 out of 2 people must’ve experienced it before”

“There’s no way anyone in japan would experience something this much of a big experience before, if something like that were to happen like you said, then I would definitely run away to another country and show you—uurrk….”

Miyamoto almost let a word slip out

“Dammit, you’re crazy enough to push yourself so bad, that it might end up becoming a pain in the ass for yourself”

“So you’re, definitely someone whose face looks really awful Miyamoto senpai, even if it’s bad as you say, then it would be rude manners to both your mom and dad, who managed to give birth to you”

*TWITCH* he became angry ash he twithed his eyebrow, then turned around in front of Nagase

“The one who’s got the rude manners is YOU! And yet, you’re being comfortable  as you please, and Tsukishima was unleashing hell on me for you to watch, like it was pretty cool”

“..Huh? Hell? When you got hit by Tsukishima-Senpai’s big palms, it was like a moment of pleasure for you”

“Tha- That’s crazy….!”

Miyamoto seems to be shaking with fear, that Nagase was able to remember the iron claw grip and seems fascinated about it.

We-Well,  for that to happen to me frequently, but for right now at least,  it is for sure that Tsukishima right now has his own good life, but it’s best that we leave him until he calms down like now. I understand how you feel, but for now, anyone shouldn’t get involved until then”

It seemed like advice from her senpai, but nevertheless from what he advised her as the first thing, is for Nagase to, who knows the location of Tsukishima’s house, and what rough stuff he did to him. Tsukishima, who seems pretty tired and weak right now, if a teenage girl  who seems pretty strong,  letting her enter his house and assault him, there could be a chance that his mind would go bonkers.

“From here on out, all we have to do is just wait until his suspension is over—-then if there’s a chance, could you advise me on how to get to know tukishima a lot better?”

“…..Alright, how about this, if you were to measure me, Miyamoto senpai , who’s never been clever in his life at all, then you might as well start taking advice from me then”

After taking some time to think, Nagase then nodded her face in response

“You are honorable, you now have my admiration…!”

Miyamoto  feels like his right fist of his is at, along with the feeling that he’s going to shoot a missile outside here. He put his clenched right fist into his pocket tightly, then laughed

“—-Alright then, I gotta get on the train-line that goes out of the city, okay Nagase?”

Miyamoto responded to her as he reached the ticket booth

“Downtown line please”

-(Gets ticket)

“Alright then, we’ll split up from here, See ya tomorrow at School”

“Sure, as Iong as I don’t get into a bad mood, well I think you won’t get me see that way anyways,  therefore you can greet me then”

“Like hell anyone would wanna greet you!”

“Please don’t say it like that, I think there’s a chance of 1 out of 10 times, that I might respond to that, so  therefore, give it a try—“

Nagase who was talking to him while making a mawkish expression on her face, but then her eyes looked at Miyamoto’s who was heading towards the back

“Is there something you’re interested in?”

Miyamoto then turned around to look at Nagase’s eyes

Encountered –

“Takanoue Ruri”

On the side of the ticket selling machine, was a girl who isn’t responding to Tsukshima, that doesn’t sound right who’s standing on the line. Besides that, she herself wasn’t alone at all.


But with the tall kid she’s standing right next to, they’re both not wearing a school uniform, as the tall guy next to her isn’t wearing one at all.

“That uniform—from ichinamise school”

Miyamoto spoke the name of the school that’s nearby

“aah, that’s the school that’s known for having only sports program”

“Aside from having normal education in Tokinomiya, but if you look at that school, it’s known for having a national level baseball team, enough to be able to participate in the summer koshien tournament[i], while our school’s team on the other hand, a lot of our members aren’t strong, like it’s pretty weird. So which school do you think is the strongest of all?”

“if you were to look at tsukishima-senpai who’s hero, after he managed to save the world, then I think it would make tokinomiya look good”

“then he should do something like stop a meteor shower from crashing into the world or something like that”

For what  he’s saying did not seem to reach out to nagase, who was rambling about Tsukishima

“If you look at it that way, those 2 sure seem pretty close to each other very much you know”

As nagase who was rambling, takanoue grabbed the big guy’s both hands, who was in the middle of his conversation

Miyamoto,who is considerate about the distance in the place between the two of them, spoke out in a short summary to nagase

Well, you’re not wrong about that, I just think that the girl who backed off, was because she’s trying to be like andrew mikami, but the reason why tsukishima was rejected,was because she already likes someone else already”

“She already has a boyfriend, but is trying to make Tsukishima-senpai fall for her, what a pig. Ha, her face shows that she’s more of a whore from her birthdate

“O…oi, that’s really cruel. In this case, I think that Tsukishima fell in love with someone who’s already in a relationship”

“Well, women are pretty lustful for men. If you remove their masks, then you’ll see how foul they really are. The most foulest things in this world are women

“But you’re also a girl right? Did you forget about that?”

Miyamoto, from her side reminded her

“—wait up!!”

That shout was enough to stop the the person from walking to the front entrance of the train station, the person was Takanoue ruri

“Does she have a problem or what?”

“I can’t hear it clearly, she oughta get away far from there”

“Nagase, just cut it out”

Nagase lifted both her hands and clenched them into fists, behind her was miyamoto, looking annoyed followed closely”


“…I’m in a hurry, if you have something to say, just please make it short”


“i haven’t seen ya for a long time, why are you talking like that with me…”


Takanoue who looked at the big guy with concern—but he who tried not to get view of her line of sight and tried to hide said “nothing, nothing at all” is all


“Liar, with injuries like that you have on, it’s not nothing at all then”


When takanoue let go of his hands, she saw that the boy is covered in bandages on his right hand. And that’s not all, he also has scratches and marks on his face too.


“well I told you didn’t I, I just fell, that’s it”




“Am not”


“are too really, I know that seiji-kun is lying”




He tried to hide and flick his face


“like I said seiji kun, i—I’m lending you my help”


Takanoue smiled like a mother, who’s ready forgive him for every single thing he did


It looks as if the big guy knows what she’s smiling for and he turned his face away like that, when he smiled he would face takanoue during that moment  and would stop smiling then.

“how noisy really, please lower it down a little, please stop interrupting every single moment”


“Don’t ever come near me again”

As the big guy walked away into among the crowd, he then bumped into takanoue, who was standing behind the girl he likes crying a lot—

“Oooh, what’s going on here”

Miyampto, who was hiding and keeping his distance away, mutters about something like he gets the feeling of something bad is about to happen from what he’s seeing


“what a mess this is right now, really a mess everywhere”


Miyamoto then nodded at Nagase’s gesture who gave him the “mmmh”


“But still, if we tell Tsukishima to end things with his previous girlfriend, then he might have a chance to become her girlfriend again”


“Are you going to let Tsukishima-senpai get too full of himself, and let him sneak into that abandoned house that was burnt down and steal things from his girlfriend?”


Nagase then made a face as if the atmosphere’s mood isn’t good


“So you’re going to be a thief who goes into abandoned burnt houses and steal stuff or whatever, but for the sake for your love, if that’s the case, then fine. For the girl who’s being cold to him. If you were to have a guy who looks gentle and nice, then the girl definitely fall in love with that kind of guy….probably”


The sound from Miyamoto got quieter and quieter


The mobile that’s in his pocket, her didn’t bother picking up, got a lot louder than before


The girl who was being cold to her man-


….Just that, the guy did not bother picking up the phone at all?


No no, this does not mean he’s not interested, it’s just that he’s trying to keep his distance away from her—-That’s right, this is the result that came from his good decision thinking, and before he got the correct answer, he’s trying to make sure the relationship between him and her stay the same by distancing himself from her, not trying to run away from Miyako.




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“Anyhow (Sighed and put both his hands to cover his face to let it all out)…..are there anything dangerous like something electrical coming up about now?”


“No, there’s nothing at all?”


He slapped himself in the face several times in order to get his consciousness and senses back. After that, he turned around and looked at Nagase


“For myself, I would like to know what Tsukishima is truly feeling right about now. Therefore, I’m going to tell Tsukishima about what happened just today, can I?”


“Why do you need to ask me?”


“Because I know about your feelings for him”




“Then after this, if you do anything like tell everyone about what happened today, then it’s very likely that he’ll get NTR’d [3] by someone.


“No need to worry about that, and there’s no way I would steal him away, if I wanted to, then I would do it directly in that case.”


She smiled very cutely as she used her index to slide on her ice cream wooden popsicle stick


….If she’s like this, then she would definitely go for it for sure.


Miyamoto felt the shivering cold form behind his spinal back

“It’s okay, just stay comfy”

Miyamoto  was surprised about the answer  that he responded “….It’s alright right? “

Then blinked his eyes repeatedly several times


“I don’t know if it’s all good or not, but Tsukishima knows about it all right now”


Nagase responded and pointed at her side form the back

Miyamoto turned around and finds Tsukishima standing right there in from t of their sights

“Tsu—wh-, WHY ARE YOU HERE?”

“Cuz you forgot your stuff?”

Tsukishima handed out the first thing to Nagase in her hand, it was her one shoe she forgot

“Th-Thank you, you crazy maniaz”


Tsukishima responded to her briefly, with nothing else interesting to say to her after she thanked him

“…h.ooooh, I managed managed to purposely forget the shoe on purpose in order to get to talk to him, what a success”

“So you were wearing only one shoe and walk with me all the way ?”

“The shoe that Tsukishima, who brought it all the way here, was quite pitful, and I won’t wear it, so when I get back home. I will put it on my shelf

“Just quickly wear it and stop blabbering out things so disgusting for crying out loud”

“You really are annoying, you know that—-Ehhh? Where did Tsukishima senpai go now?”

Nagase tapped her fingers on the ground, trying to look for Itsukushima

“Run after him ‘Seiji-kun’ is already there, I’m gonna go as well”

Miyamoto followed Tsukishima who’s already far ahead and from behind him is Nagase following him

“This is bad….Tsukishima is so big, and he’s already been exercising to look so strong . His arms are also pretty buffy,

There was a kid from another School in the Karate club, who got Knocked socked into the face and knocked out with a single punch by him

“But, I for one think that Tsukishima looks pretty hot when he can Knock out someone, don’t you agree?”

“How would you know? Right now, the only thing I’m worried about is Tsukishima, who saw the tears coming out from Takanoue’s eyes, is going to kill Seiji-kun or what else he’s going to do to him”

If he were to straddle on him and punch him in the face while on the concrete floor, the guy on the floor would definitely be injured severely easily, and Miyamoto would definitely never say anything out loud that Tsukishima would never do anything that drastic and severe to his target

“We both shouldn’t let him, we’ve gotta make sure that never happens”

“I understand…who should we use to sacrifice, then he would stop doing what he’s about to do then”

Nagase who’s running right beside Miyamoto, looks right into his eyes

“I think we can manage without sacrificing anyone into this, please!”

As they ran as fast as they could to get to Tsukishima, Miyamoto and Nagase ran pass through a crowd of people who are at the shopping center


From where Miyamoto and Nagase are following him at their own pace ,  are now at a narrow alley of an apartment of two buildings on the road behind the shopping center. If you were to compare between  a road where there’s people and a road that’s dark a little bit,  it’s definitely where there aren’t any people walking pass by at all, If you were to find the place where the situation is going to happen at

“WAIT UP Tsukishima, calm the heck down first and take a deep breath”

Miyamoto quickly tried to prohibit him from doing whatever it is, but-

“Hah Ha, I am calm enough  just stay out of….”

He breathed in and out very deeply and hardly as if there’s steamy hot water around him coming in and out, and used one of his hands  to shove Miyamoto out of the  with all his might with power

“Hwaaa? Be-because the anger inside of me, I can’t control myself….”

Miyamoto who then rolled on the floor, bit his tongue, and after that Nagase dashes and zips right in front of Tsukishima

“…..Please, stop Tsukishima-senpai no matter what, No matter what you’re about to do, I’m going to get ahead of you first before—“

Before she could finish what she’s going to say, Tsukishima used his iron grip to grab Nagase and pushed her aside

“HEY! Tsukishima,  just how crazy can you seriously. On top that, she’s a girl, and you’re going to do something like that to her! Hey Nagase, are you okay?

“ohoohoohoo…Tsukishima-senpai’s hand was so big, that was so warm in the front”

“Don’t mind about it! Because this is what we call someone who’s crazy in the head!”

After seeing Nagase looks weak in her bad state right now, Miyamoto punched into the ground with the feeling anger and distress

While Miyamoto is feeling the distress now, Tsukishima is still making his way and lead himself into a corner

“Damn, just where exactly are you trying to head off to exactly”

While where Miyamoto is getting up and dashing out, and rushed up behind him in to follow  him from behind, just that, but that wasn’t going to make Tsukishima flinch at all, not even a bit

“Waaaaaaaaaaah, STOOOOOOOOOOP!”


Miyamoto who was trying to call out to him as loud as he could,  gently had his hands put onto Miyamoto’s head

As he tilted his head up, he sees Tsukishima’s face returning to normal as usual, no,  pretty peaceful in front of him

There, he sees a group of teenagers with various dyed colored hair, dressed in black leather clothes, and stand around together are definitely a band and are beating up someone in the middle of the group

The victim who’s getting beat up by the band of delinquents —is the big kid that was talking with Takanoue

“Hey! How many times must I say it until you all get it!”

“You don’t remember do you, you retard!”

The guys with leather outfits then kicked him altogether as a swarm together all over him

The guy from the Ichinami School, took in their beatings, and not even deciding to dodge even the slightest at all

“….Today is the last time, I’ll promise you that”

“Oi, Fujida, that promise you made before this one, wasn’t that the same one? The promise you made could be wrong easily, like this you’re going to make it with him again!?”

The victim is then got socked in the face really hard by. He briefly has his balance altogether, but Fujida gritted his teeth.

From now on, I’m going to say it for sure, after this, you are not to see ruri ever again….”


He then got punched into the Epigastric of the chest, then used the back of his elbow to strike him.

But, Fujida wouldn’t carry on anymore, and is still looking at the guys in leather suits with very angry glares and expressions

“The reason why this kid is getting pummeled here, is because he attacked us first, so it’s his fault you know, don’t forget it okay? If you just quit it with this kid now, then nothing else will have to happen then, but if you don’t want to, then—-“

“….Me and her have nothing to do with each other, so, so just don’t do anything to her, okay?”

After listening to him, Fujida then bowed his head to apologize and promise to never get involved with ruri ever again

“How am I supposed to believe that from you? Maybe we should make him aware about what he’s really done again then—GO!!”

They all then gave him a barrage of punched an kicks and lots of it once again, Fujida only could endure their attacks and  that was all he could do


“Let me go Miyamoto”

Tsukishima told him while Miyamoto is restraining him tight on the neck and not let go, and Tsukishima then got free of his restraint and breathed in hard for air after literally suffocating from Miyamoto’s restraint strangle on his neck.

The cops are already one their way here now, he yelled at him before Miyamoto  and Nagase nabbed him and ran off away on the streets

The gang of teenagers in leather suits didn’t see who made the noise, so they turned and ran off like and scattered like a swarm of little spiders

—After a minute has passed by, making sure that the guys in leather suits aren’t coming back again, Tsukishima then went back to the same road at the back of the apartment once again, whereas Miyamoto and Nagase followed him as well

At the blind alley, where it’s dark and peacefully quiet, where Fujida is lying on the floor unconsciously


Tsukishima didn’t say anything, but went to him and grabbed the collar of Fujida’s uniform shirt before pulling his body to lift him up, after that he looked at him in with feudal eyes.

“That’s enough already Tsukishima”

Miyamoto spoke to tell him to stop because if they were to leave him where he is right now, who knows what bad stuff he might do if they did.

“You bastard, you’re the one who make Takanoue cry didn’t you righ—no, you made her ‘grieve’ , this is enough of a reason to kill this son of a bitch”

Tsukishima’s hand clenched into a fist very tightly

—Although, before Miyamoto is about to get his fist to calm down and let go of him

“I can’t forgive him….. I might as well take care of this bastard, who made me angry, protected Takanoue’s life, who would get destroyed, protected her with his own life….I don’t get why would he exactly?”

Tsukshima gritted his teeth very hard in anger

“I can’t see what’s the deal of a relationship between Takanoue and this bastard, and those thugs in leather suit, but there’s one thing I know for sure.”

Miyamoto stared at Tsukishima

“This is your chance Tsukishima, your love isn’t over yet”

While he’s counseling him, he might have heard the sound effects coming from Nagase’s stare.

Miyamoto was surprised by her but kept on talking

Judging the atmosphere at the train station, it seems that Takanoue and Fujida might be having a thing for each other

That’s right, because they really love each other, and that’s definitely why they’re arguing with each other in the first place like this

Because coming from the weird feeling and behavior from Fujida’s, it’s definitely why Takanoue is close to him, but Fujida knows that by being around him is dangerous for her.

It’s a cycle that repeatedly happens badly a lot if they’re with each other

……it’s like they can’t be with each other at all

He bent over and looks at Fujida who’s injured right now

Miyamoto told him that it was his chance to snatch Takanoue form Fujida, who endured the attacks and made it where he is right now

….If Fujida were to consider his friend, Tsukishima’s happiness, then it wouldn’t be wrong, but if it were the case that Tsukishima is sad for Fujida. Then how will it turn out for him who’s devoted to her…? If I were in his shoes….would I be able to survive or not?

He started to feel pain in feelings of his heart

Miyamoto sneakily took out his mobile phone out from his pocket to minimize his feelings

“it’s not over….huh”

After letting the injured Fujida back onto lying on the floor , Tsukishima then got up slowly

“That’s right, because it’s not over yet, so therefore, I will make sure to end this”

“….Huh? End it?”

“hmmm, I must find out the problem and get rid of it for good”

After staring at Fujida lying on the floor, Tsuksihma then looked up into the dark sky

“If I were to do it, then I might be able to bring back the Takanoue’s smile, and I must make it the best ending I could make”

Miyamoto was confused from what he just declared

“What are you talking about? This is your chance, are you going to give up on her? Really?”

Tsukishima  lifted his hand backwards and made a gesture for him to stop asking, who was asking him if he’s going to be like that

“…The smile of a girl that I like, is the best, I wanna see it, even though it’s not meant for me”

After smiling sorrowfully, Tsukishima then walked past Miyamoto

“The smile of the girl you like, is just the best for you? Is that so……”

Miyamoto repeated the words Tsukishima just said in declaration, and put his mobile cell back into his pocket

The wind that blew past by, made him know that leaves of the spring trees have all fallen apart onto the ground, and winter is coming up soon.

*End of Chapter 1*

Reference Table

[1] *Romero Special – A signature move of Mexican wrestler, Rito Romero(1927-2001) by locking opponent’s movement by holding the opponent’s arms and legs in a lying position which people later called that move as ‘Surfboard’.


[2] It says here มิยาโมโตะ ขี้ป๊อด (Miyamoto then ขี้ป๊อด), my guess is that she intends to say his name adding that he’s a liar. Not sure though.

[3] Having your girlfriend/boyfriend stolen by someone

[i][i] The annual baseball tournament that happens each yearly in the summer

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