Nanana’s buried treasure Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Sorry for the bit of lateness, had to crack what some of the words in my country’s language meant for TLC, but one of our Translators (Kaiman) was able to get it done before February 23,  but left some thai words for me to crack on. Anyway, give some time for one of our editors to complete the drama cd of Chuuko for the whole first act, he’s redoing it for perfect quality. Anyway, take this and enjoy: Nanana’s Volume 1 Chapter 2!


Translator: Kaiman

Editors: Dannyskratch

Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai Volume 2 Chapter 2

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We managed to get this chapter of the second volume finished for Chuuko. But for Nanana, one of our Translators will definitely get it finished before the 23 of this month (Hopefully so). Our midterms for this semester got in our way a bit. So please understand. Kondee’s leadership will be restored once his midterms are finished. I personally made edits. The chapter isn’t perfect yet, so we welcome any help from outside the time for some extra suggestions and edits

Here is the chapter here, enjoy! Chuuko vol 2 Chapter 2



1.) Last Aeon

2.) Kondeemag

3.) Dannyskr

4.) Vidh


1.) Dannyskr

Dannyskratch of Kondee Translations.

Another new editor wanted.

Okay guys, I know you are all waiting for either a new chapter of any new series coming up, or want a pdf file for the first volume of chuuko, but one of our editors dropped put because he failed his midterms and wants to focus getting his grades up. We would appreciate it anyone could please come and help us edit in his place until this semester is over. That would be helpful.

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Starting today, kondee will temporarily step down from his leadership, due to his rude behaviour towards redgaara. So I as the vice administrator will be the new administrator until kondeemag learns to behave properly. Redgaara, I apologize for kondee’s rudeness towards you. So feel free to cancel your subscription if you wish, and whatever chapter you wish to view for any series is now yours from now on earlier than anyone else, so you may talk to me. I am so sorry for his rudeness everyone, and to those he picked on. I’ll be sure to make sure he gets disciplined properly, rest assured that he won’t show any of that again. We know we can’t release chapters fast like the other tl groups, due to our uni, but we will try and release a single chapter for each series every month.

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Nanana’s buried treasure volume 1 chapter 1

Ok guys. I know you all have been waiting for this for a very long time. But we finally got this chapter finished. Sorry if our tl speed was slow, but we had other chapters to deal with and edit for chuuko. So you all can stop complaining about our progress. We did get chapter 3 finished, but needs editing and chapter 2 isn’t finished yet. So we decided to release this unedited. So please enjoy!

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Translation volume 1 chapter 1

Kondee translations team


Hey yall. Well, new years eve is already over, so we’ll definetely resume our tl activities soon enough. Our editors needed rest, and so did my other tranalstors. But we’ll be up and running real soon. So no need to worry. We have tls working on nanana. It’s pretty hard to tl, but we’re doing what we can. So chillax and wait. Even if it kills any of you!

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Christmas has finally arrived. We’ve been preparing these two Christmas gifts for all of you fans out there. My team  and I will be taking a short break for a while to enjoy our xmas break, so you fans can go nuts with these two gifts we laid out for you under this Christmas tree down here. So, may everyone have a very good Christmas eve and a good happy new year too. May all of you out there be blessed with health, good relationships and  prosperity

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